James Parker Diary


Transcribed by Mrs. Ethel Stanwood Bolton, A.B. of Shirley, Mass.
in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register,
Volume 69 and Volume 70,  1915-1916
Digital copy by the Shirley Historical Society, 2020

James Parker , Esq., the writer of the diary from which the following extracts have been made, was born at Groton, Mass., 26 Nov. 1744, the son of Leonard and Abigail (Parker) Parker, married, in 1767, Sarah Dickinson of Lancaster, Mass., daughter of James and Sarah (Stickney) Dickinson, and died in 1830. When he began his diary in 1770, he was a young married man with a little daughter, Sally.
As early as 1765 he had bought from his great-uncle, William Farwell, a house and a forty-acre farm on the banks of a brook in the western part of Shirley, Mass. (now known as Valley Farm on Center Rd.); and it was to this little two-roomed house, overlooking a broad green meadow, that he brought his bride.  He left a reputation behind him for efficiency, broadmindedness, and geniality, combined with a Yankee shrewdness at a bargain and a certain truculence.  He was a good farmer, and must have been versatile, if his own picture of himself is true.  Toward the end of his life he moved into the centre of town, and there he still gathered the news of the neighbors, the greater community compensating for his lessening activity.  He was for years the town schoolmaster; but as we read these pages his elusive spelling shows that education in those days taught only enough for the roughest kind of figuring and writing.
The diary comes down almost to the end of Mr. Parker’s life, and it is a great pity that some of the almanacs containing it have been lost, and that consequently there are gaps in the narrative.  He wrote something every day, but parts were of interest only to himself as a record of those who worked for him or as a chronicle of the work actually done on the farm.  The following pages reproduce only the times that are of more general interest.  In 1799 his son began to write the same sort of journal, and thus for thirty years father and son both kept diaries.  It is singularly fortunate that the elder Jameses was the one who told of the Revolution, Shay’s Rebellion, and the early history of the town; for the younger Jameses had no such broad outlook on life.  The original diary of the elder Jameses is now in the library of the American Antiquarian Society at Worcester, and through the courtesy of the librarian, Clarence S. Brigham, Esq., permission has been obtained to print these extracts.  The spelling of the original manuscript has been followed strictly, but a few marks of punctuation have been supplied by the transcriber, as the writer of the diary seldom used them.  Words in italics are entries of the editor to add consistent spelling to aid in indexing and also to provide explanatory notes.



Extracts from the Diary of James Parker

1770, January
This 1: Day of January I went to Groton as an Evidence against Thos. Little at  Colo. Prescotts & from thence to my Mothers and Lodged there that Night    & it Rained that Night & Carried off almost all the y’d.
Ye 2 Day Moses Dickenson (a brother –in-law of Parker) Cut Hog shed Poles     (hogshead poles for hoops i.e hops) on Philemon’s Holdens Land.  Cold weather for Until ye 6 & then warm and Rainy.
Ye [3] I was gone from home all this week Moses was gone 5 Days to old Mr.      Graves &c.
Ye 8 Day it Cleared of Cold & there was a great flood ye same Day.  Moses        Dickenson Brought 200 of Hogs’d hop poles ye same Day I cleaned up   my oats 5 Bushels.
ye 10 Jonas Parker (a younger brother of Jameses Parker) came to my house and       stayed all Night & we went to John Pages & Phin’s [Page]. The ground held Bare almost till ye 12 Day & then it snowed.  ye same Day Moses          Dickenson went to Groton & Came the next Night.
[ye 13 Day] I worked at Mr. Ivory’s (John Ivory owned the mill on the          Catacunemaug Brook, Shirley Village)  & ground and Boulted 3 Bushels       of my own wheat for Doctor Taylor, it snowed some this Day & Cleared          off at Night.  ye Snow came About 8 Inches Deep.
Ye 15 Day I went to Lunenburg & carried Doctor’r Taylor ¾ Qr 22 lb ¾.  a Cold          day as Ever you see.  Moses Dressed flax for Philemon Holden
Ye 16 Day sleded wood for myself.
Ye 17 I load my Cord of Bark & sent to Westford by Fletcher (Oliver Fletcher,     from Westford, who settled in Shirley).it was fair & Cold.
Ye 18 Day he Carried it to Westford.  It was fair and cold this week as ever I       knew.
This 21 Day the Rev’d Mr. Adams Preached here.
22. I put some Cap Pieces on my Shed.  Moses fetched out my Bark. my wife    went to Mr. Ivory’s to fix Betty a gown.
24. Ye 24 Day I went to Groton & Carried my Bark to Bancroft & from there to Cutlers and got some tea & Indigo & then to my Mothers & got a          Barrel of Cider & two Bushels of Apples & some Chestnuts. It stormed all      Day & very Cold.
25 I was very Poorly so that I keep house the greatest Part of ye Day.  I fixed a   yoke that Moses had of Mr. Graves.  At night I loaded 200 of Barrel Poles       & sent to the Bridge for Phelps (Timothy Phelps, originally from      Hollis,N.H.). at Night I went to Mr Ivory’s to see an arbitration between
Mr. Ivory & Thomas Little.
26. I remained Poorly. It was Pleasant.  I wet my Lime.  Moses sleaded wood.  I bought 5£ worth of flax of Ward Bailey.
31 I strew mould at Mr. Ivorys.  Moses went to a shooting at Landlord Sawtells.

February, 1770
1. these two Days I sleaded wood for Mr Oliver Fletcher.  Moses Dickinson sold           his Coat & Jacoat to Phinehas Butler.  ye 1 Day my wife went to         Lancaster
3. Moses went & got his Clothes again.  Hale (Paul Hale) came to my house
8. Jameses Dickinson (Brother-in law of Parker, and a tavern keeper in Shirley)          came to my house.
11. Mr. Dana Preached Here ..it was warm Pleasant these Days.  Moses went    away this Night.
13. I went to Groton & had Mr. Ivorys Mare. met ye same night to agree about the School House & did nothing that time.
15. Ye Same Night we met & Drawed wrightings in Order to finish the School   house.
16. Jameses [Dickinson] Begun to Plaster my Bedroom.
17. Haskell (Henry Haskell) came and finished Plastering.  I sawed in his room
19 Jameses Dickinson went from my house.  Jonas Parker came to my house ye        Same Day. I Begun to Lay my Log fence, ye afternoon I Pick’d over my     Potatoes.
21. Silvanus Smith & I finished Mr. Ivorys whip & staid there all night.
22. I stayed at Mr Ivorys it snowed in the afternoon.  Naby (Abigail Parker,        younger sister of Jameses) went to Mr Wildes (Elijah Wildes) to Quilting.

March, 1770
1. I Drawed a Log a Cross ye Mill Pond & some Copper (i.e.,cooper) stuff for       Ivory. Moses Dickinson came from Zeb Dodge’s this Day.
2. Samson Tuttle & Joshua Chase took Thomas Little ye Same Night.
4. Was ye Sabbath.  Mr. Whitney (Rev. Phinehas Whitney of Shirley, who          married Lydia Bowes of Bedford, Mass.) was Published ye same Night.
5. Was the March meeting.
6. Was March meeting at Groton.  Ye same Day Paul Dickinson came to my      house & I went home with him & stayed at his house all Night.
7. Ye same Day Farther Willard (Sarah Stickney Dickinson, Mrs. Parker’s mother, married [2] Daniel Willard of Lancaster) & Mother & Onckel Night           & his wife Came to my house in Order to go to thanksgiving at Pepperell.
9. Jonas Parker Came to my house this night to work for me making Barrels.
12. I begun to keep School at John Davises (He lived in the southeast part of     the town).
13. Levi Parker (Jameses Parker’s next younger brother) came to my house &     BenJamesin Hazon (Hazen) with him and we went to Mr Ivorys at Night &          Drunk Flip.  ye Next Day went home.
20. I saw Spring Birds this Day.
27 This Day I went to Conants (Jonathan Conant, who married Parker’s cousin,          Eunice Farwell) & Paid him for that beef that I had of him which weighed 108 lb.

April, 1770
3. Jonas & I went to George Pierces & had a scag.
7. I finished keeping school at Deacon Longleys their I keep it one week.
9 Nabby went to the forge and my wife the same Day.
12. My old Cow Calved.  Nabby went to Mr Whitneys. Paul Dickinson came and          swoped Jacoats with Moses.
16.  Moses went & Brought my Plow from Hastings
19. I plowed at Catteacunnemug (Catacunemaug) Farm.  Wentworth (He was of         Harvard, Mass.) made my Plow Plates this Day.
21. I went to [Lancaster] & got Nathaniel Willards (He was of Lancaster) & got his      wagon & loaded up my hops.
23. I sot off for Boston with 28 Barrels 8 half Barrels 300 ½ hoops (hops).
27. returned home.
28. I went to father Willards and got 15 apple trees & Sot out in my Rye field    also grafted a Pear (pear) tree into a thorn & sot out a Plumb tree.
26. the Rev’d Mr. Phinehas Whitney Moved home his wife.
30 I sowed my Oats in Part of Cattecunemaug farm

May, 1770
1. Mr. Oliver Livermore (he was from Watertown, Mass. and his house still         stands on BenJamesin Road) raised his house.
2. I finished sowing my oats & Pees.
4. I went to Paul Hale to fight fire
6. I crost Plowed the hollow at my Cattacunemug farm with ten Cattle. Ivory      Wildes helped me with 4 Ox in the afternoon.
9. I planted Potatoes.  my wife & Nabby went to Samuel Goulds
16. Tim Phelps came and got 6 Staves & Heading & hop Poles, they was refuge. (i.e, refuse)
21 Mended fence for Wentworth.
23. My Mother & Emme (a younger sister of Parker) Came to my house on foot.
24 they went home this day.
26. Samson Tuttle Leveled the Execution on Thomas Little House (it stood on    Centre Road, about half a mile from the Village) & nine acres of Land.  My          Cattel Lay out.
27. My Little Daughter (Sally Parker) went to meeting the first time that ever    she went on foot.
30. Was General Lec’n (i.e. general election) att Samuel Hazon (Hazen) the        Company met.  I & my wife & Sally went to father Willards the next Day        Jonas Jameses Isaac & William.

June, 1770
1. I was shingle my house.  Made a cow yard at Barret.
5. This Day the widow Longley sot off No. 4.(Probably Narragansett township     No. 4 in Hampshire Co., Mass., which was incorporated in 1754 as the        town of Greenwich.)
6. Nabby Whitney came to my house.
7. Nabby Parkers Apprenticeship was out, ye same Day she Begun for Wajors. (i.e.,    wages).
12. Mrs. Ivory & Mrs Newell Came to my house.
13. Brought my Cheese Press from Capt Harrises (Capt. Francis Harris from     Watertown.  He owned the first mill site on Mulpus Brook).
16. Jonas Parker Came to my house & Brought some Cloth for Trousers.          Moses went to Amasa Hartwells & Bought 30 ½ yard of Cloth.  ye Same       day the Execution was Leveled on that house & some of ye Land of       T.       Littles
17 I and my wife to see Samuel Dickinson (Perhaps a brother of Mrs. Parker) we         Did Suppose him nigh unto Death.
18. My wife came home.  I brought 30 Cabbage Plants & sot them the Same     Day.
30 I Brook up with 18 Oxen, Leu’t Walker with four, Ivory Wildes with 4. Nathan        Willards & Silvanus Holdens Oxen, Conant’s Oxen, Chases Oxen & my        own.  I Brook about five acres & left about one or hardly.


July, 1770
2 Moses went to work for Timothy Phelps. this Day I worked on my Cap. Barn.
3 & 4 I Helped Mr. Samuel Walker (Mr. Walker lived on a farm on the interval of         the Nashua River) with my Oxen.
5. I sot out some Tobacco Plants.
20. I Reaped my Rye & got it into Mr. Longley’s Barn.  I had 14 shock & half.    John Egerton & Nathan Willard help’d. This 20 Day Bynah Ivory        Deparated this Life.
25. Charles Chase (A son of George Chase of Shirley, born 8 Aug.1747) was      Buried this Day
26. Thomas Little & some other schoolers Called at my house.
27. I worked on my Cap Barn Great Part ye Day.  I moved the Posts & raised ye          next Day.

August 1770
1. Poled in a Load of Hay ye first that I got in.  Egerton & Peabody (John Egerton and Thomas Peabody)  Reaped my Oats that grew at     Cattacunemug farm.  Hannah Bartlett came to work for my wife this     Day. it Still Remained Hot & Dry so that ye Corn Dryed like Hay in Some           Places; But this Night their was a fine Shower.
4. Jonas Parker Brook my scythe.
13. Abel Parker (Abel Parker was not a near relative of Jameses) went to Concord      with hops & to fetch up a load of salt for Phinehas Butler, sot off this     evening.
21. Elizabeth Boynton (Elizabeth Boynton was of Lunenburg, Mass., a niece of           Jonathan Going of Shirley) came to Live at my house.

September, 1770
7. I helped Ward Bailey (Ward Bailey came from Rowley, Mass.) set Cole wood.
12. Phinehas Page helped me make fence Between he & I along by Baileys Cool         pit (i.e a coalpit, for burning charcoal)  half ye Day. at Night I Swapped my   steers away for a horse with Jameses Dickinson.  Charles Holden & Zach      [Holden] (a brother of Charles, and a son of Stephen of Shirley) cut hop      Poles on of Com’n or W’m Bennets.
11. H.Haskell (Henry Haskell) went to take Licence.
13. I & my wife went to Groton to my Mothers & Carried our Little Girl & Come          Back the next Day.
18. The first frost Came this Night
20. Jonas Parker came & Hoped some Barrels for me & then went to Gorge      Pierces.
24. Went to Wm Williamses & Bought a Corn Basket.  Nathan Smith & Josiah Parker had a souring.
25. Went to Landlord Sawtell & Bought S 22 lb ½ of Beef.
26 Carried a pair of Vamps for Wife to Moses Brooks.

October, 1770
1. Carried 16 Bushels of Ashes to Wm. Longleys Potash (for soap making).
8. I fixed my hovel.
18. There was a frolic at George Pierce’s.  John Egerton Brought Nabby at my   house.  Brother Phinehas Parker came and stayed all Knight at my      house.  The Day I swapped sheep with Wm. Longley & he gave me two for   one and killed ye same.
20. Edmund Longley at my house-
24. I went to Groton trooping & shot a Pistol full & hurt my hand & stayed all   Night at my Mothers & Wallace Little with me.
29. Went to a husking at Mr. Whitneys at Night
31. Banked my house.

November, 1770
1. I Begun to shingle the Back side of my house. their was a frolic at Paul         Hales.
2. It was husking at Mr. Wildes.
19. This Knight the House that Thos. Little did own was Burnt Down.
20. Joseph Longley Layd out Common Land Joining on me 22 ½ acres. this     Day Elizabeth Boynton was eighteen years of age.  She went home.  this     Day I Begun to Saw Boards for my Barn.
22. Mr. Jameses Brooks (he kept a tavern at the corner of Brown and Hazen      Roads)  had my Oxen two Days to plow.

December, 1770
5. Jonas Parker & Wm. Wasson att my house at Knight & got his new Clothes & they swapped & I swapped with Jones the Same Knight.
17. Planed my chamber floor.
19. Went to Oliver Farwells Shooting.
24. At Knight I went to Haskells & Played Hundreds with Joshua Longley.
25. their was some young [people] at my house at knight.
31. their was a Town meeting to find ye Center of Lands to Build a meeting      house and they agreed to do ye same.

January, 1771
2. Cap’t Oakes came and got 1000 of staves.
4. The Committee men met at Mr. Ivorys to see about Schooling. the committee          men Begun to measure Round the District this Day vis. Mr. Nathan       Haywood, Mr. Jonathan Pierce, Cap’t Amos Lawrence. (all Groton men)
7. I Begun to keep school at Lieut Haskells (at the south end of town) Mr.           Thomas Little Beginning ye same Day at Mr. Ebenezer Goings. (at the         north end of town). The committee men still surveying Shirley.
10. Mr. Haskell & wife came to my house at evening & Eat Rib.
12. I bought four sheep this Day of Ward Safford.(he lived at Shabakin in          Harvard)
16. Samuel Hazen had a Shooting this Day.
19. Eleazar Bartlett & wife was Owned ye Covenent.
21. The Committee Men Met & Pitched upon a spot for ye Meeting House. I      went to Landlords Sawtells at Evening & swapped hats with John      Williams. Paid Joseph Dodge £5:10.0 for Cloth & Brought a chair from   Nathaniel Smith.
23. I finished keeping school at Mr. Haskells.
24. I Begun to keep school at Mr. Livermore’s.
25. their was a schooling at Hezekiah Pattersons.

February, 1771
3. was ye Sabbath. I went to meeting in forenoon.  in ye afternoon I went to      Groton for Mrs. Green for my wife and from their to Noah Dodges &     Brought her to my wife about sun Down.  the Next morning about the sun 15 minutes high her Son Born.
10. I carried out my little Son Jameses (i.e, for baptism).
12. Mr. William Little came to see me at School.
13. I finished keeping school at Mr. Livermore’s.
14. this Day I & Mr. Ivory went to see the Bounds Between he & I & we agreed for me to have that Land Round where Barret Now Lives two years for          fencing the same.
26. I went to Deacon Longleys and Recorded my Little Son and Daughter.
27. These Days Nabby made Soap and Candles.

March, 1771
4. Was March meeting.  Cap’t Francis Harris town Clerk, first Selectman Obadiah Sawtell, ye Second Mr. Ivory, ye third [Francis Harris] all New        this year. Obadiah Sawtell, Constable; Edward Sheaf, Collector; George       Chase, William Bolton, Wardens tithing men, Jonas Longley, William Little ,           Asa Holden and I Committee men to Provide the Schooling.
8. JohnTrowbridge (of Groton) came and settled with me.
17. my wife got out to meeting.
19. The Rev’d Mr. Whitney had a son born.(Thomas Whitney).
25. their was 7 or 8 Indians Squaws at Mr. Ivorys.  I Bought a Broom & a           Basket of them.

April, 1771
7. Cap’t Shipley (Capt. Joseph Sheple, who lived in what is now Ayer, Mass.) &          Ja’s Holden was at Mr. Ivorys with an ex’tion.  Samuel Hazen owne’ ye Covenant.
15. their was an arbitration at Mr. Ivorys Between Thomas Dodge & N’a Stone.           Elijah Wildeses house (the original house of the Shirley Shakers) was        Raised ye same Day.
22. their was a Vendue at Mr. Ivorys to sell that hay of Butlers.  Mr. Ivory          Bought the Same.
24. Betty Boynton went off with her aunt Going.
27 Moses worked for John Egerton, sot Tophet [Swamp] on fire and Burnt up   his Coat.
29. Jonathan Going brought Betty to my house.

May, 1771
1. I hired John Phinisa (perhaps the Henesy who married a negress.) to help me        Plow, stayed all Night, went off the next Morning.
22. Edmund Longley Came up and I bought a Piece of Land of him to set my    Barn on.
23. Paul Hale moved his Barn.  I heard Edmund Lawrence was Dead.

June, 1771
6. Day about 3 of ye Clock then Begun to level ye sills & so went on to Raise.
13. Releaf Haskell came to my house to stay.
19. Sot up a slab fence round my Potatoes.
20. Went to help Joshua Longley Draw a Shop.  Jameses Egerton worked at the        highway.

July, 1771
3. Jameses [Dickinson] & I was Boarding ye Ruff of my Barn.
4. Likewise we Begun to Board ye Body of s’d Barn,
6. Went to Simeon Farnsworths & got three thousand of shingles.
13. this Day H. Haskell Raised his Barn.
20. this week our Children was sick with the hoping Cough.

August, 1771
14. Polly Flagg Came to live at my house.  Ye Same Day Jameses Whalin, Thomas      Glinn (Probably Scoth-Irishmen from the colony in Lunenburg, Mass.) came         to take up my well.
30. I finished sowing my Rye and then went to George Cons and swapped horses       with him.  Thomas Little Dyed this Night

September, 1771
1. Thomas Little was Buried.  it was approbation Day at O’h Sawtells
25. my wife had a Quilting this Day.

October, 1771
24. was town meeting to See about Building a meeting house & Committee      men Deacon Longley, Jos Longley William Little. Got my hat Dressed.

November, 1771
18. Cap’t Ivory & Cap’t Sawtell & fourteen more of us killed in all about 75        Squirrels & Partridges then we had a set Down at Mr. Ivorys.

December, 1771
24. Elizabeth Little came & Stayed.
25. Was appointed Town meeting, it was so cold it was omitted.
26. Elijah Wildes Jr (He married Eunice Safford of Harvard.) was married.
27. Several young men came to my House at Evening and had a Rib Roast.
30. Was Town Meeting Voted to have no Schooling this Winter.

January, 1772
January 1. I went to Lunenburg to Dodges shooting.  I had very sore eyes.
9. I sleaded my great white pine log.
14. Joshua Longley had a shooting
15. Jonas Parker came to try on his Velvet Jacoot.  Smith & Egerton came        Likewise. Elijah Wildes moved his wife home.
27. This Day John Egerton, Jonas [Parker] & Thomas Nichols Nicholas & their girls went to Lancaster, came to my house & Stayed all night.

February, 1772
6. I went to George Pierces Vendue & stayed all night.
12. The wrestle was to been.  I & Jonas went to Landlord Sawtell’s
15. Abel Chase Drunked a Quart of Molasses at Once.
20. Ye Meeting house frame went off at a Vendue at O’h Sa’ts (Obadiah   Sawtells) at 133 Old Ten (i.e old tenor)
21. Hog Longley (Joseph Longley, brother of Edmund) & Edmund Longley come          to my house.
28. My wife made soap, had very good Luck.

March, 1772
3. Tomey Ivory was Buried this Day.  He Dyed the first Day of this Instant.
4. My little Jameses fell into the fire & Burnt his hand very bad.
7. This week William Little [‘s] man was killed by falling a tree.
16. Jonas P’r, John Egerton & a Number more went to Lancaster to a Wrestle.
21. Mrs. Whitney Broth a son (Nicholas Bowes Whitney) forth.

April, 1772
8. Mrs. Haskell (Rebecca Willard Haskell) Dyed this Night about one ye Clock. Mother Willard came and Stayed all Night.
11. Buried Mrs. Haskell this Day.  Mother Willard went home. had a pair of      shoes for my wife.
14. an Artillery at Stephen Holdens.  Edmund Longley moved from Cutlers to   Shirley to Live.
20. Samuel Hazen served a Writ on Moses Dickinson for Hale.
27 Polly Flagg went home her time being out.

May, 1772
1. Catherine Dar’in (Catherine Deering) came to live at my house.
5. Moses Dickinson went off to Ashburnham to work with Moses Bennett. I       reck’d with Hugh Henry (of Lunenburg).
11. John Parker (a cousin of Jameses Parker) begun his time with me.
18. John Parker Brought me ear rings. Mother Willard came to see my wife she         was very sick.
28. William Farwell took my Sheep. John Parker left this Day & Catherine

June, 1772
1. I & my wife went to Groton, Road in the Chase went to my mother and so     round
4. Joseph Longley Raised his Barn..
7. I was Blooded in my foot for my eyes was very sore.
8. Deacon Longley & Henry Haskell Came to Lay a road through for Jo’h          (Joseph Longley. There was a long controversy over this road.)
22. I took a warrantee deed of Mr. Ivory of about 40 acres of Land & house.

July, 1772
1. I went to help Samuel Hazen Raise his Barn in ye afternoon.
8. We begun to Raise our meeting house.  I had a Cart body of Jameses Hartwell.
9. We was Raising also.
10. We finished Raising without any Damage only Lemuel Woods fell.
23. I Begun to Reap my Rye  Ephraim Smith Helped me with William Williams,          John Egerton &c.
30 I had a tooth Pooled this Day.

August, 1772
11  Begun to Pool my flax in ye forenoon.  Old Wm Longley Show me ye Bounds        in ye afternoon Look’d for my Oxen Tarbell wife Drove away in ye Woods.
20. In ye afternoon I went to Mr. Ivory to Vendue & I under took to Board &      shingle ye meeting house for £58 old ten’r.

September, 1772
5. I sowed my rye by ye mill Pond about 2 Bushels Abraham Brooks and his     steers helped me.
7. I worked at ye meeting house.
12. John Parkers time was out & he went home.
25 Stephen Holden had a warrant served on him for keeping a tippling house etc.
29. I had a little Artillery at my house.

October, 1772
5. We had a small Artillery at Haskells.
9. Jonathan Davis Come to my house to By my land by Joseph Longleys at       night Silas & Johns (Silas Davis and John Davis, brothers of Jonathan)      wife with him.  Ye Next Day he met me at Haskell’s & we Closed ye Bargain by ye word of mouth & he took C. Doles arrest.
12. We had an Artillery at Oliver Fletchers
19. I bought a sword of Abel Parker.
21. we had a Training, a Raney Day, I had About 15 men to Breakfast with me Ser’t Hazen with 3 men Ser’t Fletcher with about 8 soldiers Besides         Spectators.  Ser’t Holden gave a dinner and then home.
26. Mr. Whitney & Madam was at my house.  I was Carting Dung &c.
29. I went to Lector, a Number of Scholars & Ladies was at meeting.  I got a      gallon of Rum at Holdens
31. I went to Mitchel Richards got five cider barrels.

November, 1772
1. father Willard & Elijah Wildes went Down (i.e.towards Boston) with flower.
9. I gave Jonathan Davis a deed of my farm by Joshua Longleys & took eight    dollars in Cash.
11. I was making a hovel
18. I & a number more went to Groton to training.  Jonas had a speckled horse         that he had of Moses Richards.
22. Samuel Goulds wife got to Bed he[r] Child Dyed the Same Night.

December, 1772
1. Haskell (Henry Haskell married (2) Martha Little)  was married this Day.  Page         came to carry off the Boards of my Tarbell house.
3. Haskell moved his wife home this Day.
7 Tarbells wife and family moved out of my house by ye Mill Pond.
13. Mr. Johnson Preached. John Egerton & Abigail Parker Was Published.
16. Jonas & Thomas Nichols had a shooting at Ivorys.

January, 1773
6. Jonathan Davis Came & Paid me some money.  ye Same Night I went to        Groton for Mrs. Green with John Egertons horse my little Daughter Love      was born about 4 of Clock in ye morning
7. I went and carried Mrs. Green home & Fetched Up Emme.  Catherine Derring went home this Day.
8. I carried Mother Willard home & went to Harvard to Oliver Arthertons to        Vendue.  I bought a Dish kettle & Toby pot a Bodkin.
10. I carried my Little Daughter to meeting.
13. I got up some wood etc.  Jonathan Davis was fixing John Egerton Chimney.
18. I went for Mother Willard my wife was very sick She Stayed Until ye Next    Night.
20. I went after ye Doctor for my wife and got some thing of Doctor Haskell & Came   Home & sent for Doctor Ware by Jonas Parker.  Sd Ware came ye 21 &        Stayed until after dinner.  this Day Mrs. Wildes at my House, the same       Night my Sister Abigail was married to John Egerton at evening.
22. John Egerton moved his wife Home.  my wife was poorly I did but Little       work.
29. My wife was taken with the Pleurisy Fever.  Moses went for Doctor Ware      John Egerton & his wife Came & Stayed all Night Sd Ware Did not    Come.
30. I went to Lunenburg after Doctor Dinsmore my wife was very Ill sd Doctor   did not [come] ye Widow Longley Came and watched this Night.
31. Doctor Dinsmore Came & Blooded my wife & left a number of Articles Mrs Farwell watched this Night Jameses Dickinson (Jameses Dickinson married         Priscilla Harris, the daughter of his partner, Francis Harris) was Published this Day Mother Willard was at my House.

February, 1773
1. my wife was very Ill.  Mrs. Wildes Came here and Stayed All Day & Night.
2. I went for Doctor Dinsmore in ye morning as Cold a Day as Ever I knew Sd    Doctor Came & Stayed 3 or 4 hours Martha Page Watched this Night my       wife was better a Little.
3. Lucy Bartlett Came and watched this Night.
4 Mrs Patterson Watched this Night.
5. The Widow Longley watched this Night.
6. Mother Willard & Emme watch.
7. Some warmer  Betty Little Watch
9. Betty Boynton & Ester Willard watched.
11. I sleaded the Boards from the old house that I sold to Jonathan Davis this after.
12. I carried a Log to the Mill & got a Pair of Boots & pury[?] that Reuben          Dodge left at Haskells.
13. Jonathan Davis finished Pooling Down the House he had of me.  Landlord Sawtells wife (Mary Gould Sawtell) Dyed this Night my wife was getting      Better.
15. I went to Obadiah Sawtell wives Funeral.
20. This Day ye Selectmen Layed out a rod for Joseph Longley through my Land       by ye Mill Pond.
22. At Night I went to Landlord Sawtells to a Vendue of Jameses Hartwell.

March, 1773
1. March meeting. . . . .no roads voted this year.
5. Jonathan Davis raised his house.  their was a frolic at the widows Long         (Widow Longley).
7. Jameses Dickinson was married the 4 of this month.
16. My wife went to John Egertons the first of her going out after  [her illness] John Egerton went to Groton this Day & Brought word that they had          measles at Levi Parker Emme Parker Sibil Parker.  Luck Holden &          Sawtell (Luke and Sawtell Holden) was taken with a Warrant for whipping     Abel Parker.
23. Drawed wood for John Egerton of[f] Hazen hill to ye forge.
29. Abel Parker Jr. Came to work for me.

April, 1773
9. I and my wife went to Elijah Wildes Raising

May, 1773
7 & 8. I carted Boards to ye New Meeting house for Lieut Haskell  4000 with my         oxen and his.
14. Wm Longley went for fish I had 5 of sd fish.
21. Like wise John Willard came.
25. This Day Samson Tuttle Brought me a writ of Zachariah Tarbell for Board    &c.
30. we had no Preaching. Mr. Whitney was gone a Journey to Boston.     Wentworth (He came from Harvard, Mass. With his wife Mindwell) was          Buried this Day.

June, 1773
1. I and Abel was Picking up Old Stuff where the fire had run over.
3. I went to Littleton to a Trial with Sprague in Tarbell’s behalf He secured [?] a           judgement against Tarbell.
8. Jameses Dickinson Raised his house this Day.
9. I Begun to Break Up.  Phineas Page, Abel Chase, Israel Willard, helped me   each with one Pair of Oxen.  I had Fletchers, Lieut Farwells, Egertons,         fourteen in all.
11 & 12. Joshua Longley had my Breaking up Plow.
15. I Plowed with 14 oxen.
16. Training, a Very fine Day.  officers went to Dinner at Sawtells. Silvanus       Smith & John Egerton was Put in Corporals, the two youngest.
22. Molly Wildes came to live at my house.
26. Hannah Chace hatchelled flax for me.  Very dry time.  I girdled some trees on my great field.
28. this Day Haskell Begun to Raise his house, I helped him a Spell &c
30. Edmund Longley Raised his house.

