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Last Name First Name Year Main Idea
Adams George A Obituary at age 76
Adams John M Obituary at age 87
Adams George H 1934 Obituary
Adams George H 1927 Real Estate
Andrews George B 1912 Obituary (Civil War Vet)
Andrews Orsamus Obituary
Andrews Charles Obituary
Hargraves Jennie Frances Obituary at age 41
Adams John N Will Dispute after Wife’s Death
Adams John Edwards Obituary at age 59
Adams Lucy A Obituary at age 86
Adams Charles A Obituary
Adams Edward G 1945 Obituary
Adams Porter H Plans to fly around the world
Atwood Warren Hj First judge to try an insanity case by jury
Adams Porter H Wedding Announcement
Adams Porter H 1920 Gets Divorce
Adams Porter H 1945 Obituary
Hotel Lincoln – Ayer Rita Hayworth slept there
Ayer Old Main Street Views
Ayer Business during 1800s
Banks Gordon Collecting Autographs
Brown William H 1921 Obituary at age 72
Byram Jennie A Obituary at age 59
Byram George E Obituary at age 54
Binney B S 1892 Fire Destroys Paper Mill
Binney Lydia R 1919 Obituary at age 80
Bliss Mrs. Charles Obituary at age 73
Bohanon John 1920 Obituary at age 76
Binney Benjamin S Obituary at age 83
Bowmar Angie 1963 Obituary at age 66
Barnard W.E. Old Stone-Weight 200 years old
Barnard Henrietta 12/1/1938 Obituary
Barnard William 9/27/1849 Obituary
Bridgman School Shirley Center – College Prep
Bridgman Howard A 8/20/1860 Obituary
Bryant Emma N 1922 Obituary
Bolton Mr. & Mrs. 100th Anniversary of their house
Bolton Charles K Librarian Boston’s Atheneum
Bolton Ethel S Obituary at age 80
Bolton Ethel S Shirley Author
Bolton Geoffrey Obituary at age 96
Bolton Sarah K 1916 Obituary at age 74
Bolton Charlie K. 1950 Obituary at age 82
Boucher George Back from the front – Member of Merill’s Marauders
Boutilier Emma (Carlson) 1955 Obituary
Briggs Clarence 1944 Battle of Cassino
Brockleman Frank 1955 Obituary – Druggist for 50 years
Brockleman Annie Obituary at age 67
Barrett George (Capt) Obituary
Butterfield Dr. Edwin 1945 Obituary
Burrill Edna Filed bill to retain 70 year old teachers
Burrill Edna 1960 Obituary
Cummings Emma L 1916 Obituary at age 65
Cummings Alice Wrote poem “The Matron’s Surprise”
Cummings Alice Obituary at age 90
Cummings Arthur R Suicide
Comstock Una Obituary
Coates Sherman New Vet
Davis George L Obituary at age 48
Demers Harriet W 1943 Obituary
Dodge Sylvia Marriage
Dynice Stephen Killed in action
Desmond Madeline Obituary
Desmond John 1947 Obituary
Durgin Mary Ann 99th Birthday – 103 years old
Dennault Maude Obituary
Evans Esther WWII picture in France
Evans Esther Donates 40th pint of blood
Last Name First Name Year Main Idea
Iverson Jennifer 1985 National Children’s Week
Farrar John W. 1945 Obituary at 87
Farrar Robert C Obituary
Farrar James H Drunk- Hit with beer bottle
Farrar Jack St. Mary’s C.Y.O baseball
Farrar Jack Wins fishing derby
Field Herman 1949 Missing behind Iron Curtain
Farrar James H 1956 Obituary
Farrar/McNabb John / Mary Ellen Wedding
Fuller Howard Obituary at 52
Fuller Sidney T Obituary
Evans Ralph-Isacc Obituary
Evans Ralph Jr. Building a House
Groton 1965 Gravestones Unearthed
