Shirley USA Lyrics

Shirley U.S.A
by Rhonda Caissie, Marie Elwyn, Vicki Landry, and Meredith Marcinkewicz

as performed, accompanied by ukuleles,
at the fundraiser Melodrama for the Meeting House
at the Bull Run Restaurant, on October 29, 2010


We all are planning an outing, along the Nashuay
We didn’t take a surfboard, we took a Chevrolet
We’ll be looking at the beauty, around us every day.
We’re so glad we live here, Shirley U.S..A.


You’ll catch us cruisin’ down Main Street, Then up Benjamin Road,
All the way down Parker, and Townsend Road,
All over North Shirley; down Squannacook Way,
We’re lookin’ for the Bull Run, Cruisin’ Route 2-A.


We found North Middlesex, and Fidelity too!
We stopped at True Value, and got a new hairdo.
We got some suds at the Phoenix, and Piccolino too!
We capped it off at Dunkins’, at their new Drive-Thru.


If everybody had a village, like Shirley U.S.A.,
They’d be the most historic… that’s what Podunk say.
But they got to take care of it, if they want it to stay!
We got to paint that Meeting House…in Shirley U.S.A.!

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