July, 1773
3. Abel and I mowed for old Chase (George Chase).
8. I went to Harvard raising of ye Meeting house.  I Bought Burkmer Old horse           & Saddle & Bridle
13. Thomas Simons was reaping for me at the Mill Pond.
19. Betty & Rebeca Little Came to my house to set out my Pocket Book etc.
24. this week I had a Banyan & Jacoot, new.

August, 1773
3. I plowed the old field round Tarbell old cellar hole etc.
25. My Mother came to my house this night & stayed until ye next Day. Egerton & wife came this Night

September, 1773
2 I went to Lecture in the afternoon.
7. I went to Town meeting got ye Copy of a Sermon that I had from Bulkley
9. Carried some ashes to Haskell’s Potash
13. Was Town meeting to see about rates & a Committee Chosen to Seat ye New        meeting house Deacon Longley William Little & myself.
14. I went to Sewel Dodges (The Shirley Blacksmith) to Get a shear sharpened.
22. I was Training & their was 8 or 9 to Breakfast with me.  My Sister Egerton   sent out this night & had a Boy Br.(Leonard Egerton, born 23 Sept. son of John and Abigail Parker Egerton.)
27. Went to Nehemiah Longley’s to carry some Cotton.
29. Abel went home to his fathers & his time being all out But Last time he had         a Bad Boy.

October, 1773
8 & 9. Abel and I was Digging Potatoes.  23 Bushels Bunkers Spanish     Potatoes.
11. Deacon Longley William Little came to my house to make Draught about the        Pews in ye New meeting house.  stayed until about 12 of Clock at Night.
20. Was Town meeting in order to [illegible] the Pews & several other Articles.   Mr. Ivory got home from ye Eastward ye Night before the meeting ye 19.
27. I went to Lunenburg trooping  I had Egertons horse, a Number of      others with me.

November, 1773
10. Jonas (Jonas Parker) came to try his New Suit at Night.
11. Paul Dickerson was at my house.
14. My Mother and Sibil (Parker’s sister) came up to meeting this Day
18. I went to the New Meeting house & Put up a short seat in my Pew &c
22. was Town Meeting to see about raising money for the Meeting House &c. It          was Voted to raise 100£ for the New Meeting house Voted to raise 25 for        to Defray Necessary Charges in Tow[n] affairs.
23. Wee the Committee meet to seat the New Meeting House at Samuel Hazens         Viz Deacon Longley, William Little, Rich’d Sawtell, Samuel Hazen, & Jameses        Parker.
25. Was Thanksgiving , we meet in New Meeting House for first Time Mr.           Whitney Preached from Isaiah 56; 1;2 Pretty full meeting I had nobody to    sup with me but Ivory Wildes, I & my wife & Children went to Father    Willards & stayed all Night.
26. Ye next morning I came home Left them all their. in the afternoon I went to         Landlord Sawtell & from thence to the Old meeting house for an Artillery     then home
27. Paul Dickinson & wife & his Brother was at my h.  Joseph Brown (Joseph   Brown married Mary Longley, and Edmund Longley married Alice        Lawrence of Pepperell, Mass.) & Edmund Longley was married this   Thanksgiving
29. Deacon Longley & I was at William Littles making out the Deeds for the Pews.
30. I and my wife went to Dinner to Henry Haskells  Mr Whitney Mr Ivory         Samuel Hazen & their wives etc.

December, 1773
3. I went to get some Clay to mend my Chimneys &c.
7. I went to Vendue at the New Meeting house the old Boards &c. I swapped     Britches with Jonas Parker
8. I went to Vendue to Mr. Ivorys his Home Place was bid off to one Wallace &   Corhill for 4400, the other was bid off to John Egerton for 1305. this     Night Phinehas Parker Came up to my house & Brought his wife and          Emme Parker & Stayed until Saturday.
17. I was making my great Barn doors.
22. I was at Town meeting to sell the Pews in the front gallery & the glass of the         old meeting House & to Sawtells at Night


January, 1774
15. I went to Haskells & got some glass &c.
17. I & Sawtell Holden catched a fox
18. Jameses Brooks (Jameses Brooks came from Concord, Mass. and was an early    tavern keeper in Shirley) helped me finishing Thrashing my Rye
21. I went to Livermore’s & got some Candles that he Bought for a mink skin.
24. I went to the funeral of Mrs. Kelsey (Martha McFarland, wife of John          Kelsey).
31. I went to Vendue to Sawtells of the old meeting house, it was adorned to ye          14 &c.

5. I had a new red jacoot made.
8. John Egerton & I went to Groton with a Double Slay & Carried our wives &   Stayed all Night.  I stayed at my Brother Phinehas’s
10. Egerton & I went home with W’d Safford (Ward Safford of Harvard, Mass.)
17. I sold my black mare to Thomas Nichols.
21. Their was several young folks at my house at Night Elis’s Wheelock Ivory     Wildes (both were founders of the Shakers in Shirley) &c. &c.
27. Mr. Adam Preached

March, 1774
20. Jonas Parker was Published to Elizabeth Littel (Elizabeth Little).
31. Mr. Bell Dyed this week.

April, 1774
7. Jonas Parker was married to Elizabeth
20. Drawed out the Timber for Benj’a Haskells shoop
24. Mr. Goodhue Preached Here.
25. I was Digging my Seller for my Back room.
26. I went to help Benj’a Haskell Raise his Shoop & went to Hales (Paul Hale) &        got a Bed Sted & Carried a load of ashes to H.  Sold old Mr. Nathan      Smith 120 w’t Hay
27. I Began to Hew the timber for my Back Linter (i.e. Lean-to) Mr. John Pierce          helped me.
28. We finished hewing and Begun to frame.

May, 1774
16. I Begun to Board my Back Leanture.(i.e. Lean-to)
22. Moses Kezar was Buried I went.
25. Was General [Fast] Throughout this Prov. I and my wife Stayed at home all Day I worked some.  our Children went to Father Willards & Molley Wildes went.  their was a great frolic at hazens.
27. Joshua Longley Raised a Barn.

June, 1774
9. My wife & Molley Wildes had a Quilting the[re] was about 20 Girls & about as        many young men at Evening.
10. Old Mr. William Longley Mr. Ivory & I went & measured off my 10 acres on Catacunemug hill & made the Bounds this Day.
18. Bill Bartlett helped me Plow Chief of ye Day in my Orchard.

July, 1774
19. Winslow Phelps came to reap for me.

August, 1774
2. Ephraim Hale Buried a Child.
22. in the afternoon to Town meeting to see about the times.
29. I went & got my Plow shear Laye’d I help’d Harrington (Thaddeus      Harrington   from Lexington, Mass.) Lay it.

September, 1774
5. I went to Groton & from thence to Littleton all Shirley Company to Visit Esq’r         Rogers. there was about 150 men meet on that Day.
16. Was Town meeting in order to sign the Covenent.
26. I went to Thomas Conns & Bought two Heifer Calves & three Sheep of s’d   Conn.  Ye 19 of this month Philemons Holdens Boy Brook my Glass     window.
29. in ye afternoon John Egerton & his wife & Brother Joseph & his sister                 Washman & I & my wife went to Kingsmans (Nathan Kingman) & then to          Wm. Littles & spent the evening & then home.

October, 1774
1. I bought a Lamb of Abijah Frost.
8. Jonas Parkers wife mustered & had a son Born (Jonas Parker, Jr.)
12. I went to Burkmars to get a gun.
18. this Day Jameses Page came for some Boards for Nathan Kingman new & old.
22. I went to Burkmars & got a gallon of rum. I had a new velvet Jacoat made    this week.
29. John Egerton moved into his own house.

November, 1774
15. was Training the Old & Young met and Put out Capt. Hazen & I & Egerton & Put in Holden & Obadiah [Sawtell] & Richard [Harrington] for their           officers & chose their minute men.  Sal (Silvanus) Smith had about 20          men.

December, 1774
1. I plowed along ye Ledge of rocks in Order to make a road in ye afternoon I    went to Silas Davises Shooting of [illegible]
13. in ye afternoon went to Burkmars & got some Rum & Molasses & sugar      &c.
20. Campbell Brown came to my house in order to get in Schoolman.

January, 1775
2. I Begun to keep school at Henry Haskells Shoop & so I continued keeping all         this w[eek] this second day a sermon Preached at Lunenburg by Mr.     Adams to the Minute men a great meeting as they say, &c. I had between      Twenty & Thirty Schoolers.
7.. In ye afternoon I went to Daniel Pages & got half Bushels of Indian Corn.
9.. Nothing remarkable all this week I was keeping school at Has.  I had in a     general way about 30 school some very large men & women Groon.
16. At evening I Bought a silver watch of John Jupp (an Englishman) & Paid him        the Cash all but 3 Dollars.  there was an artillery att Mr. Hazens I went         this Same Night I swapped watches with John Sollendoyn (i.e. Solendine)    he gave me his note for 3 Dollars to boot.
28. I finished keeping school at Haskells &c&c.
February, 1775
1. Jonathan Davis had a shooting I was there a Little While. Jest at Night when         I come home I found my brother Abijah Parker at my house, he Stayed     all Night.
2. We went to see Jonas Parker Egerton & our Wives &c.
8. Old Lawley came to my house.
9. Brother Abijah, Levi, Phinehas & his wife, & Jonas & his wife came to my     house and stayed all Night.
10. and ye next day then Phinehas & Jonas & their wives went home. Abijah &         Levi stayed the Night following. then they went to Groton about noon    &c. &c.
15. Henry Haskell had a great shooting.  I went to father Willard.
21. I went to Groton to hear a sermon Ph’d to the minute men. a great number          of People of all ranks.  I stayed all Night at my mothers. Came home ye         next day. Saw three spring Birds this day, robins.
27. This day the Selectmen came to lay out a road through my Land for Joseph         Longley.

March, 1775
6. was March meeting Obadiah [Sawtell], Francis [Harris], & Asa [Holden]         selectmen, & [Samuel] Walker Treasurer they Layed Hog (Joseph Longley)           a road as they Purtended so they Carried on the meeting as they      Pleased.
14. Was Training in order to view arms Capt. Holden meet at the meeting          house  Capt. Hazen with our Party meet at Mr. Ivory’s with about 41          men so we Trained there all ye afternoon.
18. in ye afternoon I went to town meeting. They turned out Mr. Ivory from going       Delegate & put in Capt. Harris, & turned out Mr. Livermore & put in   Haskell & Walker, so they served the Devil High
28. Mr. Whitney Preached to ye minute men, a great Number of People at the   meeting.

April, 1775
1. John Egerton had a son born a Little after son down (John Egerton, Jr.)
11. I went to Groton to the General Muster of the minute men a great number of People. it begun to Snow in Deed, Cold raw weather
19. the Regulars their morning, well, they Came up as far as Lexington, killed eight men, from thence to Concord.  Ye 19 at 12 o’clock I sot of & went as        far as Lincoln, from thence to Cambridge ye next day I saw a great      Number of Dead men Lying on the road.  Both our men & Regulars, a         great number of men gathered together at Cambridge.
21. I was in Cambridge, multitudes of men of all ranks it is judged there was    killed & wounded Between two and three hundred
22. I went over in Roxbury and stayed there all night, there was a muster in     the Evening.
23. Was the Sabbath.  I came back to Cambridge & heard Preaching in ye         forenoon.  In ye afternoon 6 of us sot of to come home, all work going on        this day as much as any Day in ye week, a shocking Day in Deed as Ever   was seen in this Part of New England.
24. At Evening I got home.
30. Sylvanus Smith enlisted four soldiers.  On the Sabbath a Proclamation red           for a fast.

May, 1775
13. I got some roots for a Diardink.  I went in the afternoon & helped raise a     Barn for Davis.
14. a Night Charlestown Ivory ran away
15. I went to Cambridge & round after Charlestown.  I stayed in Cambridge all night a great Alarm in ye Night.
16. Came home & Did not find ye Negro
30. I was alarmed & Sot of to go to Cambridge but I got as far as O’h Sawtells &          a number more & heard there was nothing in it & we came home.

June, 1775
1. Olive Wildes Dyed this night.
4. Olive Wildes was Buried Mr. Barnard Pr’d.
5. I Burnt over the ground I was agoing to Plow
11. Mr. Whitney Preached half the Day, Mrs. Kezar (Abigail Snow, wife of        Jonathan Kezar) was Buried this Day.
17. this Day Charlestown was set on fire by the regulars & a Number of our      men killed in the Battle & a number of regulars a Very warm siege in         Deed for the time.
25. at Night went after Mrs. Wildes &c.
26. She went home again without any work, my wife still remained well.

July, 1775
2. this night my wife sent out she got to bed about two of ye Clock in ye morning with a fine Daughter (Henrietta Parker) after all things went on     well Emme went home this Day &c. I Brought Sarah Woods to Mrs. [Parker]
10. I had 10 hands John Pierce & his Solomon and Both the Cammels, (John   and Jameses Campbell) & Benj’a Priest & Peabody, John Willard & Moses          Dickinson. this Night I went for Doctor Haskell for my wife she was Very Ill      until he Came &c.
16. Ezra Farnsworth Came for Sarah Woods.  Louis Willard Came in her room.
20. there was New enlisting orders for more men
26. we was mowing & got in a jagg of hay.

August, 1775
15. At evening I went to See Mr Ivory about the school &c. we agreed to hire     Mrs. Newell.
16. John Pratt came to work for me again this Day I Swapped my oxen away     with Mr. Perrin for a Pair of 2 yearling Steers & had 35£ to boot.
31. Mr. Esther Brooks (i.e.Estabrook) helped me finish crossing & Mr. Chatman         helped me ye same Day.

September, 1775
24. No Preaching. Jameses Page was Buried this night after Sun Down.

October, 1775
11. Nathan & William Flood came to thrash for me.
30. this Day I swapped watches with Jos’eh Carter.

November, 1775
27. I went to frosts (Abijah Frost) to Pool teeth
29. John Egerton & I sot out to go down with Mr. Bartlett went with 2 loads of barrels we stayed at Concord from thence to Roxbury & round the Comp’
30 Stayed in Roxbury all night &c.

December, 1775
2. I was in Roxbury. I put away my watch to John Hanmer from thence to         Cambridge round all the Encampments & Stayed all night on Prospect   Hill &c.
3. Egerton & I came out of Cambridge to Concord
7. Mitchel Richards came and got 200 staves and 90 pieces of heading of mine for Perrin (Charles Perrin) to make Barrels.
9. William Flood was thrashing for me all this week.
13. I went to Aunt Farwells to see about my Sheep,

January, 1776
1. Town meeting Voted to have no schooling this winter Voted to Disinherit       Amos Dole (A suspected Tory). the widow Longley (Mary Walker Longley,    widow of Joseph) Departed this Life this Day after about 25 days illness
13. Samuel Barrett helped me half ye Day I sold him a Pair of Britches for 14 ½         Days work he went home.
21. Olive Longley Departed this Life
22. I went to the funeral. Paul Hale came and stayed at my house this
29. was a meeting in order to raise 10 men for two months Simeon Holden,      Jameses Egerton, Ivory Wildes, Samuel W’ak (i.e Walker) Abel Chase, Phips, (Charles Phipps) Amos Dole, Dennis Holden, Solomon Pierce,       Jonathan Hartwell, & myself Eleven in all we went to Sawtells afterwards    then Came home.

February, 1776
5. I sot off this morning in order to go to Cambridge & several more Viz. Jonas Barret, Jameses Egerton, Ivory Wildes, Samuel Walker, Jonathan Hartwell,         Solomon Pierce, Abel Chase, Charles Phipps, & several more . I Road as        far as Littleton. Daniel Willard went and fetched my mare home from    Littleton. there we The Company met. we went as far as Concord that        Day, then we went as far as Menotomy the next Day, then we went to           Cambridge to the Place where we was Stationed. we had Between 80 &   90 men in our Company Officers included.

March, 1776
This 2 Day our men Began to Throw Shells in to Boston & they Returned the   Fire back ye 4 was ye warmest fire several Hundreds on Both Sides.   Nothing remarkable for several Days ye 15 some of our men was on the        march towards New York &c.
16. The Kings troops left Bunker Hill & Boston
17. Great numbers of our Men went into Boston a very great Movement among          our Troops it came out in orders for a Number of our Regiment to March        towards New York.  The Militia still kept their station until the first Day     of April our Duty was very Fatiguing & hard until our time was out.    Provisions very good & a general time of health Throughout the Camp all     the time we was gone.

April, 1776
So we all returned home the first & 2 Day of April.  Daniel Willard was at          my     house two months in the time of my absence in order to take the care      of my Creatures.
2. I got home & several others after being absent from home 58 Days.
9. I sold some Hay to Mr. Frothingham some Rye to Conant some Potatoes to    Hosely[?]
12. Sold Aaron Bennett 254 weight of Hay.
19. I went to Sawtells & met Capt. Job Shattuck & took my wages of him & the          rest of the Shirley Boys.
22. Levi Warner Came to live with me.  this Day I Bought 53 apple Trees of Old           Mr. Hazen.

May, 1776
3. I swapped away my old white face Cow for a Colt with Charles Perrin
9. I and my wife went to father Willard to see Asa Harris (Asa Harris married     Esther Willard of Lancaster, Mass.) wedding I went to Mr. Whitneys
23. Was training in order to put in the under Officers.  John Egerton Clerk, 1   Serg’t Jonas Parker, 2 Serg’t Lemuel Wood, 3’d Serg’t Jonas Page, 4th       Serg’t William Bolton, 1 Corporal Jonas Egerton, 2 corporal Jonas       Longley, 3 corporal Ivory Wildes, ye 4 C Jonathan Hartwell, drummer        Scripture Frost, fifer &c.

June, 1776
1. Levi Warner went Home at noon & Enlisted to go into the Service & came no          more to work for me.
23. William Hubbart Preached at Shirley Mr. Whitney was gone to Philadelphia &      Mr. Ivory &c.
27. Was Town Meeting in Order to see whether the People would Declare          Independence to Great Britain.

July, 1776
4. I mowed some tho so hot weather as it was.
5. Was training in order to Enlist 15 men to go to Canada Viz. John Egerton.    Edmund Longley, John Davis, Silas Davis, Abel Parker, Jonathan Foster,     Nathan Kingman, Wm Bartlett.
7. No Preaching in Shirley.
11. I went to Littleton to Draught, 3 men viz Samuel Gordon, Abel Chase, &     Simeon Holden But they did not go by reason of so many being gone.
24. I went to Sawtells to see our men set off but they did not go.
27. This day Ens’n John Egerton & all the men that was going to Canada went           out of Shirley
28. Mr. Whitney Preached after his return here.

August, 1776
21. I was taken by a warrant Issued by Lt. Co’lo Josiah Sawtell by William         Bolton & a file of men & Carried to Landlord Sawtells at 8 o’clock to be        Tried by a Court Marshall.  Capt. Hazen was taken likewise; he was Tried     likewise this Day, a great number of witnesses against us, my case Did           not Come on this Day, until Next morning.  I was Ordered to Landlord     Sawtells again.
22. I was Tried & Brought in Judgment against us Both in to be Cashiered by the Court Marshall Viz Col’o Sawtell; Cap’t Isaac Woods, Cap’t Thomas Warren, Cap’t Jabez Holden, & Lieut Nathaniel Lakin; ye complainers a    Great Number.
23. Capt Hazen & I went to Groton to Brigdier General Prescott to Col’o Sawtell          & so round in Order for recompense.
25. Mr. Whitney Preached a fine sermon to our antagonist.
28. in the afternoon I went to Lecture a fine sermon Preached to the young      People.
31. my wife went to Mrs Ivory’s & Bought 2 Little Spoons of Mrs Newell. John   Patterson Lay sick with Small Pox.

September, 1776
5. I got in the Last of my haying I Did all with my own hand & all my raking      Only What Sally & Jane helped me.  I almost filled my barn, good          weather
16. I went to Groton & Brought up Emme Parker to Live at my house
17. in ye afternoon was meeting in Order to Draught men to go to Connecticut.
25. I went to Lunenburg & settled with Doctor. Dinsmore & Doctor Haskell I     had a tooth pooled & got my horse shod &c.
30. I went to Groton & was Commissioned into the Office of a Deputy Sheriff    &c.

October, 1776
12. this Day I bought a Watch of Thomas Burkmar 14 Dollars.  Edmund Longley’s wife keeping my horse, & randall (Samuel Randall) my mare &c.
16. Edmund Longley’s wife owned the Blind Sheep.
18. in the Evening Edmund Longley’s wife mustered.(Olive Longley was born). I         got a Pair of Pumps for Jane.
19. I carried Emme Parker to Groton & Brought up Sarah Woods to Mrs Edmund Longley.
21. I cut my yearling Bulls that I had of John Willard, Jonas Parker helped me;          then I went to Groton & Carried some Cloth to Rockwoods to be Pressed &c.
28. I went & helped Raise Haskell & Longley Saw mill (at Shirley Village).
29. Michel McMorrow Came to thrash my wheat
31. It was Lecture.  Philemon Holdens Phinehas stole my mare Road her to      Groton.

November, 1776
9. I was Laying wall.  Philemon Holden sot fire & Burnt Part of my fence &c.     Caleb Trowbridge came to my house & Stayed over ye Sabbath.
12. I fixed up my hovel.
26. I went to Groton to Court & was Swore Deputy Sheriff.
27. I went to Groton early the Next morning. the Court finished at Noon & I      came home at Night all Things seemed to be civil.
28. I worked on my sheep house.
30. John Egerton came home from Ticonderoga & John Davis ye day before

December, 1776
2. Old Simon Holden made a Draft in Order to Raise the forth Part of ye men to         Stand at a minute warning viz Joseph Dodge, Jonas Parker, Jonas     Egerton, Hezekiah Patterson, Aaron Woodbree, Old Mr Elijah Wildes,      Abel Chase, Wallace Little, John Dodd.  I did not go.
4. John Frost & Amasa Hartwell came and Settled
9. I went to Brookses at Night and Settled with him.
18. Old Mr William Longley Bottomed a Chair for me.
23. I went to flat hill (Lunenburg) & so round by Rock’d (Samuel Rockwood).      Old Simeon Holden marched off with his Band of Soldiers Viz E. St. Josh          Dodge, Aaron Woodbree, Jonathan Davis, William Little Jr: William Bolton, & Jameses Egerton went ye Next Day.
30. I let Edmund Longley have my mare to go to the widow Kingmans

January, 1777
2. I and my wife went to Jonas Parkers & had a set Down
3. I went to Frost’s to hear Mr. Cutler Preach.
5. Edmund Longley & wife was taken into Church.
15. at Night I & my wife & a Number of others went & Had a set Down at John Egertons
24. Egerton Helped me mend my hand irons &c.
26. One Mr Gilmore Preached without Notes
30. I made some Buttons for my Great Coat or Rocklow.

February, 1777
3. I had a new Great Coat or Rocklow finished this Day.
12. I went to Elijah Wildes’s to hear Doctor Parker Preach.
24. John Egerton & his wife, John Todd & his wife, John Solendine & wife,      Jonas Parker & wife, all came to my house to Supper Solendine & wife          & Egertons wife Stayed all night.  Todd & his wife went to Jonases came       to my house to Breakfast

March, 1777
3. the Little soldiers came home.
7. Brother Levi, Phinehas, Jonas, Daniel Woods & their wives came to my         house to Dinner, after that we went to Egertons & left the women, then        we went to Haskells & took a Drink & Back to Egertons, then Had a Set        Down, then Levi came to my house, then we scattered. The Next Day          they   went to Groton.

April, 1777
1. Jonathan Pratt was at my house.
30. Jest at night I went to the New School House but we did not settle about    it..all this week the Money makers in Tow[n] Samuel Tarbell & a Number of others

May. 1777
2. At night I went to see about the School house.
15. I went to Town meeting we subscribed 28 Dollars a man. I gave 10 Dollars   Viz Jonathan Davis, Amos Dole, Ezra Smith, William Bartlett Jr’, Asa          Holden all Enlisted for 3 years &c, Old Mr Simon Conant
19. Prudence Warner came to Live at my House this day

June, 1777
20. I went with Harper (Daniel Harper) to Randalls after a girl
21 I went to Groton Capt Hazen with me & Notify Josiah Sawtell of a meeting at         Littleton.  I summoned Wm Bolton &c.

July, 1777
11. I went to Capt Hazen to see him after his Trial at Boston with Gen’l    Prescott & old fife (Lieut-Col. Josiah Sawtell.  The trial to recover damages,        because they had been cashiered, lasted as long as the War.)
15. Ye news came that Ticonderoga being given Up.  Our men jest month from Shirley
22. Jest a night there was a Larm the whole Town met. the regulars Landing at           Providence
23. the met again in ye morning & Old Simon Holden Drafted out 28 men        with Those that turned out freely they marched to Littleton & then      returned home
31. Col’o Haskell’s Little girl was buried (Jane, one year old)

August, 1777
3. we heard that 100 Sail of regulars in sight of Boston.  Our People was a                 Alarmed as far [illegible]
9. Joshua Longley Buried a Child, our Henrietta had the measles.
11. Joshua Longley’s oldest child Dyed.
15. Was a meeting to Draught men the Selectmen Drafted me, Capt. Harris,     Wm Little, Samuel Gordon, & Old Stephen Holden.  I never knew so wet a      Summer the Brook full.
20. at Night I heard there was a Larm in Worcester County.


September, 1777
15. Sibil Parker came to spin at my house
22. Capt. Childs came to my house in Order to by my farm he stayed all Day &          Night
23. We went to Groton the Next Day to Asa Lawrences I agreed for his farm       there, we came home he lodged at Whitneys
24. We went to Groton S’d Lawrence fell Back we Stayed all night then I Returned Home & Left S’d Childs at Groton.  A flying story that      Ticonderoga was retaken.
26. a meeting in Order to send half the militia they Drafted Capt. Hazen & I     & 4 more but no man went or old Simon
30. A great many flying stories concerning the Army

October, 1777
14. Old Mr. Longley came to Bottom Chairs
19. One Livermore Preached at Shirley  My wife was Taken Not Well this Night She was Delivered of a Daughter (Rhoda Parker) the morning following at    6 of ye Clock or half an hour before sunrise on ye 20 Day of Oct’r
21. A story Burgoyne given up his Army, ye truth is uncertain hereabouts.
25. Borgoyne gave up himself & his men at Saratoga ye 17 Day of this Instant            as we hear 6 or 7,000
26. I carried out my child & Called her name Rhoda
31. I settled with Mrs. Nutting for her spinning & keeping school & Paid her the        money.

November, 1777
1. at Night I went to Egertons to see Phinehas Parker came out of the Camp.
23. Haskell was at home and carried out a Son (Henry Haskell).  Burkmar & a great number of Continentals men was at home, no news at present.
25. Court at Groton But I did not go.  town meeting in order to Choose two       jurymen in order to try Tories.
29. Jonas Parker had a Daughter (Betsey Parker)  Born ye 28 Day of this          Instant.

December, 1777
1. My Sister Emme was married this Night at Jonas Parkers a Number from      Groton (She was married perhaps to Reuben Cummings)
15. I sold Moses Jennerson a fat shote.


January, 1778
7. I helped Co’ll Haskell move his Shop.
19. I was fixing a Linen wheal.
24. Edmund Longley child was Buried (Olive Longley, who died 22 Jan.).
31. the Selectmen Taking the Voice in a New Method Rated almost          Everything.           My Invoice Personal £211:10:0 Rate £350

February, 1778
6. I sent Sally & Jane to School to McCloud, (David McLeod, for many years the         town schoolmaster) the first of their going
13. I went to the Selectmens mee’t & Carried a request for a road.
18. My wife went to Wildeses to hear Dr. Parker Preach & Stayed all night at    Father Willards
27. I made a goose house.

March, 1778
2. I went after Sarah Reed.
9. I took my steers from J. Brooks.
10. I went to E’h Wildeses to hear Preaching Doctor Parker & one Fletcher.

May, 1778
7. in ye afternoon I & my wife went to father Willards to evening Phelps and      Louis a number of others Jonas Parkers sold his house and land &c
14. I Bought a Dog of widow Colburn
20. I sheared 10 sheep.  Quilting at my House
30 At this we hear some of our men was Taken by ye Regulars at Rhode Island-         &c. Men Drafted by Ed Longley for 8 months Viz Hezekiah Patterson Samuel Randall, for nine months Cap’t Hazen Mr. Livermore Walker &         myself   we all Paid our fine but Walker, he hired Simeon Harrington

June, 1778
4. I went to raising a Barn for old mading (John Madden)
5. I took the NewsPapers first from Thomas.
24. was Free Mason meeting at Lancaster. the Sun in Eclipse but not Total.      Samuel Randall wife got to bed this Day (A daughter, named Cynthia,                   was born)


July, 1778
2. I went to Worcester to see 3 men and 1 woman hanged I came back ye same           Night.
31. a Number of men Called for to go to Rhode island out of this State, 4 out of          this town this Draught.

August, 1778
11. S. Stimson helped me mow half ye Day.
20. Capt. Hazen sued old fife for Damage 1000£

September, 1778
5. The Widow Warren was at work at my house 2 Days on a Coat for Col’o          Haskell
15. John Bolton came to work for me
21. I and John Bolton was Charing Rye.
28. Col’o Haskells wife Dyed buried ye next Day (His second wife, Martha (Little)         Haskell)


October, 1778
4. Mr Whitney asked for a Dismission from his People.
6. It was meeting to View arms & Church meeting
10. John Bolton was at work for Jonas all this week helping him about his       Chimney.
14. I got some Clay to mend my oven.
16. I went to a Vendue to Perrins I bought a Gun and a Number of other Articles
17. I went to Perrins after my things I Paid above 100 Dollars in Cash.
24. I had a new pair of worsted stockings

November, 1778
6. I Layed my hearth anew
11. Edward McCone Came to thrash for me.
20. Under officers chosen yesterday sergeant & Corporals viz Jonas Page,         William Bolton, Phinehas Page, Jameses Dickinson, Ivory Wildes, Jonas        Longley, Nath’l Kezar, Simon Holden &c.

December. 1778
1. I carried a web to Capt. Nathan Smith to be wove at Night.
3. I went to a Vendue at Hazens, Col’o Haskell made it, but no great things Don         on S’d day.
4. Burkmar was at my house Father Willard & Mother Cum.
9. I Begun to Build me an ash house.
13. Very Bad Sturing, but about 20 Persons at meeting
31. Sawtell Holden (He married Hannah Cook of Groton, Mass.) was married     this week.


