Soldier Guest Book

Open House
Soldiers and War Workers
Camp Devens
During Period of the War 1917

Anna McCollester Lawton
Shirley Lawton
Frank J. Lawton
Shirley Center

The Lawton family of Shirley Center invited soldiers who were drilling in the neighborhood to stop for a drink of water or to visit another time for afternoon tea. Each soldier was asked to sign the guest book. There are four books in the collection. Shirley Lawton Houde used these experiences as the basis for her book Water for Soldiers.

Transcriber’s notes:  The entries are typed as they were written for the most part.  The guests were asked to write their rank, birth date, place of birth, present address. All entries were written in cursive and some were difficult to transcribe. The date beside the name is the date of visit.  Most misspellings were corrected unless their inclusion would be meaningful to their context.

Paul Przybyla    


Robert R. Bradford
261st Aero Squadron, U.S.A.
Kingston, N.S. Canada Feb. 20 1890

Arthur R. Holden
33rd Co. 20th Eng.
Shirley, Mass. Sept.23, 1892

Lewis H. Bradford
37th Co. 20th Engrs.
Kingston, N.S. Canada Oct. 31, 1894

Thomas H. Evans
Medical Detachment
42nd Artillery C.A.C.
Irwin, PA September 5th, 1893


Sgt. Ernest J. Bohanon
Instructor Aviation School
St. Paul, Minn.
Nov. 5, 1894   Shirley Massachusetts

Sara Stanwood Wilkins
Hostess House

  1. O. Massig
    Recruiting Service
    Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. William Conrad
Co. K 167th Inf. – 42nd Div.
Palisade Park, N.J.
France July 20, 1917 – May 29, 1919

Raymond G. Hairi (or Hain)
July 7, 1897 – August 27, 1917

Robert C. Winton
2nd Lt. 301 Infantry
July 8, 1895 – Sept. 16, 1917

Engelbert M. Schmidt
N. Adams, Mass.
July 17, 1894 – Sept. 24, 1917

Carl Kemp
North Adams, Mass.
October 21, 1895 – Sept. 24, 1917

  1. E. Redford
    Major 301st Inf.
    Concord, N.H.
  2. B. MacNeil
    2nd Lieut.  O.R.C.
    Jamaica Plain, Mass.



Harvey Q. McCollester
Ayer, Massachusetts
February 13, 1894 – October 8, 1917
23rd Co. 6th Bat. Depot Brigade

Clarence A. Lawton
Fall River, Mass.
Aug. 24, 1894
Ordnance Dept. Second Army

Charles J. Billings, Cpl.
Bondsville, Mass
Nov. 28, 1889 – July 20, 1919
Ordnance Dept. 1st Rpl. Depot A.E.F.

George Michel, Pvt.
West Peabody, Mass.
July 21, 1896
Ord. Dept. 1st Corps.

Albert J. Landry
224 Phillips Ave., New Bedford, Mass.
Octo. 23, 1887 –
2nd Co. 1st Battl. Depot Brigade 151

Lester M. Lane
Hingham, Mass.
Sept. 5,1886 – Oct 10, 1917
Private G. Co. 302 Inf.

Antoine Beaulier
St. David, Maine
May 9, 1888 – Nov 4, 1917
Battery B. Rd 303

George C. Bickford, Private
Pittsfield, Maine
July 25, 1895 – Nov. 4th, 1917
Battery B. 303 Rd

Herman E. Lovejoy, Private
Fairfield, Maine
Sept. 13, 1893
Battery B, 303rd F.A.

Lawrence L. Nicholson
Pleasant Point, Maine
Oct. 26, 1895 Battery A 303rd

Ivory G. Kemp
Aurora, Maine
March 10th, 1891 Battery E 303rd F.A.

John R. Lee
Scranton, PA
Oct 5, 1893
Battery E, 303rd H.F.A.

Harvey W. Spittell
Bowdoinham, Maine
Oct. 20, 1887 – Nov. 11, 1917
Private, 301 Inf.

Fortunato Tarquinio
Pescosansopesco, Province of Teramo, Italy
Sept. 2, 1892
34th Comp. 6th Batt. Depot Brigade, Camp Devens, Ayer

Ernest Pellegrini
Apr 28, 1918
Lambrigio Ralpolicella, Verona, Italy

Albert Levitt, Chaplain, 302 field Artillery, N.A.

Capt. Samuel S. Durgee, 202 F. A.

Private John R. Sherman
Albany, New York
Birth Feb. 26, 1893
Co. B. 303rd Inf. Reg.

Corporal E. P. Gaier
Albany, N.Y.
Birth Sept. 10, 1893 – Nov. 29, 1919
Co. B. 303rd Infantry

Private Edward Coyne
Albany, N.Y.
Birth August 7, 1893
Co. B. 303rd Inf.

Private Harry A.  Mosall
Albany, N.Y.
Birth Dec. 13, 1894, Co. B 303rd Inf.

Pvt. Norris E. E. Weston
Montreal, P. Quebec – Worcester, Mass.
5–23-1888  –  12-2–1917
Quartermaster, E.R.C.
Enlisted in Worcester 5-23-1917

Earl C. Davis
Pittsfield, MA
Y.M.C.C. Hart. #27, Camp Devens

Sergeant Antonio DeMeo
Italy (Gaeta)
Camp Personnel Office, Insurance Dept. Camp Devens, Mass.

Corp. John J. Ryan
Feb. 3, 1888 – Dec., 1917
Co. I 301 Inf. Camp Devens

Prvt. John Palumbo
Sept.10, 1895 – Dec. 1917
Co. I. 301st Inf., Camp Devens

Private Maurice A. Idelson
Feb. 2, 1895 – Dec. 18, 1917
Co. I 301st. Inf. Camp Devens

Private Herbert L. Bush
Nov. 20, 1895 – March 14, 1918
Co. I 301st Inf. Camp Devens

Charles O. Purdy – Chap. 36 Inf.
“an exceptionally interesting and enjoyable day in this house of
attraction and antique furnishings, exquisite refreshments. And
charming host – hostess etc.

Buela Collete Purdy
Des Moines, Iowa
“an admirer of things colonial & true, including the ‘Lawtons’”

Childers, John T.
723 West 2nd North St.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Supply Co. 36 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass

Gah Baronti Danne (& husband)

Margaret Jean Munsell

Howard T. Ball
Lt. 301 Inf. N.A.

Alexander E. O. Munsell

Paul R. Danner December 16, 1917

Harris H. Nugent
Waterbury, Conn.
Camp Supply Office
June 27, 1919

Bennie Faucher
born 3/ 10/1896 n
Pvt. 1st Cl, Co. K 18 Inf.

Pvt. Waclaw Krenzielski
born Sept. 26, 1892
in Ignacewo, Poland
Co. B 36th Infantry
Co. H 319th Inf.

Sergeant Salvatore Caparone
Naples, Italy
Now teacher of English at Y.M.C.A. 28
Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.  1/2/18

Arthur W. Goodearl
Boxboro, Mass. 1-14-18
Oct. 5, 1895
Seaman 2/c attached to U.S.S. Covington

Pvt. William Martin Jr.
Stonington, Maine
Co. B, 1st Dev. Bn.

Sergeant Charles Wigne
born Sept. 28, 1892 at Brooklyn, N.Y.
Batt. D, 10th F.A.

Edgar Benson Lang, Corporal
Mar. 15th, 1888
Algona, Iowa
Co. E. 25th Reg. Engineers, Camouflage artist
Dec. 30, 1917

William S. Swain
Tacoma, Washington, PO address Oiting Wash
Co. E. 25th Engineers, Camp Devens, Camouflage artist

Private Marcellous Card
Calais, Maine
April 6, 1896
Headquarters Co. 303, H.F.A. Camp Devens

James Amory Sullivan
Asolo, Italia  Boston
Major 304th Inf. R.C.
“with many thanks for Mr. Lawton’s hospitality”

Frederick Taylor Graves
Bridgeport, Connecticut
May 8, 1893
Company B 304th Infantry

Lieut. William Pope Barney
Tours, France
Marian Greene Barney, Philadelphia
August 23rd, 1918

Forrest Bond Wing
July 27, 1919
Private M.G. Co. 302 Inf. 76th Div. Camp Devens
2nd Lt. Inf. Camp Hancock, Georgia
Machine Gun Training Center
Exchange Officer – Regimental News Reporter &
Prisoner Property Custodian



Forrest Bond Wing
Jan. 6, 1917
American Field Service (with French Artillery Arsine)
April 25th, 1896 – Boston
U.S. Aviation Headquarters, Paris
“I loved you, once not long ago, dear heart
Thru some glad chance
You loved me too, then something broke apart
In our romance.
And yet, tis passing strange, I seem to see
your tender glance
With all its look of old still turned toward me
Somewhere in France.”    F.B.W.

Axel Christiansen – Jan 6, 1918
Nakskov, Denmark
Dec. 22, 1892
Co. E. 25th Eng. Regt., Camouflage Artist

Russell Longley – Feb. 24, 1918
I.M. Corps
May 2, 1890, Lynn, Mass.

Richard A. Wiens – Aug. 15, 1918
2728 Wells St. Milwaukee, Wisc.
July 5th, 1890
Pigeon Section Signal Corps

Robert M. Benjamin
Captain 303rd Infantry, Company H
Louise S. Benjamin
New York City

Pvt. Ernest Miller Wollmann
born July 4, 1893
U.S. Army Ambulance Service
“I spent a very enjoyable week end at the Lawton home July 25-26, 1919”

Pvt. Arthur F. Berry
8 Sherman Sq., Charlestown, Mass.
Medical Department

Robert A. Clarke
297A Broadway, Everett, Mass.
301 Supply Co. R. M. C.
“Nineteen months in the A.E.F. I sure found a real substitute for home
at Mr. Lawton’s . The hospitality of my Host and family are beyond
comparison & I will never forget the quiet Sunday I spent at their
beautiful country home.  What a pleasant change from Army Life.  May
God reward them for their great kindness to us Soldiers”

John T. Gilmour
Captain Co. G. 303rd Infantry

Janet Esrelstyn Ranz
Waban, Massachusetts

  1. Bruce Elwell
    Captain Inf. R.C. Co. C, 301st Auss. Train
    Gladys Hildreth Elwell
  2. W. Jamison – Feb.10, 2018
    Supply Company, 301st Infantry
    Margaret Shifman Jamison, Boston

Mr. Fred L. Bunker
Sandwich, Mass.
Co. A 301st Military Police

Corp. Fred M. Coombs
Brockton, Mass.
A. Co. 301st M.P.

