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To see an artist's renderings of Shirley sites, and be able to read historic descriptions of sites, click on Bob Burkhardt's Shirley Oil Pastels.

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To read Louise Longley's story of "The Land We Love or The Last Dairy Farm in Shirley",click here.

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For the history of Phoenix Beverage Company, click here.

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To learn about Lura A. White, for whom the elementary school is named, click here.

For information on how the Spanish Flu of 1918 affected the town of Shirley, click here.


Shirley was named the Most Historic Small Town in the country.
Go to and enter Shirley, MA and see what they've got to say about us.

To read a description of Shirley in 1873, click here.

For a 1998 Boston Globe real estate article on Shirley, containing some town statistics from ten years ago, click here.

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