January, 1779
1. Burkmar & Paul Dickinson was at my house.
5. was town meeting to see about giving the soldiers Credit for their wives,        getting Mr. Whitneys wood. at evening I went to Hazens and a Number   more.
9. Burkmar was at my house we Drunk some flip, Burridge
11. Nathan Willard, Abel Phelps, Jonas Parker, Wm Little, & Burkmar all at my          house this Evening & others.
13. I sold John Parker a Coat & a Pair of Leather Britches for £16:16:0

February, 1779
3. in ye afternoon I went to help Draw Martha Pages house.
8. My Children went to School
13. My Children went to school all this week to Wallace Little
20. Wallace Little finished keeping school
26. Edmund Longley sold his farm to Elisha Rockwood ye Day of this Instant    as I heard.

March, 1779
8. Cap’t Hazen Summoned me to Court
10. I went to Concord Court with Hazen we got their by 8 of ye Clock in ye        morning we stayed all Day & Night
11. We came home I bought a hat for James (His son Jameses, whom he always        calls “James”)
15. in ye afternoon was town meeting to finish our March meeting Hezekiah     Patterson was Chosen Constable he Paid £10. I was Chosen Constable I      Paid a fine of £15. Elijah Wildes Jr was Chosen, he hired Eb’n Going;         John Patterson, Samuel Randall, Oliver Fletcher, & old Simeon Page, was    all Chosen and excused from serving this year.
31. I mortised Posts a fine Pleasant day; a Still time for News; the Necessaries   of Life Very Deer Flower between £20 & 30 a hun’d, Rice & Indian Corn in Proportion, Cows 40, 50 & 60 Pounds apiece Oxen in Proportion

April, 1779
1. I Bought an Old Log Barn of Capt. Hazen. We drew a house for O’r       Fletcher a number of Hands
2. I Brought Part of my Barn Home
6. Put a filley into my wheal a Vendue at Sawtells of a house.
8. Was Town meeting in order to give the Assessors Direction to make rates &   Choose Jurymen for Groton Court Viz Wallace Little & Wm Samson; it        was Training this afternoon.
14. I Bought two heiffers of Tim Phelps.
16. Jameses Egerton made me Hatchel teeth this week.
22. William Bartlett took away his Continental horses.

May, 1779
1. Mother Willard come to my house & stayed all night, my wife not well
10. Edmund Longley got his farm back.
14. in the afternoon I went to Lunenburg to get my watch cleaned.
15. I killed a Calf I sent the Chief of it to Mr. Whitney.
22. I worked on a road to the Ledge of Rocks.
24. I sold a Barrel of Flower & a Barrel of Indian Corn to one mannan      belonging to Salem & I took State Notes for Pay I also let him have 2     Bushels of Rye for Salt 3
25. I carried it to Shabakin for him

June, 1779
15. I Begun to Plow on my great Pasture round the old house spot.
21. was Training & Town meeting in order to settle with Mr Whitney agreed to Pay the Rev’d Mr Whitney his salary for the future in Corn & Rye.  Corn     at 2s 8d pr Bushel & rye at 4s pr. There was a training in order to        Draught men for the Con’o ye 9 months Viz Wm Little O’r Livermore    Cap’t Hazen John Egerton & myself there was two Militia men to go old Stephen Holden & old Chase Drafted a Number to be Drafted for the Continental Service not Drafted yet.
22. I went to Sawtells at Night & Paid my fine which was £45  Our celebration did not go on.
29. Mr Francis helped me mow my run Next to Page’s land.
30. I went to Elect Mr. Whitney Preached a sermon to the Young People on       these words, wherewith shall a young man Choose his way by taking        heed thereto &c. No news among us, only we here they have given the          British a Drubbing at Carolinas & Destroyed the Greater Part of that        Department but the certainty of it unknown hereabouts.

July, 1779
22. My wife & Egertons wife & Jonas’s wife went to Groton a husking bee         stayed all night came home the next night.
23. John Patterson came to help me but he cut his fingers and went home,      only   worked about an hour.
27. I went to Mr Whitneys & got some Rum.

August, 1779
1. this Day Betty Westbrooks came to work at my house.
18. I took some Cash of Mr Whitney & Paid him Ten Dollars for R’bL keeping    school, still Tines

September, 1779
5. Mr Whitney Preached half ye Day, not well
14. in ye afternoon I went to Concord Court.
15. I set off alone Cap’t Hazen Case & O’h Sawtells was Tried Benj’a Abet was   running a race & had a fall.
16. I came up to Groton and stayed all night.
20. I had a Blister on my Leg Did but Little work.

October, 1779
4. I sold my white face Colt to John Sollendoyn.
10. I went to Doctor Parkers meeting no Preaching in this Town.
19. I pooled down an old Hovel I Bought of Cap’t Hazen; I went to Sawtells at    Night.
28. I carried some Cloth to Capt. Harrises to be fulled that John Campbells      wife wove.
29. This Day I Moved Part of an Old Logue Barn I from where Jonas Parker       Used to Live.
30. finished Drawing that Old S’d Barn; we here the Regulars Left New Port in           Rhode Island & went off.
November, 1779
3. I sold Mr Whitney my Part in the School House.
8. I went to help Jameses Campbell Draw his house we did not finish Left it &c.
9. in the afternoon I went and helped S’d Campbell Draw his house.
10. I worked on my Logue Barn.
13. I raised the ruff of my Log Barn in ye afternoon I went to help Perrin raise his house.
15. I went to Leominster to John Sollendoyn
16. I worked on my Pole Barn.
20. I moved some straw into my Barn
23. I went to Cambridge Court with Cap’t Hazen we got their by 12 o’Clock we road all the way home that night &c. we gave $5 Dollars a mug for flip.
30. Haskell & Longley finished raising their Corn mill this Day the last Men     that went for three months was Dismissed and sent Home.

December, 1779
1. in ye afternoon I went to Nathan Smiths and Eight Tucketts Out of the State          Lottery.
9. (Thursday) was Thanksgiving Throughout the State Col’l Haskell & Sibil        Parker to Supper with me.
11. this night Jonas Parker had a Son Born
17. I went to Groton after Mrs. Greene but I Did not get her I Came up by Mr    Littles and Brought Mrs Killicutt and she delivered my wife of a Fine      Daughter about half after Eight of the Clock at Night I gave her 20        Dollars a Number of fine women at my house all went home but my        Mother & Mother Willard & Sister Egerton they Stayed all Night
20. I carried Mother Willard & Lovey a Far as Harringtons with my Oxen &        Sled
26. I carried out my little Daughter I called her name Abigail Prescott; Jonas    Parker Carried out his son the same Day & called his Name William
27. John Solindine paid me £100; 18 in Cash.
28. Israel Willard moved his wife (Israel Willard married Susanna Longley) home         this Day
30. I Brook out and a Number more Down to the Mills with our Oxen 16 and a Sled then we Brook through to the Meeting house.

January, 1780
3. it Snowed all Day and drifted the snow between 4 & 5 Deep, no passing for several Days
4. Very Cold & Blustering I keep good fires
5. in ye afternoon I Brook out with Snow Shoes I was the first that Passed by    Ed Longleys for about 3 Days & 3 Nights then some others
9. I went to Meeting there was 12 more Mr Whitney Preached the forenoon &   Quited.
16. no Preaching Mr Whitney Sore Toe
31. the Coldest Month that ever I knew, no thaw, no Sturing with oxen or         horses; the Springs Low, some wells no water, the streams so Low but a little Grinding, a great many Mills Entirely Still for the want of water;   Dull time for News.

February, 1780
6. my wife got out to meeting Very Cold.
15. I went to Groton I have not road my horse from home this 2 month almost.
25. still Cold my Boy & girl went to School to Isiah Flagg at Jonathan Davises

March, 1780
3. I sleaded some wood; in ye afternoon I went to father Willard & Brought        home a pair of Steers I had of Daniel, Some Sugar & Some Cottonwood I      had of Nathan; Cold & the Crust Bore Up.
4. Nathan Willard swingled flax for me he swingled 23 lb I gave him 2 lb for       his Pay.
6. March meeting – the Town Chose a Committee to Estimate ye Credits of Past          Service Due in ye War Viz Coll Haskell Capt. Smith Ed Longley John         Kelsey & myself.
13. I met the Committee at Coal Haskells in order to Settle the Services Dun in          Town towards the war, adjourned to Thursday next.
16. Wm Longley Came & Drew in a Logue for Cart &c this Day the Committee meet at Ed Longleys I meet the Committee at Ed Longleys to Settle the Credits.
18. I sleaded wood Eli’r Bartlett lost 2 sheep.
20. was town meeting the town Voted not the Except of the Report of what the Committee had Done about Settling the Credits but to Let it rest at Pr’t.        Voted to raise men for the future by a Rate & Chose the Militia officers for   the Committee.
30 I went to Sawtells Vendue of Dehortes farm Wallace Little Bid it of for           Lemuel Parker.
31. A still time for news, money is Bad.

April, 1780
1. I went to Joshua Longleys & got a New Pair of Boots.
3. in ye Afternoon Wallis Little & Wm Samson came to my house to settle and stayed Late in ye Evening but Did not Settle.
4. I went to Perrins.
11. I went to Concord Court and Capt. H  He won the day of old Josiah Sawtell                     £800 and all Cost; ye next Day I came home from Concord after
8 O clock at Night.
14. Mr Francis & Richard Francis Cleared for me on ye hill
30. Cold weather some rain this Day a still time for news Soldiers coming         Home Our Army Pretty thin

May, 1780
8. I went to Lancaster after my Cart wheels I Paid Samuel Johnson 214 Dollars          for the Same Harrington & I Sot the tires afternoon. I Paid him 30 dollars for the Same.
9. Israel Hubbart sent me a Summons on Joseph Longley accompt for a road.
16. I went to Groton Court Before Israel Hubbart Joseph Longley Complained of        my Stopping the way &c. I was Juryman for Groton Court I stayed 2 ½          Days I got Dismiss and Came home.
19. Some Thunder in ye morning and some rain in ye forenoon, at about 8 of   ye Clock it Begun to get Dark until Noon of ye Clock it was so Dark        People was Oblige to Lite a Candle to see to Eat and a kind of yellow Look    the strangest Day that ever I saw in my Life. (caused by smoke from fires    in Ontario, Canada)  I carted some Dung.
26. Cap’t Wm Smith had my horse to Worcester. this day a Committee came to           View for J’h Longley (Joseph Longley, Parker’s next-door neighbor, with        whom he had a long litigation over a road.) sent by Israel Hubbart Viz Ob’s Sawtell Asa Holden and Mr. Livermore they found
29. I went to Groton to trial with Joseph Longley Es’qr Hubbart   Cost me to     Pay Cost.

June, 1780
1. My Brother Abijah came to my house and my Brother Phinehas & wife and Brother Jonas & wife and a Number more after Dinner we all went to           Co’ll Haskells & Hazens and had a set Down
3. I went Francis, Burkmars, & so round.
9. I finished weeding my Corn Mr. Francis and his Samuel Helped me.
12. I ashed my corn.
19. In ye afternoon I went to help John Patterson raise a Barn.
20. in ye afternoon I went to help raise Shabbakin river Bridge New Posts
29. I sold Lawrence Francis 2 Pigs, in ye afternoon I went to town meeting we   Voted to raise men for 3 months Voted to give them 60 silver Dollars Wm    Little Jr Enlisted.
30. A Great movement in the Army at Carolina, &c.

July, 1780
8. in ye afternoon I went I went to Jonathan Kezers, I Bought a Pig this Day
17. Abel Chase and his wife Reaped for me and Isaac Bartlett and Eliazer
25. Ephraim Smith and Ezra Reaped for me.

August, 1780
5. Old Russell (Probably John Russell, one of the earliest settlers of Shirley) was          at my house.
15. in ye afternoon I went to Groton to my mothers & Stayed all night
16. ye next Day I went to Co’ll Prescotts and flang up my Sheriff Commission  I          took my bond and Settled the Same. – I came up to Town meeting I    demanded Pay of the Selectmen for my Damages for a Road through my     Land.
21. Co’l Prescott Came to my House to Settle the Line between Joseph Longley          & I, we spent all ye Day on it and made new Bonds &c
23. I met the Committee in order to Settle the Credits we did not settle Town    meeting in ye afternoon Joseph Longley & I agreed to Leave our affair         Concerning a Road to men &c.
25. I went to Groton to Old fifes (Josiah Sawtell) &c.
30. I went to Ob’h Sawtells and met Old fifes and settled with him and took      1000 dollars the rest in Notes this Day Deacon Willard Came to my           House in order to settle J’h Longleys affair but S’d Longley Did not come      so it remains Unsettled.

September, 1780
1. I harrowed some John Davis and John Moors helped me clear ye forenoon –           I went to Ob’h Sawtells to meet the Committee in order to settle the    Credits
4. Capt. Harris & I meet at the meeting House in order to Coppy of the Credits           in ye afternoon was Town meeting but the Town Did not Except of the    Report.
13. I went to Tarbells mill in ye afternoon I sot off for Concord Court it rained    this afternoon I went as far as Rights & there stayed it rained chief of ye        night           &c.
14. I went to Court with my Petition & got it Through, I sold a hide of Saddle     Leather to Gould, I came home this Night.
26. I went to old Mr. Todds (John Todd) and Bought all his Tobacco and   fetched it Home & Paid him in Boards, slit work and Cash
28. I my wife had a Quilting about 20 girls had a fine Dance at night had a       Fiddle.

October, 1780
3. a Committee sent from Court to view a Road Laid Through my land for          J.Longley viz Esq’r Wood of Concord Co’ll Reed of Littleton a number of     witnesses & the Selectmen.  there was a Town meeting this afternoon I           sent Mr Little to Stow after Co’ll Wood.
4. Mr. Little & Co’ll Wood Came to my house ye Selectmen Came to my house ye Selectmen Came & 5 Evidences Longley, E’h Wildes and Tha’ds    Harrington. I had Capt. N’a Smith & Josh’a Longley; Capt. Harris told his          story; I Provided a Dinner for 6 ye First Day & for 7 ye 2nd Day & P’s   Parker they all went home in ye afternoon &c I Paid Eph’m Russell an           Execution this 3 Day at Night 134:16:4
9. I went to O’h Sawtells in ye afternoon to over Look the Town Books.
15. Mr. Adams Preached for Shirley
17. I went to Town meeting all Day I was to meet Cap’t Harris att the meeting   h’s But they did not Come So I Stayed alone.
20. I mended fence Between Joseph Longley and myself said Longley Struck    me with his fist and Lamed my Bool Badly &c.
23. this Day Co’ll Haskell sold his House & Mill to Joshua Longley.
26. I went to Sawtells at night Abel Chase & Phebe & Anesdail had a Law Suit.

November. 1780
18.Co’ll Haskell Raised a house on ye Plains
21. Mr Whiting was at my house to Dinner
28. I sot out for Cambridge Court I went as far as Concord & stayed at Night ye          next Day I went to Cambridge Stayed all Day ye next Day I the Report of       the Committee was Red I sot of to Come home at Son Sett. I Came far as   Littleton I stayed all Night at Cap’t Davis’s ye I Paid the Committee
310 D, 40 Dollars a Night for a Horse 30 Dollars for a meal of Victuals      12 Dollars for a mug of flip &c.

December, 1780
17. J.Jupp (John Jupp, an Englishman who had settled in Shirley) Died.
27. Egerton had a Son (William Egerton) Born this Evening.

January, 1781
1. Abel Chase fell a Tree I went to See him
7. Mr Whitney Preached finely.
15. I went to Egertons and got my Pot bail mended.
18. Capt. Smith & Capt. Burkmar & Jonas Parker & wives was at my house in ye afternoon & evening
25. I went to ye mills after an orgar.
26. I went to Sawtells at night I met the Committee David Wilson & Isaac           Williams Enlisted for 3 years.
31. I went to Sawtells at Night to meet the Committee In Order to Enlist Soldiers a Number meet but none Enlisted

February, 1781
16. The Committee & I went to Co’ll Haskells to see about buying Stimpsons    farm for E’m Warren they Dinnered with me.
23. Abel Phelps & Wife and Nathan Willard & Daniel Willard Came to my house         & some girls to Dinner &c Ed Longley Came home with my Horse Mr          Little Came to my house & Bought Stimson farm for Warren Co’ll Haskell    was married this week &c.
24. John Egerton took a Deed of Joseph Longleys Farm.
27. I went to Stimpsons and helped Mr Little Measure his Land for Ep’m           Warren &c.
28. I went to J Egertons Mr Whitney O’h Sawtell Capt. McCloud Mr Little Jonas         Parker Co’ll Haskell & all our wives & Dinner then to Capt. Hazens &        Drank Tea.

March 1781
1. I met the Committee at Sawtells in Order to Settle with Ep’m Warren &         Stimpson.
2. I helped E’r Bartlett make me a Tub for to Scald Hogs in
3. I killed my great Hog he weighed 453 lb.  Co’ll Haskell & Mr Little was at my          house in Order to make out a report about the State of ye Town.
5. I went to Sawtells & Enlisted Abel Holden & sold him my watch Joseph         Burkmar Enlisted likewise.
9. Sold Abel Holden my Boots.
13. Our Soldiers went to Concord to pass Muster
15 I went to Concord Court to be Sworn as Juryman Stayed all Night I got a Writ        for Joseph Longley of Mr Lowall some r’n
16. I was Swoon I Came to Littleton Stayed all night I came Up through Groton          gave J’h R’n the writ to serve on S’d Longley & from there home.
22. Prudence Brooks Came to work at my house.
26. Ed Longley’s wife Sick.

April, 1781
11. Edmund Longley Sold his farm this Day
22. Jonas Longley Jr was Buried he dyed ye 20
23. I went to O’h Sawtells to see Our soldiers march off for 3 years.

May, 1781
4. I summoned Cap’t Harrington to appear at Groton Court.
10 I worked for Mrs Jupp (Mrs. John Jupp) & James (Jameses Parker Jr.)  with my      oxen and Steers & Cart
14. I went to Cap’t Hazen to an arbitration with Joseph Longley Mr Wheeler     Thomas Harkness and John Kelsey arbitration a great number of      Evidences Viz De’n Ivory Cap’t Harris John Pierce Thomas Burkmar         Joshua Longley John Egerton Lemuel Patterson Edmund Longley they   Brought their Judgment for me Rec £1:12:4 silver money
16. Joseph Longley & I settled he Paid me 10 Dollars New Enition (i.e. emission)        at Kelseys I went to Groton Court as Grand Juryman.
18. Mr Pratt Moved Up to E’d Longley farm.

June, 1781
2. I Bought a new Scythe of Mr Pratt.
5. Edward Richards hewed timber for me for a shed
11. I went a fishing part of the Day.
14. My sister Cummings Came to my house my wife Bought Some tea of a        Peddler & Indigo
15. I swapped land with Phinehas Page & Divided fence with S’d Page.  Mr Pratt         was present
18. I made a fence on that Land I had of Page my wife went to Asa Harris with   Sarah Stickney.
19. I helped Mr Pratt Score in his Timber for his Shop Mr Westbrooks & Page   worked
25. This Day Mr Pratt raised his Shop &c.
28. Voted 6 months schooling of women School.

July, 1781
4. Lemuel Patterson pounded Abel Chases steers in ye afternoon Abel Chase   Mr Livermore Mr Pratt & Lem Patterson Came to my House in order to       settle           &c.  I Paid him 50 Dollars in Cash & he agreed to take ye Steers
9. I was hilling my Corn Edward Pratt helped me.
17. I made 2 rakes I Bought a Piece of Land by my house of Mr Pratt to pay       him in making stone wall.
25. Thomas Simonds & Lemuel Holden reaped

August, 1781
4. Mr Francis & I helped Mr Pratt mowed Clover then we went to turning          Raking & Carting hay we got in five Jaggs John Richards helped me 3           hours.
7. I sold my fat oxen to the Town for the Use of the Army.
15. Phinehas Parker Came to my house & Perrin I wrote a Deed for him stayed          all night
17. I went to Epraim Smith after some Cloth.

September, 1781
5. I took a Deed of Mr Pratt of a Piece of Land by my House & gave him an        Obligation.
11. I went to Concord Court as Grand Juryman I stayed three Days I bought a watch of Paul Hale I Paid him ye Cash in hand I Came home ye 13 at         Night
30. A fine Day Mr Frothingham (William Frothingham, Jr. who married Mary     Leathers in 1775) & his Son was at Shirley.

October, 1781
11. I Carried Cap’t McCloud 10 Bushel of Potatoes & Sold him for Schooling     my Children.
13. I dug Stone & Layed Wall Mr Francis & Mr Chatman Helped me along by    my barn Cap’t Job Shattuck & Jacob Parker was at my house.
15. in ye afternoon I went to see the Shaking Quakers at Harvard with Pratt     Egerton Winslow [Parker] & Ivory &c.
16. I went to flat hill after Cider I had 3 Barrels of Moses Ritter
31. We hear Cornwallis and his army are all Prisoners of War Which makes       our Hearts Rejoice Rejoice O Washington & De Grasse May Thy Names Never be forgotten.

November, 1781
7. Mr Pratt made me a new ax
9. Lemuel Patterson had my horse to go & see the Shaking Quakers.
22. James & Sally went to school to Cap’t McCloud.

December, 1781
4. Cap’t McCloud & wife Came to my house at Night & spent the Evening he     finished his school
12. I carried a load of wood to McLeod’s for the Use of the schools.
13. Was thanksgiving throughout this State also a Contribution for the states   of South Carolina & Georgia for their Distresses &c
14. Cap’t Sil’s Smith (Silvanus Smith, afterwards a member of the Society of the           Cincinnati)  & Cap’t Burkmar & Jonas Parker & his wife Came to my        home to Dinner then we all went to Egertons
17. James went to School to Cap’t McCloud.
19. I went to Dan’l Chatmans & Got half Bushel of Apples.
26. I went to father Willards to ear Doctor Parker Preach a Great Number of      People.

January, 1782
7. 3 of my children begun to go to a private school to Mr McCloud.
9. Mr Pratt went after Nedd he ran away to Wassons and to Groton.
18. at Night I went to Wildeses to see the Shaking Quakers
24. I Brook Paths to Joshua Longley & to ye Meeting House, Pratt, Page,           Parker & Holden Came.
28. My wife sent for the women I fetched Mrs. Prattt & Mrs Holden then I went           after Mrs Patterson Mrs Davis Mrs Longley & Sister Egerton I brought them about son sett, we Held it Up Until about half an Hour after three     of ye Clock ye Next Morning, then my wife Delivered off a Son on ye 27’nd        Day of January, Daniel, I called his Name, all things went well Blessed be     God for the same.  A very cold night the Snow did Blow & Drift; I took the           women home this morning with my oxen & Slead then I went to     Amasa Hartwells for the widow Digons (Mrs. Jameses Diggins)  for a Nurse.

February, 1782
1. James was at School these Days.
3. I carried out my second son & Called his Name Daniel.
8. it snowed Primas Putnam Came to my house.
11. Mr Whitney at my house the Evening I carried the widow Diggins home      from Nursing my wife
15. Reuben Cumings Came to my house & Stayed all night.  William Longley   had my oxen to help Draw his mill Stone from Putnams.
18. Mr Pratt had my horse to Ashby to a Counsel.
22. Pratt Came home with my horse from Ashby
26 Art Woods from Groton Jonathan Woods & wife Winslow Parker & wife at     my house we went to Jonas Parkers at Evening Eleazar Green Brought      my Mothers Cows to Egertons.
28. My little Nabby got a Cherry into her Nake I blowed it out. &c

March, 1782
9. I went to Doctor Ivorys my Hand very Sore.
11. I did but little work my hand much Swelled.
18. It was Town meeting in ye afternoon in order to finish March meeting         Walker fell through a[s] a Selectman I was Chosen in his Room a Number        sworn &c.

April, 1782
1. Was Town meeting in order to Choose Governor & Counsel &c the Selectmen         to Let the Dehorty (formerly owned by Jameses Dougherty, called Dehorty)    farm.
7. Cap’t Burkmar sent his Son Joseph for his oxen I sold him. I plowed Indian hill this Day.
11. I made some fence on Catecunemug hill
12. I went to Settle with Cap’t Hazen but we did not.
15.…..from thence to Vendue the Dehorty farm Let S’d Farm to Livermore        & Stimpson
22. Edward McLain came to work for me.

May, 1782
16. I Bought 3 State Notes of Ruben Bathrick I Paid him in Gold & Silver and   New Emesion in ye afternoon was May meeting No Representation I had    a Road Discontinued through my Land lay’d out for Joseph Longley    1775.
26. No Preaching Mr Whitney Not Well.

June, 1782
1.I Bought a yearling Heifer Ol’r Fletcher for rye.
5. Ned & I Drawed Stone & Layed wall Between Pratt & I by ye Old cellar hold.
9. Dea’n Ivory Red 2 sermons
12. I went to Acton, Stow & Marlborough after a Preacher
16. No Preaching this Day Mr Oliver Livermore Dyed About Sun Down
18. Mr Livermore was Buried   10 Bearers I & others

July, 1782
1. Mr John Hale Came to my house went to Livermore’s to get the Papers         Belonged to the Treasurer.
6. Wm Warren Came to my house to live.

August, 1782
17. as Dry a Time as ever I knew Corn Perished, the Pastures all white.

September, 1782
5. I met the Selectmen at Sawtells made out a warrant to see about the   Shakers & other articles.
28. This Day Thomas Burkmar applied for a License to sell Tea

October, 1782
1. I Dined at Cap’t McLeods a fine warm Day.
5. I went to father Willards after a Barrel of Water Cider and 5 Bushel of Winter apples Dodge sent me a pair of thick shoes.
6. Mr Grovenor Preached here.
15. Timothy Bolton Came & Carried off 30 Rum Barrels for John Tarbell Jr
16. Ned McLain went off from my house his time being out.
29. William Longley had my oxen to Harvard after his mill Stones Egerton set   off up Country with rum & salt &c

November, 1782
5. Sally went to Mr Saffords to Live.
11. I helped Mr Pratt with my Oxen & Cart Stones & gravel for his well at Night          we went to Sawtells Selectmen’s meeting we laid out a Warrant for a Town   meeting we Renewed 3 Notes Viz Isaac Williams and Moses Blood and    one for Thomas Warren &c
21. I went to Town meeting in ye afternoon we Let out the Widow Williams &c
29. I went to Perrins Barbarecks & Soround Mr Ivory & others at my house in   ye afternoon
30. in ye afternoon Mr John Heild at my house he & Pratt and I went to the     River Bridge & Longley Pratt & Hale Bound a Boy to Walker

December, 1782
6. I went to Wildes & wrote a Deed for William Longley & Wildes, Longley gave me      a Deed of 10 acres of land an ye hill this Evening at my house Egerton          was here
9. Mother Willard came to my house, my children went to School.
16. I went to mill at evening I went to William Little I had a Supper there &c
17. I Carried a Load of Wood to the School.
18. I went to Charlestown I carried 4 fouls &c
19. I went into Boston & entered some State Notes I bought some Tea sugar     & Cotton &c I came out at noon & came home that Night.
20. At Night I went to Francises I bought a Watch a Beaver Hat & some Ribbon           of William Robbins I sold him a Steer the Rest to be Paid in Rye &     Potatoes I bought a Handcf of Lawren Francis to be Paid in Potatoes.
23. Burkmar was at my house.


January, 1783
2. in ye afternoon I went to Town meeting Town Voted to Raise 300£ in Cash to          Defray Charges Esq’r Erving others &c at evening I went to Egertons, he    had a fine Set Down10 Couples Stayed Until 12 at Night
28. the widow or Martha Reed went away from my house some Women at my    house this Day.
30. my wife & Sally went to father Willards to Hear Preaching I took away          Martha Reed’s Child to Mr Pratts  She came & took it away in ye         afternoon.
31. Ned McLane came to get out my flax I Carried Ep’m Warrens wife some       Necessaries of life.

February, 1783
2. Mr Chaplin Preached here.
8. Burkmar sent me a summons by Ab’h Prescott.
20. Mr Whitney & Mrs Whitney at my House at Dinner in ye afternoon I went   to John Davises & Spoke for a Bed Ticker & sheet for Warren’s wife at         night to Lem Pattersons & Drink tea.
23. Mr Livermore Preached here; News of Peace.
26. in ye afternoon I went to Fletchers to Settle with him about the          Dehorty      Farm
27. the Price of things fell in Boston, salt & rum &c
28. Ned and Ephraim Munjoy came to Brake & Swingle flax for me.

March, 1783
19. I Run Some Spoons at Holdens.
20. I sold a stack of Hay to Francis, J.Chaplin & Thomas Wasson
24. Peter Wheeler at my House & his Brother.
28. I Begun to Warn in my Town Rate which I Rec’d yesterday Cornelius Davis had my Horse Down to Boston this week I took him from there this    morning went to Walkers.
29. I took two Horses to keep of Ch Perrins.

April, 1783
7. it was Training this Day Joshua Longley Called the Company together Gave them some flip.  a Vendue at Sawtells of some Oxen & cows for Rates of          Amos Atherton, the Dougherty farm Let.
9. I sold Some Hay to Jameses Campbell.
14. I went to Joshua Longleys after his Rate from thence to Sawtells with his    Cow there S’d Longley Paid me he moved off out of Shirley.
15. I moved & Burnt a old Log fence.  Jonathan Davis & Lemuel Patterson        Moved off out of Shirley
18. Ellis Bartlett went off to the Easterd ye 17 Day.
19. Great movements this week in Shirley with Peoples moving out of Town &   into Town.
21. Lemuel Parker & Frost Came here & Got 500 of Hay for S’d Frost (Scripture          Frost) & Killicut (Thomas Killicut, from Dunstable, N.H.)
22. Mr Pratt hung a New Gate on ye hill.
26. in ye Afternoon I went to Wildes to a funeral of J.Frost.

May, 1783
9. I layed some wall Killed some Caterpillars in my Orchard sot out some Hops           &c.
10. I sot up a Piece of rail fence at my old Dam.
16. James and my Oxen Helped Morris Calley (Morris Kelly married Relief Haskell    and lived in Shirley Village) Plough.
19. James & my Oxen helped the widow Jupp Plough
22. I went to Perrins after a Bull for Egerton, Perrin had a Court with widow .    Davis this Day.
29. I was Blooded in ye foot by Doctor Hartwell I went to Sawtells in ye    afternoon I had a Bad Headache.
30. I took some Pills I worked all ye hill mending wall with Randall.  Bicknall &          his son Begun to Clear for me on ye hill Longley’s Side

June, 1783
3. I sent Hene (Henrietta Parker) & Rhoda to School to Mr Ivorys ye first of their          going.
17. Samuel Dickenson came with Peter Stickney & Samuel Patterson and        Cleared 1 acre.

July, 1783
11. Ephraim Warren’s wife Dyed
12. In ye afternoon I went to ye funeral of Mrs Warren
14. in ye afternoon I Reaped Joseph Frost Helped me and Abraham Moors.
15. I Reaped with 9 Hands viz Mr Francis, Samuel, J’s Campbell & his 2 Boys, Morris Kelsey, Joseph Frost, & Abraham Moors; Abijah Frost ½ ye Day.