Pvt. Wallace L. Murphy
Boston, Mass.
A Co. 301st

Helen Isabel Stewart – March 17, 1918
G. Ross Stewart
2nd Lieut. 303rd  M-C Br. National Army

Margaret Scott West
Wrentham, Mass.

Robert Rivas
1st 151st Depot Brigade

Alice W. Saltonstall
Chestnut Hill & Shirley

Fred J. Bourque
2nd Division (drawing of Indian Chief)
Somersworth N.H. 1884

Brian F. Jove
Cape Elizabeth, Maine Aug. 26 , 1893
23rd Engineers, 1st Army

Demers L. Delplies
Berlin, N.H. 1888
82nd Div.

Mr. George Perry
Hampton Court Farm
Natick, Mass.

  1. S. Raymond Ware
    Army Y.M.C.A.

Charles Fleischer
(Private Army of Man)

Samuel T. Burns – April 12, 1918
Camp Devens Army Y.M.C.A.
New Castle, Pa. 1894

Alfred W. Page
16 Inf. C.O.D. A.E.F.
19 Darthmont St. East Hampton, Mass.
Born 1892

Cpl. R. E. Gabriel – July 6, 1919
Co. M. 36 Inf.
28 years
Norvata, Okla.


Frank Leslie Mello
Parkers Point, Blue Hill, Maine
April 9th 1894
66th Artillery Coast, A. E. F., Battery “A”

Isgro Antonio
3rd Class Musician 301 F. A. Heady Co. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Messina, Italy 1895

Edwin Farley
Battery E, 303rd F. A., Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Tremont, Maine in Feb. 9, 1895

Lieut. John J. Flynn
K. Co. 303rd Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Dorchester, Mass.

Private Arthur E. Cloutier
8th Co. G. M. C. Camp Meigs, Washington D.C.
Leominster, Mass.
“Vive la France, dieu sauve LeAmerique”

Private Lewis C. Howard
Hgts. Co 15 F.A.
Home address 120 Ward St., Athol, Mass.
“I shall always remember the very pleasant week end I spent with the
Lawton family”

Louis Pescara
1st Class Musician 304th F. A. Hdq. Co. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Villamagna, Province Clueti, Abruzzi, Italy 1895

John M. Champion
Corporal Co. E. 302 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in New Bedford, Mass.  Aug 24th, 1889

Simon Peter Barastow – March 31, 1918
Pvt. 1st Class. Camp Devens 202 F. A. Hospital, Ayer Mass.
Born January 24, 1895 Palmyra, Pa.


Pvt. Otto Sherwood – March 31, 1918
Born May 17, 1896, Niagara Falls, N.Y.
3033rd F. A. Medical Detachment, Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Leon F. Stedman
Base Hospital, Camp Devens
Res. 9 Cottage Ave., Holyoke, Mass.

Pvt. 1st Class Cassius S. Wardner Sr. (1676109)
Brookfield, Vermont
Hq. Detachment 76th Div. Hq. Camp Devens

Pvt. John Kelley
Hq. Detachment, 76th Division, Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Horace Chester Wyman
home address. 199 North Admas, Manchester, N.H.
HqQtrs. Detachment, 301st Engineers, 76 Div. Camp Devens

Pvt. William J. Guthrie
Hq. Detachment 12th Division
Born at Gloucester, Mass. Oct. 13, 1894

Agnes R. Gould
Hostess at Soldiers Club, Ayer, Mass.

Ella R. M. Howell
A. l. A. Camp Library

Priv. Fred C. McLeod
Co. H. 301 INT
Res. 205a Boylston St., Jamaica Plain

Corp. Carl L. Petterson Jr.
Co. H. 301st Inf.
Res. 4 Hooper St., Dorchester, Mass.

Private Leroy A. Mesman
Co. F. 303 F.A.
Res. Freedom, N.H.

Joseph C. Bradian
Co. D. 303, F. A.
Res. Water Village

Wm. C. Deutsch
M. G. Bn. Head Q. O Co.
John Lawton   “    “    “    “    “

Dr. Will C. Reed
National Headquarters, War Camp Community Service
“To testify to my appreciation”

Rufus D. Smith
824 Little Bldg., Boston, Mass.

James H. Buell
824 Little Bldg., Boston, Mass
“In appreciation of the same hospitality extended to the last man home
as was given to the first one back.”

  1. F. Ferguson
    Soldiers Club, Ayer, Mass.

Roger W. Sherman
Private, A Co. 301st F.S .Ba., Camp Devens

John Esdeinemann
Private, A. Co. 301st F.S. Ba.

Clifton Hewes
Saco, Maine
Private, Hq. Cant. Detach., Camp Devens, Mass

Parker H. Litchfield
Sgt. 1st class
Division Surgeon’s Office, Camp Devens, Mass.

John T. Brady
Sgt., 12th Div. Hdgs. Detachment
“Will always have pleasant recollections of a visit to Shirley, Mass.
Sept. 29, 1918, and the hospitality extended to him there. In response
to it he can only say: ‘I can no other answer make but Thanks! Thanks!
and ever oft good deeds are shuffled off with such uncurrent pay”



Russell Woodson
Major, Co. D. 301 Engineers, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Baldwin, La. July 6th, 1895
“In appreciation of Mr. Lawton’s hospitality. May 12, 1918”

Clarence A. Ruddell
Co. D. 301 Engineers, Camp Devens, Mass.
“I will long remember my quiet delightful Sunday spent with you.
June 2nd, 1918”

John J. Nero
Med. Det. 303rd Machine Gun P, Camp Devens, Mass.

Paul N. Taylor
Med. Det. 303rd M.G. Bn.
Camp Devens, Mass.

Adain Pleasants Archer
508 East Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia
1st F Co. 4th O.T.C. Camp Devens

Private King H.C.
Co. D. 212th Eng’rs, Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.
“From the Bear State to the Bay State”

William H. Marvel
Co. F 302nd Inf.
Taunton, Mass.

William J. Hall
Patterson, N.J.
Co. F 302 Inf.

Harry A. Barnard
Norway, N.Y.
Hd’qtrs Co. 303 M.G.Bn.

Paul J. Heffron
Sherborn, Mass.
Co. F. 302nd Infantry


Michael J. Payne
Providence, R.I.
Co. F. 302nd Infantry

Pvt. Leo B. Drake
Newfoundland, New Jersey
Born Egmont, Penna. Dec. 31, 1896
Base Hospital, Number 7
“Forsan et haec olin memoriae juravit”

Pvt. Earl W. Howard
106 Whalley Ave., New Haven, Conn.
Born at Gardner, Mas.., Feb.26, 1897
Co. E. 74th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

Florence Bell

Henry M. Merrill
Brookline, Mass.
Born Augusta, Me. April 29, 1895
2nd Lieut. 311th Infantry, 78th Div. (Lightning)

Annie B. Crosby
Brookline, Mass.

Harold A. Cooper
Pittsfield, Mass.
born Sept. 17, 1892
Co. D. 301st Ammunition Train

Charles F. Cantwell
Born Haverhill, Mass. Aug. 7, 1894
Headquarters Troop, 76 Div. N.A.

  1. Harold Brown
    385 Orange St., New Haven, Conn.
    June 9, 1893
    Office of 76 Div. Schools, Camp Devens

Joseph E. Rigdon
Nogalez, Arizona
July 31, 1897
1st Division

Eva G. Powell

William Adam Powell
Lt. Colonel, Medical Corps, U.S. Army

Maude G. Harris
Brookline, Mass.

Chas. Louis Stevenson
Major of Cavalry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born at Bloomfield, Kentucky, July 30, 1883

Annie Davis Stevenson
San Antonio, Texas

Harry J. Harris
Captain Quartermaster Corp. U.S. Army, Camp Devens
Born at Cambridge, Mass. March 21st, 1883

Corp. Frank L. Geffkin
Co. I 35 Eng. Trans. Corp, Rockford, Ill.
Born Brooklyn, N.Y. March 22, 1889
Home address Brimfield, Mass.

Pvt. William S. Hapgood
Co. B 309 Inf.
Born March 30, 1892 Stratford, N.H.
Home address North Stratford, N.H. RFD #1

Sgt. Wilfred Robidoux
Co. F. 328 Inf.
Born December 22, 1895
Limestone, Maine

Corp. Arthur E. Tremper
Born April 5, 1895 Lancaster, Pa.
75 Turner Ave. Torrington, Conn.
Co. M 102 Inf.

Therese L. Massee
St. Paul, Minnesota

Constance KW Sarratt
New York City

Miss Venita Fianae
Bath, Maine

Miss Hazel Dinsmore

Priv. Fred L. King
Co. A 74th Inf.
Born Oct. 13, 1900
Home address Howard City, Michigan

Minnette Zuver – June 16, 1918
Shirley Club, Shirley, Mass.
Birth State: Pennsylvania (Oil City, Pa)

Arthur H. Ambrose
Co. B-304
Bridgeport, Conn.
“Have faith in Russia, If she had practicality to support her
idealism – next to the United States – she would be the
greatest of all nations”.

John R. Browne
Co. B 304th Infty.
Bridgeport, Conn.
“In this world conflict, we are on God’s side for humanity and God
is on our side for world freedom”.

Pvt. 1 cl. Cassius S. Wardner
Brookfield, Vermont
Helen K. Edwards, 225 Smith St. Newark, N.J.
“The memory of the pleasant Sunday with Mr. Lawton and family will
always make us glad that we had the pleasure of meeting them in their
home. God bless Mr. Lawton for the good work he has done for Soldiers
of Camp Devens”

John L. Weekly
602 Engrs.
Mabel Mosurri
Corp. Brainard C. Chandler
Co. C 602 Engrs. 29th Camp Knox, Ky
Langley, Va

Arthur L. Lamb
Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop
“Spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. Lawton, having a very nice time.
Thanking Mr. Lawton what he is doing & has done for the soldiers.

Cpl. William C. Thomasson
Co. C. 602 Engineers
Date of birth 1896
Home address – Delight, Ark.
“It is my joy in life to find,
At every turning of the road,
The strong arm of a comrade kind
To help me onward with my load.
And since I have no gold to give;
And love alone must make amends,
Mine only prayer is while I live;
God make me worthy of my friends”
July 5th, 1918

Linus G. Foster
Mansfield, Massachusetts
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.

Arthur E. Hildebrand – 7/9/18
5935 Iowa St., Chicago, Ill.

Frank Symons – 7/9/18
55 Ellen St., Oswego, N.Y.

  1. E. Gaughan, MD
    Niagara Falls, New York
  2. Edgett
    Springfield, Mass.

Mary Medbury MacKaye

Hazel MacKaye

James MacKaye

Percy MacKaye

Marion MacKaye

Arvia MacKaye

Christy MacKaye

Benton MacKaye

Arthur Brown

Pvt. George E. Sewell
Camp Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
(home address) Belmont, New Hampshire

Mr. James Saunders
Home address 1231 K St. S.E.W, Washington, D.C.

