Topics Available for Research at the Lucy Longley Memorial Building in Shirley, Massachusetts

Some of the following topics are in folders full of notes and news clippings.  Some are objects, some are scrapbooks or published books.  You are welcome to research the materials under supervision of Museum personnel.  A copier is available for a charge of 25 cents per page.  There is a $10 charge per day for non-members to use the collection. There is a $20 per hour charge for museum staff to do the research and copying for you.

Files Index
Ablett Activities, Adam, Robert, Adams Correspondence, Adams Family, Adams, Mary Ellen, Addonizio Family, Adrien, Cathleen, Advertisements from 1890’s, Agriculture, US Dept of, Airport Siting Study, Albert, Conrad, Albert, Norman, Albert, Norman- Candidate Letters, Altrurian Club, America in 1993, American Indians, American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary in a box,  Ampac President Property, Appalachian Trail, Applecross, Apples, Arcadian History, Arch Bridge, Archaeological Survey – Shirley Indian Sites, Assessors Reports, Athletic Association, Autographs, Ayars Family, Ayer, Ayer Histories, Ayer Postcards, Ayer-Shirley Connection, 
Baker, Bertha, Balch Family, Balcom Family, Ballot Box, Ballot – Election May 12, 1981, Ballou Family, Ballou Mills, Bandstand, Bank, Shirley Cooperative X, Banks, Barnard, Fuller, Barnard, William, Barnes, Barnes, Bernice X, Barrett, Baseball History Notes, Baseball Meetings, Baseball in Shirley X, Baseball Photos 1930 & later, Baseball Photos – early, Baskets, Bars, Bator, Shawn, Beach Family X, Beach, Isley and Alfred, Bemis, Benjamin Hill Pool, Benjamin Hill Skiing, Bennett Family, Bennett Family Genealogy, Bennett House, Bergeron, Annette, Bicentennial Celebrations in a box, Bigelow Family, Birthdays, Births, Blanchette, Ken, Board of Health Rules and Regulations, Board of Health – Trash, Boathouse Property, Bobin Family, Bolton, Charles, Bolton, Ethel, Bolton, Geoffrey, Bolton House, Bolton, Phillip, Bolton, Timothy’s Gun, Boltons, Boston Post Cane, Bow Brook Lyceum Lectures, Bradford Family, Bridge Repair –Fredonian/Phoenix, Bridge Repair – Main Street, Bridgman, Howard and Family, Bridgman School, Bridgman Family X, Brock, Alice, Brockelman Family, Brockleman’s Store, Brookside Grill, Brookside Inn, Broom Shop Deeds, Brown, Doug, Brown, Frances, Brown Road House, Buggy, Buklerewicz Family, Buklerewicz Land, Bulger Family, Bull Run, Bull Run/Guercio, Bull Run Tea Room, Burne Family, Burns, Jack, Business Slips, Businesses Poem, Bus Schedule, Buskey Family, By Laws – Town of Shirley
Cable Bills, Callahan, George & Helen, Camp Wanooksett, Campbells, Canes/Hiking staff, Carlson Family, Carpenter’s Tools X, Casey, Jack, Castle Kitt, Catacunemaug Brook Watershed, Catacunemaug Road Area, Cemeteries, Cemetery Burial Records, Cemetery Committee, Cemetery Correspondence, Cemetery – Gravestones Talk, Cemetery Inscriptions, Cemetery Photos, Cemetery Record Books, Census 1777, Census 1858, Census – Federal 1860, Census – Federal 1870, Census – Agricultural 1850, Census – Agricultural 1860, Census – Agricultural 1880, Census – Industrial 1850, Census – Industrial 1860, Census 1880 – Paupers and Defectives, Census – Special Schedules 1880, Center Common Street Lights, Center Houses, Center Road 1915 Photographs, Center Road Occupants, Chaisson, John, Chamber of Commerce, Chandler, Seth (7 folders), Chaplin Estate, Chartier, Leo, Chase Family, Chesbrough, Chevrette, Chevrette, Albert, Chiasolite, Christ Church, Church Street School, Churchill, Timothy, City, The, Cofman, Burton, Colburn, Common, The, Common Photos, Common Survey, Community Club, Community Memorial Hospital Cookbook, Conant Family and Store, Conservation (6 folders), Constables Powers and Duties, Cook Farm, Correspondence 1812 Walker, Carter, Cram, William and Gus, Cranberries in Shirley, Credit Court (Fredonian Street), Crossman Family, Crowe Family, Cummings Family, Cutler Family, Cutter Family, Cutting Family,