August, 1783
7. in ye afternoon I fired my Longley hill & a fine Burn & a fine Day for it.
8. I cut Some Grass for seed went to Co’ll Haskels I bought some things of a      Peddler.
27. Samuel Richardson Brought me a Writ for Sprague.


September, 1783
8. in ye afternoon Cap’t Egerton Called his Company together Mr Solomon       Jameses came to my House to buy a Lot of Land of me in Templeton
20. I went to Mitchel Richards after eight – I went to Killicut Carried Some        Shoes to be made &c.
22. went to Training in ye afternoon Part of it we went to J Dickinson at evening.
27. I Bought a Lot of Land of Israel Willard.
29. at Night I helped Col’o Haskell Raise a Piece of a Potash
30. I wrote a Deed of a Piece of Land I Bought of Israel Willard in Townsend. I   went Round after Rates, I went to Sawtells & Paid him Ten Dollars which Capt. Asa Holden sent for Isaac Williams; Col’o Haskell Cap’t Smith &        Egerton & I took a Drink, Thomas Killicut Made me a pair of Shoes for          my own foot I found Leather.

October, 1783
7. I went to Groton Muster, my wife went; a Great Number of People; Shirley    Officers Dined at Lieut Lawrences I & others at Night we went to S’d   Lawrences then Egerton Jonas & I my wife went to Mothers & Stayed         Until ye next Day

November, 1783
16. Rebecah Little (she married Ephraim Jackson of Newton, Mass. Vide infra) was Published
20. I Roled up Tobacco.
24. James went to School to Cap’t McLeod at Night.

December, 1783
16. in ye afternoon was Town meeting Voted to raise some money 3 months      Schooling, Letting out Mr Whitneys wood to Kelsey, I went to Sawtells at         Night Vendue the Widow Williams.
18. Rebecah Little was married this Night.
23. I went to Lunenburg to Bathricks
29. I went & Carried my Children to ye School to Capt. McLeods the Town        School Begun in ye afternoon



January, 1784
3. went to Sawtells at Night I took a Warrant to warn Mr. Chaplin & family out of Town
8. I went to Francises at evening Jameses Mills (he married Ruth, the widow of Silas Davis)
9. Capt. Job Shattuck came to my House and Stayed all night
26. I warned Mr Chaplin & his family out of Town
28. I hear John Bolden went off Doctor Longley Mare saddle.
30. I went to Sawtells at Evening & stopped Walkers sending me an Execution,          David Wilson Came Home with me stayed all Night

February, 1784
1. I Carried my wife to Jonas Parkers I went after Mrs Francis & Mrs Whitney   Jonas had a son (Phinehas Parker)  Born about Eleven O Clock this          Morning I stayed ye Greater Part of ye day.
4. Thomas Peabodys wife was Buried.
5. Mr Chase lay Dead at this time
6. I went to the Funeral of Mr George Chase.
8. I went to Meeting Mr Whitney preached a funeral sermon
12. I went to Town Meeting Chose John Kelsey to meet the Convention at         Con’d. (i.e.Concord).
14. I went to mill fetched 2 ½ Bushels of Beans from John Pattersons John      Solindine Left for me.

March, 1784
14. It rained some, a thin Meeting.
15. I went to Israel Willards Shabbakin Bridge went off this Day.
23. I cut & Drawed Ridors.
31. A frolic at Edgertons this night

April, 1784
5. at evening I went to Dick’s(Jameses Dickerson’s tavern)  Vendue Dehorty Farm.
27. I went to Widow Chases Vendue I Bought a Dung fork
28. Elizabeth Messer Spinning at my House

May, 1784
19. I went to Groton Court my wife sent after me I came back at 4 OC’k my wife          was Delivered of a Son about half after Ten in ye Evening all things went        well
20. I went after Hitty Bathrick to Nurse &c.  I sold a Cow to Phippses wife
23. I Carried out my boy & Called his Name David, Jonas Parkers wife helped.
24. I ridored my wall Round my orchard.

June, 1784
10. Emme Cummings & Sibil Parker Came to my house
21. Elisabeth Messer Came to work at my house last night
23. I got some spike Poles to Raise the Bridge at Shabbakin.
24. I went to help S’d Bridge
28. Mitchel Richards Jr helped me mow rake &c
29. Old Mitchel helped me.

July, 1784
6. went to ye Bridge Raising.
14. Egerton’s wife was Delivered this Night of a fine Girl (Abigail Egerton)
20. Jameses Mills reaped for me.
24. My wife went to See Mother Willard sick.

August, 1784
1. No Preaching Mr Whitney had the Colic.  I went to see him
2. Mr Pratt mowed for me

September, 1784
9. I went to Lecture & to Wallace Littles approbation Day.
30. Sally was keeping School.

October, 1784
3. I went to Meeting J [?] Fiske & Ezekiel Longley was published.
12. I went to Raising of Kelsey Bridge.
13. I went to the Raising of Kelsey Bridge I got John Kelsey a Gallon of Rum     towards it
14. Lem’l Bicknell helped me Dig a Spring.

November, 1784
8. James was Sick Doctor Hartwell gave him a Vomit Thomas Killicut came to    make           shoes at my house
18. I took a Release of Mr Pratts farm & Paid him about £18:2:2 Down
27. I Paid Pratt 20 Dollars in Cash.

December, 1784
2. I carted Stone into ye Road Before Pratts Door
4. I worked some at the Road by Pratt Door in ye afternoon I carried him a        Load of Corn & Potatoes to his New House
7. I moved a load of goods for Mr Pratt Samuel Parker Carried 2 loads they all   moved off this day from this House to his Shop.  I am 40 years old this        Day.
9. I worked round Pratts house fixing things.
18. I Layed a Back in Pratt House.
20. I Layed a Hearth in Pratt House.
25. I sleaded some wood at my Pratt House.

January, 1785
4. I worked in Pratt Cellar all day.
6. at night Egerton & I & our wives went to Jonas Parkers to supper had a        Roast Goose.
11. I worked Pratt Cellar I moved some things into S’d Pratt House.
12 I moved into Pratts House with all my Family & the Greatest Part of our      things
15. I put up some shelves in my Pratt house.
24. Mary Walker married. (She married Jonathan King of Alstead, N.H.)
31. School Begun my Children to John Long kept at the meeting house, Cap’t           McLeod at his own House.

February, 1785
11. My Children went to School
12. at night a Stranger, Wilder, Called at my house and Stayed all night Left    his sled & Load a bad Storm.
16. James went to School.
18. I sleaded Wood for Wm Longley out of Tophet Swamp.
24. I carried a Load of wood to the School.

March, 1785
13. Old Charles Ames was Buried, a Quaker.
23. I went to Pratts and Paid him all off

April, 1785
9. no passing by my House with a Horse this month (on account of snow)
11. one Farr came to my house to hire.
12. John Longley Moved to Dec’n Ivorys.
16. the Snow 2 feet Deep in some Places.
20. I went to Vendue of Chase Farm at Jameses Dickinsons it was bid off to      Doctor Hartwell.
25. William Longley Acknowledged a Deed to me Before Israel Hubbart of         Catacunemaug
27. A good Deal of snow on ye ground.
28. Asa Longley was Married this day, Sal (Sally Parker) went.

May, 1785
3. Wm Farr came and planted some Beans.
11. Farr and family Came to my house.
2.3 I went to the Funeral of Samuel Gould People not half Done Planting some          not Begun to Plough

June, 1785
17. we was in Boston Butter very Cheap. stayed all Night in Boston I Bought a Gold Necklace for my mother, a Patch for my wife, & a great number of        other articles
27. my Children Begun there school to Mrs Nutting (‘Dame Nutting’, a huge      woman, who taught school many years)

July, 1785
14. Ebenezer Pratt Jr came to work for me.
22. Peter Stickney mowed on the hill

August, 1785
1. Killicut & Ritter mowed for me.
29. I went to Groton Carried my Mother a gold Necklace
31. Daniel Had a Cancer in ye Mouth


September, 1785
15. [Boston] I saw Johnson standing in ye Pillory House I saw 6 men whipped & 2 women whipped 3 sot on ye Gallows.
20. Aunt Hubbart & Aunt Farwell at my House.
24. the trees Blew Down in ye road, Longleys Dam Brook.

October, 1785
14. in ye afternoon I went to ye funeral of Samuel Dickinson Child
16. John Livermore was Buried.

November, 1785
5. I bought a shote of Thomas Smith.
18. I put Some Glass into my Pratt House Lay’d Door Stone Farr wife & family went to Littleton.

December, 1785
4. I lost my Kneebuckles.
15. was thanksgiving Farr wife & Children at my House to Supper.
16. a frolic at Doctor Hartwells of the young folks.
29. Doctor Hartwell Brook a tooth for me at Evening Mr Whitney Doctor   Hartwell Dec’n Brown Jonas Parker & I and our wives went Egertons at          Evening

January, 1786
10. Egerton & I went Down to Boston with a sleigh I carried some Butter &       Beans we layd at Roxbury
11. I was in Boston all Day
12. I was in Boston until Night Came to Roxbury
13. we came home.  A Very Cold Day
14. Henrietta went to Father Willard to see Lovey
19. I & Egerton & our wives went to Dunstable to Joseph Spauldings, stayed all         Night the Next Day we Came home by Levi & Phinehas & Mothers and          so up through the Town home.
21. Edmund Longley and wife at my house.
24. in ye afternoon I went to Jameses Dickinson for Selectman
25. At Night I went to Jameses Dickinsons & Jonas Parkers to see about my     keeping school
26. I Began to keep school at the House by the Meeting House fine fair Pleasant        Weather, Not well Doctorr Hartwell & wife at my House at evening        Samuel Dickinson at my House.
27 I a School.
28 I Kept school all this Saturday.
30. I was keeping school.
31. I was at School – Robbins at my House & Dn”ll Francis & Nehemiah Estabrook & Avel Phelps

February, 1786
1. I at school Daniel Livermore Brook Flax for me. Farr Swingled.
11. I at school all this week every Day.
13. I at school, I had a Great School
18. I at school all this week
22. Mr Whitney & Deacon Ivory, Egerton, John Longley at my house at evening
23. I road to school Carried Naby & Daniel on my horse to School.
24. I Changed a ½ Johannes for John Conn.
25. I at school all Day
28. I at school; Prescott Brought me a summons Jonathan Farwell on an           indorsed note of Sil’s Smith a fine fair Day and so the Month ended I at      Mr. Whitney’s & Egerton & our wives at evening had a roasted TURKEY     for sup.


March, 1786
1. I at school
3. I at school Jane Carried the children in the Sled.
8. I at school
10. I at school 40 or 50 scholars.
14. I went to school, after school I went to Groton & Got Francis Champney, to fill me a writ against Silvanus Smith.
15. I at school &c I gave Jonas Parker the writ to serve on sd Smith.
17. I at school, a Great many
22. I finished my school
23. John Parker came to my house stayed all night Pratt & his wife at my         house this Night.

April, 1786
1. Pratt at my house & J.Dickinson Bought a Tea Table.  I split rails.
13. I went to John Patterson Jr raising of a house in ye afternoon.
29. I mended fence Farr helped me in ye afternoon I went to help Egertons       raise their forge Beam.

May, 1786
4. James ploughed west of my Old House.
10. Mother Willard at my House.
11. I planted a piece of Corn west of my Old House.
16. I went to Town Meeting I was Mod’r.
19. James & Farr Ploughed for Mr John Parker with my Team.
24. Farr was Burning his Cole pit this Day.
31. James went to Holdens & had his frolic; as fine a growing season as ever I   saw in my life, all things well O Blessed be God.

June, 1786
8. I & Little Harris Blooded 17 of my Cattle I Drove them to Pasture to Little      Harrises I Paid him 2 B’ll of Rye to keep them 16 Days in ye afternoon I       went to Sawtells Selectmens meeting
12. Lem’ll  Bicknell came to work for me he hoed Farrs Corn
15. this Day John Parker moved to Shirley
22. I had four hands mowing for me Josh’a Pierce James Campbell &c John     Campbell & Farr I raked some

July, 1786
1. I took a Deed of 8 acres of Land of Pratt & Settled an Ex’on I gave a B’d (i.e a          bond) Jonathan Hartwell Brought me a New Clock I let him have a Cow &         Calf.
8. I went to Little Harrises after my young Cattle
10. I had 5 hands mowing this forenoon in ye afternoon they raked viz. Benj’a Priest Hez’h Patterson Jr Josh’a Pierce & Peter Atherton
12. I went to Jameses Clerks and so round.
22. Little Harris Blooded my Colt and 2 fat Cows

August, 1786
3. I ploughed by ye Old pound a New Piece &c
9. Sally Begun her School.
12. Lemuel Bicknells time was out with me this Day
17. Ned & Ebenezer Pratt Came to Clear Brush.
18. I Begun to sow west of my Old House.
24. I Begun to sow a Piece of wheat at ye Pound
28. Nicholas Patterson wife at my house I went to George Conn.
September, 1786
2. I fetched my Cattle from A’b Frosts (Abijah Frost) home.
6. a stir (the beginning of Shay’s Rebellion) among the people in regards of        Inferior Courts &c.
7. Mr Chaplin Begun to make wall for me on ye hill Between Patterson & I.
11. I went to Sawtells Nathan Smith marched some men to Concord In order to          stop the Court Setting it rained hard this Night &
12. Chief of ye Day I did but Little Work a number went to Concord.
23. I put Joists & Layd a Chamber floor Pratts.
26. I made a Bargain with Pratt for scythes Town meeting this Day


October, 1786
3. Samuel Davis Came to Lay up the Chimney in the old west rum of Pratts
4. S’d Samuel at work on ye Chimney.
7. Samuel Davis finished the Chimney I tended & whitewashed the room
21. I mended my Dam.
25. One Conant preached some.


November. 1786
3. I went to Simon Holden’s to see Pratts oxen in ye Afternoon I went to Ned     Richardses
6. I worked at the frame of the New School House by Simpson & others.
7. I worked at S’d School House & others
8. we Raised S’d Frame & had a Dispute.
9. a fine training in ye afternoon.
11. I Dug some parsnips
14. I helped Board the School house
15. I carried 4 Bunches of shingle to the Schoolhouse Stimson put a fellow in   my wheele
16. I worked at the School house ½ day. This 6 day of Nov’r 1786 I Sent 185     feet of slit work for the Use of the New School house. £0:6:2
I worked at framing 2 ½ Day £0:6:3 14 I Boarded the Ruff of S’d House    £0:2;6, 16 I worked ½ Day Cutting in Joists, lath’s £0:6:3, for Bunches of         shingle £0:6:3
25. Lem (Lemuel Bicknell)  Chopped wood at the Door his time out So he went home he worked for me 2 months wanting 6 Days paid him a pair of   Britches
27. A Stir in this place about Going to Cambridge Court Kelsey & others
28. a Very Cold Day Still a movement &c
30. a Great Movement among the people Capt. Job Shattuck Benja Page &       Oliver Parker (All were Groton men, and they were the leaders of Shay’s     Rebellion in this district.) took Last Night and Carried off to Boston Goal          the people in arms & under arms Tremendous times in Deed.  A Bloody         Day with Poor Job.

December, 1786
1. I went to old Mr Joseph Priest after a weather & a ram.
3. I at meeting Cold & Icy Old A’n Woods (Aaron Woods and Elizabeth Gates of Lancaster were published) Pub’d
11. Philemon Holden & Page Came along wee brook Down to ye Mills.
20. About One o Clock in ye morning my wife sent out for the women and half an hour after six in the Morning she was Delivered of a Noble Daughter     all things went on well Blessed be God for the same Jonas & Egerton   assisted in Bringing the women.
22. I worked at the school House Shirley.
24. I carried out my Daughter I Called her Name Lydia Bowes &c.
26. I worked 3 ½ Days at the School hose.
27. I worked ½ Day at the School house.

January, 1787
1. I at the town Meeting to hear the Address Red by Mr Whitney.
2. I at work att the School House.
3. I went to Groton to see my Mother.
6. I went to Mr Pratts & got 60 scythes Left a Note I had against him for ye        same I Let John Egerton have 15 lb of Steal to work I Bought a Tub of    Mitchel Richards.
14. I at Meeting ½ ye Day Orders Came to Cap’t Egerton to Draft 1 Ser’t 1        Corp’l and Nine privates to go to Worcester to Defend the Court.
16. was a Meeting to Draught men.  Drafted Nine viz Cor’l Davis, John Walker,           William Williams, William Conant, Ed Longley, Jon’n Davis, Moses    Chaplin, R’n Kindall, E’d Holden &c
22. I went to Nathan Willards & Carried Leather the Singing Master Came my Children went   A Great Number of Men went to join Shays Army at     Worcester.
23. a Cold Day but Little News this Day.
24. James Egerton at my house stories flying every way back & forth
25. the Court Setting at Worcester the people in Confusion
27. I here Bad news from Camp this Day.
28. I at Meeting ½ Day Jameses Dickinson from Shays army brought some       letters
30. I sent 9 Caggs Down by Egerton News Every way
31. News flying every way these Days and the whole State in an Uproar Shays & Gen’ll Lincoln & their men on the Move Back & forth it seems as if the     people ware mad as they really are Strange Times in Deed.

February, 1787
1. I went to the funeral of Betsey Bowes.
2. I Carried 59 scythes to Nathan Willards for him to Carry Up Country
5. I went to Town meeting in Order to send a Petition to the General Court.
6. News from every Quarter but not to be Depended on.
7. the men returning from Gen’l Shays army & he gone into ye New State        (i.e.Vermont)
8. I at the funeral of J. Pages Children.
17. I Drawed a Great to the school.
18. I at meeting ½ ye Day fine singing this 18 Day of Feb’y 9 men taken out of           Shirley of Shays party to Fitchburg viz. Phinehas Page, Jer’h Chaplin Jr,       John & James Campbell, Mr Clerk, Ned Pratt, J’n Longley, Asa Smith, & all        sworn & Gave Up their arms.
20. Mr Whitney & Mr Redfield & I went to Egertons to Dine & to Deacon Ivorys           & Back to Egertons & spent the evening &c.
23. I went to Jonas Parkers Egerton & Phelps & our wives & to the singing        school.
26. the school Begun in the New School House my Children went Government          men Coming home Co’ll Woods & others Mr Whitney & Wallis Little at   my house in ye evening.
27. James at school this week  Shirley men Going Daily to take the Oath of                Allegiance & resigned Up their arms Men Enlisting for four Months for    the support of Government.

March, 1787
6. I went to Boston.  Cold & good Sleding a great many Going to Swear to be     true to Government from Shirley & other places.
9. James at the singing school.
13. I went to Francises & Paid the Messers Rates.
14. I went to the funeral of Mrs Chase (Lucy Wood Chase, second wife of          George Chase)
15. was a singing Lecture a great Number.
21. it was the last Day of Shays party swearing.
26. mended some fence Between John Longley & my Pratt farm.
28. Mr Redfield at my house we went to John Pattersons several of us
30. I went to Groton to hear Joshua Longley tried by Wallace Little & Hartwell a         Great Number of people & others &c the Doc’r Cleared, & Joshua not,     the Justices suspended their Judgment for 3 weeks.

April, 1787
2. Moses Chaplin Came to live with me this Day.  the Master Dismissed his      singing School at Jameses Dickinsons at evening Frank Champney &                    from Groton & took a Number with a warrant for abusing Mr Little &c. I        had 4 frames of chairs from N’n Smith
20. James went to Townsend with my team to move William Farr and Family
23. I Let my house to Levi Farnsworth & garden.
26. Levi Farnsworth & Family moved into my House.

May, 1787
2. John Longley taken with a warrant.
7. I sold some hay to Todd, Longley & Davis.
11. at night John Longley Jr at Court for making money.
19. I washed my sheep I went to Mr Pratts Joshua Longley took Mr Little with a         warrant.
29. I sold a cow to J. Henry.(John Henry of Lunenburg, Mass.)


June, 1787
24. I at meeting a New Preacher.

July, 1787
7. I layed flax in my Pratt Barn hay.
15. I at meeting McLeod joined the Church.

August, 1787
1. I finished mowing on the Pratt farm
8. Daniel Francis went home.
9. Farnsworth helped his Farther.
29. Capt. Holden at my house to Dinner & Pratt it was Lecture I went to John Pattersons they run Horses & Drunk Flip

September, 1787
20. I went to George Henrys
30. at evening I went to hear the Quakers and a number of others.

October, 1787
4. I went and helped Jonas Parker raise a Back Kitchen to his house.
18. Jonathan Messer sent me 2 Barrels of Cider.
29. I went to Warners & to Abel Phelps.

November, 1787
20. I went to Groton to Prize of some Cattle with Esq’r Ivory & Capt. Brown.
21. I went to Groton & to Prize off some fat Cattle  Gen’ll Henry Woods, Nath’l   Day & I stayed all night at my Mothers.
23. We Prized 3 oxen more Came home in ye Rain, Thousands of wild Geese     flying these Days.
28. I went to Look of John Davises farm.

December, 1787
3. was Town meeting to see about the new Constitution & School House a great         Difficulty about s’d School.
10. this Day they Begun on John Parker took his Hogs & fouls &c.


1788 (The almanac containing Parker’s diary for 1788 has not been found.

January, 1789
1. at Evening Mr Whitney & others Came to my House Benj’m Egerton was       Married to Sally Parker Deacon Ivory John Egerton Jonas Parker John Patterson John Walker & their wives at my house
8. my wife poorly this evening I fetched Mrs Holden to my house
9. my wife was delivered of a son at the hour of ten o’clock in ye Morning
11. I carried out my son I Called his Name L Moody (Leonard Moody Parker)
16. I went to Groton to my Mothers Bancrofts &c
19. Francis Dickinson at my house
29. was Town meeting . . . also we had a Vote to have more schooling.
30. I agreed to keep the school.

February, 1789
2. I Begun to keep school at ye South End.
7. all ye week at School.
9. attending the School
10. James came home from the New Ipswich Academy
12. My Daughter Egerton Moved away from my house Into a house Joseph       Longley Built
14. Keeping School all this week.
21. I at School all this week.
23. I at School Henrietta & my Children poorly bad Colds

March, 1789
3. I at School
4. I went to Groton as an Evidence for John Parker or Syrus Marble against      Wm Bancroft or Jephthah Richardson my wife went & Egerton and his          wife & Henrietta & others.
5. I at School.  Wilson moved away to Mitchel House.
9. I at School.
10. I went to Cambridge Court this Day to get a Bill of Cost against H. Coolidge.
12. I got my action entered & came home in ye afternoon.
16. I at School.
18. I went to Mr Whitney’s after School Egerton Patterson Doctor’r Hartwell      Deacon Brown Jonas Parker & Jennersons & our wives to eat roast     Turkey &c.
20. Moody Emerson at my house.
21. I at School all this week.  N. Kezar (Nathaniel Kezar of North Shirley) Paid   me some.
24. Levi Farnsworth & Family moved into my house
28. I keeping School all this week.
31. I finished my school I kept it Eight weeks I lost no more Time then 2 Days   in the Whole.

April, 1789
3. I went to Jameses Dickinsons & round my Wilson [farm] with Dickinson.
8. John Falls Came to live at my house . . . . I went to David Bennetts
12. No Preaching all Stayed at home, Elizabeth Messer Came to my house.
21. I sowed & harrowed in some grass seed on my Wilson farm Wm Bicknell     married.

May, 1789
11. O’h Sawtell Came to my
27. I went to John Pattersons Daniel got his arm hurt

June, 1789
3. Mr Marshall Came to work on my barn Shed I worked with him
5. Samuel Marshall & Charles Nichols Came to work on my Barn & Shed we    worked &c Jennerson helped me 2 Days this week.
6. We worked on ye frame I got Some Slit work from Longley mill Marshall went         home.
9. Mr Marshall & his boys went to raise David Ritters house I went Jest at         night.
13. we raised the end of my barn & my shed
15. I went to John Pattersons raising
16. Mills helped me.
20. John Henry brought me some boards.
23. in ye afternoon I went to Dea’n Ivorys to hear a Lawsuit between John        Patterson & John Holden, a Number to hear.
24. I worked at the highways by ye clay pits
25. I worked at the highways by McLeod hill, Hazen & others
30. Marshall & I framed me a Little house & raised it

July, 1789
3. Marshall and Charles Begun to Shingle
6. Marshall Samuel & Charles went to John Patterson to Shingle his Barn. I     went to Warners after a piece of Green Cloth.
9. Marshall Samuel & Charles Nichols Came to work for me Boarding & Shingling my barn & Shed.  I worked with them.
11. Samuel made a Cheese room Charles worked on my Little house.

August, 1789
3. I building a Stone bridge by my barn.
4. I underpinned my Shed
13. the Children went to School to Molly Harkness
24. I took my Steers from Bicknell or Hildreth
28. John went to Lancaster with Forture wife.
31. I let 12 sheep to Benj’m Bailey.


September, 1789
5. I had a new wheal of Nathan Smith.
24. I worked turning the rod (the road) by Pratts pound piece & others


October, 1789
5. I worked at the road between my house and the upper Gate & round my       Door.
12. I layd some wall Boose Whitney (Nicholas Bowes Whitney) at my house
13. James & Lovey Sot off for New Ipswich to the Exhibition
23. Pratts Doge killed a sheep for me.
30. At night my Daughter Egerton sent after the women &c
31. She poorly I went their &c.  Capt. McLeod (David McLeod) Dyed this Morning.

November, 1789
1. I was at BenJamesin Egertons his wife Poorly all Day Delivered of a Son half          past 8 o clock in ye evening by Doctor’r Haskell all returned home.
2. I went to the funeral of McLeod then Town meeting.
11. I shingled my Little house.
12. I lay’d the Sleepers in my Leanto  Davis Cleaned my Clock.
21. Deacon Ivory Dyed this Day.
22. at Night I watched at Deacon Ivory’s John Egerton with me.
24. I went to the funeral of S’d Ivory the bearers Pierce, Patterson, Holden,       Hazen, I, & Brown, Longley, & Egerton.
26. Was Thanksgiving through the Union I at meeting Benj Egerton, Booze       Whitney & Edmund Longley at Sup.
29. I at meeting I was propounded to Own the Covenent & j’n ye Church.  John Falls           very poorly & Sick
30. I went to John Campbells Carried a Web.  Mr Whitney & wife at my house & Esq’r (“Esquire” Thomas Whitney, son of Rev. Phinehas.) & wife.  John     Falls went away.

December, 1789
1. Little Harris Brought me a Hat.
7. John Falls Came back.  My Little Shote run away.
10. Lydia & Betsy Whitney at my house.
13. I at meeting I & my wife Joined ye Church.
14. John Falls sot off for Dublin I settled all off.
15. I went to Pattersons to hear the Court between Mr Little & Ritter
21. I went to Col’o Haskells to ye Potash meeting a number there.
29. Mr John Parker Came to make shoes at my house.

January, 1790
13. I went to ye North End of Shirley
18. I went to See Isaac Sollindine at J L’y (probably Joshua Longley)
21. Bows Whitney & others Scholars at my house
23. I went to Look of C. Perrins Ministeral Land and then to S’d Perrins &         Bathricks & round &c

February, 1790
2. I at Longleys at an arbitration between Groton & Shirley Concerning Jameses       Hartwell.
7. I at meeting Lydia Walker Published (she was married to Caleb Hunt of         Stoddard, N.H.)
8. I went to see Jonas Parker sick with the measles.
9. I settled with Nathan Adams James & Lovey Henrietta & others went to Cap’t         Hazens
26. I went to Jonas Parkers sick Child.
27. I went to Jonas Parkers his Child better.


March, 1790
1. A young Company at my house this evening
5. Rhoda sick with the Measles.
9. Benj’n Egerton sick with the Measles
15. I was at Pattersons I wrote a Deed for Perrin & Patterson of Land At   Evening I went to Bathricks and settled an Execution for Doctor’r Phinehas Longley all off.
19. I went to the funeral of Israel Willards Child.  My Children five of them sick          with the measles

April, 1790
2 James at School
6 I Carried timber to Going for Cart & wheals.
18 A Considerable snow this night.
19 I worked about the loom.  Mills Came to weave
20 I went to the funeral of David Bicknell
28 a great snow & Cold.  Marble (Cyrus Marble of Westford) at my house.
29 I went to Lecture and to the funeral of Deacon Joseph Brown’s wife.

May, 1790
2 I at Meeting it was Sacrament Day I went to the funeral of Abijah Frost, I        attended as Barer
15 I let a Cow to E’r Going. (Ebenezer Going)
19 I let a Cow to Daniel Woodbury.

June, 1790
1 I lay’d wall in ye Lain.
9 I went to the funeral of Edmund Longley
18 I Begun to plough my old Field Lovey at Hazens
19 I Bought a Dozen of scythes of E’r Pratt Jr I sold them to Aron Woodbury & took his Note.

July, 1790
29 I reaped with 4 hands at home, James & John Mills & John Parker.

August, 1790
23 I fetched my oxen from Wilson Farm.  I Begun to Cross plough my orchard   David helped ½ Day.

September, 1790
2 I at Trooping & Training at Pratts
3 was Lecture in Order to Choose a Deacon we made Choice of Mr John Hale   (John Heald)
22 I went to the funeral of Old Mr Hazen (Samuel Hazen, the first of the name in        Shirley. He came from Rowley)


October, 1790
1. I went to Muster at Lancaster a great number of people there.
2. I went round with Jonas to see his land
4. it was our fall meeting I bought £2008 of Old Continental Money that belonged to ye Town Mr Whitney & John Patterson Jr bought about   £150
18. I at meeting Mother Came to Shirley meeting & Releaf Parker with her,      Benj’n Carried out his Boy his Name Benj’n
28. I went to the Funeral of old Mr John Page
29. Sally Gaffell (Garfield)  at my house & others

November, 1790
10. I went to mills I settled with Israel W’d (Israel Willard)  I took a Deed of S’d Willard.
19. I plastered my Cellar.

December, 1790
1. I fetched 7 sheep from Jacob Swears
7. I went to Fitchburg with Mr Whitney to Prize Cattle.
10. Francis helped me kill my fat Cow I went to ye Mills.
11. I went to Aaron Woodbrees.
25. Benj’n Egerton made my tongs
29. I went to Woodbury, & so round by Westons & Adamses & Eb’n Smiths.


January, 1791
1. Lovey Francis at my house
4. Harris, James, & Samuel Hazen sot off for the Academy at Amherst I gave him       12 Dollars
10. John Campbell & wife at my house.
13. I sent my Boy to John Longley School
21. William Going fetched my Cow home.
22. Mr Steward fixed my Clock.
31. I went to Pattersons in ye Evening & see a puppet Show, Two Negroes there

February, 1791
3. I went to Pattersons & my wife Mrs Whitney Egertons & others there to         supper.
7. John Parker mended Shoes for me  I went to Westons for him to see his        House.  Doctor’r Longley begun to keep school.  S E’d (South End)
12. Leonard Keep Col’o Haskell & others at my House.
13. Daniel Francis Came to work for me in ye afternoon
21. I went to Harvard with Mr Whitney & Doctor’r Longley to see Bowes   Whitney’s School.
22. Lovey & Henrietta went to Jonathan Davises Wedding (He married Sally     Francis of Lunenburg)  Old Mr Stephen Holden Departed this Life
24. I went to the funeral of old Stephen Holden.
26. I let 4 sheep to Mathew Clerk.