Winthrop F. Harley
Co. E. 326 Inf.
Lunenburg, Mass Jan. 30, 1894

Pvt. Joseph John Guthrie – July 20, 1918
Headquarters Cantonment Detachment
Born in Burlington, Vermont July 18, 1894
was living in Montreal, Prov. Que. Canada

Cpl. Lewis Northrup
Co. D. 42nd. Inf.
Born in Illinois July 27, 1895

Cpl. Lee Wolfington
Co. D. 42 Inf.
Home address Quinton, Okla: April 6, 1894

Pvt. John D. Kelly
Co. D. 42 Inf.
Born July 22, 1895
Home address Shatsburg, New York


Pvt. Ernest R. Thurston
Co. D. 42nd Inf.
Home address: 38 Holland St. Bangor, Me.
Born Nov 11, 1886

Philip A. Maher
Co. N 42, Infantry
Bangor, Me. RFD #7
Born Jan 1887

Sergeant John Hartman
Co. D 42nd Infantry
Magnoketa, Iowa
May 18th, 1891

Marion S. Holden Hartman
Shirley, Mass.
Feb. 7, 1891

Sergeant Patrick A. Coughlin
Company B 12th Military Police
212 Lyman Street, Holyoke, Mass.

Cook Henry A. James
Company B. 12th Military Police, Camp Devens, Mass.

Cpl. Henry B. Mendelsohn
12th Div. Hqrs. Det. (Intel)
Room 16, State House, Boston, Mass..

Anna Maynard Butler
Cambridge, Mass.
The Very Rev. George Stodges D.D.
3 Mason Street

John R. Keenan
Los Angeles, California
Oct. 28, 1895
Co. M. 23 Engineers


Lawrence D. Kelsey
Berkeley, California
May 20th, 1893
Company M, 23rd Engineers

Fred Rolishaw
Ipswich, Mass.
June 24, 1899
Co. B. 11th Machine Gun Battalion, 4th Div.

Elizabeth C. Steneley – March 12th, 1919
Tunbridge Wells, England
(290 State Street, Springfield, Mass.)

Dennis P. Sullivan
Malden, Mass.  April 21, 1893
Co. L 3rd Pis. Inf.

James Marcus
Jewish Welfare Board
Camp Devens. Mass.

Frank Byron Crandall
5 Nashua Street, Ayer, Mass.
A.M.C. (Cornell), S.T.B. (Harvard)
Minister, First Unitarian Parish Church
Unitarian Post Chaplain, Camp Devens
“For years privileged in being a guest in the blessed serenity
of this home.
Benedictus Deus in Donis pace, benedictum nomea in
Saecula saeculorum.”

Pvt. 1st Cl. Stanley McClosky
Co. H. 30th Inf. 3rd Division
Home address 314 William St. Harrisson, N.J.
Born Poland 1893


Preston Mackenzie Sawyer
Co. B 42 Inf.
Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Brookline, Mass. January 3, 1896
Home address: 146 Winthrop Road, Brookline, Mass.

Cook Arthur J. Smith
Hdq. Co. 36th Inf. Camp Devens
S.O.S. Service Over Seas with 420 Motor Supply
Born in Sycamore, Georgia July 8th 1894
Home address 89 Carswell Ave. Way Cross, Ga

John B. Archer – August 28, 1918
Army Song Leader at Camp Devens
Born in Blackinton (North Adams) Mass. Oct 14, 1872
“ This day of our wedding anniversary being most charmingly
observed by the incomparable Lawtons, the weather man
kindly assisting.”
Dorothy Donaldson Archer
wife of said John B.
Born in Detroit, Michigan
April 24th 1881
“A New Englander by adoption and preference”

Samuel Shankman – Aug.31, 1918
Pianist and accompanist, c/o Hostess House, Camp Devens
Home address: 600 Riverside Drive, New York City
“Immensely charmed with Shirley and its’ interesting people. The
place of genuine Americans! May God bless them! People worth fighting
and dying (sic) for!!!
I shall never forget wonderful, genial, ideal Mr. Frank Lawton, who
made my visit here rich with his sympathetic companionship.
Of course, Miss Lawton is perfectly charming.”

Sergeant Frank Craig – 10/29/1918
Co. A. 42 U.S. Infantry, Camp Devens
Home address 222 W. 10th St. Grand Island, Nebraska

Arthur S. Gosslin
Pittsfield, Mass.
64 Boylston St.
Camp Devens Co A. Military Police

Carl Niedzwecki – Aug 30, 1919
Pvt. 1st Cl. Co. G 30th U.S. Inf., Marne 3rd Division
Home address 398 Main St. Ansonia, Conn.
Born Poland 1896

William L. Kline
Co. K 36 Inf. Camp Devens

Clarence Arnold
Co. K 36 Inf. Camp Devens

Vincent T. F. Tiddicoatt
Camp Devens Co. C. 1 Del. Bn
Detroit, Michigan

Rufe Morris
Co. F. 1 Del. Bn. Camp Devens

George Jones
Muskegan, Michigan
Supply Co. 32nd Div.

Clarence O. Phillips
Cook, Supply Co. 36th Inf. 12th Div.
Lebanon, Indiana

Mark D. Wood
Supply Co. 36th Inf Camp Devens
1442 Sanchez St. San Francisco, Calif.
Born Tulsa, Okla


Tracy Porter Rudd
Born in Meran, Austria 18::
To Florence, Italy 18:00 +2, to America 18:: + 6
To Camp Devens on April 26, 1918
To Mr. Frank Lawton Sept. 2 1918
Ethel Clark Rudd nee Ethel Dawn Clark
820 South Street, Roslindale, Mass.

Sergeant Cassius S. Wardned
September 1, 1918

William Alfred McLean – Sept 1918
161 Governors Ave., Medford, Mass.
Headquarters Troop, 12 Division, Camp Devens Mass.

William A. Wright
Middletown, Conn.
U.S.M.D. Camp Devens Mass.

Sgt. Harry W. Hammond
Windsor Ave. Rockville, Conn.
Hq. Troop, 12th Div. Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Frank J. Sewall
525 W. Franklin St., Baltimore, Md.
July 31, 1892
Company K, 42nd Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. William J. Fulton
12th Division Mail detachment, Camp Devens, Mass.
22 ½ Seymour St., Auburn N.Y.
July 22, 1891

John J. Miller
Troop K, 3rd Cavalry
“has had a good time and will call again if nothing happens with the help
of God.  Good-bye”

Corp. Charles F. Emery
62 Washington St., Lawrence Mass.
30 years
Hdqt. Troop 12th Div. Camp Devens

Sgt. Raymond B. Thieson
43 ½ West Main St., Meriden, Conn.  Age 23
Hq. Det. 12th Division, Camp Devens

Pvt. Arthur H. Tisdale
10 Union St.
St. Johnsbury, Vt. Age 32
74th Inf. H.D. Qrts. Co., Camp Devens, Mass.


Constance D. Avery MacKay
1 Madison Avenue, New York City
War Camp Community Service

Pvt.  Earl Harvell
Home address:  Skowhegan, Maine
B. Co. 73rd Inft. 12 Division

Pvt. William H. Casey
Home Address: Box 3, Wilton, Ky
Born Dec. 10, 1903
Co. H. 42 Inf. 12th Div., Camp Devens

George W. Root
Claremont, NH Age 26
74th Inf, H.D. qtrs. Com.

Sgt. Frank W. O’Connell
born Gettysburg, Pa. 1897
42 S. Washington, Lawrence
Co. B. 12 Military Police

Sgt. Thomas F. Connolly
104 William St., Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Born 9th Dec. 1888
Hq. B 23rd inf,

Mr. Joseph Sharaf
#70 Jay St., Boston, Mass. Born 1896
2nd Div.

Pvt. Charles D. Morgan
Box 274, Millinocket, Maine, Born 1891
Co. L 42nd Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Raymond Gilbert
Millinocket, Maine Born 1894
Co. L 42nd Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Berton Haines
Millinocket, Maine Born Nov. 20, 1894
Co. L 42-Inf, Camp Devens

Levi Willitt
Born 1884 Knedy Pond
Co L 42 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Eli Moran
Quebec PE Born 1893
Co. L 42nd Inf Camp Devens, Mass.

Sgt. Louis Giovanelli
Box 176, Chester, Mass. Born at Aquila, Italy
101the T C

Cpl. Noah Stone
Shelbyville, Ky. Born July 1, 1901
now in Co. G 36th Inf.

Pvt. Walter H. Honeck
Hampton, Iowa Born Jan.26, 1899
now in Co. G 36th Inf.

Pvt. 1st Class Charles E. McClenning
Winchester, New Hampshire, Born Mar. 23, 1888
now in Civil Service work for government at Camp Devens

Fred W. Householder – 9/21/1918
Home address Chepachet, R.I.
Born at Jackson, Tenn. April 7th, 1884
1st Sgt. Co. F. 212th Engrs. Camp Devens, Mass.
B.A., M.A., & L.L.B. University of Texas
Course of SCB in Civil Engineering, Brown University
“From the best Company of the best Regiment in the best Division of
the best country in the best world we know about, I will always
remember with a thrill of pleasure the hours of blessed peace &
contentment I have enjoyed in the quiet & comfort of this perfect
Mrs. Myrtle B. Householder
“To reaffirm my appreciation for the kindness shown and love for
these dear people” July 22, 1924 F.W.H. Univ. of Vermont, Burlington
1st Lieut. Engrs. O.R.K. Co. B 32nd Reg.


Harold S. Lake – Sept. 21, 1918
Sgt. Co.F. 212 Engrs. Garrison, Camp Devens
Born Smyrna, Dela. 1895, Residence Pittsburgh, Penna.
“My appreciation for this most perfect time shall be long remembered”

Sgt. James J. Best
27 Leonard St., Milford, Mass.
Born in Mendon, Mass. Sept. 1, 1895
M. Co. 104th inf. 26th Div.

Sgt. Walter Lozier
25 Water St., Guilford, Maine
Born October 18, 1895 at Lewiston, Me.
Co. F. 103rd Infantry 26th Div.

1st Class Pvt. Alexander Leff
Born Feb. 8, 1897 at N.Y.C.
2nd Cassion Co. 2nd Div.

Corp. Walter B. Anderson – Aug. 31, 1919
Home address: Kent, Conn.
Born Oct. 16, 1887 Winchester, Conn.
102 N.S. Infantry 26th Div.

