Shirley Families from 1753 – 1930

As part of the celebration of our 250th anniversary, this collection is an attempt to find out when some of our oldest families settled in Shirley.  This is a “work-in-progress” and the Historical Society needs your help.
Please read the following names to find one of your relatives or someone else you recognize.  Notice when the names change from those of English origin to those from Ireland, Canada,  Poland, Lithuania, or Russia.  We would love to record the country of origin for each of these names.  Be aware that even though families came to live in Shirley at a certain time, they may not have been registered until later.   There may also be some confusion since the clerk or the typist may not have spelled the original name correctly or the spellings of names may have changed over the years.  Also note that families like the Smiths who came in the 1700’s may be no relation to the Smiths who live here today.
If you have any corrections, suggestions, or information to add to this list, or if you would like to help with further work on this project, please contact Meredith Marcinkewicz at the Shirley Historical Society Museum, Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at 978-425-9328 or

SURNAMES OF SOME OF THE ORIGINAL SETTLERS OF SHIRLEY – (Note how many of these have streets or roads named after them.)  Bennett, Dodge,  Farwell,  Gould,  Harris,  Henry,  Hazen,  Holden,  Kelsey.  Laughton, Longley,  Page,  Park,  Patterson,  Sawtell,  Whitney,  Williams.

Adams, Atherton,  Blood, Bolton, Brown, Chase, Conant, Daby, Dwight,  Egerton,  Farnsworth,  Going,  Hartwell, Kezar,  Little, Livermore,  Moors, Parker, Phelps,  Pierce,  Pratt,  Smith,  Tarbell, Wildes, Willard

SOME OF THE NEW SURNAMES LISTED IN THE 1899 TAX AND VALUATION BOOKLET – Ballou, Barrett,  Barnard,  Beach,  Cram,  Cummings, Dawborn, Devarney, Dodge,  Eisner,  Farrar, Flynn, Freidrichs, Gately,  Gionet,  Gardner,  Hume,  Hyde,  Jenkins,  Jubb,  Lawton,  LePage,  Marshall,  Mellish, MacKaye,  O’Neil,  Penneseau,  Parsons,  Quinty,  Rivers,  Sanderson,  Sibley,  Sleeper,  Snell,  Thelig,  Thomas,  Thompson,  Wheeler, White,  Wilbur, Wolff

SOME OF THE NEW SURNAMES LISTED IN THE 1910 TAX AND VALUATION BOOKLET – Buklerewicz, Boutilier,  Brockelman,  Cassavoy,  Crowe,  Cormier,  Daley,  DesCoteaux, DeLisle,  Evans,  Fairbanks,  Fairchild,  Farmer, Felch, Gallion,  Gendron,  Graves, Hatchez,  Harkins,  Harlow,  Haskell,  Haskins,  Hewes, Hooper,  James,   Jarvis,  Johnson,  Jurga,  Kemp,  Kacmarczik, Kacanowsky,  Kijowski,  Kilburn,  Kirby,  Knowles,  Kowalwasky,  Krukealius,  Ladd, Lambert,  Landry,  Lawrence,  Lilly,  Lucy,  Lynch,  Marsh,  McClellan,  McGinnis,  McGrath,  Merriman,  Michaud,  Miller,  Morin,  Minawiczus,  Mudgett,  Moulton,  Neat,  Nowakinski,  Parmenter,  Peasley,  Lillote,  Poutenis,  Peterson,  Pontbriand,  Pomfret,  Pray,  Provost,  Read,  Richardson,  Rugg,  Sampson,  Sargent,  Sawyer,  Scott, Shearer,  Sidilou,  Sibley,  Scewicki, Slocumb,  Sprague,   Stebbins,  Stevenson,  Stickney,  Stone,  Stevens, Szmanski,  Tessier,  Tracy,  Trefethen,  Wallingford,  Ward,  Weare,  Weeks, Wells, Will,  Wing,  Witkowskas,  Wesolorski, Woiciehowicz,  Walukilwicz, Woitukiewicz,  Whitman,  Wilkins,  Wilson,  Winslow,  Wood,  Wyman,  Zekowicz

SOME OF THE NEW SURNAMES LISTED IN THE 1921 TAX AND VALUATION BOOKLET – Allen,  Ayers,  Badstibner,  Balcom,  Baril,  Bathrick,  Bastine,  Bean, Burchstead,  Blenkhorn,  Bloomenthal,  Bodah,  Bohannon,  Boucher,  Bourgeois,  Bradford,  Bridgman,  Bruso,  Buklerewicz,  burrell, Buxton,  Carson,  Cartier,  Chaisson, Chesbrough,  Chevrette,  Clark,  Cordier,  Comoe,  Comstock,  Credit,  Cutler,  Dakin, Dunn, Esielionis,  Fournier,  Foster,  Gallagher,  Goodrich,  Hansen,  Hatch,  Hershon,  Hill, Holland,  Horton,  Joyal,  Kelley,  Kokoshko, Leszchic,  MacElroy, Maktelow,  Marcinkewicz,  Max,  McCarthy,  McCollester, McCoy,  Moran,  Moulton,  Norinskunsky,  oliver,  Onners,  Papineau,  Pearlstein,  Porter,  Pratt,  Rines,  Scott,  Seymour,  Snow,  Tarara,  Tewksbury,  Tupper,  Velkus,  Webber,  Whitaker,  Willis,  Wood

SOME OF THE NEW SURNAMES LISTED IN THE 1930 TAX AND VALUATION BOOKLET – Albert, Alieskiewicz,  Bobin,  Boisvert,  Buxton,  Colpitts,  Contois,  Cote,  Desmond,  Dimsh,  Dinsmore,  Dupre,  Elcevich,  Fish,  Forest,  Frary,  Gillis,  Gilmartin,  Hartford,  Hillman,  Herbert,  Hocquard,  Hunt,  Januskiewiecz,  Jean,  Jokinen,  Karvonen,  Kubiac,  Kurtyka,  Lanteigne,  Legere,  Levesque,  Logue,  Lubianiec, Miner,  Mykatavich,  Percy,  Shaw,  Shucrowe,  Siedliski,  Sivret,  St John,  Swiatek,  Swiryda,  Wamboldt,  Westover,  Wolkonowicz,  Young

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