March, 1791
2. James Came from Amherst Academy & others
11. the hogs eat part of a sheep.
16. I went to Weston with Colton & John Parker they agreed for his farm I        Bought 10 Sheep of s’d Weston for 10 Dollars in Cash.
17. I wrote a Bond for Colton & Weston.
18. I mended fence on Parker farm (John Parker farm)
31. was Fast Throughout this Commonwealth Weston at my House at Super.

April, 1791
6. Old Elijah Wildes cut his throat, I went to see him at evening.
7. I went to Westons with Capt. Osgood & Peter Colton & John Parker in ye      afternoon I went to the funeral of Wildes.
8. I went to Andover to see Mr Stevens I Stayed all Night I wrote a Bond paid     him 50 Dollars in Cash
11. I ploughed at Parker farm
13. I Carted Stone at Parker farm &c Pratt moved off & Kelsey Came on
25. Benj’n Priest came to work for me.  We worked at my Wilson farm. Laying   wall.
28. Mr Ingalls Bragg Came to my house Brought me a Deed from Mr Stevens of          Andover of John Parkers Farm.


May, 1791
4. I went with Kelsey to see the bounds round my lot by Dickersons.
10. Town meeting I moderated it the pews sold I bid off the first to myself          £13:13s the second to Wallace Little Two 6:19 each.  John Patterson        6:10s Jonas Par (Jonas Parker) one £6:16
13. James & Priest begun ye Walls next to Days land
17. I layd wall between Day & I, Abner Mitchell helped me


June, 1791
3. I drawed lumber for my house.
8. I drawed some timber for my house.
9. I begun to hew ice in ye afternoon.
13. Kelsey raised ye Pound.
24. I begun to frame my high house Stimson helped me.
28. I finished framing & raised my Upper part of my house I had a number of   good hands.  Cumings wife at my house.
29. I boarding & shingling

July, 1791
1. I boarding my house.
2. I & James boarding my house I almost finished
4. I finished boarding.


August, 1791
1. Got my watch at Stuarts paid him in Cash.
5. I went to John Parks
6. I went to Parks & so round.
10. We was at work on ye House.
12. I went to Lunenburg got 10 ½ Doz of Glass at Scotts 7 lb putty some 10’d Nails
16. Eb’r Smith came to work on my Chimney I tended him
19. Smith finished in ye morning and went off.
22. Chaplin pulled down my fence by Stephen Holden’s & so left it
23. I put up some fence Chaplin pulled Down
24. I worked on my House with Marshall.

September, 1791
4. I at meeting my Daughter Egerton Delivered of a Son (John Dexter Egerton)   this Morning
5. I making a flume for my swamp.
8. I went to hear Pratt & Kelsey arbitration
28. Abner Mitchell moved into my Wilson house.
30. I set off for Boston after Sunrise I road to Charles river Bridge before two
o Clock in ye afternoon warm &c I went to Boston left my State notes      with Mr Appleton I slept at Duffs Farm

October, 1791
13. I went to Groton Muster a Great Number of Spect’rs.
25. Marshall & David Came to work lathing my Chambers I worked with them.
27. Lathing & plastering
28. Lathing & plastering
30. I at Meeting ½ ye Day A Number Brown, Flagg, & M.Ritter (Moses Ritter)

November, 1791
1. Marshall plastering
2. Marshall finished all off.
5. I went to the funeral of the Wid. Goulds Child.
12. Allis Messer went off from my house.  I settled & paid her all off.
23. the Girls went to Mr Whitney’s

December, 1791
5. I went to Lunenburg after paint, to Wallis Littles Vendue.
10. David Burkmar run from Benj’n Egerton
21. I went to Aron Woodbrees after my Desk.
30. I had some Velvet Jacoat & Britches
31. I went to Widow Stones & round


January, 1792
2. I at ye mills in ye afternoon I went to Capt. Longleys met the Selectmen Paid          for my pew ground & others paid.
3. I turned my door
4. I at mill in ye Evening I went to Jonas Parker’s with my wife & others their    had a set Down &c
5. Hezekiah Patterson Married this afternoon had a Great wedding (He married          Jane Hazen)
10. I went Capt. Harrises. . . . Jameses Campbell bought his part.
12. Egerton had a house warming no Capple or Marley there it Snowed at        evening.
18. I sleaded some oak logs to ye mills I Bought 2 sheep of Israel Longley I        took two home I had of William Longley I bought 2 Geese of S’d William  It   begun to Snow at Night a hideous storm
20. I brook out with my team to ye mills & others Great Drifts my team brook   to ye meeting house and others.
25. I went to Rockwoods (the mill was at what is now West Groton) after some    cloth for a great coat
29. I at meeting I had a New Great Coat
30. Some young folks at my house in Evening.
31. I at home a rainy Day a house warming of the young folks warm & rainy at           Egertons.

February, 1792
1. I at home another Set of young folks at Egertons from Lunenburg & Shirley house warming.
4. Father Willard & Abel Phelps at my.
5. I at meeting some young folks at meeting here from Harvard a fine Day.
8. one Butrick at my house.
14. I went to Shabbakin Lemuel Farnsworth.
20. I had Cow [sic,? Company] at my house Mr Whitney, Patterson, Brown,       Hartwell, Phelps, Jonas, Davis, Kelsey, and others with their wives &c &c      a fine evening
21. James & Benj’n Warren went to Townsend with my team to Chop & Draw   Board Logs of my land.
25. John Parker made shoes at my house.
29. I went to Westford ordination Cap’t Kelsey.  with me & his wife in my sleigh         Lovey & Henrietta a fine Day good sleighing we Supt at Mr Goohends          Came home at Night.

March, 1792
1. I went to Pattersons at evening women there.
7 I & Ward Safford went to New Ipswich after Linseed Oil Came back from New Ipswich after sun Dow a fine Day I got 10 gallons for myself 8 for      Patterson & seven for Safford & I had a wheel from John Tarbells that          Ames sent me Saturday.
8. I went to fort pond (in North Lancaster) with Patterson fishing James & the    Girls went to Hez’a Pattersons at Evening.
9. I went to the funeral of Ezra Smiths wife (Mrs. Abigail Sheldon Bolton Smith) round by Mr Little &c.
16. I let William Flood 4 sheep.
17. I begun to paint the outside of my house James Grinding paint &c  Aaron Woodbree came & fixed my desk Deacon John Longley Departed this   life.
19. I went to the funeral of Deacon Longley a fine Day a number of people &c
20. I went to my Dickinson Lott Round by the Store Mr Whitney & Patterson    Came & Dined with me I painted some on my house.
26. I went to the Exhibition to John Longleys school a Number of people there
31. I Drawed off my pond went to ye meeting house to see ye pew & building

April, 1792
4. I mended fence by Dickinsons the Men that made the new pews finished & stayed at my house all night I paid Leighton off.
7. I road my Colt ye first time to ye Meeting house.
13. I painted some in ye afternoon I went to Wilson Farm.
14. I went to Parker barn sold William Longley a jag of hay.
16. in ye afternoon I went to Westons
21. Let a Cow to Francis Goodridge.
28. Abner piqued brush.
30. I sewed some flax by ye mill pond I mended some fence on ye hill James     Holden helped & John Newall &c

May, 1792
3. I went to Westons & Toothacres.
7. I at Town meeting &c went on the road between Holden & Dickinson   subscriptions for fence on the road to Hezekiah Pattersons & Longley.
10. I was planting Mills helped.
18. I was painting Bez’l Lock (Bezaleel Lock)
19. I was painting my house Lock helped me.
20. I turned my oxen from hay to Grass.
22. I at Town meeting in order to put in New officers in the Militia Solomon       Pratt, Capt.; John Walker, Lieut; and Thomas Whitney, Ens’n &c
23. I went to Ordination to Harvard a Great multitude of people.

June, 1792
4. I met those concerning the Library at Whitneys store at evening
30. Lock & I finished the painting the outside &c he worked 3 Days this week

July, 1792
7. I raked some hay Carted some John Parker farm I had a Keg of rum    Pattersons
8. I my wife went to Doctor’r Parkers meeting.
9. I battened my Parker barn.
10 Abner’s wife Mustered this Night
31. I sold R’n Bathrick 24 sheep

August, 1792
9. I made a petition fence at my Parker farm.
15. I made some Dams in my mowing.
23. Training in ye afternoon Under officers put in

September, 1792
5. I went to Groton Muster, Lock working for me hewing timber for a hog Sty.
7. I picked apples Lock went off, the band of Music in Town.
11. I went to Harvard Association and to see the Hospital & those Inoculation    (Inoculation for smallpox)
22. I went to David Farwells &c round.
25. I and my wife at Hezekiah Pattersons at Evening.
26. I painting my Chambers
27. I painting Ruth Warren working at my house.
30. I at meeting fine weather nothing remarkable these Days Great numbers    about in the Country Inoculated for the small pox

October, 1792
2. I was painting my Chambers James went to Muster Lancaster.
3. I painted some a Muster Leominster.
6. I painted my Entry.
15. I went to Mills & round & Capt. Kelsey put Up the old Gate &c
16. I pooled Down my Shed at ye Parker Barn & fetched it home &c
17. I carried 60 yards of Cloth to Cap’t Harris to full & fix &c young folk at my   house this afternoon & evening &c
19. I raised my shed I James & Lock.
20. I worked at my shed Lock went a hunting squirrels.
25. I went to Warners Carried Cloth James & others hunting squirrels &c
26. I boarding my shed.

November, 1792
2. I went Town meeting Choosing Rep’sn the letting Mr Whitneys wood, school           wood, painting meeting house, &c the libary Society meet I paid 6 Dol     as a proprietor & others Business.
5. I went to Nat’l Kezars after cider.
7. I worked at the Burying yard ½ Day.
12. I Begin to frame my wood house.
13. I carried Nath’l Weston a yoke home.
15. I raised my wood-house.
16. I had a tooth pooled by Doctor’r Hartwell
27. I went to Wallis Little’s Court with Stephen Holden at Cap’t Longleys a        great Number of People at it.
28. I Boarded my wood house.

December, 1792
1. I went to Townsend paid Jameses Giles for sawing 1293 feet of Boards.
3. I at Longleys & Whitneys store, Vendue of a 2/3 Pew deacon Ivorys
8. I at home David Wilson Chopped wood for me by ye mill pond.
10. I went to Nathan Adamses & John Tarbells & round
12. I at Pattersons I swapped hats with Wildes gave him Boot £0:18
18. I sot off for Boston Patterson & I road to Charlestown put Up at Robinsons
19. I went into Boston Bought silk for two Gowns I took out some Notes   bought a Number of Articles I Came to Colo Munroes Stayed all Night  L’t   Samuel Rockwood with me.
20. I came home.
24. I papered my east room the Girls helped me.
29. I went to the funeral of Ebenezer Pratts wife & Child.
31. I went to Pratts, David Farwells & round by Pattersons

January, 1793
1. I went to Pattersons a Number of people there & the widow C’lk
8. I at Jonas Parkers at Evening a Number there he made an Entertainment.
9. I Blooded myself in ye hand.
11. I went to Groton stayed all Night at my Brother Phinehas Parkers
12. I went round with him to see a piece of land at Cap’t Sawtells farm he bid   off at Vendue.
13. I went to Phinehas Parkers this evening
14. I traded with Phinehas Parker for half his lot of Land, I at town meeting in ye afternoon a Number of Articles.
23. I sot off for Boston I road to Charlestown to Robins
24. I in Boston Chief of ye Day I saw an Ox roasted whole & Carried about        Town by 14 horses as a Day of rejoicing in regard of the French      Republican government. I Bought some articles came to Con’d (Concord)
25. I came home
26. John Parker Making shoes at my house.
28. James begun his school a Lancaster
29. I went to North End & round John Tarbell in a bad box for Stolen goods,     Samp Woods & Capt. Smith taking up Money in his
30. I went to Groton & heard the trial of Capt. Warren & others viz Stephen      Warren   John Lawrence one Shott

February, 1793
3. I at Meeting a fine Day my wife James & Girls at Harvard meeting
4. I at Boozes (Nicholas Bowes Whitney) Exhibition at the meeting house a        Number of People there
5. James keeping school.
15. I went to Blakes after Coffee pot
20. Lovey (Love Parker) & Henrietta went to Jonas Parkers at Night
25. I went to Edward Richards & round Very icy.
27. I about home I went to Israel W’d my girls went to Dwights & others Abel    Phelps & Daniel Willard & wives Came to my house & stayed all night.

March, 1793
6. I went to Jameses Dick’n (Jameses Dickinson) & round.
8. James came & ointed [?] Daniel David & Moody &c
10. I at meeting Jonathan Atherton published (he married 17 Mar. 1793 Rhoda         Heald)
11. James went off to his school.
14. I at the funeral of Phinehas Parker Mother
16. I swapped Bridles with Cap’t Pratt.
18. Daniel Francis Came to split Pine wood
23. I at the funeral of Jonas Holden James finished his school at Lancaster

April, 1793
1. I was breaking up at John Parker farm.
3. I Negro Jackson helped me make fence by ye Mill pond.
9. I came up to Concord Court Stayed all Day tended as a witness for Wallis      Little a Great Number of People.
10. attended Court I came home at Evening & others
21. Benj’a Egerton had his third son Christened Called his Name Arthur
23. I & John Ivory agreed for my Cattle to run up ye Meadow this Season Mr    Frost at my house paid me 20 Dollars I sent him
24. I went to Groton Got a writ to rest a Cow from Phineas Holden took an        Execution against Silvanus Smith.
26. I at Goings I met Maj’r Moors & took my Cow from Holden’s ye Same Day.

May, 1793
8. I met Dickinson & Staked 5 Dollars in Mr Whitney’s hands to abide
9. I went to Wilson farm & Measured it with Mr Whitney & Dickinson.
11. I killing Caterpillars
14. I at Whitney store to see E. Smith
17. I at Wilson Farm with Mr Whitney & L’t Rockwood Measuring my Farm
18. I at Wilson farm settling ye bounds with Dickerson & Mr Whitney
23. I went to Groton pealing bark with four hands viz Abel Longley Daniel         Kelsey & James & Daniel I met Phinehas & Toyland [?] I gave Majr Moors     Ex’n   against Smith.

June, 1793
4. I worked at the highway toward the meeting house James my oxen Cart &    plough & Daniel
6. I went to John Howard & round after wool.
13. I had a ox of Peabody (Thomas Peabody) this Day.
14. In ye afternoon I went to the funeral of Ezra Smith.
17. Benj’a Egerton Moved his family to Lancaster James helped him
18. I was clearing on ye plane below Deacon (i.e.dam) with 3 Negroes 3 road to           Nat’l           Farnsworth.
24. I went to Lancaster Celebration of the Free Masons  James Lovey & Henrietta      number from Shirley went Mr Emerson Preached, a fine Day.

July, 1793
16. I sot off for Boston I road to Charlestown by 3 Clock.
17. I came to Commencement Came to Co’ll Roes Stayed all night.
18. I Came home fine weather &c Bows Whitney took his Degree
30. I went to my pasture by Jameses Dickinsons & put in Some wells for my     Cattle to Drink out of.

August, 1793
8. I went to Groton my Mother.
14. I went to Littleton as an Evidence against Stephen Robbins Stayed all Night
25. I at meeting, went to the funeral of Asa Smith.

September, 1793
2. I at Town Meeting . . . after meeting Ezra Smith Stuff Sold at Vendue I          bought Chain, hoop, Table, bed sted, hand Irons, & Old iron
4. I at the funeral of Esther Richards (Daughter of Mitchell Richards)
13. Sally Egerton came to my house.
16. I at library meeting & approbation meeting.
21. I went to the funeral of John Longley, Mills & wife Digging potatoes at        Parker farm.
26. I went over Dehorty farm &c round Comings & wife Came to my house &    Stayed
28. People wonderfully bad colds through out the Country


October, 1793
2. I James made Cider at Daniel Livermore’s
3. Prescott at my house Lovey & Henny went to Groton & round
5. I went to Groton to see Col’o Prescott about his building a mill
7. I sent a Load of Boards to Concord 1220 by James to Reuben Brown for a     Saddle.
9. I went to Ordination Lancaster James Henrietta & Rhoda went, I supped at Benja Egertons.
11. I went to the funeral of Capt. Harris I at Pattersons at Evening.
14. I Went to Boston to the funeral of Governor Handcock a Very Great parade a Great number of Spectators I stayed at Robinsons in Charlestown
22. I went round the Dehorty farm with Mr Whitney


November, 1793
26. I at Wallis Littles & Nathan Smiths
29. James Carted a Load of wood of Dehorty farm for Mr Nichols


December, 1793
4. Mitchel R’s
5. I went to the funeral of Mitchel Richards.
13. at Evening at the Vendue of the wood of the South School.
31. I at Cap’t Longleys an arbitration Between John Holden & Adams of Boston a number of Evidences & others.

(The almanac containing Parker’s diary for 1794 has not been found.)

January, 1795
I. went to Town meeting voted in a little piece of land to the road of Jameses     Dickinson
3. I got my mare shod before James & Daniel came home.
5. John Parker making shoes, Daniel at Tilton School
8. I bought part of the thirds of Mrs J Ivory paid her some Cash
10. I sold my oxen to Patterson & bought his puteron house. (Owned by William and Prudence Deputron)
17. James & Daniel Come home from their Schools.
19. James & Daniel went to their schools
20. John Woods Came to my house & Stayed all night
22. I went to my Smith farm after a load of hay
27. Phineas Came to my house & Stayed all night girls went to Hazens.

February, 1795
1. I at home all day Bows preached
2. I at home not very well I blistered my arms.
7. I at home James & Daniel Came from their school
9. the South School Ended.
13. I sent my Children to Bowes Whitney School & he refused teaching them, I          wrote him about it.
16. agreed for my children to go to private school
19. was Thanksgiving through the Union on a contribution for the Town of        Boston a Number of young people at my house & at Egertons this       Evening
21. I at home James from his School Daniel at School to Tilton  Vacation this    week at the Academy (Groton Academy)
28. James Came home from his School very poorly headache


March, 1795
1. Doctor Longley Came to James & blooded him.
2. I at Town meeting.  I stayed & had a frolic at night at night & others
9. James begun his school again in ye afternoon I at ye store met the Committee       in order to see about taking off Moody Chase (He lived in the part of   Shirley that is now Ayer) & others School Committee meet.
14. James finished his school at the North End of Shirley & Came home.
18. I sold & weighed Nicholas Campbell Some hay & Bolton had 7 hundred      Lay’d off.
20. I at the widow Campbells to look of her lot of land
21. I went to ye widow Campbells & bought with Patterson 15 acres of land.
30. John Newell Came to my house to live
31. Messer & Spofford at my house.

April, 1795
6. I at Town Meeting Kelsey got his road voted in.
8. the Vacation begun Daniel Came home.
10. I was with Joseph & Calvin Longley Dividing their farm.
14. I went to the funeral of R. Francis.
22. I at the raising of Asa Longleys barn
30. My mare folded in ye barn tied up.

May, 1795
2. I went to the raising of Thomas Whitney’s barn.
9. I went to Harvard to Little Harrises
12. L’t Brooks & Ammi Harington at my house.
21. I went to Boltons farm &c round by my pastures

June, 1795
4. John Henry fetched me 2 loads of boards.
10. I made wall on my Wilson farm by ye Great road & mended fence.

July, 1795
4. at the funeral of Israel Longleys wife.
6. a heavy shower thunder & lightning Groton meeting house struck & hurt.
7. I at Groton fetched home Daniels Books
14. I went to Boston I bought 29 yd Black Cloth Silk for gown & other articles
15. I at Commencement &c &c
18. I begun to reap at the Smith Lot William Bolton helped James & Boys &c
29. William Bolton mowed for me at Smith Farm
31. McKinzay (Roadrick McKenzey) at my house making me a Coat & wescoat I          paid him for his service in Cash.

August, 1795
1. Phineas Parker & Oliver Fletcher Came to my house.
9. I at meeting ½ ye Day I Wore a new suit of black.
11. Abner Pierce helped me mow.
22. Deacon Hale Came to notify me to go to Pepperell on a Complaint of Joshua         Longley I went.

September, 1795
15. I at the funeral of Sally Ivory
19. I James John David & my 4 Cattle Cart worked at the road by Kelseys.

October, 1795
1. James went to Groton trooping Girls to J Egertons Quilting.
2. I at the North End James & boys Digging potatoes I had a bad fall of my horse.
14. I went to the raising Dehorty House.
21. Exhibition at Groton James went I at home & Abel Longleys &c I finished   making Cider I made 33 barrels or more.
26. I set off for Cambridge Court I went to Jacksons & Cambridge & put [up] at Mrs   Moors &c.
27. Court came on.
28. Joshua Longley Kelsey Page & Egerton sworn before the Grand Jury I had           Mr Whitney & Patterson
29. they was acquitted and came home.
30. I came home from Cambridge at Sundown

November, 1795
14. I & James helped J Ivory draw his cooper shop with my team & wheels.
18. I dug a drain between my house & barn.
24. I went to Groton after my mother.  I fetched her on my horse.

December, 1795
24. I at the funeral of Hezek’h Patterson the snow all Gone.
25. at night I went to the Store Na’n Smith & J’e Page met for an Arbitration    but they Settled the matter themselves & treated.
29. I cleared at the Smith lot James, John, & Bolton
30. I settled with William Bolton

January, 1796
1.I at Pattersons at night a number there.
4. I went to Boston Mr Whitney John Ivory went I at the Great play.
11. James begun his school at Harvard Daniel Still at Groton Academy.
12. Company at my house at Night.
26. Mathew Clarke bought my Slay.
28. I went to Wallis Littles house warming thirty odd at the same place.
31. I at meeting Jonas Livermore (He married 26 Mar. 1796 Polly Kelsey) &      Josiah Bailey (He married 17 Mr.1796 Peggy Little Hazen) Ware         published.

February, 1796
2. I went to Phinehas Peabodys got a new ax & one upset.
23. I at Phineas Peabodys vendue.
25. Phinehas Parker & wife & Daughter at my house.

March, 1796
2. Thomas W (Thomas Whitney, who married Henrietta Parker) & Henrietta went         to Lunenburg.
5. James finished his school at Harvard & Came home.
6. I at Town meeting I had a dispute with Kelsey.
13. I at meeting Bows preached.
17. I at Josiah Baileys wedding at Capt. Hazens a great number of people very cold Icy & bad slaying 6 out of my family.
29. Jonas Livermore Married my Peabody [illegible]

April, 1796
17. I at meeting ½ day Samuel Hazen Jr & Lovey Parker married in ye meeting          house a Great number of people at meeting
22. I mended fence on my Ozgood pasture
25. Old Richardson moved out of my house.
25. I at Mr Dunns.
28. I went to training to Choose Militia officers Thomas Whitney, apt; James     Parker, Lt; James Walker, En’s, had a fine drink.

May, 1796
3. I at Townsend trooping & training.
4. I at home Samuel Hazen Jr Moved my daughter Lovey from my house Capt. Hazen moved &c
17. in ye afternoon I at Patterson Vendue.  I bought a number of articles.

June, 1796
3. In ye afternoon we all helped Capt. Hazen draw his barn in part
4. in ye afternoon we finished drawing Hazen barn.
7. I at S Hazens at Dinner & Spent the afternoon
8. I at the funeral of Mr Dunn
18. I at Richardsons to quit [?] his Son William Daniel & Lawrence & Bond       Came from the academy & Stayed all Night & Day.
23. I was laying Barn floor.
24. McKinzey at work for James.  Masons met at Lancaster Henrietta went to Eg’r      & overset.
25. I lay’d a scaffold floor in my Barn.
27. Thomas Whitney James, Parker & Jameses Walker went to Pepperell with their   Militia Commissions

July, 1796
8. I agreed with Ritter (Thomas Ritter) to get Part of my Smith lot
18. Warren Wilson Abner Pierce by ye mill pond.


August, 1796
10. I begun to mow at Mulpus lot.
16. McKinzey making James Regimentals.
25. I got very much hurt by the fall of a limb from a tree.

September, 1796
8. we ditched at horse pond brook.
17. Reuben Cumings & wife at my house.
19. training Foster brought home my Colt it run away ye same night.
20. I went to Lunenburg after it.
28. I at Muster at Groton a Great Number of Soldiers at my house to breakfast this Morning.


October, 1796
1. I went Bryant & Writters.
5. Girls went to Walkers frolic
9. no meeting at Shirley Mr Whitney poorly
17. Col Prescott at my house went to Widow Campbells to acknowledge deed &          widow Ivorys also took deed.  Went on the plain below Dickinson and        Measured off about an acre of Land for me & saw the fence Walker &   others cut down ye 7 or 8 my fence cut down by horse pond & Walkers.
19. I went to Groton Vandue of Samuel Farrows (Samuel Farrar) & round.
31. I drawed stone Lay’d wall by horse pond where Walker cut down my fence Levi Farnsworth helped, a considerable of a snow this night & cold &c.

November, 1796
12. I cut & carted posts for E. Dodge
18. John Holden at my house.

December, 1796
1. I at Lancaster at vendue William Bolzes I bought some sheep
8. we worked on my Campbell lot chopping board logs & sawing.
16. I at Lunenburg at Scotts Vendue Company at my house at night.
19. I at Pattersons I swapped steers with Haynes.
22. I at mills James sleaded wood for Mrs. McLeod & Mrs Ivory & a number of   others.
23. I at Lancaster & ye girls Very Cold good slaying Bezillea Lock & wife Came to my house.
24. I at my Parker house.
25. Lock & wife went into my Parker house.
26. I Let Israel Willard my Bulls James begun his school at the South end Mr   Whitney had a great Town meeting for more salary.
28. I sleaded wood for widow Parker
29. I at John Campbells & round.
31. I went to Walkers bought Cows & left them with him & so the war ends all well &c.


January, 1797
3. I about home Maj’r Wilder & wife at my house & all my children.
7. Jackson & others at my house.
9. never no colder to my knowledge.  I at funeral of John Pattersons child         (Harriet Patterson, aged I year)
16. I at the funeral of Israel Longleys child. (Lucy Longley, born 1789)
21. I at John Simonds to see Leighton.


February, 1797
3. I at Harvard Father Willards wife & girls.
7. I at William Floyds to look his farm.
9. I at Lunenburg Vendue I bought Case of draws.
13. I went to Groton a free Mason meeting the 1st time.  A meeting of the          troopers to choose officers &c they did nothing to stand.
15. I Whitney Patterson Adams & Hazen & wives at my house at evening.
16. I bought a plough scythes & ax widow Campbell &c &c Lieut John     Patterson wife & children moved from Shirley to Lunenburg.
17. I fetched 2 sheep from widow Campbells   I gave one to Lovey.
21. Simeon Harrington & Gilman at my house.
22. I had turkey of Proctor   sold him hat &c.
27. I at the store I went to see Patterson agreed with him for his farm in part on         the forfeiture of 5d &c.

March, 1797
1. I meet Paterson he agreed to pay me 5d for not standing the bargain  I went           to Batchelders Vandue a great number of People   I road my gray colt.
3. I made a Bee house.
7. I at home John & David fetched a swarm of bees from Groton I had of I          Foster.
13. I at Pratts & round to mill &c.
15. I at Mr Littles with Jonas Parker.
16. I at home, my wife at B. Egertons, a number of people at my house.
17. McKinzey at my house made me a blue coat
21. I at my south lot with Burt.
23. I at the funeral Levi Farnsworth (Jonas Farnsworth, born 27 June 1795)
25. I had a book case Lock made me.

April, 1797
1. I mended my fence in the afternoon  I & James drew a house for old Joseph           Farnsworth &c.
3. I at Town meeting; Nath’l Day brought Transcript of a road Lay’d out by my   Land by Wilson farm part of the way.
4. I at the funeral of Abel Holden. I at Mr Littles to sign his will.
7. I at funeral of Hannah Farnsworth (Hannah, daughter of Levi Farnsworth,     died 5 April). I at Walkers & round.
9. I at the funeral of Robert Richardson. (Sunday)
16. I was hewing timber for my house.
20. I at mill Solomon Willard drove my cows home.
21. Phinehas Parker at my house.  I at Mr Littles Doctor’r Parker pre’d.
22. I went to Groton  settled with Lt Lawrence paid him off Daniels bond.
25. I at Thom Hazens raising. (The house now owned and occupied by Sydney S. Horton, Esq., Lancaster Road, Shirley)


May, 1797
2. I at Samuel Dickinsons & round.
8. Lock & I began to frame my house.
13. I at the raising of Thomas Whitneys house (At Shirley Centre)
17. I made my garden Lock finished framing.
23. I at Stone raising mills.
26. I script my old house & raised a new part a fine day had 10 hands. (This     house is now owned and occupied by Miss Pamelia N. Parker, Valley         Road, Shirley)
27. Boarded said house in part.
29. boarding my house Lock helped.


June, 1797
I. I moved my horse Stables & others I layed a Wager with Samuel Walker of 2 dollars in regard of my fence.
6. I worked at the highways  My team Daniel & David & Moody.
7. I went to Townsend & Walkers to see the show & round.
9. I at work on my house.
12. I at work on my house  I went to Leonard Farwells at night to meet S.J.
13. I worked on my house   I begun to plough on my great plane by the old       cellar hole with my own team.
18. no preaching I went to Samuel Hazens Lovey poorly; she got to bed at
2 O clock in ye morning 19 day
20. I at the funeral of John Patterson.

July, 1797
11. Still haying   Daniel came from Groton & went back to Mr Chaplins.
12. I met old Walker to See about fence
13. James went to Joshua Longleys mill raising.
17. I went to Groton to Mr Chaplins after Daniel.
20. I & Daniel set off for Cambridge landed there at 12 O Clock  Went into        Boston through Charlestown & to Cambridge &c   put up at William     Mannis (Mannison) in Cambridge all day   he called on the
22. I saw the Elephant Daniel Dismissed at sunset and we came to Lexington   stayed all night came home on Sunday.
31. Daniel went to Groton to study with M’ Chaplin

August, 1797
7. I at Philemon Browns
9. James & Whitney (Thomas Whitney) & Henry at Groton free Mason
14. Lock begun again at my house.
28. I took a copy of Joshua Longley of the road lay’d through my land.  I moved a piece of fence by Days.
29. I begun to strip my Parker Barn put in new beam, board it &c.
30. boarding barn begun to shingle.
31. I shingling my Parker barn.