Sergeant Charles Jazeboski – Sept. 22, 1918
Co. 23rd Div encampment Bn. Camp Devens
Born in Dobrzyn, Poland Feb. 2, 1893
“Four months in the service got promotion Sept. 20th and naturalization
papers the same day. Have been concert singer for the last ten months
before was inducted in the army.  I spent my time very pleasantly in
Mr. Lawton’s house what shall remember for a long long time.”

Private Stephen B. Simpson
46 Company 12 Battalion, 151 Depot Brigade, Camp Devens

Private Adam M. Renfrew
46th Company 1 Battalion, 151 Depot Brigade, Camp Devens. Mass.

Private Albert D. Reinhardt
Home address: Pittsfield or Hinsdale, Mass.
46th Company, 12th Battalion, 151st Depot Brigade, Camp Devens

Alfred E. Hudson
Home Address, Roxbury, Mass.
46th Co. 12 Br. 151 Depot Brigade, Camp Devens, Mass.

Susan Bacon Keith (la femme reconnaissante)
November 12th, 1889
Elmer Davenport Keith
Headquarters Detachment, 12th Division U.S.A.
Peace Dale, R. I. (as soon as may be)
July 4th, 1888

Private Charles S. Morrill
Cantonment Headquarters Detachment, Camp Devens, Mass.
Portland, Maine

Sergt. King Cook
St.61 Harper Av., Chicago, Ill.
c/o Division Ordnance Office
12th Div. Headgrs., Camp Devens

Corporal George E. Morrison
Born May 10th, 1880 Lincoln, Nebraska
42 Infantry Machine Gun Co.

Gustavus Swift Paine
Lieutenant Chaplain, 151st Depot Brigade, Camp Devens
Home Address – Reno, Nevada –
“who dropped in one afternoon for tea or fifteen minutes, was invited for
Thanksgiving said he didn’t think he could come, but couldn’t resist
the temptation to come for this most delightful Thanksgiving evening.
These good people are certainly accomplishing with the soldiers just what
I had wanted to help in.

Pvt. Julian Addison Jenkins
46th Co. 12th Bat. Depot Brigade, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home Address – 253 Rose St., Rocky Mount, N.C.
“I shall always remember the many happy hours spent at the Lawtons.”

Alice Fosdick (Mrs. Richard)
Gen. Leciy Associated Charities, Fitchburg, Mass


Corp Irving Gillman Wickman
Cantonment Hdqs. Ist, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home Address: 44 Manchester Terrace, Springfield, Mass.
Friend of Lt. Payne, Chaplain, 151 Depot Brigade
“To use the words, to some extent of Nathan Hale, My only regret is that
in the fourteen months I have been in Camp Devens I had not found
this hospitality before.”

Laura M. Burroughs
Champlain, New York
Reading Room attendant. Christian Science War Relief, Ayer, Mass.

Frank E. Hankal
Co. L 36th Inf.
Johnson City, Tenn. Birth July 22

  1. B. Sheerwood
    Born 1890, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Co. L 36 Inf.

Corporal Ralph E. Lyman
Company G 18th Inf.
Born Dec. 10, 1892, West Stuarts Town N.D.

Pvt. Lester S. Tyner
M. Co. 39th Inf, 4th Div.   Born in Cambridge, Jan 6, 1892

Sgt. Fred Sherlock
Born in Canada April 7, 1891
I. Co. 3rd Regt. A.S.M.

Mrs. Barbara Trask – Aug 28, 1919 Hostess House, Camp Devens, Mass.


Aharon Vahay Arsenian – Nov. 18, 1918
Van. Vasspouragan, Armenia
c/o J. Garo, 739 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.
Department of Utilities, Devens
“After meeting Mr. Lawton I thought of my dear country, with its
people, so sincere and hospitality of the olden times, seemed much more
needed in modern civilization….Hoping that all those who come in
contact with this house be influenced as strongly as I to be more
sincere and more hospitable and appreciate fully this two (much
needed quality and custom”

First Sgt. Emil Welt of the good old 77th Div. A.E.F.
at present with the 12 Div. Co. I 74th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Roumania ?It’s 1918 now!

Jeanne Autinette van Poekens Meltzer – June 20-27
Arthur’s wife, Paulette Victoria
Arthur Meltzer
36th Infantry Band, Camp Devens, Mass.
919 No. Emerson Ave. Minneapolis, Minn.
Two things will stand out, in regards to my Camp Devens experience,
namely, the windows of Groton Chapel and the day spent at Mr. Lawton’s

Alfred T. Thorsen
30th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Mass.
3435 10th Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn.
“A delightful and unexpected visit on the evening of Jan 16th, 1919.”

Alfred R. Mitchell – 6/1/1920
Co. B 8th M.P.
1527 Granada Ave. San Diego, Calif.
“in such households as Mr. Lawton’s is seen why there is hope for man.”

Louise M. Murcie, Noank, Conn.
Suffrage Coffee House

Faith E. Andrews, Concord, Mass. 1921
Sergt. Edward D. Andrews
Sub. Depot Quartermaster Corps, Camp Devens, Mass.
Pittsfield, Mass. “in the heart of the Berkshires”
“One of whose cherished ambitions is to own some day a home
such as Mr. Lawtons, with delightful, thoughtful, happy
people frequenting it as do here – to make it a real home.”

Corporal E. Kenneth Bates
2 M. Detachment – Devens
New London, Conn.
“On a quiet day of living in the midst of a rushing year of camp life.”
Gladys E. Edgerly Bates – 1923


Vernon E. Layne
Quartermaster Detachment Camp Devens, Mass.
Home Address: Halfway, Oregon
“A most enjoyable day spent at the Lawtons”

Molly Daniels
Thomas Daniels
Urumia, Persia
C. Co. 212th Engineers of 12th Division
(script followed in Persian)

Elmer Colgate
1303 4 St. Greeley, Colo.
Co. C, 212th Eng.

Sgt. Henry R. Diette
1st Co. Conv. Center, Camp Devens, Mass.
Was born in France the 19th of March 1893 at Marseilles

Frank Rollin Smith
Q.M. Detinit U.S.A. Camp Devens
With his home in Cambridge, Mass.
Anna Maria Romaniello Smith
Avighiano, Italia

Roland Freeman Doane
Base Hospital, Camp Devens
“The pleasure to be longest remembered of those connected with Camp
Devens and Shirley.”

George M. Cameron
Base Hospital, Camp Devens
“What more could be given a U.S. soldier boy than a touch of home life.”

Earl M. Cutting – June 27-30, 1919
Co. E -301st Infantry
Northfield, Vt. Aug 4, 1888
“Will always remember with much pleasure the very pleasant weekend
spent with the Lawtons.  Such true friends are rare.”


Corp. W. D. Ballerton
Hdq. Co. 74th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Nashville, Tennessee 1898

Pvt. Clyde B. Vaughn
Hdq. Co. 74th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Stratton, Maine 1896

Pvt. Leo D. Grover
Hdq. Co. 74th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Phillips, Maine 1892

Benjamin J. Grove
Shawnee, Montana

Pvt. Edward O. Keefe
Hdq. Co. 74th Inf Camp Devens
Lowell, Mass. 1888

Pvt. Samuel E. Foss
Hdq. Co. 74th Inf.
Thompsonville, Conn.  1894

Sgt. Ernest T. Dollbaum
Hdq. Co. 74th Inf. Camp Devens
Stonington, Conn.  1894

Pvt. M. G. Paylo
Hdqtrs Co. 74th Inf. Camp Devens
Hammond, Indiana   1898

Pvt. Raymond Boyd
Hdqtrs Co. 74th Inf., Camp Devens, Mass.
Fort Worth, Texas   1898

Pvt. Arthur Tisdale
Hdqtr. Co. 74th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
St. Johnsbury, Vt.

Minnette Guver
“With these boys who galloped away on spirited horses.”


Matthew Paxton
2nd Lieut. 73rd Inf.
Address: Somewhere in the world, also Kansas City, Mo.
“A bland New England night, my first in Shirley, not my last, I hope.”

Pvt. Barney Glass
Co. E. 314th Inf
I was born in Russia in 1896. Joined the Army 27th of May 1918. I got
wounded on the 11th of Nov.
My home address; Mr. L. Glass, 33 Newton St., Malden, Mass.
“With my heartfelt thanks to my dear host and family.”

Pvt. Percival G. Butler
Co. C 104th Inf.
Was born in Montreal, P.Q. year 1889
I got wounded the 20th of July at Belleau Woods
Home address: 100 Haywood St., Worcester, Mass.
“This being my first time in Shirley, and hoping it isn’t the last,
I thank you.”

Private Frank J. Irvin
Co. F 102nd Regiment 26th Div.
Home address is 272 Davenport Ave., New Haven, Conn.
“I am glad to be alive and be at Shirley.  Hope to see this place again.”

Alfred H. Russ
Corp. 54th Art. (C. A. C.)
Home address: #1 Highland Ave., Dover, N.H.

Andrew Allen
3rd. Mac. Gun Battalion, 1st Division
485 High St., Bath, Maine

Robert K. Athrucai
Director War Camp Community Service, Camp Devens

Mary A. Steer
Associate Director – War Camp Community Service, Camp Devens

Mr. Paul H. Clark   Apr. 17, 1919
Co. B. 103rd M. G. Bn.
Born in Hillsboro, N.H. 1896
823 Emmette St., Schenectady, N.Y.

Leonard H. Fletcher
Co. H. 104th Inf. 26 Div.
Born in Toledo, Ohio, “91”
Home: Leominster, Mass.

Sgt. James A. Cruickshank
formerly member of Co. H. 103rd M.G. Bn.
Born in Bodern, Scotland April 19th 1896
Transferred to U.S. as Instructor

Sgt. Arthur F. Gilday
Formerly member of Co. G. 104th Inf. 26th Div.
Born in Holyoke, Mass.  Aug. 7th, 1895
Transferred to U.S. as Instructor Sept. 28, 1918

Sgt. Chas. J. Sullivan
Born in Greenfield, Mass. Dec. 10, 1896
Former member of Co. L. 104th Inf., 26 Div.
Sailed for France Sept. 19, 1917, sailed for America Sept. 10, 1918
as Instructor
“Spent a very, very pleasant day with Mr. Lawton and Family.”

James L. Mossey
M. G. Co. 39 Inf. 4 Div.
Grand Isle, Vt.

George Kenneth Warfield
Battery E, 11th Field Artillery, 1st Army Corp.
83 Carmel Street, New Haven, Conn.

Fred J. Robare
Co. E. 2nd U.S. Engrs. 2nd Div.
Percyfield, New York 1892

Bert Pait Blandenfro
Co. G 74th Inf. Comp Devens
North Carolina 1898

William F. Nelson
Co. G. 74th Inf.
Little Rock, Miss.   1896


James Pappos
104th Inf.