Peabody Retires
Evans Jr. Ralph Home Building Ad
  1939 William Amory Dies
Gionet Felix 1939 Obituary
Godard Lizzie Harriet 1927 Obituary
Grout Mildred T Obituary
Sawtelle Tavern Sold for $80.00
Goodspeed Charles E Yankee Bookseller
Goodspeed Charles E 1950 Obituary
Goodspeed Charles E 1941 Home Fire $20,000 damages
Goodspeed Leila May 1959 Obituary
Graves Norman R 1940 Obituary
Graves/Clark Ruth/William 1916 Wedding
Graves Ralph N. 1954 Obituary
Graves/Watkins Clyde/Geraldine 1942 Wedding
Graves/Johnson Constance/Earl Wedding
Graves Mabel Obituary
Hartman Charles 1961 Obituary
Hanover Richard Opens Apothecary
Hartman John Obituary
Holden Marion Marriage
Hartman Marion 1969 Obituary
Hartman Charles H Army Discharge
Hartman Charles H Suicide
Hartman James 1986 Obituary
Holden Arthur Jr. Marriage
Hallett Oliver 1957 Obituary
Hartman John Retires
Hartman Garden Wild Flower Society Visits
Holden Philip Fishing picture
Holden Arthur R Marriage
Lawrence Milton R. Marriage
Harlow George E Obituary
Heath Ruby 1930 Obituary
Harvey Myron 1934 Obituary
Humes Julia 1925 Obituary
Hammond Helen 1921 Obituary
Hooley Patrick 1941 Obituary
Hewes George 1912 Jail sentence
Hewes Janett Obituary
Hansen Charles 1932 Obituary
Hartford Tamard Obituary
Hartman Charles H 1961 Suicide
Holman Nellie Munson Obituary
Horton Sidney Obituary – WWI
Hersom Frances Obituary
Hoisington Albert 1945 Obituary
Huebner Mrs. Herman 1945 Obituary
Hartman Charles 1961 Obituary
Hayward Mr. & Mrs. William 50th Wedding anniversary  
Howe Benjamin Obituary  
Howe Harlan 1930 Obituary  
Halett/Blanchard Elizabeth/George Wedding  
Harris Ernest Obituary  
Hoar Reuben 1875 Obituary  
Hobbs Laura Obituary  
Hartwell Charles 1956 Obituary  
Harris Roger Discharged from Army  
Hartwell Robert Obituary  
Holden Frederick Obituary  
Marsh Eva 1953 Obituary  
Multiple Girl Scout Troop 1 of Shirley  
Holden Arthur Obituary  
Gilmartin Priscilla Won $1500 cash award  
Holden Frederick Obituary  
Williams Grace Obituary  
Holden Sibyl 1965 Obituary  
Dery Roland Obituary  
Hazen Thomas 1924 Obituary  
Hazen Sarah 1917 Birthday  
Hazen Thomas Obituary  
Hazen John E.L Train Accident  
Hazen John E.L Obituary  
Hazen John E.L Person Tribute  
Hazen Ida 1929 Obituary  
Hazen Sarah Obituary  
Hazen Kate Post Master  
Hazen Kate Obituary  
Holbrook Ellen 1941 Obituary  
Hazen Barbara 1916 Wedding  
Hazen Herman Obituary  
Hazen Elizabeth Obituary  
Hazen Herman Obituary  
Hazen Elizabeth Obituary  
Holden Julia Obituary  
Holden Robert HJ 1922 Wedding  
Holden Luther 1964 Obituary  
Holden Luther 1920 Wedding  
Holden Robert Bronze Star  
Harlow Holden 1911 Wedding  
Holden Granville 1901 Obituary  
Holden Robert Political Candidate  
Holden Eleanor Wedding Picture  
Holden Arthur Lecture Shirley Grange  
Holden Priscilla Wedding  
Holden Priscilla Play  
Holden David 1952 Wedding  
Holden Marlow Play  
Holden W.B. Antiques AD  
Holden George 1885 House auction  
Hartman Marion 1951 Wedding  
Iverson Louis 1956 Obituary  
Harsh Harold H Killed in Car Crash  
Holden Joan Husband Killed  