September, 1797
2. I finished shingling my s’d Barn.
6. I at Samuel Hazens Trooping  he treated the troop & some others well,  went          to the field meet a Company of Indians.
16. I worked at the highways  mov’d Kelseys fence myself 4 oxen James John   Daniel David & Moody Cart & tools  Some rain toward night   worked   hard.  Drawed logs for lath.
19. I went to Concord to prove Mr Littles will all day.
21. I was ploughing at Wilson lot had William Dunn oxen & my Willard steers.
25. Shirley Company Set off to Concord Muster.
27. I at Fitchburg ordination   Daniel, Rhoda, Naby, & Jackson &c came home

October, 1797
11. I went to Raby (now Brookline, N.H.)  Ordination   some rain I came back at          9 o clock & others
13. I at training raised 13 minute men.  James the officer S’m Bryant Serjan’t all       turned out Voluntarily.
15. I at meeting Samuel Hazen carried out his son. (Samuel Hazen, Jr.)
17. I at Groton at probate office Concerning William Littles will.

20. I made a Chimney in my new Chamber   E Smith (Ebenezer Smith) & boy    Edward fixed my Clock.
23. I layd a hearth in my chamber.
31. Lock at work at my Chambers making doors &c.

November, 1797
1. I at work about my house lathing. &c.
6. Lock finished my Chamber.
10. E Smith & boy plastered my Chamber.
14. I lathed some  I killed my Dog supposed him to be bitten by mad Dog.
15. lathed some dug my garden roots.
17. I at Walkers arbitration concerning Meeds & Pitts & others.
22. I had a bad boil on my hand.
29. James set off for Newtown & Boston & Jonas.
30. Was Thanksgiving through this State a fine clear day &c. Hazen & Lovey     his wife at my [house]; my hand very sore those days.


December, 1797
7. Mr Pollard came to hire Daniel to teach school.
12. I cleared on the mill pond, my steer which was bit by a mad dog I killed      and buried hide and all   he lived 29 days  he in bad condition.
13. I was at Col’o Haskells At night to eat a stake &c.
14. I at Eben’r Smiths.
15. Smith plastering my milk room ½ Day.
18. Eb’n Smith finished my plastering.
19. I at Town meeting in order to see about setting the Chases (The Chases,     Moody and Samuel, lived on Simon Willard’s ‘Nonacoicus Farm’ and the tract for some years after this was part of Shirley.  It was the contribution        which Shirley made to the new town of Ayer.) off to Shirley & Joshua           Longley Bridge &c at Smiths  I att the Store late at night &c.
25. I went to Harvard with Daniel to his school & to his Quarters &c.  We &       Henrietta went to Groton a frolic.
31. James went off this evening to Corkers to keep school.

January, 1798
1. I and my wife went to Samuel Hazen Jr had a set down spent the evening &           others.
3. I sleaded wood, Mr Whitney at my house   girls went to John Egertons          frolic.
6. James & Daniel came home on a visit from their schools.
16. a very great thaw  I round on the plains with Jo Farnsworth & Kelsey          round by Garrishes &c.
22. I at Abijah Reed Vendue of Cattle.
28. I at meeting ½ day I was Chosen Dilg’t to go with Mr Whitney to Mr Muzeys           Ordination.

February, 1798
2. Benj’a Egerton & Samuel Hazen & wives at my house & others.
3. I at Smith barn.
4. I at meeting  Daniel & Penimans girls at my house.
7. I at Batchelors Vendue.
11. I at meeting ½ day  James went to Lunenburg to begin his school.
24. Daniel finished his school at Harvard.
26. I at the store the singing master came to Shirley.


March, 1798
5. I at Town meeting – voted 250 Dollars to Joshua Longley New Bridge &c        Keyes at work at my house.
7. I at Campbells  Mr Penniman at my house & wife  James came home & others       with him & had a frolic.
9 I at store   bought fresh fish tom cod.
13. I at Nicholas Campbells & round.
14. I bought Nicholas Campbells farm.
15. I at Vendue at Col’o Haskells   I bought a number of articles tables, augers,          old iron &c.
19. I apprising widow Campbells farm with Ivory Wildes Butterfield & tinney     (Oliver Tinney) &c.
20. I & a number at Widow Campbells farm  Hazen & others we finished prized          at 40/pr acre run the line between Samuel Hazen & Campbell.
21. I at Campbells see about a deed.
26. I went Col’o Haskells after things I bot at Vandue. of the Widow Campbells           sold by Ba— I took a deed of Jameses Campbells farm.
27. I at home let Aaron Brooks a Cow.
28. I at Lunenburg with Nicholas Campbell.
30. James finished his School at Lunenburg.


April, 1798
4. At Garrishes S Ruggels had vandue   I bought steel trap fox skin and other   articles & paid.
23. Is sot off Daniel with me to Hanover   we went to New Marlborough Stayed at  —
24. we went on to Cherymount   Stayed at Mr Coocks.
25. went on to Dartmouth arrived at 2 O’Clock  I went to the presidents.           Daniel was examined & entered College.  This day I paid 16 dollars         tuition money and left with M Noice 30 dollars more for Daniel in his      hands I supped with the President then went & took lodgings &c  I         procured a Chist & a place for board & a room for Daniel and then sot     off for home at 11 o clock  I came to Hobarts put up.
27. I came home to New Marlborough put up.
28. I came home by 8 o’clock.

May, 1798
1. J Weatherbee at my house   we were carting dung.
3. I at Groton at the funeral of Lieut. Amos Lawrence, at my Mothers &c
22. I at funeral of Mother Willard my wife & Henrietta & Rhoda & Aby had        Garrish.
27. I at meeting   Leonard Egerton (He married 12 July Betsey Parker.)    published.
28. I at the north  I bought a yoke of large oxen of Luther Kezar.
29. I took a cow & a calf from Oliver Tinneys.

June, 1798
3. I at the funeral of Shave (Edward Shave). Mr W’d preached.
4. I worked at the highways Frost bridge.
20 I went round the Campbell farm            Mr Campbell with me & showed me corners.
21. Clearing on s’d farm.
25. I at the raising Cap’t Whitney’s wood house.
30. hilling corn & almost finished I at Campbells & round.  Very hot Garrishes           horse & others matters sold at vandue last night.

July, 1798
13. my girls went to see the Brid & Groom at old widow Littles.
23. Deacon Joseph Willard came to aprise the damage on my mill pond piece.
31. Got a load of hay of Egertons land I had for his flowing in my meadow at     evening I went to Col’o Haskells he gone to goal at Worcester.

August, 1798
1. I went to Worcester to relieve Col’o Haskell from prison.  I stayed at      Worcester all night.
2. I settled with the Jailor & took him out of Jail & fetched him home.
12. I at meeting   widow Parker (Elizabeth [Little], widow of Jonas Parker, was   married to BenJamesin Lawrence of Pepperell, Mass.) published.

September, 1798
10. I found 2 heifers dead in one hole in my Mulpus Meadow dead.
17. Keyes came to make shoes at my house.
20. Gen’l Goodin & others four shay at my house.

October, 1798
9. I drawed some logs for water course & water trough.
10. I went to Muster at Groton a great number of people a fine day.
11. Henrietta Capt. Whitney went to Littleton & James at night.
13. I sent Moody to Groton with Comings wife I went to Samuel Hazens he had          his water works finished off.
18. I at the Shakers & round.
23. Henry F’ll came to boar my water Logues   I fixed a frame & we Begun.
26. Henry finished boaring I paid him Cash for his work he went off.
27. we finished putting them down.
29. James & girls went to Dwights (John Dwight, the grandfather of John Sullivan      Dwight.)

November, 1798
10. I at Garrishes vandue of his furniture  I let about fifty dollars go to settle it.
15. I sot out about 50 apple trees at my Parker farm.
23. I at mills Egerton took P Garrish fur’n.
29. (Thursday) Was Thanksgiving a fine day   Cap’t Whitney at my house T        Hazen & others at night tolerable good slaying.
30. I at Shabbakin to see McLain sick  fetched my chain from Saffords &c one lost when I worked at the road.

December, 1798
8. I at the Store  I rec’d a letter from Daniel by the hand of Tinney.
18. I at the Store at Davises at the Vandue of Garrishes matters  they were sold          &c.
23. Daniel came from Dartmouth College.
30 I at meeting ½ day  Stephen Longley (He married 17 Jan, 1799 Rhoda         Parker, daughter of the diarist) was published.


January, 1799
1. I Ivorys at dinner round the mill pond at evening at Vandue of said land of    the widow Ivory’s thirds  I bid off a piece adjoining on s’d meadow &      Catacunemaug Brook about 10 or 12 acres   the meadow not sold.
4. I at home  old Mrs Ivory at my house.
8. Longley & T Rockwood at my house appraising my house and land &c about          3000.
14. I at Samuel Davises at the vandue of Gar (Gerrish)  I bought 2 Beds pewter plates & round table a chair &c paid the cash.
17. Stephen Longley was Married about sunset some company (see entry for 30         Dec.1798 )
19. I took a deed of old Mrs Ivory of a piece of land west of the mill pond paid    cash.
23. I at Ivorys to see him set off & his Mother & family to yorstate kingsta          (Kingston, N.Y.)
25. Abijah Parker came to my house.

February, 1799
1. I at John Holden’s Company at my house at Evening Bowes W’y (Bowes        Whitney) & others.
3. I at meeting ½ day Bowes Whitney preached.
4. I at home all day James wrote a deed of C.
5. James begun his school at Groton Daniel went to Carry him went to    Pennimans Brother Abijah & Phinehas came to my house Abijah stayed     all night   P Went.
6. Abijah sot off for home  I gave him my gun for one he left with me 22 years   ago.
14. I at John Holden’s & Samp Wodses & round   Nicholas Campbell & Mother          & I.  Fletcher moved off out of Shirley bag & baggage.
16. I at Ivory Longleys  I swapped away my yearling colt for a poor horse for       Daniel.
17. I at home   not at meeting   cold & Icy   John Holden & family run off last    night.
19. I at the mills, Ivory, Samuel Davises   the dancing school begun & on.
20. Daniel sot off for Hanover at 9 o’clock last night   Benja Egerton wife &        children at my House   Samuel Hazen & wife & T. Whitney.
23. Henrietta went to S. Hazens.
25. James went back to his school Groton   I went to ye store I had a discourse           with Nicholas Whitney in about his abusing David in his school  Nabby David & Lydia begun their Dancing at Samuel Davises  I went to Col’o         Haskells.
28. I went to ye Mills Carried John Robbins some timber & fetched home a       round table he had been fixing   I took home my one eyed heifer from          Ephraim Warrens.

March, 1799
4. March meeting very cold   the old selectmen meeting went on very slick        Solomon Russell Constable  James & Stone stayed at my house all night.
6. I & my wife & Henrietta Mr Whitney & Thomas went to Mr Pennimans at      Harvard returned home in 50 minutes.
8. I at home Col’o Haskell & Paul Willard at my house   I gave a Deed & took     the Cash.
12. I went to Israel Willards got my boots  I put my young folks to Abel     Longleys at evening.
13. James came home   left his school & finished.
14. I at the store & a number of others meet for a vandue of garrishes but it      was settled without.
19. I bought John Holden House & Land of Cap’t T. Whitney I paid him cash all         off.
21. I went to Smith barn sold T Harkness scaffold hay.
26. I at home  Daniel Harris at my house brought me 6 silver spoons.
27. Old Mrs Patterson at my house drawing bed quilt.

April, 1799
3. I at the north end   let my Holden house to E Parker.
9. at night I at the Dancing school and paid the master off.
10. Isaac Stone sent home my cow.
23. Stephen Longley took Rhoda off the North End (They moved to the house on         Longley Road, Shirley, on the site now occupied by the house of Howard      Hatch, Esq.) Samuel Chase helped move  James & John helped Thomas       Hazen move his barn.
26. I at work at Wilson farm & round at Vandue at Whitneys.  Of Cap’t Pratts    tools   I bid off an anvil.
30. Little Bailey moved to Groton  at my Mothers house took dinner with me.

May, 1799
6. I at May meeting voted to raise 600 D   I asked for to have a road          Discontinued.

June, 1799
13. I worked at the drain by the meeting house & Cap’t Whitneys & about 40   more  Francis Harris laying wall for me below Dickinsons by the road.
16. T W & Hin’a (Thomas Whitney and Henrietta Parker, daughter of the diarist.)           published first time.
20. I helped F Harris raise his little house.
29. I worked at the highways by the meeting house at the drain James David   John & Moody with 4 oxen & card tools.
30. I at meeting   went & pooled Rhoda a Tooth.

July, 1799
1. I at Groton took a writ for Henry Chandler for trespass.
6. I went to Worcester after Judge Lincoln for Jonas Livermore.
7. I at meeting Thomas Whitney was Married (Thomas Whitney married    Henrietta Parker, daughter of the diarist) at my house   Mr Whitney & all          his family & my own family  Joseph Lock William Little & Betsy Dwight         &c.
8. Capt. Whitney moved his wife home from my house  Reuben Swear came to work for me  Rob Foster sent me seven thousand of shingles.

August, 1799
3. McKinzey (Roadrick McKenzey, a Scotch-Irishman) making me a coat.
5.. I went to Pepperell  had a Court with Henry Chandler the case went in my   favor   I had James Samuel Hazen E. Longley & Wm Longley Jr for           evidences.
10. James & David went to Smith farm to mow  Elisha Parker.
15. I carted in some Pattipod for dung.
22. I at the arbitration of Jonas Livermore & Wallis Little  great number of        People.
31. Daniel came home from Dartmouth.

September, 1799
9. I overtook Joel Barrett   he came home with me   stayed all night.
17. Kelsey Impounded my four sheep.
21. I at Vandue of my own sheep  John Kelsey Impounded & sold to Reuben    Hartwell 4 Doll 25 cents after keeping them in pound 5 days 4  I went to      Capt. Crockers in ye afternoon to look at his farm & round.
24. Ensign Jonas Longley died at night.
26. I at funeral of Mr Jonas Longley   I attended as a Bearer   had supper at      night.
28. Daniel set off for Hanover College   road a mare for one fiske, left his own.

October, 1799
3. I at Harvard Muster Still River.
4. I sold Henry Farwell a horse   took a clock & side of leather.
7. I went to Groton to Deacon Samuel Lawrence on a trial of Wallis Little           sewing me no action brought forward Mr Whitney went with me as an         evidence.
15. Kelsey put up two posts before my door  I took them down in the afternoon.
16. I dug my potatoes at Holden farm.
18. James & Lock shingling on Campbell Barn.
26. James & Butler shingling his barn.
29. Kelsey took away the gate by his house and put up bars.

November, 1799
2. I at Pratts in Shabbakin.
4. I at Smith lot after Cabbages   the Lybra (i.e library) meeting Choose officers          H. Patterson & Andrew Dunn had a dispute about a horse.
6. at night went to the store had a marrow supper & stayed late.
16. I went to Groton  had a trial with Wallis Little before Esq’r Lawrence.
I gave M Whitney a new bridle for his going with me to Groton as an        Evidence on Little matter. (this sentence is written on the margin)
28. (Thursday) Thanksgiving  Hazen Whitney Longley & their wives at my         house all night.  Thanksgiving Kelsey kept up the bars by his house all           day (this sentence is written on the margin)

December, 1799
2. I at Lunenburg at the widow Scotts vendue   I bought Bellows & trap tongs &         some other articles  paid the cash off.
3. I at Lunenburg at ye same vendue I bought 6 Books & Ivory Slate & paid.
8. I at meeting  Chose some delegates to go to Bowes Whitneys ordination and chose the 2 deacons to go to Townsend.
9. was town meeting  I asked the Town whether they meant I should be shut    up & have no pass out  no vote on it.
14. Agreed with H Chandler to leave our matters out to Col’o Write.
25. John Newell went down & I at Samuel Hazens at night.
27. at evening I at Samuel Davises in order to see about the school  Chose a     Committee I swapped away my old watch with McKinzey  I owned it          about 20 years   I had a little one of him.

January, 1800
1. I went to Townsend ordination  Cap’t Whitney road with me & wife & Nabby we supped at Petts & came home.
3. I had all my children together at night.
20. James begun his school at the South End of Shirley  John Robbins married        R. Parker.
23. I at Stephen Longleys at dinner & others at evening at Nathan Adamses Mr.         P Whitney Deacon Brown Moses Jennerson Capt. Whitney & our wives      had a fine supper.
30. I at ye store took an obligation of Isaac Spaulding in the store.

February, 1800
5. I at the store   Company at my house in the evening Abel Tarbell  Brook my looking Glass.
12. I at the Store   John Ivory & Nick Campbell went home.
16 I at meeting a proclamation to keep a day on the account of General   Washingtons death.
22. I at Groton at a great processsion of the appointment of Congress of the      funeral of General Washington &c  As many as 600 persons about 20   sleighs from Shirley.
23. Mr Whitney preached an oration sermon on the account &c.
28. I at Ezekiel Longleys & William summoned them to appear at Davises  an    arbitration between Chandler & I.

March, 1800
4. I had an arbitration with Henry Chandler at Samuel Davises before Col’o      Wright a great number of Evidences then all brook up & went home.
6. I went to the Vendue of the Widow Smith (The widow of Ezra Smith, whose   farm lay along Mulpus Brook.) farm  Kelsey bid it off a 450 Dollars &c.
10. I at Ivory Longley Vandue.
13. I at Groton at a Court at Halls  a horse thief.
22. I at ye store   I left a request with J Longley concerning 2 roads one to be    altered the other to be
31. in ye afternoon I met the Selectmen at Campbell farm in order to alter the road leading to Chandlers so on home by Kelseys &c.

April, 1800
1. I at North End & Daniel set off for Hanover with my Kezar Colt or young        mare &c in ye afternoon was training to Choose Officers  Major Tho’s           Lawrence attended as Moderator Jameses Parker ye Chosen Capt.,     Nathaniel Livermore Lieutenant, Stephen Longley Ensign, & they had a     fine drill & some got fixed.
10. I at the moving Israel Longley barn.
15. I helped Elisha Dodge Digging part of ye day  a number of hands  I at Cap’t          Whitneys his wife sent out  Poorly all day  Doctor’r Haskell there &      others.
17. I at the Store   Esq’r Whitneys wife got to bed about 3 or 4 of the clock this morning with a fine boy or son.
22. agreed with Kelsey to make some fence from my house to his.
26. I sot some fence between my house & Kelseys to fence out a road ½ way

May, 1800
1. I finished the fence between my house & Kelseys house.
6. I at training  the troop met at Shirley.
7. I at Campbell farm   met Chandler to settle about the fence  James sot by the        road  Nathan Willard Abijah White brought in I should plough 3 or 4       furrows & the fence should stand and that was to settle that dispute.
10. Hazard (Thomas Hazard, a negro) moved into my shop.
12. I at Town Meeting some dispute about roads.
16. I carried him potatoes seed corn & Bords.
17. in afternoon John Egerton & Ivory Wildes Came to prize ye Damage for       flowing my land  not settled the matter.
30. I worked at the road with my oxen & cart   David, Moody, & John by my      house & on the road by the old pound & James & Calvin went – – –

June, 1800
7. I took a swarm of Bees of old Simon Holden.
8. I at meeting at the funeral of Wilsons wife.
12. Elisha Dodge raised his house   I did not go.
13. I at the funeral of Mr. Livermore.
25. I mowed at Wilson farm  Hazen & David mowed.

July, 1800
6. I at meeting   I at the funeral of Simon Darby.
8. David went to Groton exhibition.
12. I was reaping with 5 hands viz Daniel Harris James Bennett Daniel Francis          Hazard & Mills.
22. I had 8 loads of the greatest rye ever I had or ever I saw.

August, 1800
5. I sent on 37 bushels of rye to Salem by Cap’t Samuel Hazen.
18. I let my Smith house to Hoar & Proctor.
24. I at home  no Preaching  Mr Whitney gone to Dartmouth College.
27. I went to Concord Muster   a great Parade.
30. I at Lunenburg as an Evidence in a matter between Wallis Little & Thomas Legot &c. Daniel came home from Dartmouth College.

September, 1800
6. McKinzey maken Daniel a Coat & Trousers at my house.
15. I at Philipses one Phelps came & took him and his Horse as a thief carried him off to Lunenburg.
17. I went to Groton to my Mothers & round.
22. I sent the boys to Groton to pick apples at their Grandmothers.
24. Daniel set off for Hanover.
25. I ploughed grass land south of my house next to Egertons.
28. David Livermore was Marred &c. (he married Lucinda Kelsey, daughter of    the John “Kelsey” so often mentioned.)
30. I went to Lancaster Muster  James Whitney Hazen & others went old Sprague      (Samuel Sprague) Lay dead  returned home in the evening.

October, 1800
1. I at home Jacob Phelps hoped my barrels.
17. went at evening  went to Esq’r Whitneys at evening  eat roast turkey &c.
20. I at Lunenburg training a great day.
24. I at Cap’t Whitneys  had a good supper.

November, 1800
4. I at Townsend  took a deed of Eph’m Warren of some land at Hazens & gave Naby 25 Dollars to go to Boston  Hazen & wife went.
5. I sold my Bull to Benj’a Darby.
16. we hear good news from France Treaty settled.
18. I went to d Harrises   see his hay took off by Samuel Kilburn  afternoon I    went to Philipses Vendue  I bought a number of articles.
24. I at Jonas Parkers Shooting.
25. I at the funeral of Graney P Holden (Probably Lucy [Walker] Holden, wife of           Philemon.)

December, 1800
1. I at Leominster to settle matters for Daniel Harris.
7. Daniel came home from College with Mr Easty in ye evening.
8. David and Moody were inoculated for the kin pox by Eastman  Daniel Parker about one o’clock they went to Harvard.
14. Daniel & Eastman went to Harvard to begin their schools.
15. I at Duns at Campbells farm & round.
16. I & James at evening put matter on our Arms in the Thine line or Cowpox.
19. I got Dodge to Shewing my oxen.

January, 1801
7. I at an arbitration at Longleys between Moses Ritter & Jacob Hartwell.
19. McKinzey at my house making Daniel a great Coat.
20. James went to Harvard  David & Moody at school.
28. Nabby & S Longley went to Lancaster to Benj’a Egertons.
30. I fetched Henrietta & her boy to my house  at night I and my wife went       Jonas Parkers  at evening a number there to supper.

February, 1801
2. Nicholas Campbell & Ivory Wildes at my house all day  I settled with them.
4. James gone to Boston for Esq’r Whitney.
5. I at Ivory Wildeses at Nathan Willards got a weight for my clock on   Daniel    Harrises act at night  I paid I Wildes & Nich Campbell off in cash gold           silver & paper 170 Dollars.
21. Daniel finished his school at Harvard   James went after him.
26. Daniel set off for Hanover with the Colt & Slay he brought down.

March, 1801
2. I at Town Meeting  I was Drawn Grand Juryman  I was Chosen fish Reef.
4. I at Rev Mr. Adams funeral.
6. I at D Harrises had a piece of silk.
10. I on the new road from Peabodys to Bow Brook (Now the east end of   Leominster Road) 4 Jobbs let out which was for about 62 d.
20. I sot off for Concord went to Longleys bridge  Could not pass the water so    high  I returned home  J.Jackson at my house  a great flood.
23. I went to the river with Jackson  we could not pass came back by my south           farm.
24. went to Groton to see my Mother  she very sick  Jackson went home.
25. I went to help Ivory Longley draw his shop for William a house.

April, 1801
3. I ploughed some   helped Kelsey raise a shed.
4. I at the funeral of Nancy Holden, at the store and round &c.
9. was fast.  I at meeting  cold day Esq’r Whitney at my house & wife.
11. David & Moody helped Levi F’h (Farnsworth) move Warren old house.
19. I at meeting  L’t Petts at my house  I had the ague in my face badly &c.
28. I finished setting hops   I sot out 4:500 in the whole I sot this year.
30. I at Coopers   got my mare shod  warm &c   David Kilburn came to my         house & Curtis and Turner to see about a cow &c.

May, 1801
8.- I killed a calf  Eastman at my house &c  I sent some things to Daniel & cash          &c
11.- I was planting corn next to Pages in ye afternoon  I went to Town meeting and Library meeting.
17.- I at meeting   Mr Thayer Preached a fine sermon.
19.- I sot off to Concord court as grand Juryman  some rain   I was sworn  we    had a number of complaints brought before us &c.
20. I at concord attending court   a fine day   James went to Boston with flower for     me and himself and Hazen &c.
21.- we were dismissed   I came home by Wes’d a fine shower a good deal of      Business &c.
22.- I round by Daniel Harrises & round.
26.- John & David worked at the road & I & Moody ½ day in Tophet new road   (Leominster Road)
27.- Election  I planted some white beans.  Afternoon I at the store a great        Number to drink punch & gallop round.

June, 1801
3.- I went to Harvard ordination of Mr Bemas   I went to Mr Penemans to supper and so home.
6.- a great frost this night  killed Corn Beans potatoes &c.
9.- Esq’r Lawrence of Linesborough came to pay me a visit & others &c.
28.- I and my wife went to Father Willards  no preaching in Shirley  no[r] where         I was.

July, 1801
4. I finished mowing at Wilson farm and carted a lode into Parker Barn  I went to Harvard & round  Great Independence Groton  Thad Bailey hurt.
19.- Daniel came home from College.

August, 1801
5.- Mr Merrill at my house over night   went on to Worcester & Daniel to Lancaster
9. I at meeting Smiley preached.
12.- Daniel set off to Darmouth College with 3 horses to take his doane [?] (to   take   him down) I drawing stone between W Bartlett
17.- at night I at Coudry court village (at Cowdrey Court at the Village)
24. I went to training in ye afternoon  chose Stephen Longley Lieut, Thomas    Hazen Ensign, H Chandler & Daniel Kelsey put under guard.
26. I went to Perrin and Shakers Court   Held at the meeting house  great        many people attended s’d Court (This was a famous local case.  Charles Perrin and some others attempted to break the Shaker community)
27. I at court in ye afternoon  I at the funeral of old Mr Pratt  Dyed yesterday.


September, 1801
6. Daniel went to Lancaster to begin his school.
7. I at Town meeting to see about Walkers road &c.  Chose Wallis Little.
12. I got my mare shod at Coopers in ye afternoon  Deacon Josiah Willard and Ivory Wildes came to apprise the damage for flowing.
15. I went to Fitchburg with Mr Whiting on a Counsel of a member that ware    cut off of the privileges Communication from Mr Worcesters church I         stayed 2 nights 3 days.

  1. I at trooping & training at Jonas Page put out Nathan Smiths eye fighting &c.
    29. in ye afternoon training viewing arms &c.
    30. I took the stone out of my spring & stoned it again.

October, 1801
2. I went to Groton   my Mothers.
9. I made Cider at Capt. Hazens Jr.
11. no preaching at Shirley  James & Abigail sot off to go to Harvard she fell from       her Horse and was taken up Dead.
12. I went to the Burying yard  Chose a place for the Grave with Jennerson.
13. my daughter was Buried  a great number of people at the funeral.
14. I about home   did but little.
17. I worked at the highway by Bow Brook  David, Moody, & John 4 oxen.
18. I at meeting  my whole family except John.
23. I fetched home a load of hay from Smith farm out of the old barn.
24. I went to Coudreys after to Smith farm after a load of hay & to stop William           Going from taking it thence to Groton   I summoned N’l Day to Court       paid him one Dollar fifteen Cents & home.
27. I at Col Haskells & round.
29. I at Nathaniel Days  Gave him 5 Dollars to go to Court.
31. I worked at the county road at Tophet swamp David & John four oxen &      cart  I found hop poles out on my land west of the mill pond out by           Jonas Parker &c.

November, 1801
2. I pooled down part of my old house where Mckinzey lives.
3. Lock helped me hew 2 sills & fix.
4. Lock worked putting them in &c.
5. I underpinned them fixing &c.
12. I went to the Shaker Court at Whitneys &c.
13. I worked at my McKinzey house.
14. Daniel came home from Lancaster.
17. James & John Egerton sot off to the Virginia Country.
23. I mended some fence  Twing came to by Jamess farm.
24. I got 650 Brick of Jonas Parker for McKinzey, carried a load clay.
26. (Thursday) was thanksgiving  I at meeting   a Number at my house to          supper.
28. I at work at my Parker House   I went to Eb’n Smiths & round.
30. Ebenezer Smith & Boy came to work on my chimney at McKinzeys worked           chief of two days there and finished it off &c.  came to my house & begun to work on mine at my house ye 2 day.

December. 1801
2. Smith finished & went home.
3. I at the meeting house to hear the music  had a contribution  got  44 ½ $
24. the school Class met at Ivory Longleys to see about the school & Master I    was moderator of the meeting.
29. Daniel Came home finished his school in Lancaster.
31. I went to Jameses Barn winnowed up nine bushels of rye   David & I           Daniel went to Lancaster to his study.


January, 1802
1. a fine clear pleasant day  I round at McKinzeys & round my farm  Hennrietta         & Rhoda at my house  I at the Store  David & Moody at school.
4. I at Town meeting to see about Frosts Bridge.
7. I went to Leominster after Newspapers.
10. I at meeting Cold  Vina Longley published (Lavina Longley was married 31
Jan. 1802 to Abel Tarbell of Groton.)
I had a summons from T Whitney.
11. Library meeting at the Store &c.
13. David & Moody at school to Andrew Dunn.
22 .I went to Coopers   got my mare shod with my slay   very icy   at Vandue of Silas Hores  Matters at Ivory Longleys  I bought 3 shaves  1 hammer &c.
25. I at Coopers Vandue his shop  bought old iron & a number of other articles          I bought an old Brass kittle and an old sled of Mrs Pratts.
28. I went to Groton   Carried my mothers some Nisseries.

February, 1802
2. I gave Lovey or Hazen a Heifer with calf.  John took her there.
8. I at Samuel Hazens at evening & others   we had a good entertainment.
10. Company at my house   Daniel & others &c Hazen Stephen Samuel Dickinson   & wives.
24. Samuel Hazen had a Daughter Born about 9 o’clock  I went too s’d Hazens           cold & bad stirring.

March, 1802
1. I went to March meeting   the snow as deep as ever I knew  people went on   snow shoes made of Boards or any way the could  no prayer at the          opening.
2. we brook out to the mills with my team   very bad no track before.
3. we brook out to the meeting house  very bad   no sunshine for 7 days dull    melancholy time.
4. boys at school   Lucy Kelsey (She had been married 21 Feb. 1802 to Silas      Dickerson of Keene, N.H.) moved off to Keen.
7. James came home from the Virginia Country & Doctor’r Zadock Parker with           him at 11 o’clock.
9. James & the Doctor went fishing.
10. I at the funeral of Nancy Harkness   Peter Perham & others had a Court at the Longleys with the Shakers about the meeting house.
13. I at the funeral of Mrs Patterson H’h widows.

April, 1802
6. I at Ivory Longleys vendue of Hores matters  I bought hand saw tea kittle       wheal &c.
7. I at Groton   was a great Court Peter Gilson &c Wodses wife.