John Novus
10 Stanley St. Lowell, Mass.

Sgt. Albert F. Higgins
Hqrs 74th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
East Lynn, Massachusetts 1897

Leslie R. Braun
145 Prospect. St. Franklin, N.H. 1894

Pvt. M. P. Frank J. Fogy
Born Braddock, Pa

Louis J. Lunata
1653 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan, Mass.

Harry S. Kebbe – Dec. 29, 1918
Co. Q 12th Military Police
342 Broadway, Everett, Mass.

William Mullin – Dec. 29, 1918
Co. A. 12th M. P.
20 Appleton Rd., Brighton, Mass.

Sgt. Warren Goldsmith – Dec. 29, 1918
Co. A. 12th M. P.
#15 Bradford terrace, Everett, Mass. Camp Devens 1918

Arthur Lemont Edgecomb – Dec. 11th, 1919
Med. Detach. 73rd Inf. 12th Div., Camp Devens, Mass.
224 Hancock St., Rumford, Maine
Born Dec. 23, 1888 Limington, Me.

Corp Wm. R. Robert
H.Q. Co. 74th Inf.
So. Manchester, Conn.

Sylvester Bowers
94 Union St., New London, Ct.

Henry G. Roberts
946 Main St., Willimantic, Conn.

William G. Bindy
137 MN. Main St., St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Edward F. Ellis
54 Grafton St., Worcester, Mass.  1891

Olin M. French
Merrow, Conn.

Thomas L. Dickinson
28 Pearl St., Mystic, Conn.

Walter H. Pickering
Newington, New Hampshire 1891

Joseph Mulbern
15 Tremont St., Charlestown, Mass.   1891

1st Sgt. A. Raffo
H. Co. 308th Infantry A.E.F.
Home address: 44 King St., N.Y.C. Age 26

Sgt. Charles E. Byrne
C. Co. 308 Infantry A.E.F.
Home address: 1068 2nd Ave. New York City Age 24

Sgt. George Simpson – Jan 19th, 1919
Co. H. 9th Inf. A.E.F.
Home address: 632 Leonard St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
March 21, 1892

Corp. C.L. Wilkins – April 1, 1919
5th Co. 151st Depot Bg. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Wilton, Maine
B.S Univ, of Maine 1918  Age 26

Sgt. 1st Class Chas. L. Collins
Co. A. 63rd U.S. Engineers
Home Address: 67 Avon St., Lawrence, Mass.
Born Feb. 12, 1893 Age 26

Sgt. F.H. Crocker – Aug. 31st, 1919
Co. F. 30th Inf. 3rd Div.
Home address: 39 Ingleside Ave., Worcester, Mass.
Born at St. John, Newfoundland Feb.28, 1888

Pvt. 1st Cl. V. Sankus
Co. E. 30th Inf. 3rd Div.
Home address: 16 Milbury Street, Worcester, Mass.
Born at Reseni City, Lithuania Aug 28, 1893

Annette Griggs
Hostess House, Camp Devens

Sergeant Henry O. Aurenton
Co. C. 318 Reg’t Engrs.
Oakland, California

  1. Leslie Blood
    Groton, Mass.

Emily Young O’Brien
Brookline, Mass.
Miriam Eliot O’Brien
Brookline, Mass.

Lilburn B. Chambers
Major A.S.  U.S.A.

Capt. Lester H. Radcliffe
U.S. Army

Cpl. Phillip Mucha
Co. G. 23rd Inf.
147 Avon Street, Hartford, Conn. July 3, 1894

Priv. Timothy P. Cronin – Aug. 17, 1919
Base Hospital, Camp Devens
30 Cottage Street, Lexington, Mass. Oct. 30, 1896

Pvt. Frank Shannon
Co. K. 26th U.S.O 1st Div.
240 Schermerhorn St. Brooklyn N.Y. Feb. 28, 1889

Pvt. Edward M. Peterson
Co. L. 36 Inft.
Powhattan, Kansas

James Tevill
Co. G 36

  1. Caroline Wilson – January 16, 1918
    19 Morse St., Newton, Mass.
    Physical and Social Director
    Military School for Nurses, Camp Devens

Agnes H. Gardner
Student Nurse, Army School of Nursing
489 State Street, N. Adams, Mass.

Edith W. Johnson
Student Nurse
22 Huntington Ave., Worcester, Mass.

Carrie T. Buirhoe
Student Nurse
Ashland, Mass.

Laura Farmer
Student Nurse
Wichita, Kansas

Blanche B. Blue
Student Nurse
1139 Cleveland Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Lila Lee Annis
Student Nurse
Buckfield, Maine

  1. Mildred Allen
    Student Nurse
    53 Holden St., Attleboro, Mass.

Emil Mou Vorgorog
Lieut. 9th Inf. Eng.
Gwaorz, A. U.

Anne Hammond
Student Nurse
Millbrook, New York

Frederic H. Putnam
Framingham, Mass.

Augusta Peterson A.N.G
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mech. Charles P. Craig
Co. F. 103rd I.N.F.
Mars Hill, Maine Jan. 24, 1889

Private John J. Grant
Co. I. 347 Inf. 87 Division
6 Avoca St., Newburgh, N.Y.

Cpl. R. M. English
M. Y. Co. 55th Inf. Div.
Spring Hill, N.D.

Corp. Carl Hugo Olsson
Supply Co. 74th Infantry U.S.A.|
Home Address: 738 Attwood St. Salt Lake City Jan. 12, 1894

Private L. K. Laubscher
Supply Co. 74th Infantry U.S.A.
Home Address: Rockville, Conn. April 4, 1889

Lieut. John J. Carroll
Air Service
East Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Arthur P. Sullivan
Section 520, U.S. Army Ambulance Service
94 Centre Street, Dorchester, Mass.  Born 1897

Pvt. 1st Cl. Henry C. Miller
Dept. of Utilities Q.M.C., Camp Devens, Mass.
20 Custer St., Lawrence, Mass.


Lieut. George H. Vert.
28 Inf, 1st Div. Co. F. Camp Devens
Home address: 28 Pine St. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sgt. Harley W. Forsythe – 2/10/19
Co. D. 103 M.G. Bn 26 Division
57 High St., St. Albans, Vermont

Gertrude A. Provost
64 Main St., Shirley, Mass.

Mary A. Badstutner  2/9/19
Shirley, Mass.

Howard B. Millert
U.S.S. Georgia, New York
Present Address: Ayer, Mass.

Madelaine G. Logue
Shirley, Mass.

Sergeant 1st class Cassius S. Woodned
(with 12th Division but S.O.L. on getting overseas.)
Office Camp Veterinarian,
Headquarters, Camp Devens, Mass.
Phone 360 W, 8-4:30 PM

Sgt. Roy Campbell    Feb. 12, 1919
Company I 36th U.S. Inf., Camp Devens, Mass.

Sgt. C. P. Pettipas    Feb.1, 1919
3 Columbus Ave., Waltham, Mass.
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.

Corp. George F. Kelley
Meriden, Conn.
Base Hospital, Camp Devens

Sgt. Arthur H. Fenner
Headquarters Co., 36th Infantry, 12th Division
Route H, Box 222 Indianapolis, Indiana
“Enjoying a very pleasant evening with the Lawton Family”

Harry Bridges
Co. I, 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born May 1, 1897
59 Vandan St., New York City

Corp. Edward F. Hyland   2/23/2019
Co. B 9th U.S. Infantry 2nd Div. A.E.F.
Born Sept. 5, 1893
45 Richardson St., Providence, R.I.

Pvt. David Frost
Born Sept. 15, 1888
246 East 104th St. New York
“To Mr. Lawton and family we give our most sincere thanks.  For a
most pleasant and enjoyable afternoon. And the memory of this
afternoon will all ways remain with us.  As one of our most enjoyable

Frank Graff
Co. A. 2nd. Engrs. 2nd Division, 1 ½ years overseas
681 Elton Ave., Bronx, New York

Corp Carlton W. Jones   3/2/1919
Camp Personnel Office, Camp Devens, Mass. (Mispah)
Born June 3, 1890, home North Scituate, R.I.

Ella M. Blenkhorn, 253 Boston Ave., Medford Hillside, Mass.
“To Mr. Lawton and Family: My sincerest wishes for a long and
prosperous life is the wish of your friend”
Sergt. H. B. Blenkhorn
Tank Corps, A.E.F.
Shirley, Mass

Grace C. Brown, Shirley. Mass.
“I wish to thank you for the pleasant afternoon I have spent with you.”

Dale J. Pearson
10th Co. 3rd Bat. 137 Depot Brig. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home: R.F.D. #6 Attica, Indiana

William H. Morgan
U.S. Regulars, Camp Devens
Home: 803 Duncan Ave. Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Prof. Giovanni, C Italiano
Paezo Nativo Ferrandina

Cpl. James J. Coniglo
Camp Insurance Office, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Palermo, Italy 1896

Pvt. E.G. Cram
Base Hospital, Camp Devens
Born at Sanford, Me.  1889

William Arthur Hughes
Carrollville, Wisconsin
“I shall long remember the hospitality of the New England home.

August Manters
Born 1887, Village Court, Philipines
519th Engineers, Service Company

Constantine D. George   March 17, 1919
Mil. Detch., Camp Devens
Koncmanmunz D. Teopiebz, Hancko, Pazroir, Toznapul, (Europe)

Douglas Rowley
R.O.T.C. Unit
October 14, 1900 Chicago, Ill.

Earl W. Stevens
Born July 5, 1901, Northwood, Iowa
Signal Detachment, 3 yr. Home Services

Edith C. Pomeroy, R.A.
Camp Devens
225 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N.Y.

Olive Beadshaw R.A.
Box 1001, Minot, No. Dak.

Edward L. Cory
Base Hospital, Detachment Camp Devens
34 Princeton St., E. Boston, January 25, 1894


Julius R. Fuller (Aug 31st)
Headquarters 1st Army
West Quincy, Mass.

Private Levi E. Jensen – June 22, 1919
Air Service (formerly L.C.) Camp Devens
Born Feb.18, 1902 Fargo, N. Dak. Home address: Ruso, N. Dak.

Henry A. Fisher
Provost Guard Co. of Inf., Camp Devens, Mass.
Home Address: 3 Berlin St., Clinton, Mass. Born July 3rd, 1895

William MacDonald
Co. I 64th Inf. 7 Div., Camp Devens, Mass.
15 Carlton Street, Peabody, Mass. Born Dec. 24, 1899

Pvt. Henry Hamparsowmian
3rd Div. A.E.F.
63 Andrew St., Lynn, Mass. Born March 10, 1892

Pvt. Thomas P. Ostiguy
3rd Div. A.E.F.
51 Tobie Ave., Pawtucket, R.I. Born Nov. 16, 1899

Pvt. Charles Kelsey
77th Div. A.E.F.
Kingston, New York Born June 3, 1891

Wag. Ernest P. Bertrand
4th Div. A.E.F.
68 Pleasant St., Quincy, Mass. Born Nov. 27, 1895

Pvt. Walter Disilets
1st Div. A.E.F.
36 Race St., Haverhill, Mass.