Dances, D.A.R Flagpole, Davis Family (7 folders), Dawborn, Day Family, DeLaite Family, Dempsey, Depression Years, DeSmet, Desmond, Devarney Postcard, Devens Revise Plan, Diaries, Directory – 1880, Dix Family, Doctors of Shirley, Dodge Family (2 folders), Dog Officer, Dolls, Donovan, Cornelia, Dow, Tim, DPLU Shirley, Draleau, Philip, Dressler, Alan, Dressler, Linda, Dunkin Donuts, Dunn, Arthur, Dunn, Sarah, Dupray, Wilfred, Dwight Family Gravestone, Dwight, Hildreth, Dwight, Stone Carver X,
Edgarton Family, Edgarton House, Eisner Family, Elcevich Family, Eldridge, Elections, Electric Transmission Line, Eliot, Reverend, Entertainment, I.O.O.F Movies, Entertainments, 1800’s, Entertainments,  1900’s, Envo Letters, Esielionis Family, Evans Family (3 folders), 
F&L Railway, Fairbanks, Far and Near (3 folders), Fales Hall X, Farm Tools X, Farmer’s Almanac 1807, Farmer’s Club, Farmer’s Market, Farnsworth Family (6 folders), Farrar Family, Farwell, Field Family, Fielden, Bryon, Fifties News, Finance Board, Fire Department, Fire Engine Company 1, Firman Family, First Parish Meetinghouse X, Fisher Family, F & L Railway Mitchellville Bridge, F & L Street Railway, Flag, Flag Essay Contest, Flag Pole, D.A.R., Flanagan House, Flora and Fauna, Flynn, Jeremiah, Folkins Family, Fort Pond, 4H, F.O.S.S.,  Frances, Henry, Frary Family, Fredonian Mill X, Fredonian Park, Fredonian Street Pool, Freedom’s Way, French in Shirley, Friedrich, Richard, Friendship Fund, Front Street Deed Plan, Fruitlands Museum, Fuller, William,
Gallagher Land, Garage, Gately-Daley-Curran, Gay, Eliza, George Frost Buildings, George Frost Ads, George Frost Co., Gerrish, James, Gilson, Eleazer, Gionet Family, Gionet’s Garage, Gionet’s “Amelia’s Corner”, 
Going Family, Goldman, Eliot, Goodrich, Esther, Goodspeed Family, Goss, Brian, Grange (5 folders), Grasses (Longley Collection), 
Graves Family, Gray, David, Gray Family, Great Road Building, Great Road Cart Path, Great Road Mill Project, Greenway, Griffin Family, 
Groskritz, George, Groton Boundaries, Groton Historic Pamphlets, Grove House, Guercio, 
Hands On Art Museum, Harkins, Richard, Harris, Harris, Horace, Hartman, Marion, Hartman, Patricia, Hartwell Family, Hatch Family, Hazard Family, Hazen-Davis Barn, Hazen Family, Hazen Hill, Hazen Library, Hazen Road, Hazen Tavern, Headliners, Health, Board
Heard Family, Hebert, John, Heinz Family, Henry Family, Heritage Landscape Inventory, Heywood Wakefield Furniture Catalog, Highway Department 1800’s, Highway Department 1953, Highway Department Chapter 81, Hiking Trails, Hip Roofed House, Hippler, Marcia, Historic Building Survey, Historic District Village, Historic Essays, Historic Register, Historic Survey Index, Hitchcock Family, Hobbs, Jonathan, Hoddy Brook, Hoe Down 1980’s, Hoe Down 2012, Hoe Down 2013, Hoe Down 2014, Holbrook, Holden Family – multiple files, Holly Apothecary, Hooper, Forest, Hooper, Leonard, Hops – Commercial Crop in Shirley, Horton, John, Houde, Houde – Fitchburg American Red Cross chapter, Houses – multiple files, Howells, William Dean, Huff Rodney, Hunt, Hunt Moses Family, Hurricane of 1938
Ice Company
Ice House “Boston”
Ice Storm 2008
Industrial School for Boys
Irish in Shirley
Ivory Family
James, Sarah
Januskiewiez, Phyllis
Jardine, Margaret
Jenkins Family
Jenkins Land
Jennerson Family
Jenny Lind Doll
Johnson, Lucy
Johnston, Robert
Joyal Family
Jubb, Family and Property
Jurga, Joe Funeral
Jurga, Sophie
Jurga, Stan
Kacmarczyk, Genevieve
Keady Family
Keating, PJ
Kemp, Dolly
Kilbourn Family and Mills
Kilburn, Grace
Kilburn Mills
Kneeland Estate
Knittel, Mary and George
Korhonen, Riley
Ku Klux Klan 1925
Ladies Benevolent Society
Lambert Family
Lambert Hardware
Lambert, Ralph
Lamoreaux Farm
Lancaster, Yvonne
Lancaster Road Construction
Landry, Joe
Lanteigne, Eloi
Lawrence Academy
Lawrence Family
Lawton Family – multiple files
Leatherboard Pond
Leominster Road
Leominster – Shirley Railway
Letters to or from Shirley People
Levesque Family
Lily Family
Lincoln County Proposal
Literary Club
Little, Wallace
Longley Family – multiple files
Longley, Lucy
Longley, Melvin
Lunenburg Silver Mine
Lura A. White School
Lyon, Harriet
MacDonald, Bruce
MacElroy Family
MacKaye, Benton
MacKaye, Hazel
MacKaye, Percy
MacKaye, Steele
Manktelow Family
Map Farm Grants
Maplehurst Farms
Maps – Boundaries
Maps of Streets
March of Dimes Talent Show
Marcinkewicz Family
Marlon, Amos
Marriage Intentions
Mary Anna Home
Mass Correctional Institute
Mass Historic Commission
Mayo, Sarah E.