Iverson John 1951 Recruiting Campaign  
Quatrale Priscilla GE Prize  
Holden William 1952 Cattle Shot  
Holden Arthur Received pasteur treatment  
Holden Oliver 1916 Music  
Holden Oliver 1940 Earthquake  
Quatrale Priscilla Obituary at 74  
Holden Herberet Obituary  
Holden Clara Obituary  
Holden Rhoda Obituary  
Johnson Frank Moving from Ayer  
Durgin Mary E Obituary  
Johnson Frank 1901 School Superintendent  
Jacobs Jean 1952 Weddijng  
Johnson George 1939 Obituary  
Johnson Eleanor Wedding  
Johnson Harry Engagement  
Jacobs Mrs. George Co-ordinator at Devens  
Johnson Natalie 1942 Wedding  
Jubb Etta Wedding  
Johnson Francisca Obituary  
Jubb Mona 1965 Obituary  
Jubb William 1934 Obituary  
Jubb Priscilla Wedding  
Johnson Henry Obituary  
Jenkins Alonzo 1917 Obituary  
Jubb William 1924 Boxing Champ  
Jubb Richard Injured at airport  
Holland James Obituary  
Jarvis Arthur H Obituary at 40  
Jubb William 1923 Birthday  
Jubb William Military funeral  
Jubb William 1923 Birthday  
Jubb Marion Wedding  
McClellan Sarah Obituary  
Jenkins Arthur A Obituary at 88  
Jubb Jessamine Wedding  
Rettberg Andreas Military funeral  
Jubb William 1932 Military funeral  
Jubb Etta 1895 Weddding  
Jubb Arthur Obituary  
Edgarton Lavonne 1958 Obituary  
Kenen William Howdy Doody appearance  
Kitashima Watari Wedding  
Kabatchnik Samuel Obituary  
King Laura Obituary  
Kittredge Otis 1934 Fire  
Kunst Gladys Wedding  
Simpson John 1954 Obituary  
Kilburn George Obituary  
Kurtyka Mr. Fire  
Knowles Doris Wedding  
Knowles Jane 1954 Probate Court  
Kunst Oscar Gas station  
Kittredge Martha Obituary  
Karvonen John 1950 Obituary  
Longley Carolyn 1952 Wedding  
King Phillip 1930 Pastor Retires  
Kemp Sarah 1925 Mental confinenment  
Kemp Frank 1923 Obituary  
French Elsie Obituary  
Klaus Joseph 1923 Obituary  
Kilburn Grace Obituary  
Longley Melvin W Obituary at 61  
Longley Charles 1913 Obituary  
Longley Nancy 1922 Obituary  
Longley Harriman 1924 Obituary at 81  
Longley Welcome H 1918 Obituary at 48  
Longley Sara E Obituary  
Longley Charles Fire  
Warren Lilla 1931 Obituary  
Turner Thelma Wedding  
Longley Abbie P Wedding  
Longley Stephen Obituary  
Longley Melvin P 1941 Obituary  
Longley Savillion 1911 Obituary  
Longley Abbie P 1934 Wedding  
Longley Wade G Obituary  
Longley Christine 1922 Wedding  
Longley Zilpah W 1943 Obituary  
Proctor William Obituary  
Longley William Wedding  
Longley Stephen Wedding  
Lilly Mary Obituary  
Lawrence William Obituary  
Ladd Annie 1925 Obituary  
Lilly Thomas Obituary  
Lilly Mary 1924 Obituary  
Linderberg Althea 1927 Obituary  
Lynch Andrew Selectman  
Leavitt Charles Wedding  
Lynch Andrew Obituary  
Lilly Thomas Obituary  
Longley Bill “Wildbill” Longley  
Longley Christine 1954 Obituary  
Longley Christine G Obituary  
Longley Lydia Book  
Longley Stephen Bilked  
Longley Stephen Policeman  
Longley Catherine Encephalitis  
Lawton Frank Biography Published  
Lawton Robert E Obituary at 52  
Lawton Frank J Obituary  
Lawrence Emma E 1940 Obituary  
Lawton Fred A 1941 Obituary  
Lawton Frank J Lawsuit over Antiques  