Carl P. Messenger
Inf. TC 74
32 Hamilton Ave., Lynn, Mass.

Sgt. Gerald Fairbanks
26th Div. A.E.F.
Y.M.C.A. Lynn, Mass. Aug. 26, 1894

Pvt. J. T. McCashin
26th Div. 51st Brigade, Headquarters Detachments F.A.
282 Appleton St., Lowell, Mass.   Aug. 23, 1888

Adam Oraneas
Co. L. 36 Inf.
Home: Grand St, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Corporal Harry Hopkins – Easter Sunday
Hq. Co. 102nd Infantry. A.E.F. France Sept. 15, 1917, landed in France
Oct. 8. Returned to America April 8, 1919.
Born in Dublin City, Ireland  May 21, 1894
“Spending a very pleasant evening with Mr. Lawton & Family, Apr.1919
Parading in Boston April 25, 1919. Expecting to be discharged from the
Service of U.S. Army April 27, 1919. When America calls again I’m ready
at 474 Highland Ave. Waterbury, Conn.


Corporal John H. Cennrey
Co.A 102nd Infantry
Born in Waterbury, Conn., 74 East Main St.
“Thankful to be back in God’s Country once again, and amongst God’s
own people.”

Pvt. Curtis R. Haskell
101 Engrs Co. E
Born Jun 29, 1895 Sagamore, Mass.

Corp. J. Mason Logee
101st U.S. Engineers Co. E
Born Feb. 17, 1897 Danielson, Conn.

Leo Howard Redd  – 5/31/1919
314 F.A.Battery C. 80 Div.
Born Apr. 13th 1888, Clicora, Penna
937 Superior St., Toledo, Ohio

Corporal Ronald Horne
Co. A. 101st Field Signal Bn. 26th Division
Born June 30th, 1898, Southampton, England

Pvt. Frank Wiskus
Co. A 101st Field Signal Bn. 26th Division
Born Nov. 5th, 1898, Chicago, Ill.

Arthur E. Spencer
1st Engineers U.S.A.
Born Feb.3, 1881, Norwood, Mass.

Michael T. Griffin
1st Sgt. K. Co. 101st Inf. 1st Army Instructor B.Co. 161st Inf.
Born Sept. 29, 1891   Braintree, Mass.

Corp. George Adametz
109 Photo Section
2042 W. Huron St., Chicago, Ill.
Born in Chicago, Ill May 26, 1894

M.S.E. Robert E. Derby
107 Photo Section
14 Sidney Place. S.E., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Corp. Joseph Sylvia
A.M.C. Det.
122 Fair St., New Bedford, Mass.

Lt. Willard E. Gray
Townsend Harbor, Mass.

Pvt. Harold F. Gray
Co. D. 103 M.G. Bn. 26th Division
Townsend Harbor, Mass.

Liceras M. Keddie,
A.N.C. Providence, R.I.

Olive M. Mills
A.N.C., Camp Devens
Fargo, N. Dak.

Marie S. Mueller
A.N.C., Lima, Ohio

Gertrude J. Jennings
A.N.C., Camp Devens
Concord, N.H.


Opra Lee Howe – 5/20/1919
A.N.C. Camp Devens
Burlington, Vt.

Annie J. Hilton
A.N.C. Camp Devens
Boston, Mass.

Kathleen C. Parks
A.N.C. Camp Devens
Lexington, Mass.

Sgt. William Earle
2nd Co. 1st Bt.
Allston, Mass.

Mabel E. O’Dowd – May 20, 1919
A.N.C. Camp Devens
Newark, Ohio, graduate Philadelphia, Pa.
“Thanks for hospitality”

Prt. Stanley C. Munn
2nd Co., 1st Bn. D.B.
34 Creighton Street, North Cambridge, Mass.

Pvt. George J. Gallagher
2nd Co. 1st Bn. D.B.
23 Mt. Pleasant St., Somerville, Mass.

Agnes J. Skerry
A.N.C. Camp Devens

John R. Gillis
6th Field Artillery, Batt. A 1st Div A.E.F. Camp Devens
Born in Glasgow, Scotland 1900

Ervy Bowers
314 Eng. Co. B 89 Div.
Born in Verbanna, Ohio
Indianapolis, Indiana


Walter O. Evans
77th Division, 2nd Batt. Co H 305
Born in Boston July 1888
94 Sawyer Ave., Dorchester, Mass.

William A. Koloski
6 San. Tr 6 Div.
Born in 1899, Baltimore, Md.
c/o Mr. George H. Read
97 Hopkins Dr. Longmeadow, Springfield Mass.

George W. Achey
Co. E, 103 Inf. 26 Division
#80 Foxteth St., Brookline, Mass.

Samuel W. Schwartz   June 7, 1919
3rd Det. Demobilization Center, 1st Div. in 18th Inf. Co. 1
Born Montreal, Canada in 1900
Home address: 6208 So. Drexel Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Private Ole Andre’ Kessler
Provost Guard, Camp Devens Mai 1918
Born in Randers, Denmark June 1, 1895
“In Shirley on leave June 8, 1919. I’m very glad to find a place
just like home. I shall always remember the good people of Shirley”
New York, January 2, 1917 s/s Kristianafjord

Katherine G. Roche  June 26, 1919
A.N.C. Camp Devens
23 Belknap St., Laconia, N.H.

August Mueller
A.N.C. Camp Devens
Walnut, Iowa

Leah R. Rhodes
A.N.C. Camp Devens
Saxturo, Pennsylvania

Alice M. Young June 26, 1919
A.N.C.R. Camp Devens
6 New Ocean Street, Swampscott, Mass.

Bessie M. German
A.N.C. Camp Devens
416 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa.

Bertha A. Roy
A.N.C. Camp Devens
418 State St., Conneaut, Ohio

“On Leave”
“I have come home awhile
To see the folks and friends and fields
I knew so well, and loved,
Before I went away;
The welcome and the gentle talk
Of old acquaintances on the street
The shop-lined street of yesterday,
They were the same,……..almost,

I have come home awhile
To seek what has been lost so long;
I heard the long, low drone of trade
At dawn to-day, the huckster’s cry,
While I was still but half awake;
And in the kitchen, kettles rattling
Mid the merry hum of song.
‘Twas mother singing.  And I dressed,
And soon
Her song and mine were one,
We were so glad.

I have come home awhile,
Half-sentient of the mighty change
Which all my being thrills
With its immensity…..
But these will ever be unchanged:
The lingering walks beneath the elms
When the supper dishes are laid away;
The sweet return, the chamber’s hush:
A friendly book, an idle talk or song
And in the hall, the high clock on the landing
Ticking slow…and the green lamp’s glow
In the evening.

I have come home awhile
To live.
E. Andrews




Corp. Henry T. Fredericks  – (Time of my visit June 20, 1919)
Co. F. 101st U.S. Eng.
“True friends are like diamonds,
Precious and rare,
False ones like autumn leaves,
Found everywhere”
“To Mr. Lawton and family true friends of the soldiers”

Pvt. Placide Gagne’
Co F., 28 Inf.
Home address: #22 Clinton Ave., Waterville, Maine

Private Patrick J. McGann
3rd Detachment Demobilization Group, Camp Devens, Mass.
81 Burrell St., Roxbury, Mass.

Cpl. Henry T. Fredericks
Co F. 101st U.S. Eng.
505 Pleasant St., Malden, Mass.
“Since I’ve been in the army,
Good times have been very few,
But in Mr. Lawton’s household,
I met friends good and true,
He took me into his little home,
A stranger he did not know,
I went away a friend of his,
As long as the four winds blow.”

Sgt. Henry R. Diette
1st Co. Conn. Center, Camp Devens
“The Lawtons are a very great people and they treat everyone
white (sic.). Long live the Lawtons and their friends.

Pvt. Merritt W. Brace
“Why do we meet together when all the Church bells rings. Why do we
hang to the Holly when many Carisings, because within the Manger with
bethels far away the Wholly Chase lie Jesus up on the Xmas day.”

Sgt. Albert Anderson
Co. L 13th Inf, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 725 4th St. Modesto, Calif.
Birthplace: Irvington, Calif. May 13th, 1894

Corp. Walter Tomlinson
Base Hospital 62, now at Camp Hospital Camp Devens
East Barre, Vermont

Anthony Maggil
Camp Hospital Camp Devens
190 F. St. So. Boston
“Thank you one and all our father H.A. Przyliski up and over

Corporal Lockwood  – April 26, 1920
of the fighting first Division. Now in the Pill Rollers at Camp Hospital,
Home address: 166 Broadway, Lowell, Mass.
(home address is Minn. Minn.)

Mr. Arthur F. Gohde
Co. H. 13 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 1122 Riverside Ave.
Spokane, Washington
I was born in Viroquw, Wis. Eage (sic) 20. Borne in 1900 January 23rd

Peter Derwinis
Co. A 36 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born 1895 in Lithuania

George A. Phillips
One Year D. S.  Born Feb. 8, 1900, Garland Texas

Eugene O. Haskie
582129 Battery D 54th Art. O.A.C.
Roxton Falls, Quebec, Canada

Pvt. 1st Cl. Arthur B. LeTellier
579091 A.S.C. 71D CAC
Attleboro, Mass. Sept 11, 1894

Pvt. Nicolaas Bernard
Co. D. 14 M.G. Bn 5 Div.
Born 11 October 1899, Rotterdam, Holland

Pvt. Dominick D’agostin
Supply Co. 335 Q.M.C.
Born Oct. 31, 1894 Stamford, Conn.

Pvt. Alvin H. Young
Co. H 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Campbelville, Ky. Born November 7th 1895

Sgt. William M. Murtaugh
Co.L 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Box 627, Kelso, Washington
Birthplace Portland Ore. 1890

Sgt. Frank R. Busha
Co. L. 13th Infantry
Home Address: 418 So. 17th St. Tacoma, Washington
Birthplace Seattle, Wash. Feb. 29th 1896

Pvt. Martin R. Chrisstofferson
Co. L 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 61 Communipaw Ave. Jersey City
Birthplace Chicago, Ill.  1899

Auguste Nadeau
Hospital Train #64
Home address: #17 Spruce St. Biddeford, Maine
Born in Canada in 1894

Joseph Dumais
76th Division 304 Inf.
Eagle Lake, Maine



Sgt. Ernest Thomas Q.M.C.
So. Benson Road, Fairfield, Conn. July 1892
“Many thanks for a very pleasant day Sept. 7th, 1919”

Alfred A. Benedict
Co. G. 9th Inf. 2nd Div. A.E.F.
present: Co. I, 13th Inf. Camp Devens. Mass.
Home address: Calistoga, Calif.
Born on June 14, 1900 at Pinffannow Dorff, Germany
“To remember Mr. Lawton:
A wise old Owl sat on an Oak,
The more he heard the less he spoke,
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Now isn’t that Owl a wise old bird?”