Max Family
McCarthy, Charley
McDougal, Amy
McDowell, Nancy
McKenna, Florence
McNiff, Stanley
MCI Grant
Mead Family
Melvin, John
Memorial Day
Memorials in Shirley
Meszynski, Kathryn
Michaud Family
Mikel, James Sgt
Minalga, Louise
Misner, Lucy
Mitchell Family – multiple files
Mitchellville – 2 files
Morin, George
Most Historical Town
Mosquito Control Project
Moulton, Bessie
Moulton, Joseph
Mulpus Brook
Municipal Building
Munson, Norman
Munson Mill
Museum Basement Project
Mystical Maze
Nashoba Community Hospital
Nashua River
Nashua River Greenway Proposal
National Register
NRWA Proposal
New England, Southern Map
Newspaper Reviews
Nonaicious Area – 2 files
Noyes, Elizabeth
Ocean Born Mary House
Odell Family
Old Home Day
Old Home Week
Oliveira, Charles
Onners, Joseph
Open Land 2011
Open Space Plans
Overseers of the Poor
Page Family
Painting Inventory
Paints and Patches
Palm Leaf Hat Making
Palmer, Joseph
Parade of Bridges
Park Family
Parker Family
Parker Road
Paths of Patriots
Peabody, Patience and Lucy
Peasley’s Store
Peck’s Store
Peg & Beam
Penneseay, John
Penneseau, Marion
People of Shirley
Personals 1950’s
Personnel Board
Pest House Property
Peterson, Errol
Pet Show – 1961
Pevear Family
Phelps Family
Phoenix Beverage
Phoenix Bridge
Phoenix Cotton
Phoenix Housing Photos
Phoenix Park
Piccolino’s Restaurant
Pierce, Dr House
Pifer Family
Pipich, Kathryn
Planning Board
Poetry A
Poetry B
Points of Interest
Police – 7 files
Police Athletic League
Police Patch
Polish – American Club
Polish Association
Pomfret Family
Poor Farm
Postal Stamps
Post War Planning Committee
Pound Hill Place Garden
Poutenis Family
Pratt Land
Pray Family
President Suspender Company – 4 files
Proctor Farm
Proctor Wedding Announcement
Properties Grants
Pump Organ
Quatrale, Michael
Quatrale, Roseanna
Quinty, Alfred
Race Track
Rachman, Jodie
Railroad Crossings
Railroad Depot
Railroad Freight Bills
Railroad Impact on Shirley
Railroad, Peterborough and Shirley
Railroad Photos
Railroad Train Wreck
Ramsdell, Nehemiah
Receipt Book
Recreation Center
Recreation Commission
Red Cross
Red Cross Award of Merit
Red Mill
Reed, Charles
Reed, Don
Regian, Wendy
Rettberg, August
Revolutionary War
Rhoades, Winfred
Rich Tree Farm
Richardson, Ralph
Robbins, Leonard
Roberts, Clayton
Roberts, Clayton
Rocking Horse Productions
Rod and Gun Club
Rodman Avenue
Rodman Diary
Rogers, Edith
Roux’s House
Roux’s Market
Sackett, Clara
Saint Casimir
Samson Cordage
Samson General History
Samson Patents
Sanderson Family
Santa Claus
Sawmills Research
Sawtelle Tavern
Sawyer, Betsy
School Committee
Scots, Glen
School #8
Scotts Glen
Scouts, Boy
Scouts, Girl
Seal of Town
Searchlight Magazine
Seven Main Restaurant
Sewing Scraps
Seymour’s Diner
Shabakin Bridge
Shaker Meadows
Shakers, Harvard
Shakers, Sabbathday Lake
Shattrick, William
Shay’s Rebellion
Shea Family
Shell Club
Shipton Family
Shirley A to Z
Shirley in 1903
Shirley in 1941
Shirley in 1981
Shirley Airport
Shirley – A new District
Shirley Button Club
Shirley Bylaws
Shirley Calendar
Shirley Center Houses
Shirley Charitable Foundation
Shirley Club
Shirley’s Claim to Fame
Shirley’s Depot Square