Houde William Fire  
Lawton Anna Obituary  
Lawrence Herbert E 1931 Obituary  
Lawton Anna 1920 Obituary  
Lawton Sophia 1919 Obituary  
Lyon Mary B D Obituary  
Lawton Frank Noble Act  
Lawton Franklin 1917 Obituary  
Lawton Mrs. Obituary  
Lawton Alvin 1913 Obituary at 79  
Lyon Samuel P Obituary at 70  
Lawton Frank J 1919 Home & Antique Inspection  
Landry John A Obituary  
Landry Mrs. 1945 Awarded Air medal  
Landry Madeline Obituary  
Landry Clarence Discharged from Military  
Lawrence William Reverend  
Lynch Harry H Obituary  
Lilly Richard T West Point  
Lilly Edward Obituary  


Last Name First Name Year Main Idea
MacKaye Benton Plan for Tri-Town Spaces
MacKaye Benton 1966 Conservation Service Award
MacKaye Mary Memorial Service
MacKaye Percy Appointed Visting Professor
MacKaye Hazel Gave Synopsis on her Pageant
MacKaye Harold Death June 22
MacKaye Benton 1971 A tribute to Nord Davis
MacKaye Percy Death June 22
MacKaye Benton Proposed Appalachian Trail
MacKaye Steele Literary life
MacKaye Benton 1954 Receives Conservation Award
MacKaye James Dartmouth Professor Dies
MacKaye James Death
MacKaye Hazel 1944 Death after Illness
MacKaye Jessie Death by Suicide in NY
MacKaye Hazel 1913 Suffragette March
MacKaye Steele 100th Anniversary of Death
MacKaye Benton Planned Town Article
MacKaye Benton Squannacook & Rivers Article
MacKaye Steele Family Description & New House
MacKaye Robin Injured by Vehicle on Bike
Von Hesse Emily 1910 Dies at 85, Daughter of James Mackaye
MacKaye Percy 1945 70th Birthday celebration
MacKaye Steele Near death
MacKaye Steele Collapeses, Near Death
MacKaye Steele 1894 Tragic Life Story
MacKaye Hazel Joy of Amateur Theatricals
MacKaye Steele 1927 Life written by son Percy
MacKaye Percy 1916 Production of “Sanctuary”
MacKaye Hazel Suffrage Campaign Pageant
MacKaye Percy Poem Review
MacKaye Mary 1924 Death
MacKaye Percy Gave Reading of “Wakefield”
MacKaye Benton Article on Highway in Harvard
MacKaye Percy Newspaper biography
MacKaye Percy Song Written by Percy
MacKaye Benton Article on Conservation
MacKaye Benton Values of Swampland
MacKaye Mrs. Percy 1898 Married
MacKaye James 1926 Theory of Manufactured Happiness
MacKaye Constance D Play author
MacKaye Constance Well known author
MacKaye Constance Married Roland Holt
MacKaye Benton 1983 Newspaper Bio of Benton
MacKaye Benton 1975 Dies
MacKaye Benton River Conservation Article
MacKaye Benton Life History Article
MacKaye Benton 1996 Article about Benton
Ogilby Rev. Dr. Remsen Drowned Teaching a Maid how to Swim, Maid Rescued
Ogilby Rev. Dr. Remsen Drowned Teaching a Maid how to Swim, Maid Rescued
Williams Donald F 1939 Quabbin Reservior
No Author Listed 1928 Doom Bay Town
No Author Listed 1938 Enfield Construction Photos
Rettberg August J Death
Richardson Edward A 1919 Death from Meningitis
Richardson Clara 1954 Death from Illness
Sanderson George S Death
Spaulding Rolland H 1942 Death from Illness
Stetson Orlando S 1948 Death from Illness
Sanderson Darlene M 1947 Death at 4, Car Hit Tree
Sanderson Donald A 1947 Death at 10, Car Hit Tree
Shipton Clifford K Librarian of American Antiquarian Society