Pvt. Girlamo Inuccio
Co. E 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Italy, Naples Jan. 18, 1894
Formerly of the 122nd Engineers
Attached to 42nd Division

Alvin W. Henderson
Co. C 304 B’n Tank Corps
523 Weston Ave. Lynn, Mass. Born Mar. 1, 1895

Pvt. Harold L. Kelsey
Prov. Guard Co. of Inf. Camp Devens
Home address: South Bristol, Me. May 3, 1890

Frederic C. Ambrose
Co.”H” 13th Infantry
Overcliff St. Park Hill, Yonkers, N.Y.
Born Southboro, Mass. March 8 – 189?
David Ambrose
Arline Ann Ambrose
Teddy Ambrose
(Jan 25, 1942 Emma Ambrose, 16 Harvard Rd. Shirley Mass. visited and     wrote entry beside her husband’s WWI entry naming their children)


Costales, Manuel G.
Co. L 36 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born 1896 Enard 26 Luanlo Asturias Espana

Sgt. William C. Head
Hq. Co. 36 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Springfield, Mo April 3, 1896
Home address: 507 South St., Mitchell, Arkansas

Cpl. Jesse Marcus
Co. L 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Miles City, Mont.   Omaha, Nebraska

Verne R. Miller – Nov. 30, 1919
Co. L 36 Inf. Camp Devens. Mass.
Home Address: Rochester, Minnesota

Mr. Charles J. Gevern
13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Dec 25, 1901 30 Inf. A.E.F.
1511 Mitchell St. Elfrock, Mich
Box 25 Clevehall, Ill.

John S. Mobley
101 M G 26 Div.
Cherokee, Ala.

John Victor Howard
Torpedo Station, Newport R.I.
Home address: 38 Fielton St., Berkley, Calif.
Born in Oakland, Calif. On the 21 day of April 1899

Frederick C. Balfour
Social Sec. Y.M.C.A., Camp Devens
93 Redington St., Swampscott, Mass.
“Many thanks for a pleasant afternoon.”

Eugene Nowak
Cook, Company G 38th Infantry
Born First September 1897, St. Joseph, Mo.

Maynard D. Federline
Cook, 26 Inf. E Co. 1st Div
Born May 22, 1895 Baltimore, Md.
St. Louis, Mo.

Frank H. Smith
Cook, 151 Depot Brig.
Allentown, Pa. May 3, 1892


John S. Matthews
Co. E 8th Div.
Boston, Mass. March 3, 1899
Chicopee, Mass.

Louis Valli
Company D. 60th Inf. 5th Div.
East Hampton, Conn.  Aug 10, 1897

Sylvester Green
Company G 28th Inf. 1st Div
Cruso, N.C. Nov.28, 1890

Claus E. Jackett
New York City

Bassus J. Vigilone
46 32 1st Det. Demob. Camp Devens, Mass.
6 St. New York

James Fred Polk
Cook, Co. F. 28 Inf. 1st Div.
born Feb. 14, 1897 Monroe, N.C
1102 Pegram St., Charlotte N.C.

Sgt. Percy Lawton
Co. E. 2nd. Amm. Train, 2nd Division
born Milwaukee, Wisc.  Dec. 12, 1892
1231 45th Ave. San Francisco, Calif.

Sergeant E.F. Vantura
Hq. 6th Infantry, 1st Division
Provincetown, Mass.

Corporal W. W. Pratt
104th Inf. 26
Somerville, Mass.  A.D.

Corp. Edward S. Chipman
West Grandville, Mass.   Jan 4, 1899


Sergeant Leonard M. Dearden
26th H.S. Inf. 1st Div.
at Devens for demobilization 9/24/19
7 Thane St., Dorchester, Mass.
“Mr.Lawton’s labor of love goes not unappreciated by even the
veriest of ‘rough-necks’. He welcomed us with the real American
“On behalf of the boys a few words of thanks is offered to Mr. Lawton.”

Corp. James J. Powers
M.T.C. 538 M.S.T. 426
Boston, Mass.

Sgt. Walter Bishop
48th Inf. Co. K. Camp Jackson, South Carolina A.D.

Pvt. Mike the Greek from Over Seas
“Y.M.C.A…meaning ‘your money cheerfully accepted’”

Sgt. L.M. Dearden, 7 Thane St., Dorchester, Mass.
“After rain comes the sunshine. This is what we found at the home of
Mr. Lawton where we were cordially welcomed……….
I have found that ‘the milk of human kindness’ has nearly always proven
to be well-skimmed and often wholly synthetic.  At this perfect home we
discover cream, rich and full, freely given, sincerity and studied devotion
to the soldiers most cherished desires. The rarity of this splendid
hospitality enhances the success of Mr. Lawton and his charming
daughter’s work.  This stay is one of the beautiful memories of my soldier
career. May every success and blessing be the portion of this delightful
host and his loved ones.”

Wm. W. Pratt, 28 Teele Ave. West Somerville, Mass.
“I will write these few lines to show my appreciation for what was done
for me with others at the home of Mr. Lawton.  And may all the luck and
happiness that is around, stay with this kind gentleman and his family
through his days.”

Paul Wright Crane
Co. F 36th Inf. 12th Div. Camp Devens, Mass. Born in 1896.


Adolph G. Gaske
Co. B 167 Inf. 84 Brig 42 Div. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born May 12, 1898
Maple Ave., Great Barrington, Mass.

Murdock Campbell
D. Co. 3rd Army Camp Reg. 3rd Div.
124 West Newton st., Boston, Mass. Born 1895

Mr. Merritt W. Brace – Oct. 14, 1919
4 Division Casual
Born 1900
119 North Winooski Ave., Burlington, Vt.

Pvt. Albert J. DiGregorio
Co. L 11 Infantry 5th Division
Born in Boston, Mass.  February 11, 1896
50 Snow Hill St., Boston, Mass.
“In memory of a Bostonian”

John A. Diesner
Co. L Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Australia Jan 7, 1893
Home address: Great Falls, Montana

Pvt. Adam Orancas
Co. L 26 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in March 19, 1894, Russia
887 Grand St., Brooklyn, New York

Edwin H. McIntyre
Base Hospital, Camp Devens
Born September 20, 1896
Home address: Bethel, Vermont

Arthur A. Meegan
Base Hospital, Devens, Mass.
Born Jan. 5, 1895
Place: #13 Duncklee Ave., Stoneham, Mass.
Present address: #93 Summer St., Stoneham, Mass. Phone 6820


Mrs. Rose Fiarello (Rosa Anna Casgiano)
Mickel R. Fiarello
Co. H 13th Inf. Co. b 11th U.S. Engineers
1st Army Corps Camp Devens, Mass.
Born May 20, 1898 Modane, Savoie, France

Harry Schulman
13th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Mass.
Birthday May 5th 1895, Breman, Germany
8 Hebron St., Springfield, Mass.

Max Goldstarb
Co. H. 13th Inf., Camp Devens, Mass.
4th Division, 13th Field Artillery
Born Sept. 9, 1895 Winnipeg, Canada
706 Vancouver Ave., Portland, Oregon

Fred J. Peters
13th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Mass.
Birthday May 4, 1895 West Chicago, Ill.
High St., Aurora, Ill.

Pvt. Albert J. DiGregorio  – Sept. 26, 1919
Co. L 11 Inf. 57th Div.
“United We Stand!”
“We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect
union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for
Common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing
of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this
Constitution for the United States of America”
“Faithfully Yours, Pvt. Albert J. DiGregorio”

Pvt. Frank Ciaramella
Co I 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Formerly of Co. D 9th M.G. Bn. 3rd Div.
Born Apr. 1st 1898 in Italy
Home address: #1213 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y.



Cpl. B. Steine
305th Brigade, Tank Corps, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born May 16, 1900 in the State of New York and the Borough of
Present address: 216 Van Buren St., Brooklyn

Sgt. L.S. Hutchins
Attached Co. M 36 Inf. Originally from H. Co 1st Div.
Born March 26th 1896 in the State of N.Y., City of Malone
Present address: 78 Wash. St., Malone, N.Y.

Wag. E. G. Joiner
assigned to Supply Co. 30th Inf.
Originally of Supply Co. 39th Inf. 4th Div.
Born Sept. 18th 188 at Fremont, Nebr.
Home address; Casper, Wyo.

Charles A. Kidd
Camp Devens, Mass.
Born July 24. 1890
home address: Smithfield, Illinois

H.C. McDonald
M.T.C. Camp Devens
Enlisted at Burley, Idaho June 1917
Assigned to 42nd Infantry
Home address: Strevell, Idaho
Parents address: Sulphur Springs, Ark

Pvt. Louis Migneault
Co. W 58 Inf. 4th Div.
Born Nov. 10, 1894 Sherbrooke P.Q.
Present home Moosup, Conn.
now at Base Hospital Camp Devens Mass

John E. Elkins
Batt. B. 7th Field Artillery 1st Division A.E.F.
Leo Whitney      April 6
Co. I 101st Infantry 26th Division A.E.F.
Home address 210 Bowdoin St. Dorchester, Mass.

Daniel J. Dennehy
Bugler, 101st Infantry Y P Division
Home address 3393 West 52nd St. Cleveland, Ohio

Charles W. English
Y.M.C.A. Camp Devens
Home address East Brookfield, Mass.

Frank E. Higgins
Y.M.C.A. Camp Devens
301 Park Ave., Worcester, Mass.

Clara E. Sackett
New York City (portrait artist)
Toujours fidele

  1. Hannah Damrocz
    New York W.C.C.S.

Joy Montgomery Higgins   October 5th 1919
New England Div. W.C.C.S.
“An evening to be marked with a white stone”

Hattie S. Tuttle   October fifth
36 Nathan Hale, New London, Conn.

  1. Steine
    Bn. Sgt. Major, Co. G. 28th Infantry, 1st Division
    Born November 15, 1898 City of Baltimore, Md.
    Present address 216 Van Buren St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Robert E. King
D Base Hospital sug.3
June 10, 1901, Petersburg, Va

John J. Dudeck
Co. B 26 Inf. 1st Div.
Present address 309 Power St., Johnstown, Penn.