May, 1802
27. I helped James some, at Hazens at Dinner.

June, 1802
15. Lock helped me  I begun on my hop house to frame.
22. I went to the raising of Shabbakin Bridge.
30. I at Lecture   Mr Bemas preached to the young people  a full meeting as      ever I saw.

July, 1802
5. I went on to Boston at 3 o’clock   I saw independence all about Too[n].
8. McKinzey at my house   work for David.
21. I went to the funeral of Jo’h Farn’h (Jonathan Farnsworth)

August, 1802
8. I at meeting  Esq’r Whitney had a fine Son born about 2 o’clock this morn all         well.
23. I raised my hop house  I had Lock & others a fine hot day as ever   Boltons Tim and Ned helped me chop coal wood (i.e. charcoal, for drying hops.)
24. Boltons sot my pit   I worked on my hop house  Boltons went of.
27. Tim Bolton sot my Colpit on fire.
30. I worked on my hop house   Aaron Lyon helped me shingle & Jo Robins ½           day.

September, 1802
2. I worked on my hop house & others Boltons Ned & T each drawed my coal.
6. in ye afternoon Was training the Music at dinner at my house.
10. I had 12 in the hop works.
13. I tending hop kiln and 14 hands picking  I had Ned & T Bolton to cut stalks         I sold them a yoke of 3’d cattle.
15. I finished picking hops sent off all my hands except Janney & her 2 girls    (Negroes)
16. I sent Janey & 2 girls home by John in ye afternoon.
17. to Smith farm with 5 hands to pick hops  Jonas Adams picked some.
18. I bought 100 hills of Moses Ritter went with 7 hands and picked them Mills         and Joel Kelsey it was training day.
30. hops in great demand at six cents pr pound  thousands bought and sold     this day  hops the greatest Traffic.

October, 1802
1. I at Harvard  sold William Davis 3 ½ acres of land  I had of J Weatherbee       he gave the Deed.
11. Moody Begun School at Groton Academy
12. Tim & Ned Bolton begun to lay wall round my orchard on Wilson farm.
13. I dug & drawed stone at my pasture between John Kelsey Jr & mine.
19. I road to Boston  James and David and T Hazen coming on with the hops & I        stayed at Charlestown next day.
20. I road to Salem  settled with C Harrington sold our hops back to Menotomy          met James David & Hazen at Davenports  stayed all night
21. Came home.
23. Jennerson Moved out of Town and all his family.

November, 1802
8. I at Vandue at Whitneys of Meriam articles.
10. I was making wall at Wilson farm by Jonas Livermore’s house by the road  Jonas Jennerson and Jenkins Tim & Ned Bolton at work round my          orchard laying wall.
13. T dug & drawed stone  Ned Bolton & Jack Henry Layed wall for me
20. at Jonas Livermore’s looking at his farm  left out to Dea Brown Abel Moor   and Ste’n Hildreth  they aprised it at 1010$  I paid them & did not       stand.
23. I went to Groton after my mother   David drove the team & fetched her        goods  William Egerton went with chaise to fetch her.
24. I sold William & Ed Bolton my Bull  I went & killed him.


December, 1802
8. Whitney attached Jonas Adams furniture &c.
10. I had some articles of s’d Adams  let him have some cash to help himself.
11. I fetched my young cattle home from McKinzeys.
16. was cold as ever I saw  I at Town meeting adjourned to Whitneys  voted in    the new road.
20. my good old father Willard we hear Died a little after sunrise  I did not hear          of it till Wednesday morning.
22. I and my wife at the funeral of Father Willard.
29. I at Groton at the old house & round.

January, 1803
9. I at meeting agreed not to have but one exercise through the winter.
16. I at meeting a Contribution for Portsmouth N.H. collected 25$ 206 time      shortened to ½ time.
22. James Teaching school these days.

February, 1803
1. some of my family at Benj’a Egertons in ye afternoon  I went to Col’o   Haskells Vandue.
2. I went to Stephen Longley’s & my wife   Mr. Whitney & Esq’r Thomas & wife eat part of a Roast Turkey.
17. Eleazar Robbins at my house went to Esq’r Whitneys made out a rule left    our matters out to Esq’r Kimball Deacon J Stone & Deacon J W’d
20. I did not go to meeting  my Mother very sick at my house.
21. I at store at Vandue.

March, 1803
4. …James finished his school.
27. I at home  no meeting  Mr Whitney poorly.

April, 1803
18. I summoned Ivory Wildes to Court at Concord.
19. I went to Concord court from thence to Charles (Charlestown).
20. I at Boston  thence to Concord thence home  my action with Smith did not           come on.
24. no preaching in the meeting house   I went to hear Mr Ravil at the school   house methodus (Methodist) preacher.
27. Jonas Adams moved out.

May, 1803
2. voted to give 10 cents Bounty on Crows.
16. I begun to draw my timber into the middle of the Town for a barn, plough   there
23. I moved into my New House.
24. I begun to frame my barn.


June, 1803
10. I moved my old shop.
11. I raised my Barn in ye afternoon.  I had a number of hands   went on well   old Mrs Burrage Buried.

July, 1803
3. no meeting in Shirley   Mr Whitney gone off.
7. I went with the Courts Committee round by Walkers on ye road & round &c
22. Betsy Proctor at my house spinning.

August, 1803
5. my wife at the old farm   Mrs Dunn gone.
19. this Night about 12 ock my aged Mother Died.
21. I at meeting ½ in ye afternoon my Mother was buried from John Egertons house  a great number of people.

September, 1803
5. I begun at Smith farm (i.e he began to pick hops)
6. finished at Smith farm T & E Bolton cut Stalks>
15. I had 75 bushel of charcoal from Hildreth  James finished drying all his      hops all off he paid the Negroes & I sent them home.
18. no preaching  Mr Whitney gone to N. Andover & James published at Esq’r Whitneys house &c. (his intention of marriage with Ruth Harkness of    Lunenburg was published.)
21. I bought house papers of John Sullivan   7 rolls.
29. I & Hanes fixing & making my outside seller doors   McKenzie making        James wedding suit  Boltons Laying wall.
30. I & Jonas Livermore & others on the road by my house in dispute.

October, 1803
4. I at Lancaster after Nails   a great rain in ye after noon   I at Jamess Wedding at     Mr. Harkness & others.
5. James & his wife at my house   brook their Chase all down &c.
6. James moved his wife home.
16. I at meeting   John Rockwood published.
19. I at Groton   see Bigelow and Prescott took out summons for Wildes &         Bolton
27. I at Court (at Cambridge) heard a number of Cases.
28. my own came on at noon between Smith & I  after Disc’n in my favor           $87.87 Cents  I came home after 4 Oclock   a fine Night

November , 1803
6. I at meeting  John Watson published to Lydia Whitney.
16. I at the funeral of Reuben Hartwell wife (Abigail Ruggles Hartwell, died 15 Nov. 1803) in ye afternoon at Town meeting.
18. I and the Committee on the road from Deacon Browns towards Barretts did          not finish it  adjourned a fortnight.
19. I at home   Old Mr Brown died.
21. I at funeral of old Mr Brown.
24. I made a bargain with Aaron for my porch.(both the document containing      this ‘bargain’ and the porch are still in existence)

December, 1803
1. was Thanksgiving   Jonathan Atherton Buried this Day  I at meet.
2. I on the road measuring the Common & Burying yard &c  Little, Day, Welch          & others.
6. Aaron Lyon Came to work on my porch.
21. Hanes & Lyon raised porch.
25. Mr Whitney & Tom & Wives & William took a roast Turkey at my House at   evening          Christ’s.

January, 1804
8. I at the old farm  partook of roast turkey  Mr Whitney & wife Mr Harkness     Smiley & wives.
30. I at the Vandue of Thaddeus Harringtons furniture  I bought a number of   articles.
31. I at the Vandue   I bought more.

February, 1804
10. I at the visiting of the middle school and others took supper at Esq’r Whitneys.
11. I at home   made a bargain with Hanes  Let him my garret floor and stares.
19. I at meeting   Mr Bullard preached  I carried him to the funeral of      Fairbanks child after meeting.

March, 1804
3. I at home  great blocking snow hands out breaking through the snow  about          4 feet deep.  Hanes & Lyon gone home but little movement.
12. I at the vandue of Lock farm.
18. I at home   no meeting  Mr Whitney out.

April, 1804
2. I at Town meeting voted to build Porches to the Meeting house   Committee Egerton Conant & Wallis Little   I was drawn out of the box for Juryman.
30. I at Vandue at Ivory Longleys  I bot a Number of articles of Benja Goings a   Great Number of people attended.

May, 1804
3. old Bolton (William Bolton, Sr.) Buried.
20. I at meeting at the funeral of Asa Longley.
26. I went to Groton   took out an execution against Nathan Smith.
30. was election   I at the funeral of Deacon Rockward.. a Great N’o of people.

June, 1804
16. Hewing posts   McIntosh helped  Hands at work on the belfry.
18. Daniel sot off for the new State.
30. Lock & I put up part of my foreyard fence   a great number of Hands at       work on the Meeting House Belfry & porches.

July, 1804
3. William Going wife Buried.
5. the people raising the Belfry   a Number of Hands  went on slow   poor          ropes.
6. they finished raising the porch.
13. James reaping his rye   he had a son born at evening.

August, 1804
31. They finished Raising the rest of the Belfry or Cupola.  All of it without       damage &c.

September, 1804
8. I ware with Hildreth & Kilburn and others running the line on Hildreth road          & so round.
24. I sot off with L Moody to Dartmouth College went by the muster field and    on to Amherst  lodged at Gibsons then on to
25. thence on to the College.
26. at 4 o’clock
27. Stayed one day sot off to Come to Cornish & put up.
28. Came to Keen  put up.
29. Came home by sun setting   a fine fair good week & all things went well      through this week in my absence they took Down my wall by Jonas          Livermore’s.

October, 1804
21. I at meeting   Mr Whitney returned from the Eastward.

November, 1804
1. I at Dunn Vendue of his farm (the farm now owned by Mrs. James P. Tolman)         sold off 1111 Dollars &c.

December, 1804
2. I at Groton to see my Brother  Levi Parker he very sick.
3. I at the Vandue of Perrins goods.  I bought a number articles   glasses.
4. My Brother Levi Parker Departed this life about 2 o.Clock this day.
7. I went to Dunstable to the funeral of my Brother Levi Parker  Came back to my Brother Phineas’s stayed all night.
9. I at meeting   Luther Parker published   Moody came from Hanover.
11. Moody went to Leominster to look for a school.
16. I at meeting   old Abel Longley published.
29. In the afternoon I went to the funeral of Sophia Hartwell & L Parkers wife. (She was married 26 Dec. 1804 and died on the night of the same day.)

January, 1805
14. I at Stephen Robbins vandue.
16. Major Moors at my house and others went on Nathan Smith Land and it     apprised off by Stephen Barrett Moses Holden & John Davis to satisfy an     execution of $266.99 C & did at the same time & day aprise off to me         36 acres & 50 rods of land in 3 pieces   20 by the Brook   10 by the Backers ( i.e Jonas Baker’s land) & 6 & 50 rods by Boltons land by the           road.

February, 1805
2. I at Vandue at Whitneys   Andrew Burrages oxen ploughs Hops & other        articles a Number
3. I at meeting 1/2 Day & at funeral of Moses Chaplins child.
6. I at Hazens to see his little sick child.
11. I at B Locks vandue I Bought several articles.
15. I at Hildreths Vandue at Whitneys.
20. I at Stephen Hildreth Vandue his farm.
23.…Moody came home Purmilla Harkness at our house.

March, 1805
9.…let my house to Jonathan Wright where McIntosh lives.
19. I agreed with Abner   let him my S house (The Smith house, formerly belonging to William Bolton Jr.)
31. at meeting the time lengthened to 2 hours between meetings.

April, 1805
18. I at vandue at Stephen Robbins.

May, 1805
27. I at the raising Kelseys house.
30. I at Mulpus farm forbid Joshua Longley from working on my land I took by           execution from N S (Nathan Smith)   S Barrett (Stephen Barrett, who had recently come to Shirley from Concord.) present.

June, 1805
11. …Hanes went of the funeral of Simon Holden.
27. John Jackson & wife came to my house   stayed 2 nights went off.
29. I at the Vandue of B Lock  with  I bought watch & gave $6.25 cents.

September, 1805
2. in ye afternoon I at town meeting  the pews ware sold 18 of them.
16. I worked at the highways  removed a stone wall on the road by Jennersons           sitg  rec’d Ill Treatment by Moses & Jonas.
29. Mr Whitney gone  Mr Parker preached.
30. I went on to Boston in Shaes  Carried Moody we see a muster in Dorchester
& saw too foolish fellows fight until one brook his arm.

October, 1805
7. I at Groton  I took Moses, Jonas Jennerson, and Jonas Livermore with a       warrant for an assault & Battery a number of evidences of Clark, J     Proctor, Walter Page, Joseph Hanes, & Jonas Parker, had a trial         convicted Jonas Jennerson  fined him $3 and all costs the others         blamed.
11. this Day Mrs Whitney Departed this Life.
14. I at the funeral of Mrs Whitney  a Great Number of People a sermon delivered at the meeting House by Mr Chaplin on the Co’r 15:15.
20. I went to meeting  Mr Thayer preached a funeral sermon on the death of     Mrs Whitney.
21. I went to Groton to settle with Moses Jennerson complaint & others I paid a bill of costs.
31. I at the Campbell [farm] both James and David at work on the old house     (preparing it for David’s bride.  David’s descendants still occupy the       house.)

November, 1805
19. I carried Mrs Dunn to Needham Jackson.
22 Came home Brought Miss Dunn.
23. I at Moses Holden Vandue it failed.
25. I at the Vandue of Moses Holden I bought a Number articles.
28. (Thursday) was thanksgiving  a Number others in ye Evening  young folks   Had a Ball in my Hall.

December, 1805
2. I at George Farrows Vandue.
6. I at Andrew Dunns Vandue.
21. I went to Hazen’s in my chaise  Carried Lydia.
31. I at home  David Parker moved his wife home  Hazen moved his goods.

January, 1806
6. I at a Court at Esq’r Longleys between Loyn (Aaron Lyon, a carpenter) Bolton          & a sampwood Negro  Came off clear in ye afternoon   I at Vandue at    Egerton & Willard.
9. I at home & at Whitneys at a Court of Eli Pages & Reuben Hartwells they      settled.
18. I went to Pepperell with Whitney at the Funeral of a Mason good slaying.
20. I at the store… Barrett & I tried to settle but did not finish.
21. I saw him  he said a Mistake was no hay stack.

February, 1806
3. I sot off for Boston it begun to snow at gr (Groton) snowed chief of ye day  I     slept at Charleston. it is reported that Wm Kilburn murdered Knight.         (this sentence is written on the margin.)
4. I went to Boston  came out went to Needham to see Moody stayed at Esq’r     Jacksons.
5. I came home.
6. I went to Benj’a Egertons & my wife and a Numbers of others came back to   Hazens  Stayed all night  fine slaying.
9. I at meeting   fine cold blustering Day  17 in the meeting house.
11. I had a Company at my house from Lancaster & Leominster 10 sleighs part          stayed all night.
12. I had another company 8 or 10 slays stayed Until 1 oclock took supper.
17. I at Harvard with 2 Clocks at Gateses & round by Bruces.
28. I at the old farm  had my Articles from Davis  James fetched them.

March, 1806
1.….Moody came home from Needham school.
6. I at the funeral of Mitchell Richards.
10. Moody sot off for Hanover College   I went on with him  I went to Townsend           & Mason  John Lawrenceses stayed all night.
11. Came home from Mason.
13. I at Ivory Longley’s Vandue I bought Numbers of Articles  turkey &c.
14. I at Jonas Parkers Vandue  I bought Numbers of Articles  turkey &c.
16. I at meeting restored Reuben Hartwell.
21. I at the Vandue at the store Jonas Parkers & Dunns.
31. I at a raising of a shop at the south end   one Goodnoughs by Willards.

April, 1806
2. I at Lancaster  Benjamin Egerton Died this Day at about ten O.Clock in the morn.
4. I & my wife & others went to the funeral of Benja Egerton at Lancaster a       great number of Masons others great funeral. I stayed all night came          home ye next day.
6. I at meeting in ye afternoon  I went to the funeral of a Child of Joel Willards           Got Drowned  Ephraim Jackson came to my house stayed all night       summoned me to Court.
9. I sot off for Concord Court carried the widow Dun & Jackson & put up at Asa           Haywoods saw a number of causes tried  criminal & civil there four          days.
21. I went to Lancaster to the Appraisal of Benj Egertons estate  Capt. Willard &         Capt. Hazen Jr.  I stayed all Night   Came back ye next night.

May, 1806
5. was Town meeting Chose Nat Holden to go Representive a Number of People Buttrick had a Vandue at night  I bought several Articles spade           &c.
8. I at the Raising of Stephen Longleys house.
19…I at the raising of David Livermore’s House…
20. I at the Court at Whitneys  Longley & Wallis Littles.
21. I at the Village and round settled with Elisha Knight.
26. I sent off my hops to Charlestown by James 3580 John went with him and           seven cattle.

July, 1806
4. I went to Bolton Independence  a great Number of People a fine day Mr         Whitney came home with me.
6. no preaching  Levi Wildes Married.
20. I at Meeting  after at the funeral of the widow Pratt.

August, 1806
3. I at meeting   Esq’r Thomas Whitney read sermons &c.
10. I not at meeting  Nat Holden Read.
21. I at meeting  Rufus Longley & Moody Preda each a sermon.

  1. I at home Very rainy day Muster at Groton  Shirley Soldiers had New       Caps &c.

October, 1806
4. I had a Writ on Harris.
6. I made 11 barrels of Cider at Capt. Hazens Mill  agreed with Francis Harris   by Leaving it to John Egerton &c.
7. I went to Lancaster Muster  Carried my wife.
15. I Dug potatoes  Harris stole some away.
23. finished making my Cider 10 ¾ this Day   I made 30 ¾ in all this year at    Hazen mill.
30. in ye afternoon I at the widow Wheelers Vandue of her farm & sold high.

November, 1806
10. I sot off to Cambridge Court  Carried old Mrs. Dunn.
11. went to Cambridge  Jackson Cause came on William Little got the case  I    stayed all night.
12. stayed until 3 O.clock went to Jacksons  stayed all night.
13. took widow Dunn came home.
18. I at Cambridge the rest of d  I & Whitney went Charlestown stayed came     back to Cambridge.
19 at Cambridge attended Court great people.
20. at Cambridge  attended Court N’o actions.
21. my action & Hildreths came on  I to pay 2 dollars  I came home & others.
27. (Thursday) I at meeting  it was Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING THROUGH    THE COMMONWEALTH I had a number of my Children and a Ball of Mr.        Whitneys family at evening.

December, 1806
7. I at meeting ½ ye day  Moody sot off to Lancaster to teach school with Jones.
13. I at Vandue at Willards of Chandlers matter.
19. I went to Leominster after the papers on to Mr Edward Lows Lydia went.

January, 1807
3. I went to the Village with Elisha Knights Vandue adjourned  Cold &c  Mr      Foley           & Phineas Parker came to my house  stayed over Sabbath and was    Published to Lydia Parker.
4. Foley went off – Lydia went off.
5. Phinehas went off with Abijah Little.
10. I went to the Vandue of Knights house.
27. I had a Ball at my chamber  9 Couple  Took supper  paid & went off F          Balch (Francis Balch) Luther Longley, Conn, Pattersons, Turner, and           others & girls, Bryam  fiddler &c.

February, 1807
2. I bought a Cow of Thomas Park gave him 20$ paid his own Note 8 Dollars in Cash   Moody came from teaching his school at Lancaster took his cash      of Jonas.
15. I at meeting but few people a great flood Shabbakin bridge & Esq’r Longleys         Bridge went off the greatest flood about ever known the wind shifted and blew N.W. and cold.
16. the coldest day ever I was sensible of   I went to Lancaster to the Vendue of          Benj Egertons Estate  Moody & Hazen went the Vendue adjourned we   came home.
25. I went to Lancaster to the Vandue of the estate of Benjamin Egertons          effects.  I bought half the house and about ½ acre of land piece of land &      shop &c.  this day John Solandine died.

March, 1807
4. I at Groton to see Dana on Hildreth enditement.
6. I went after David Kilburn to run the line round Hildreths farm Mr Whitney & Esq’r Longley attended  Mr Butler there &c.
13.. David Kilburn came & made me out plan of Hildreth farm & road & run     the line a new from the black oak to the road Jameses Dickinson helped     him  I think they was not Court  stayed all day.
16 I at Groton to see Dana about the road.
17. I went to Concord Court Esq’r Longley went with me each a slay at Court    came back poor slaying.
22. I at funeral of Tim’o Boltons wife.
28. I went to Groton to see Mr Dana concerning Hildreth Lawsuit.

April, 1807
1. the most Tedious day I ever saw for April  the greatest snow this winter &      did blow & drift tree mendiously.
10. I at Jonas Parkers Vendue  I bou’t two pieces of land the orchard & a piece           of wood land about the farm  sold in 7 lots, James bought 2, J Chaplin 1,   Hazen 1, Hunt one.
11. I went to Groton to see Dana in the afternoon  I at the store &c in the         evening I agreed to rule the action between Hildreth & I with Wallis Little     to Jameses Prescott  Esq’r Dana and Luther Lawrence.
14. I went to Concord court  stayed all night  I saw Daniel Dana & Ward I gave each $5.
15. I came home after Dinner  summoned Phinehas Page.
17. I and P Page road on to Concord in my shaes & his horse by 10 o’clock        action did not come on  we came back & others.
20. . . . I took a Deed of Jonas Parker orchard & new wood lot.

May, 1807
3. at the funeral at Lancaster of my daughter Egertons Little girl carried her     into the meeting house for prayers.
22. hands raising Longley Bridge.
25. I went to Lancaster after my Daughter Egerton James & David went with    their teams & moved her goods to my house.

June, 1807
4. in ye afternoon Goodenno came from Concord & summoned me Mr Whitney          Esq’r Longley Nat’l Day Esq’r Whitney & Lemuel Bicknel to appear at      Concord next morning at 9 O’clock against Stephen Hildreth in behalf of      ye State  accordingly we all appeared accordingly the trial came on the      evidences examined & he acquitted we came home.
16 .David Parker & Samuel Hazen had each a daughter Born this Night (this     sentence is written on the margin)


July, 1807
7. I at the funeral of Capt. Asa Holdens wife.
9. I at the funeral of Phinehas Parker at Pepperell  Great Mason Meeting.
17. Training in ye afternoon  Joseph Egerton Chosen Capt.

August, 1807
9. I at meeting  Chandler published.
19. in afternoon I went to the funeral of Simon Page.
21. I taped my last Hogshead Cider.
22. three days past Training to raise men to stand ready at one minutes warning, 7 John Henry, Joseph Wilson, Benj’n Wilson, Edward Bolton, Andrew Burrage, Jess Farnsworth, son Heny.
23. I at meeting  Meeds Married Washburns & his mother went.

September, 1807
25. Moody set off College.
28. Esq’r Longley  Joseph Egerton & Bullard a scrape & warrant.

October, 1807
6. I at the funeral of Amasa Hartwell.
9. sot up a Chease of Cider  10 Barrels.
23. Mr Butler & Jameses Lewis came to run the line by Hildreths  Esq’r Longley and Phinehas Page & Nath’l Day attended.

November, 1807
20. Judge Prescott & Butler came from Groton & run the line by S’n Hildreths           they took dinner at my House Esq’r Whitney &c Mr N Day (Nathaniel   Day, the instigator of the five-year lawsuit between Hildreth and Parker)         attended.
25.. I at Groton at Prescotts & Danas to see the plan of the road.
28. I at Groton at Prescotts Brazer & Dana I summonded Mr Day see Brazer     take Butlers Deposition.
30. at evening I was called up by Mr Page we sot off for Cambridge Court a 3     o’clock in the morning  Esq’r Longley Page Mr Day & myself got there by    12 o’clock great many actions  Hildreths & mine came on the Next day     about 2 o’clock the last at 4 o’clock.

December, 1807
2. I had an action of trespass with Stephen Hildreth  it went against me a         number of witnesses.
4. . . I & Page & others went on to see whether Little Moses Jennerson & J       Livermore swore true about the wall standing on where the old fence    formerly stood  I find it was not.
7. I Esq’r Longley Mr N day & others on the spot where the wall stood examined         it close.  Day was sworn & P Page sworn next.
8. morning Longley took their Depositions  went to Cambridge.
14. a number on to look at the wall.
17. Dickinson & Lt. J Walker at my house look at the wall.
21. Nathan Willard looked at the wall & fence & gave his Deposition before       Esq’r Longley.
31. I at Groton to see Dana about my Depositions  I had taken on the matter of          Hildreth & my lawsuit about the wall &c.

January, 1808
2. I at the funeral of Leonard Egerton wife  nine slays from Shirley.
4. Sheldon took Leonard Moody to Fitchburg to teach school.
11. I at funeral of Joseph Egertons wife.
13. I at Gilbert Wheelers Vandue.
14. Ivory Longley Drowned   Buried ye 18 (this entry is written on the margin)


February, 1808
20. I at Esq’r Longleys had a number of witnesses viz: Deacon Hale, Deacon      Nathan Willard, Ivory Wildes, Rev’d Mr Whitney, Esq’r Whitney, Amos   Day, Stephen Longley, James, & Moody Parker, & John Rockwood, took        their Depositions &c.
23. I at Whitneys attending on Brazers & Luther Lawrence taking a Number of           Depositions to the No of 15, or Asa Holden, Eben’r Going, Jonas Page,     Samuel Hazen, Jonas Livermore, Levi Wildes, Stephen Barrett, Abel    Moors, John Kelsey, Moses Jennerson, Benja Hartwell, John Davis,    David Kilburn, Oliver Laughton (Lawton), Wallis Little [Caleb] Butler         Scribi
28. I at meeting good slaying &c Mr Whitney gave those a good dress that         swore false last Saturday.
29. I Notified Stephen Hildreth to attend & Hear some Depositions taken next Saturday at Esq’r Longleys summoned D Brown  Discoursed some with   sd S Hildreth about a settlement.

March, 1808
5. I met Hildreth & L Lawrence at Esq’r Longleys to take some Depositions we begun took John Parkers & Deacon Brown & begun on Jonas        Jennersons          & to close the whole Lawsuit  Lawrence Whitney Hazen &         Samson Woods settled the whole matter & closed the suit and Hildreth & closed the suit & accepted each other and came to Whitneys & took a           good drink.
23. I at Whitneys to attend Court between the Town & Esq’r Longley J Prescott          Judge a great Court & a number of people.

May, 1808
15. I at meeting   Bowes Whitney preached.
26. I worked some in garden  Company at my [house] had a dance the young   stuff &c.

June, 1808
8. I at the funeral of old Tom Little.
27. in ye afternoon I meet the Commissioners at R Bathricks.  Hazen & N         Livermore.
28. I at the raising old Capt. Hazens Barn.

July, 1808
26. Moody went to Boston in the stage with Colton.

August, 1808
20. John Kelsey & I run the line again between him and I.
25. John & Abner carted gravel out of the grave-yard into the Common to fill the        holes.
27. I carted Stone in ye afternoon for my Tomb.
29. Leonard M & Lydia Came home from Hanover College Commencement.

September, 1808
1. I went to Lancaster Muster a number of people went.
12. Nath’l Livermore & Wm McIntosh begun to lay the wall in my Tomb I worked with them.
13. we 3 all worked at the Tomb &c training 3 sergeants put in McIntosh.

November, 1808
4. L Moody came from Leominster had a ball at F’r Dwights (Francis Dwight)
12. Luther Farnsworth plastered my Tomb.
30. I at Paul Willards Vandue Chief of ye day Frothingham goods sold I bought           & resigned them up to Jonathan Barrett for his paying.

December, 1808
17. I & Esq’r Longley raised Wallis Little farm for E’en Jackson went on the       turnpike.
22. I at Town meeting to raise 9 soldiers agreed to vote them three Dollars as a           bounty viz Tom’s Davis, Stuart, A Hartwell, John Frost, Gould, John           Patterson, Tom P [? Page], Garfield, Kemp, nine in all.

January, 1809
10. went into Boston & out to Cambridge.
11. I in the Court House  chief of ye Day  heard a great number of actions tried.
12. I sot of at 12 o’clock  E Jackson lost his Cause with Curtis & Ware & T         came home.
14. I went to Groton see Brother Phinehas  he dreadful sick never to recover of           his sickness.
15. I at meeting . . my Brother Died about 5 O.Clock in afternoon. . . as I hear
16. Capt. S’m Gilson Came to my house to inform me of the death of my Brother Phinehas  I went to Egertons & round to let his relation know of    sd &c
18. I went to Groton at the funeral of my Brother Phinehas  great number        Egerton wife, Emme, Hazen, 2 children, James & wife, Capt. Joseph, &     my Sally; he was Entered at 4 o’clock and we came home.

February, 1809
2. to Davids Parker) in ye afternoon  Stephen Longley and wife there had set    down.
12. I at meeting  John Robbins & wife & mother at my house.
15. I at home  James, David, Hazen, Whitney, & S Longley, & their wives at my          house in ye afternoon  took a good set down &c.
19. I at meeting  Mr Whitney published to the widow Garfield.
28. I went to my old farm  took my wife  Mr Harkness & wife Capt. Egerton &    wife &c &c

March, 1809
2. I at the funeral of old Mrs Darby.
5. I at meeting  Tom W red a sermon.
17. I at Lunenburg on arbitration with Wallis Little about Daniel Harris Cow     Esq’r Starns Doctor Haskell & Colo Rushing &c.
30. Thomas Whitney Had a son Born about _____________(This sentence is         written on the margin.


May, 1809
1. Town meeting  chose Nath’l Holden to represent Shirley agreed to remove the        Horse sheds and other matters & things done.
28. I at meeting  13 persons forenoon.

June, 1809
16. I at meeting   15 persons at meet.

July, 1809
3. I set off for Salem & Beverly &c.
4 .I road on to Beverly to see Isaac Sanderson then on to Charlestown a great   Concourse people I put up Blanchard 3 or 4 thousand people present.

August, 1809
5. I at the Court between T Faulkner & Oliver Page at Whitneys concerning tol.          A great No of witnesses Damage 5$ Paid by Page & cost &c.

September, 1809
10. I at meeting  sister Leafie Parker came to my house to go to see Harris.
11. she & Capt. Egerton & wife sot off for their journey to go to see their children.

November, 1809
12. I at meeting Booz Whitney preached.
14. I at Town meeting & Mr Whitney Vandue I bought chairs &c.

December, 1809
10. I at meeting  14 persons attended.
25. had a sit down at Esq’r Whitneys some rain  good Christmas had — great   number meet & had turkey.