Shpton Clifford K Librarian – Author
Shipton Clifford K 1945 Biographer
Shipton Clifford K 1959 Director of American Antiquarian Society
No Author Listed 1961 Lamp Lighting Comic Postcard
No Author Listed Liberty Loan Advertisement
Last Name First Name Year Main Idea  
Odell Majorie R Shirley Town Center History  
Brown Mrs. Gardner National Honor for Pottery  
No Author Listed 1953 History of Shirley, Full Newspaper  
Turner George HB Death at 75  
Thatcher Josiah P Death  
Tuten Sarah T 1891 Elected Treasurer of Savings Bank  
Town Officials 1901 Vaccination Law  
Tewksbury Charles H 1918 Death  
Tucker Mary J. 1924 Death  
Thompson Herbert 1923 Eloped with Irene Bennett  
Thompson Herbert Divorce from Dersis (Wife)  
Thompson Lillian 1942 Marriage to Private Adrien Savaliere  
Thompson Marie L 1952 Death from Illness  
Thacher George 1945 Death at 84  
Thompson Edward R 1919 Death from Flu & Pneumonia  
Thompson Helen E Suicide by Iodine  
Tupper Earl S Invented Tupperware  
Tupper Ernest L Death  
Tupper Violet 4 Year Champion, Shirley Center Clothing Club  
Tucker Norman D Fire guts Family Home  
Turner H.S 1904 Trinity Chapel Benefit Concert Program  
Trinity Chapel 1932 Confirmation  
Trinity Chapel 1920 Pageant  
Trinity Chapel Women’s Group  
Hull John D. New Haverhill Rector  
Trinity Chapel John D. Hull – Rector  
Veasie Kenneth G 1945 Honorable Discharge – Navy  
Weidman John M 1968 Prominent Shirley Sculptor  
Weyman Abbie F Bequeathed Inheritance  
Weyman Wesley Not Adopted (Correction to Previous Article)  
Weyman Abbie F Left Estate of Son  
Wyman Abbie F Death from Illness  
Wyman Abbie F Obituary  
Dunn Sara A 1935 Death from Illness  
Wyman Frederick 1912 Death at 67 from Peritonitis  
Weyman Wesley 1931 Tribute  
Tidd Sylvester J Honors Lura A. White  
White Lura A. 1916 Presented $100 of Gold for 25 years of Teaching  
White Lura A. Honored at Retirement  
White Lura A. 1956 Will  
White Lura A. 1947 School Graduating Class  
White Lura A. 1956 Death from Illness  
White Francis B Death from Heart Problems  
No Author Listed 1903 History of Town Newspaper  
Guercio Lee 1966 Bull Run Restaurant  
Guercio Lee Legend of Lost Eqopantist  
No Author Listed Info about Railroad  
White Howard B Died Under Mysterious Circumstances  
No Author Listed New School Bus Route  
No Author Listed Shirley Club  
No Author Listed Liquor License Issued  
No Author Listed 1950 Old Town Hall Fire  
No Author Listed Town Hall Struck by Lightening, Caused Fire  
No Author Listed 1953 Civil War Memorial Decorated for Memorial Day  
No Author Listed Residents Evacuated Due to Gunfire Near Homes  
No Author Listed Must Abandon Village Due to Rifle Fire  
No Author Listed 75th Anniversary of Odfellow Lodge  
No Author Listed 100th Anniversary of Fredonia Lodge  
No Author Listed Shirley Reaches 200 years Old  
MacKaye Percy Gives Commemorative Poem for 200 Year  
Morin George J Death at 56  
Morin George J American Legion Post Renamed  
No Author Listed 1956 Shirley Bank Holds Open House  
No Author Listed 1953 Bicentennial Program  