Shirley Electric Company
Shirley England
Shirley Eustis House
Shirley Fuel and Ice
Shirley Highway Department
Shirley Historical Sites
Shirley Index
Shirley Historical Society – multiple folders
Shirley Historical Society – charter members
Shirley Historical Society – Sewer System
Shirley Institute
Shirley Master Plan Map 1985
Shirley Master Plan Map 1999
Shirley Mills
Shirley Monograph
Shirley Musicians
Shirley, New District
Shirley Open Space Plan
Shirley Oracle
Shirley – Other
Shirley Playboard
Shirley Players History
Shirley Players Scripts
Shirley Players – multiple folders
Shirley Resident List – 1989
Shirley Rod and Gun Club
Shirley Senior Center
Shirley Shines
Shirley Tax Receipts
Shirley Town Building Survey 1997
Shirley Solid Waste Advisory Board
Shirley, Town of
Shirley Town Clerk Stationary
Shirley Town Warrant
Shirley Villiage Aerial Photos
Shirley Village Business District
Shirley Village Business District Photos
Shirley Village Houses
Shirley Village Improvement Committee
Shirley Village Partnership
Shirley Views – 1999
Shirley, William – Governor – multiple folders
Shirley Woolen Company
Shorey Family
Sievers, Mary Joanne
Silver Mine
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Sylvanus
Snow Removal
Soler, Edward
Spada, Doctor
Spaulding Family
Spectrum House
SPNEA Magazine
Sprague Deed
Stage Drivers
Stamp Act
State Highway Department
Statue of Liberty
Stecher, William
Stevens – Tarbell
Stewart, Bunny and David
Stone, Frank
Stow Bounds Petition
Stow Leg
Street Photos
Sweeney, Bernice
Sweeney, Ingleborg
Tax Bills
Tax list from 1777
Tax Paid slips
Tax Records 1771
Taxes 1819
Tax Receipt 1859
Temperance, Sons of
Tercentenary Markers
Terhune, Robin
Tewksbury, Lena
Theilig Family
Thompson, Joseph
Tidd, Cora and Sylvester
Tidd’s Pharmacy
Tolman Boathouse – 2 folders
Tophet Swamp
Tornado of 1924
Tornado of 2001
Torrey, Elliot
Town Hall – multiple folders
Town Jobs
Town Meetings – 2 folders
Town Of Shirley Citizens Advisory Committee
Town Records
Town Reports
Thompson, Joseph
Trailer Parks
Treadwell, Eugene
Tree Warden
Tremblay’s Garage
Trinity Chapel
Tucker, Norman
Tupper, Earl
Tupper, Gladys
Tupperware Program
Underground Railroad
Unitarian Church
United Church of Shirley
Universalist Church
UWNCM Day of Caring
USGS 1887
Valley Farm Historical Site
Village Views – Aerial
Vought, George
Wade, Beth
Walker Family
Walmboldt, Nelson
War Memorial Building
Warner, A.A.
Warren, George
Water District
Water District, Shirley Village
Weather, Shirley
Weatherbee, Martha
Wellington, Fred
Wentworth Shakers
Wesolowski, Sigmund
West Groton Deed Plans
Weyman, Wesley
Whalom Park
Wheeler Family
Wheelwright Shop
White, Edwin
White, George
White’s Basket Mill
White’s House
Whitely Park
Whitney Family
Willard Family – 2 folders
Wilson’s Mill
Wing Family
Winslow, Grace
Winslow, Helen
Wolff – McMahon
Wonderful World of Children
Woodcraft Shop
Woods Mills
Woods Village
World Turned Upside Down, The
World War I
World War II
WPI Settlement Study
Wren, John
Wyman, Wesley
Youtopia Day Spa
Zoning – 3 folders
Zukowski, Ed
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