  1. L Moody came home & 2 little girls with him T Johnsons & Mr Bigelows girl.
    31. I at meeting not 20 persons there.January, 1810
    9. L M Parker came home & was 21 years of age this day.
    15. I went to Capt. Hazens & others & our wives had a good set down &c.
    16. I at home Moody came from Leominster with a party 7 shaes & others came.
    22. I at the funeral of Philemon Holden.
    26. I at Dwights at a great Court between Esq’r Whitney & John Simond Little          snow a Great No of Evidences.

February, 1810
12. I at Levi Farnsworth & Eli Page Court.
16. Daniel Parker came to my house and
17. I went round with him to Hazens & Davids (Parker) & round.
18. Daniel went to Charlestown.
24. David Lock stayed all night.


March, 1810
28. Arthur Egerton went off with Nathan Cummings down below.

April, 1810
3. I went to Francis Vandue at _________ Came back to Hazens stayed all night.
9. I at Whitneys  I Bought of Aaron Lyon Larkins  Foley behind my Barn took a          deed   agreed to Draw off the materials before May.
11. I along with Lyon & Hazen to help them trade & they did trade.
12. I drawed timber for Lyons house  Stephen Longley drawed the           underpinning Stone  we went about 16 times apiece &c. this 12 day of         April 1810 I with my oxen & Stephen Longley with his oxen at 30 loads     drawed all the underpinning stone & timber from the cellar back of my barn in where A Lyon is building. (this sentence is written on the     margin.)
13. I drawed some of the boards & cellar wall.
14. I drawed stone &c  Lyon cellar.
16. I drawed stone James & Jacob Mitchell helped me drawed all out of the      cellar           about 25 loads.
18. went to the raising of Hazens Barn.
23. I agreed with Jonas Livermore for a piece of land north of my Barn digging Stone &c.

May, 1810
3. . . I took a deed of Jonas Livermore of a piece of land north of my barn about          ¼ of an acre. . . .
6. no meeting Mr Whitney poorly   Palsy.


July, 1810
4. They are painting meeting house.

August, 1810
19. I went to the Shaker meeting  a great N’o of people sot in to rain.

September, 1810
2. no preaching  fine day  J’a Paine dead.
25. I at home   a great rain & flood the greatest that ever I saw at this time of    the year   fences carried off & N’o cattle drowned.

October, 1810
4. I went to Muster by Groton river  I took dinner with the gen’l field & staff      officers  great N’o of Spectators.
11. helped Aaron Lyon draw Mr Whitneys House some.
14. no preaching   I at funeral of Miss Chaplin  Mr Bullard attend it.

November, 1810
8. . . went to Vandue of Gates factory house & grist mill &c.
22. . .in ye afternoon I attended to hear a N’o of evidences Give in their    Depositions at Esq’r Longleys concerning Henry Chandler & Eli Page          Brought in Levi Farnsworth Name  I did not give in the Summonses.
25. I at meeting  Nath’l Holden red a sermon.
29. was Thanksgiving throughout this state  I had S’th Longley at night super  young people had a ball at my house 15 Couple  Moses Kezar & Luke        Holden managers.

December, 1810
8. Jonas Livermore buried a Child.
29. I went to Cap’t Hazens  carried my wife  found him very sick  a number in   to see him in ye afternoon  I went again my wife stayed all night Hazen      very sick.
30. I went to Hazens  carried Whitneys wife  fetched home my wife in ye afternoon  I at meeting  Mr Chaplin preached in ye evening I went to Hazens  Carried Esq’r Whitney  found Hazen Dying  I left him a little          before 8 o’clock  he Dyed about half after 12 o’clock.
31. I went to Hazens  fetched home Whitneys wife.

(The diary for January 1811 is written in the almanac for 1810; but the almanac for 1811, which probably contained the rest of the diary for 1811, has not been found.)

January, 1811
1. I went to Hazens with my wife  Hazen’s wife was delivered of a fine Daughter          half after 6 o’clock in the evening on the same Day the Childs Father had     died  Daniel Parker Came from Charlestown & Leonard M Parker came       from Worcester to the funeral of said Hazen.
2. I & my family went to the funeral of said Hazen  Great Number of People  Mr          Thayer attended  he was entombed at 4.

January 1812
4. I meet the selectmen of Westford at Parkers Tavern Groton & agreed to leave          out to Capt. Jameses Lewis widow Fletcher thirds.
26. my brother Abijah & his son Leonard Wm Egerton wife Levi Wildes wife       came to my house.
30. Abijah & his son set off for Boston from my house.

February, 1812
15. Brother Abijah, Leonard Tuckerman, John, Wm & Levi Wildes & familys     went off home for madderson  clean off ye d___ground.
22. I at Whitneys met the selectmen concerning J Livermore’s Cattle complaint.


March, 1812
1. Boos Whitney preached here Jackson went off   gave me a horse whip &       Lydia a fine trunk.
6. I went Chelmsford see widow Fletcher  came back to Westford  stayed all       night.
7. I went back to Capt. Keyeses and on to the widow Fletchers and settled with          her and Capt. Keyes and took a Deed of her and her 4 Dollars in cash         came to Westford and had a deed acknowledged at Osgoods & paid John       about for 2 writs & took his receipt & came home.
17. I gave Joseph Darby a Deed of five acres of land in Leominster.
22. Mr Robertson preached at Shirley.
23. Otice Egerton came from Mr Dwights his time out & helped me.
25. Otice at school & Samuel Hazen at my house.
31. . .Mr Wilder fetched one barrel Oil to my house for me & others S Longley &        Wm McIntosh.


April, 1812
13. snowed Chief of ye day  7 inches.
14. my daughter Egerton was married to Moses Jones by Rev’d P Whitney at    my house  fine day &c.
15. Moses Jones took her home by the hand of John Robbins and her goods.
21. L M (Leonard Moody Parker) went Charlestown in stage . . .

May, 1812
4. Town meeting. . . voted to build and repair five school Houses.
18. I sot off for Boston.
19. I went in to Boston came out took Dinner with Moody & Lincoln sot off for Home.
26. was Training to draught 10 men  Voted to give each man $10 pr month       when they march. this night they pooled up my tree I set the Common Ziv,    Hall, Stewart, & B &c.

June, 1812
5. Moody fetched me my commission  the[y] went to Worcester at 10 o clock . . .
27. I gave Aaron Lyon a Quit Claim Deed of his house & land and he Gave        Artimus Longley one.

July, 1812
19. Mr Miles preached finely.
23. in ye afternoon I went to the funeral of Deacon Hales wife  fine warm day    great many attended on their hay and & neglected their fast worship.

August, 1812
2. Perry at my house  Lydia & he went Shakers.
8. Shirley met this night at Whitneys on republican business.
10. I went to Concord with six others to a county Convention viz: John Egerton          Doctor Hartwell Cap’t Staples Nath’l Holden Stephen Barrett &c got                    Court House about 300 hundred the other party.

October, 1812
2. Abel Phelps & wife at my house.
9. Reed & Shattuck had a reference at Whitneys  Whitney attended to arbitration.
14. Lydia went to Boston with Whitney.
22. I at Widow McLeod’s Vandue  I bought the wood lot 7 acres of land at $12 ½         and the barn & ¾ of an acre (the land on which the Universalist Church       was afterwards built.)  in the piece where it stands at $15-0 and 5 chairs & 4 Caggs at $0-68.
28. I took deed of Joseph Bryant of the barn lot & Lovey Hazen took of the        wood-lot.

November, 1812
15. Mr Cushing preached & Flagg preached at John Davises.
26. (Thursday) was thanksgiving throughout the state Little Hill of temple         preached & did offend many by his words &c.

December, 1812
8. Capt. Keyes & Osgood Parker at my house to see about an action of his         fathers.
24. I at Claps Funeral  Mr Flint pr’cd.
25. I at home  in the evening I & my wife at Doctor’r Hartwells  took supper       Esq’r Whitney & wife also   had a fine supper.

(The almanac containing Parker’s diary for 1813 has not been found.)

January, 1814
1. Esq’r J Jackson went from my house  I went to Lancaster  Joneses; Lydia     and Sintha left; Sintha paid Warner Jones.
7. I at a court at Whitneys between rev’d Mr Foster & Adams Carried on by       Sylvester.           went against Adams  bill of cost &c.
9. no preaching, Capt. Staples & Capt. Treadwell.
13. I & my wife went to James   Mr Whitney Mr Harkness Capt. Egerton Esq’r   Longley & their wives took dinner & enjoyed ourselves.
24. I sot off for Boston  Jameses Whitney went with me.
25. I bought some stores for the winter, rum, sugar, Gin &c of Jonas Tyler of    Charlestown.
26. was ordination at Harvard  I at home  Lydia Perry went.

February, 1814
4. John Egerton Milton Parker McCluer and Wildes & Silvey Egerton at my       house in evening.
16. Lt John Brooks & wife at my house  2 children Jameses Harris & wife         Children passed on Groton.
18- Milton Parker & McCluer & J Egerton sot off to Madderson with their party          &c.

March, 1814
9. Lydia went to Deacon Willards Ball Smith went to Widow Longleys by Oliver Page.
11. attended the examination of the school  Esq’r Longley Holden & others.
31. I at Court of Little & Barrett at Whitneys  Referees Hoar & Allen Lawyers &          Prescott.

April, 1814
1. I at Whitneys at the Court of Little & Barrett.
4. was April meeting  I wished for the continuance of a piece of the road by the          hill below Kezers (in North Shirley. The road referred to is still used as a         bypath) the Town did not Grant it.
30. John Moved Abner Mitchell Goods to John Rockwoods (in West Groton) with          my team.

May, 1814
2. Voted to build school houses  voted to hire 6 months preaching 3 Sundays   in a month.
3. Training Fairbanks commanded the Company Capt. Dwight under arrest      McIntosh Child (William, son of William and Abigail McIntosh, aged 4 years) lay dead.
4. was Lecture  Mr Fay preached McIntosh child buried Mr Bullard attended.
19. I attended Vendue at the widow Ivory Longleys  I bought about 8 acres of    land Gave $208 dollars took a deed & paid all the money of John Swift of       Milton.

June, 1814
3. Abner fell in my cellar & went home.
5. I at school meeting   dissolved it without day  Capt. Treadwell at my house    over night.
6. I went to Groton & took the oath of a Justice of the Peace  Thomas Whitney & Stephen Longley took the same oath at the same time & instance &   returned home safe.
29. My son Leonard M Parker & his wife came to my house at 6 O.Clock.

July, 1814
5. I at Groton at Capt. F Dwights Court Marshall Calls in Groton I gave Esq’r     Longley writ against Moses Perkins & one against Thomas Ranselear (a    Negro) & Levi Wait.
31. Mr Smith Universalist preached  a number of people.

September, 1814
6. I sot off for Boston  went to Charlestown
7. went into Boston  back to Charlestown
8. I came home   took dinner at Concord   a meeting by a number of towns to   see about the times  raising men &c.
14. I at the funeral of old Miss Hazen.
21. Capt. Moses Treadwell moved off & Lydia his wife to his home in old Ipswich.(the remaining words of this entry are written on the margin.) this 21 day my daughter Lydia Bowes Parker [was married] to [Capt. Moses         Treadwell] at half after 8 oclock this morning by Mr Whitney they moved      oclock to old Ipswich.
22. I at home  my daughter Whitney very very sick.  Great trouble in the Country   Town meeting this day settled about the School Houses        ministers &c.
23. training & soldiers marching &c.
26. a great meeting at Esq’r Longleys to see about people traveling on the         Sabbath  nine towns viz Groton Pepperell Harvard Lancaster Bolton   Townsend Lunenburg &c.
28. widow Mill husked.

October, 1814
11. I at Vandue  Jonas Livermore  I bought an old saddle & 5 Barrels & meet    Tub.
26. Jonas Livermore moved off from his house to go to the Ohio Country & William    Warren.
31. Mr Dean preached a Lecture & sermon a Universalist preacher & he preached Terror; this night the middle school House was sold to the    North middle Class for $62.

November, 1814
5. I at Whitneys arbitration between Lunt Fairbank & Hamon about burning    land.
7. Esq’r Joshua Longley died about one o.clock  Very Sudden  supposed the     Cramp in the stomach.  the Town voted Not to let the Universalist      Society have the Use of the Meeting House.
9. they moved the School House from the middle down on the turnpike by old Jennersons  Wallis & others.
10. I at the funeral of Esq’r Joshua Longley, great Number of people; Mr Bascomb preached a sermon from Psalms XL 6 verse, be still & know that I am God &c.
11. I had my aged mother & my daughter Abigail Prescott Parker dug up and   put in my tomb, by Moses Jennerson.
16. I set off for Boston took 2 Deed stopped at Concord at Kyeses put up at       Charlestown a L M P (Leonard Moody Parker) he gone to Portland on a         Court Marshall.
28. I bought some Cranberries of Abijah Nutting paid him Cash at the fun’l      Phinehas Holden  a Number of people.

December, 1814
7. I went to Doctor’r Hartwells to see Benj Washburn; Egerton married, Mr        Whitney Esq’r Egerton & our wives  Blank &c. .


(The Almanacs containing Parker’s diary for 1815, 1816, and 1817 have not been found)

January, 1818
3. Doctor’r Smith Came to my house  put a plaster on my wife.
4. I went to south meeting. (The Universalist meeting).
5. I at the Vandue of John Davis  I bought a piece of land & several other little matters.
12. I at the Vandue of John Hartwell.
15. I at Longley’s mill   meeting at Edes of the Universal society & signed
25. I did not go to meeting   Tolman gone.

February, 1818
1. I at south meeting.
10. I at the Vandue of Dwights lands at putmonds.
25. I at home, the sleighs run swift, Great Company at Stephen Longleys.

March, 1818
3. I at the Vandue at Putmans at the selling of Silas Browns furniture & others          &c great thaw Staples Bridge, (between Ayer and Shirley) Rockwoods (at      West Groton) took off by the flood & others great damage.
5. I had Company to dinner viz Esq’r Egerton  Doctor’r Hartwell Capt. Parker    Esq’r Whitney Maj’r Longley Mr Wood Mr Killum Lovey Hazen & wives         took dinner   went off at sundown.
8. I at South meeting.
12. My copper shop (on the Great Road) was burnt to ashes about 9 o’clock        ev’g.
18. Abraham Simonds fetched me home my cow he has had almost ten years.
19. I at Davises to see about my deed & receipt [?]  I at my Smith lot to see the destruction of [shop].

April, 1818
18. I at the Vandue of the letting out of Staples Bridge at Whitneys.
29. I at the shoe of the elephant at Whitneys   great N’o of people at the shoe.

May, 1818
15. I was called on to try a Cause for stealing a watch from Benj’a Edes    supposed by one William Hamelton  said Hamelton [held[ over June       Court for want of Bondsman sent to goal & Carried by S Longley &          putman.
19. I at Groton at a reference between Judge Prescott & Sam Bancroft wife I     was summoned as evidence.

June, 1818
4. in ye afternoon I at the funeral of _____Pratt girl at the paper mill.
8. two men with rags drove into my barn & shed.
18. Capt. Treadwell & wife came.

July, 1818
11. Cynthia Jones came to my house & married.

August, 1818
27. I at the funeral of the widow Deacon Longley

September, 1818
21. Sam Wood brought me & S’n Longley a summons for Capt. Putnam for hops I      took from John Walker.

October, 1818
7. I went to Groton Muster  Carried Mr Wood  a great No of People.

November, 1818
17. I at the funeral of Thomas Hammond.
23. I at shootings at Edes.

December, 1818
1. I at the funeral of Capt. Edward Staples   great N’o of people   he laid in my   Tomb.
31. I at the Vandue at Hammons  I bot several articles.

(The almanac containing Parker’s diary for 1819 has not been found.)

January, 1820
3. Mrs Dunn buried.
12. I at the Vandue at Joseph Longley.
13. I went to Vandue at s’d Longleys as much 30 articles in both days.
19. I at Whitneys   2 negroes tried for stealing goods from Hopkinton       &       Sentenced by Esq’r Longley to Give Bonds or committed; they were   committed to Concord.
24. Doctor’r Hartwell Came to John Newell left some phisick  he dropsical.
26. I at the Vandue of the Rev Mr Whitney  great many articles sold  I bought   little.
27. I at the Vandue at the old Ministers   I bought No articles   chest draws 2    chairs  chaney &c.

February, 1820
4. I at home  John very sick.
5. John Newell died this morning about 4 o’clock  my son & Miss Whitney        watched with him. (The remaining words of this entry are written on the      margin.) 58 years 10 months 5 days  lived with me 24 years.
6. J N was entombed carried into the meeting house a prayer made by Mr.       Bullard  Bearers Porter, G Farnsworth Oliver Page & son, Estabrook, Daniel Dodge, —Brown, I, James, Whitney, Longley, David, Lovey & others   followed as mourners, some grandchildren.
15. I at the Vandue at Edes  I bot N’o articles.

March, 1820
14. Josiah Hazen wife moved out of my Zweir house.

April, 1820
4. I at Frost farm  Maj Longley & John Walker to view the damages dun meet    at my house to settle with John Priest as referees and we did settle I   took his note  Reuben Sweirs moved into my Frost house to carry it on.
5. I sent J Hazen home with his father.
14. I at Mulpus farm measured off ½ acre  I sold this day   Asa Lakin came to    work for me  Francis went home to go to Concord to see his brother &c.

May, 1820
14. I at the wedding of John Davis Jr to Silvia Egertons after went to meeting.

June, 1820
3. . . .agreed with Porter & Atherton for his David to come.
4. David Atherton came to my house.

July, 1820
15. I at the funeral of John Walker after
19. old Doctor’r Parker at my house at evening.

August, 1820
7. I carried Lucy Boston home & paid her off then went on & fetched Mary        Green to my house to live from Groton to live with me.
21. I at the funeral of Sam’l Longley in ye afternoon  Town Meeting to see about         altering the state Constitution  Vote to alter 24 to 6.
26. Emm Commings & her Daughter Mittea at my house & others.

September, 1820
2. Old Kelsey impounded my 6 sheep &c  I paid out damage.
10. this day McKenzey was buried.
15. Major Longley & I viewed Kelseys fence.
16. in the afternoon Stephen Longley Esq’r & Reuben Hartwell fence viewers    went on the line between Kelsey & I.
17. I at meeting Mr Conant preached the funeral of Roxy Longley (Roxana,       daughter of Asa and Betsey (Hazen) Longley, was born in July 1792 and          died 16 Sept. 1820) from —ing.
18. I & Stephen Longley & Reuben Hartwell in ye forenoon running the line.
25. in ye afternoon s’d Longley Nathaniel Livermore & Capt. Kelsey measured my      wall & we did not settle any farther.
30. . . Capt. Treadwell & wife came & his Little boy Jameses.

October, 1820
7. Treadwell & wife & boy went home.

November, 1820
4. I at Manaseh Solindines to see about his girl.
9. Adaline Solindine came to live at my house at eve.
11. this day old Mrs Chase was buried  her husband was taken out of my tomb          & buried too.
28. Sweirs boy fetched me 12 cabbages  I gave him a dead shote that died this day.

December, 1820
11. David & Shepard run off  David stopped at ye school ye first day it kept       Shepard went clear.
31. . . no preaching in town  Emme Comings went home.

(The almanacs containing Parker’s diary for 1821 and 1822 have not been found.)


January, 1823
3. I met Judge Dana & Cap’n William Jones at Whitneys for a settlement. Maj’r          Longley & John Walker as evidences.  E. Dodge and Jameses P.Whitney     as evidences to prove a tender of money by Jones.
6. Ware (Wonder Weare of Westminster, Mass, who married Abigail P. Hazen.)   and wife at my house & others.
11. I at the Vendue of Capt. Kelsey cattle and Hay.
12. My sister Cummings dyed about half after two o’clock after noon.
14. I at the Funeral of my sister Cummings from John Killcreas (John Gilchrist)          fair and cold.
16. This day Leonard Sweirs went off
18. The whole family moved from my Frost farm.


February, 1823
6. John Robins wife son at my house.
11. Manassah Solindine moved into my Frost house.

March, 1823
3. I at March meeting  Maj Longley moderator  Whitney Town Clerk Nat Holden         First Selectman Maj Egerton & Maj Longley & I left the meeting.  Representative for Congress at Washington in this district Samuel Dana   the overseers of the poor Wheler Henry & Harlow.
10. Capt. Wm Jones at my house and made a tender of $150-77cents.
12. Moses Jones & wife at my house
17. I at the Vendue of the Harris (the farm of Francis Harris) Farm bid off to      Esq’r Whitney $2280 after the poor of the Town were sold at Whitneys.
20. I at the Vendue of Daniel Kelsey farm bid off by Doctor’r Hartwell at $610 the       mansion [?] by Nathan King $137
27. I signed a receipt to Thomas Hammond estate by the Judgment of Judge    Dana.

April, 1823
2. Was training to choose officers Zenas Brown Capt. Thomas Whitney 1st Lieut          Joseph Benson [?] had a great frolic some got drunk &c.
6. preaching at the south young Baloo (Hosea Ballou)  preached.
14. David Sawtell Jacob Phelps & Jack Mitchell cut at door.
24. I paid Jonas, Thomas Williams and Leonard Egerton all of for the Jonas      Parker lot farm and all the buildings all the m in silver & Boston bills $225.

June, 1823
5. Agreed with Dexter Gleason to work  Jameses Shepley (he lived in that part of        Shirley that is now Ayer) I paid his rate in cash.

July, 1823
3. I and Jameses Whitney sat off for Boston road there by one o’clock.
31. I went to the Vendue of Jonas Pages farm I bought half the North side         called 99 ¾ acres in the whole I bid it off $296 Daniel Dodge the south    side.

August, 1823
1. I had Bond in the afternoon.

September, 1823
2. I & Jameses Page run the line [of the Page farm] Maj’r Longley helped & John       Billings helped.
4. I at court of Doctor’r Hartwell and Capt. Jameses Parker concerning one rod of       land  James got the case.
5. I at the funeral of Hezekiah Patterson.
30. I road to Groton muster carried Capt. Parker  fine day  great no of people    one poor soldier got badly wounded.

October, 1823
16. I at the funeral of Capt. William McIntosh

November, 1823
24. I at Stratton Walkers Vendue.
29. I Maj Longley & David Kilburn went to Jameses Pages to sign our deeds he          refused to sign at present   came home.
30. Black woman & her boy came to my house  stayed over night.


December, 1823
6. I at Vendue of D. Atherton pasture.  Henry Lane came to live at my house.
7. Nat [Ayers] went off & Wm Bolton went off.
13. Thomas D. Fletcher at my house.
15. John Killcreas (John Gilchrist) at my house.
18. I gave D Dodge writ against Tom Jennerson.

January, 1824
1. At evening had Stephen Longley & wife to supper had fine roasted Turkey
8. Miriam Hastings came from Boston.
21. Girls at Dancing school Meriam & Adeline.

February, 1824
17. I carried Miriam Hastings to her fathers.
20. I at the Show at Tom Hazens & Vandue of things of Warrens.
21. Solindine wife at my house.

March, 1824
24. I at the Vandue of Wallis Little Property
25. Great Ball at Dodges  March closes bad   Ware wife & Lovey & Hazen at       over   night.

April, 1824
1. I went after Mary Sanderson.
12. Agreed with Leonard Swears for one year.
16. I settled with Adeline & paid her off she went off to Lancaster by S. Longley.
22. I at the raising of David Parkers house  Charles Whitney raised a barn this day.

June, 1824
10. Abraham Durant & Adeline Solindine married at my house & went right off.        moved to Westford same day at 8 o’clock
12. A Durant took off Adeline furniture   not here.

July, 1824
10. Capt. Longley dead.
12. I at the funeral of Capt. Artemus Longley   fine day.

August, 1824
16. Mary Sanderson went off  I paid her.  Betty Worcester came to my house.

September, 1824
3. I attend at a settlement with John Walker  arbitrated to Dolfus Whitcomb     and Maj Longley.
29. Susan Longley came to work at my

October, 1824
23. I at the Court of Moors  Hartwell & Reuben Holden for fighting.
27. I at the Vandue John Davis . . .

November, 1824
11. My daughter Treadwell came to my house.
27. Capt. Treadwell came to my house.
29. Treadwell & wife went home.

December, 1824
7. I at the vendue of Capt. A Longley
13. Jonas Parker died at 7 o’clock in Pepperell my brother son
16. Capt. J Little Buried   Old McIntosh lay dead.
17. James Page moved Cha. Whitney shop.
18. old McIntosh buried this day.

January, 1825
7. I Charles Whitney went onto Atherton farm bot two lots of land of him 18      acres.
24. I at my wood lot in Groton.  Jameses Whitney to see my land & to sell if I    could to Deacon Farnsworth Vandue of Flints property.
26.  . . . old Will Kelsey Buried.


February, 1825
16. I at David Atherton Vandue of his house Barn & 40 acres of land  sold to     Stephen Barrett.
18. John Brooks & wife & widow Killcreas (widow Gilchrist)  at my house           Charles Whitney & family moved out of town to Peter. (Peterborough, N.H.).


March, 1825
1. Abel Longley wife buried.
16. Great set down at Sam’l Hazens  a great hog roast &c.

April, 1825
1. This day William Swears & wife moved in my Frost house by Clark &    Boynton   Jonathan Davis moved out
30. afternoon Esq’r Whitney raised barn. . .

May, 1825
29. I at home Brimblecomb preached.

June, 1825
[2]. Went to Groton  Let my farm to Artemus Wright.
17. great day at Charlestown.
22. Moses Jenkins began to work for me.


July, 1825
14. Loammi Boutwell came to work for me.

August, 1825
3. Eli Bolton (Eliab Going Bolton) came to work for me at nine o’clock.
12 .Eli Bolton went off home in the morning. . .
25. I & David Livermore went on fence between Kelsey & my own pasture in     order to settle.

September, 1825
5. I at Pepperell  got a writ for Washington Wright & round by Townsend to       see Garish.
13. Royal Mitchel went off.
21. I at Vendue at Moses Kezars furniture.
29. Great muster at Groton  my boy Royal went.

October, 1825
4. This 4 day of October Joel Brown came to live with me.
17. I at the vendue of Capt. A. Longley land.

November, 1825
16. Lyal Mitchell went off from me.
28. I sold my Bull & three fat cows to John Prince Houghton for $86 dollars my          daughter Jones went home.

December, 1825
26. I went to Lunenburg to see the commissioners on Enoch Browns estate.     Sent in part of my Demand against Moses Kezar estate.

January, 1826
15. I received a new Justice Commission from Governor Lincoln
21. I at Pepperell at Lewises met Washington Wright & settled in part.

February, 1826
11. Widow Wallis Little Buried.

March, 1826
22. Joel Brooks went off to Ashby.  Ezery Coudery paid.
25. I at the Vandue of Moses Kezars horses, houses & farm not sold.

April, 1826
13. I at the funeral of Israel Longleys widow.

May, 1826
8. Hary Woster went off.

June, 1826
13. I at the Vandue of John Rockwood furniture at

July, 1826
4. President Adams and President Jefferson died Both in one day

August, 1826
17. My 2 sons Genl Daniel Parker and Esq’r Moody Came to my house at          evening.
19. Daniel & Moody went home to Charlestown.
22. Left 2 notes against Doctor Calvin Carter with Esqr Whitney
28. I heard of the death of sister Parker.
29. I went to Groton to the funeral of sister Leafe Parker the wife of Phinehas   Parker.

November, 1826
12. I at meeting  Mr Bascomb preached and administered the sacrament or      Lord’s supper.
26. This Twenty six day of November I was eighty two years of age.


December, 1826
2. I at the tomb yard where they Removed seven out of my tomb into the New   tombs  Maj Longley Father & mother M’jr Egerton 2 child Samuel Hazen         Father & Mother Mrs Whitcomb.

(The almanac containing Parker’s diary for 1827 has not been found.)

January, 1828
1. Moses Jones & wife came to my house.
3. I & Eben at the raising Majr Egerton Paper mill fine warm day
9. Vandue Oliver Page   Wm Williams died.
15. Joel Brooks died.
16. I at Brooks funeral at Wm Littles
19. Capt. [E] Going came to buy my Townsend lot.
27. I at the funeral of Jesse Ayer at my Frost farm.
31. I at the funeral of Abel Longley  killed by the fall of tree.

February, 1828
17. Preaching Jenny Littles by Kingesbury.
24. meeting at Jenny Littles

March, 1828
3. Town meeting at Shirley   Whitcomb mad first schoolman.

April, 1828
5. I at Gusts Page’s Vandue.
28. I at Vandue of S. Longley.

June, 1828
29. Josiah Brooks came to live with me.

July, 1828
23. I at the funeral of Jackson Page.

November, 1828
3. Town meeting   I for Jackson  Town for Adams
4 & 5. I at Sear Egerton’s very sick.
8. I went to see Brother Egerton who was very sick  Stoppage in his water
10. I at Est Egerton’s &c.
11. Sear John died on the 11 at 11 o’clock.
14. Sear John Egerton was entombed  Mr Turner attended the Funeral great    number of people.

December, 1828
17. at home Dedication of the Brick meeting house  Number people.
18. I at Vandue of Esq. John Egerton

January, 1829
1. this first day of January I settled with Been Tucker.
5. Freeman Fetched his B. boy to live with me, from at the age of seventeen.

February, 1829
13. I sent my negro boy off.
19. Capt. Brooks & wife went from my house home.

March, 1829
2. Town meeting Whitcomb moderator.
4. . . .this forth day President Jackson took President.
8. No meeting Baker buried.
9. March meeting new men of all Sorts
10. I settled with J Estabrook & gave him a deed of his land.
21. Esqr Keyes at my house to take my deposition for Josiah Davis to be sworn.         I at Kilburn mill settled with him.
22. Cold & the poor sold.
24. I let my Jonas house to P.H.
31. Leonard Ayers came to live with me.

April, 1829
10. boy by the name of John Bray at my house Poorly.
11. John Bray went off.
13. Eben Tucker went off Left me.
15. Lawrence moved in my Frost house.
22. Chambers came to my house at five o’clock afternoon to begin his work       next day

August, 1829
9. Gorge Chambers got up in the morning run off
13. Jonathan Messor began to work for me.

September, 1829
2. Little Ben run off from me.
8. Simon Burrage came to live with me.
22. Sally Jones came to my house.

November, 1829
6. I very lame no work
12. I lame my wife sick.
14. Eben Tucker at night came from Roxbury at noon.
18. My wife died about noon.   T Jennerson went after my Daughter.
20. My daughter came from Ipswich.
21. my wife committed to the silent Tomb Prayer by Revd Mr Hobart
26. Very lame Doctor Parker
28. lame sober times.

December, 1829
1. this 1 Day of December Doctor Parker at my leg.
6. Lydia at the Brick house.
7. Leonard M daughter Treadwell at the funeral of Moses Jones.
20. day kept house Very lame my daughter Treadwell at my [house].

(James Parker, the writer of this diary, died 29 Sept. 1830.)

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