No Author Listed Old Home Day  
No Author Listed 150th Anniversary  
No Author Listed Description of Town Hall  
No Author Listed Fire at A. L. Hall  
Rhoades Winfred First Parish Winter Services  
No Author Listed 1912 Centennial Celebration  
Somers Rev. A. N. Whipped Student  
No Author Listed 1954 Storm over Police Budget  
Stevens E.J Liquor License  
No Author Listed Annual Town Meeting  
No Author Listed 1910 Town Meeting  
No Author Listed Town Meeting  
No Author Listed 1913 Largest Taxpayers of the Town  
No Author Listed 1910 Candidates for Selectman  
No Author Listed 1914 Town Meeting  
No Author Listed Town Meeting  
Spaulding L. J. General News  
No Author Listed 1922 Board of Assessors  
Shirley Concert Band 100th Anniversary  
No Author Listed Town Meeting  
No Author Listed 1914 Town Meeting  
No Author Listed 1916 Transportation to Schools  
No Author Listed Vandalism  
No Author Listed Town Meeting  
No Author Listed 1916 Largest Taxpayers of the Town  
No Author Listed Town Elections  
No Author Listed 1922 Families in the Summer  
No Author Listed 5th Anniversary of United Church  
No Author Listed Monument Dedication – Revolutionary Soldiers  
No Author Listed Proposed Schol Building  
No Author Listed Center Water Supply Reccomendation  
No Author Listed 1922 Eligible Postmaster Candidates  
No Author Listed Reminiscenes  
No Author Listed Metropolitan Water Commission  
No Author Listed New Reservoir  
No Author Listed 1913 Candidates for Selectman  
No Author Listed Pupils Can Attend Fitchburg High  
No Author Listed 1916 Hearing  
No Author Listed Hurricane at the Center  
King Rev. Philip 1927 Churches Compete  
No Author Listed 1988 Blizzard  
No Author Listed 1930 Town Meeting  
Graves Ralph N. 1933 Local School Committee  
No Author Listed 1924 Hunting Hill Picnic  
Ballou G. M. Center Water Complaint  
Chesterfield Allen Hilltop Church  
No Author Listed 1892 Dam at Fredonian Mill Torn Down  
No Author Listed Historical Review  
Seymour John Services Offered  
No Author Listed State Planning Board  
No Author Listed Historical Review- Comet  
No Author Listed 1924 Klu Klux Klan Meeting  
No Author Listed 1944 Storm Causes Damage  
No Author Listed 1944 Poem received by USO  
No Author Listed 1944 Damage In Storm  
No Author Listed 1944 76th Birthday  
Sharp Professor Dallas 1929 Funeral Service  
Sharp Dallas 1922 Speaker at Shirley Center Forum  
Sharp Dallas Visited Miss Winslow  
Condon James Received Purple Heart  
No Author Listed 1946 Welcome Home Parade  
No Author Listed 1946 Petition  
No Author Listed Community Club of Shirley Center  
Holden Oliver 1898 Sung Coronation – Ode to Washington  
Holden Oliver Ode to Washington composed  
Holden Oliver 1895 Death  
No Author Listed Old Home Day  
No Author Listed 1953 Thursday Oct 15  
No Author Listed 1952 Oct. 11  
No Author Listed Old Bibles Displayed at Hazen Library  
No Author Listed 1952 150 Year Old Tree Removed  
Johnson Harry P. Threat to Remove Post Office  
No Author Listed 1886 Post Office discontinued  









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