Joseph Omer Roux
Co. A, 3rd Div. Base Hospital sug.2
Orah St. Box 23 Manchester, N.H.

Leo Manzoli
Base Hospital Med.
Born May 27, 1901
Address 9 Collins St., Dorchester, Mass.

  1. Dwight Kirkham
    217 Kimberly Ave. New Haven, Conn.
    Overseas with the 26th & American Commission to Negotiate Peace
    “Be good and you will be happy”

Sgt. Charles Coburn
Co. A. 34th Infantry 7th Division A.E.F.

“Life is a leaf of paper white,
Whereon each one of us may write.
His word or two, and then come night;
Greatly begin, Be thou have time,
But for a line, be that sublime,
Not failure, But low aim is crime.

Hospitality, Pure, Simple and Unadulterated in the highest sense
of the word, explains in brief the Hospitality of the most charming family
I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with.
Mr. Lawton, So dignified, kind and gentle, always the host, and looking
after your comfort, ease and wants, Mrs. Lawton, So quiet and gentle
and unassuming.  Last but not least, the charming Miss Shirley Lawton,
who excels in the culinary art which makes our short stay under their
hospitable roof both pleasant and agreeable.”

Pvt. Stanley W. Keyes   “in gratitude”
Motor Transport Corps 747 Camp Devens
71 E. Erie Ave., Corning, NY

Stella M. Thurston
Soldiers Club Dormitory, W.C.C.S. Ayer Mass.
Home address 71 Elm St. Somerville, Mass.

Gordon Noyes
Motor Transport Company 747 Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address 149 Main St., Norway, Maine


Charles J. Buckee
American Red Cross
Hdqs. Co. 118th Infantry, Hdqs. Troop 30th Division A.E.F.
Home address 7 Oxford Terrace, Beverly, Mass.

Henry T. Secrist
War Camp Community Service
Home: 12 Park St., Brookline Mass.

  1. Helen MacCoy
    Red Cross Social Service, Base Hospital
    Home: Philadelphia

Mrs. Wolcott West Treadway
Y.W.C.A. work in Germany with 26th Inf. 1st Div.
Home: Lancaster & Cambridge, Mass.

Miss Deed Richards
Y.W.C.A. Hostess House Camp Devens

Mrs. Lloyd S. Hutchins
Ayer, Mass.

Hazel A. Irwin
Secretary, Camp Devens War Camp Community Service

Forrest J. Walker
Co. A 336 Inf.
1631 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.

Clara E. Sackett  New York City (She entertained soldiers at the Lawtons by reading their palms and telling their fortune. They called her the ‘witch lady’. She was a prominent portrait artist in New York City)

How Nokus   (Mahonri Nokus) October 25, 1919
Co. M. 36 Inf. Camp Devens, Massachusetts
729 Gudgell Court, Salt Lake City, Utah
Born Feb. 19, 1899

Ralph H. Schiller     5/13/20
Reg. Inf. 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Feb. 13, 1901
#163 Franklin Street, Paterson, New Jersey


William A. Kecy
Co. B  36 Inf.
Born Aug. 1, 1896, Brookline, N.H.

Pvt. Henry A. Kane
H. Co. 104 Inf. 26 Div.
Born July 3, 1893 Clinton, Mass.

Pvt. Alexander Tiberis
Headquarters Co. 5th F.A. 1st Division
Born Fe’bry 4, 1895   Roma, Italy

Frank S. Ellison
325 J.N.F. Co. A 82 Div.
Born March 28, 1888

Capt. Arthur J. Hoffman
Co. E. 36th Inf.
Born May 1, 1893 Brooklyn, N.Y.
Beatrice Chester Hoffman, Born June 30, 1898 Elizabeth, N.J.

Pvt. John Kiczek
Co. G 104 Inf.
Born March 20, 1900 Chicopee, Mass.

Joe Wheeler
Old Co. B 26th Inf., present H.F.Co. 13th Infantry
Box 36, Woodsville, N.H.

J.F. Straford
Co.C 23 Inf.  Co. M. 13 Inf.
Born July 20, 1892 Foss, Oklahoma

William A. Kecy  Oct. 25, 1919
Co. B 36 Inf.
Brookline, N.H.

Mahonri Nokus
Co. M. 36 Inf. Co. B. 27 Engrs First Army, France
17 West Adams, Los Angeles, California
739 Gudgills Court, Salt Lake City, Utah


Harvey A. Landry
M.T.C. 747 Camp Devens, 103rd Inf. Hdq. Co.
177 North Common St., West Lynn, Mass.

Gordon Noyes
M.T.C. 747 Camp Devens, Mass.
149 Main St., Norway, Maine

Robert E. Rupert
Co. 1 engrs. Co. C. Glenborny, Md.
Co. 1 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born March 17, 1897 Three Springs, Penn.

Sgt. Guy B. Vail   Oct. 26, 1919
Cant. Hdqtrs Camp Devens
Home address: Rumford Falls, Maine

Robert Holloway
93rd Div.
Worcester, Mass.

Louis Migeault
Major American Operations with French Fourth Army Offensive
St. Mihiel, Argonne, Meuse, Champagne, Marne
present house Moosup, Conn.

Lemuel A. McPike
Cook, Medical Dept. Evacuation Hospital #27
Last evacuation hospital to leave Germany
Army of Occupation (3rd Army) Coblentz, Germany (The American
Foreign countries visited: England, France, Luxemburg, Germany,
Home address Waite, Washington Co. Maine
1st regular outfit: B co. 301st M.G. Bn 76th Div.
“To Mr. Lawton and family, champion exponents of true democracy,
(The kind we fought for over there in our Ideals) I wish hereby to
express my thanks.”



S.F.C. William Profit
USS Vermont Second Div. Marines, France
#14 Cambridge St., Ayer, Mass.
Born February 23, 1900 Ayer Mass.

Alfred Dufault
home address is Medical Corps, Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
888 Main St. Worcester, Mass.
“I hereby express my thanks to the kind gentleman.

Pvt. Samuel Sweeney
Medical Dept. Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Nov.2, 1900 Home address #15 Hawkins St., Somerville, Mass.
“I hereby express my thanks to the kind gentleman who gave me a
wonderful time.”

Private Harvey D. Aaronson
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass. A.E.F. Automatic Replacement
Born November 6, 1892 Home address 208 Chestnut St. Chelsea
“I was always under the impression that nobody ever cared for anybody
but themselves, but I was forced to change my mind and think life was a
beautiful thing when I was received by the congenial Mr. Lawton and his
charming daughter.  Mr. Lawton’s everlasting smile won a spot in my
heart which will last forever, his kindness will never be forgotten, he tries
to make you happy and tries to make it comfortable for you as though
you were home.
In conclusion I want to say that if all men was like Mr. Lawton there
would be a great deal more happy homes.
May ‘God’ in his infinite wisdom bless Mr. and Mrs. Lawton and their
daughter. I am a everlasting friend.”

Private Daniel J. Donahue
Medical dept. Base Hospital Camp Devens, Mass.
Born April 25, 1897, home address 323 Prospect St. Cambridge Mass.
“With many thanks for Mr. and Mrs. Lawton and his charming daughter
for what that done for me at their home.”


Edward R. Crowe
Private, stationed at Camp Devens, Mass. Base Hospital
Born Dec. 11, 1900 19 West Auburn Ct. Malden, Mass.
“With many thanks.”

John Kiczek
Co. G. 104 Inf. 26 Div.
42 Abbey St. Chicopee, Mass.

Dominic Carter  Nov 10, 1919
D 104 Inf, Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Dec. 18, 1886  40 Bond St., Holyoke, Mass.

John Hallohan
Co. L 28 Inf 1st Div Cantonment Hdqtrs Tel 8262 Camp Devens
Born July 7, 1889 Cork City Ireland
Home 14 King St., Great Kills, Staten Island N.Y.

Thomas Walter Reynolds
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Aug 14 1898

Russell L. Hatch
Base Hospital (M.C.) Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass
Born July 10, 1900

Warren Kimball
Pvt. Camp Hospital Camp Devens, Mass, formerly a member of Battery F
102 F.A. 26th Div. Born April 18, 1896
“Dying rays of the sun
Turned the world red and gold.
The tall bare branches of the trees
The hoary oaks so old.

A moment it flickers
The dropping from the horizon
It sets its shining course o’er
The daily task well done.

The twilight comes
Its soft gray mantle o’er the earth
It throws. How still and calm it seems
The death of day; of night the birth

The twilight deepens
Into a clinging, nebulous cloak of blue
From yonder clouds sails forth the moon
and the stars come twinkling thru.

A soft scented breeze
comes gently wafted o’er the sod
The mystery of the universe, the beauty
Proclaims the presence of the unseen God”

Corporal Walter Tomlinson
served at Base Hospital 62
Now at Camp Hospital, Camp Devens
Future address some where in Hawaii.  Born in East Barre, Vermont

John Kiczek    Nov 21, 1919
26th Div. 104th Inf G Co.
Santa Monica 8 Sergent Ave. 3rd Div 4th Inf E Co.
42 Abbey St. Chicopee, Mass.

Robert Holloman
93rd Div. 372 Inf. M Co.
Born Dec. 25th, 1897
45 Clayton Street, Worcester, Mass.

William M. Booker
Co. I 36th Infantry, Overseas with Co. L, 327th Infantry 82nd Division
Born June 9, 1887 Home address: 307 So. Parrish St. Baltimore Md.

Pvt. Henry T. Walsh
Medical Dept. camp Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born July 15, 1901

Pvt. Joseph Falden
Medical Corps, Base Hospital Detach, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born August 9, 1900 Home address: Greenfield Mass.


Ford Martin
Medical Corps, Camp Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address 19 High St., Waltham, Mass. or Charlottetown, P.E.I. Can.
Formerly of the Signal Corps. Eng. 1st Div. Canadians
Born March 25, 1897

John F. Jones
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass. Med. Corps U.S.A.
Born Sept. 8, 1900 39 Quarry St. Fall River, Mass.

Louis J. Otteni
Sgt. 1/c First U.S. Engrs.
Home address: 215 N. Connell St. Wilmington, Del.

Pvt. James H. Freeman   Nov. 25, 1919
Prison Guard Co. Devens, Mass. Formerly K Co. 23rd U.S. Inft.
Born July 1896 Denver, Colorado
“Thanking Mr. Lawton and Miss Shirley for a very pleasant afternoon.”

Samuel Henry Dodds
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Aug. 27, 1901 15 Wrentham Street, Dorchester, Mass.

Oliver Charles Martin
Medical Corps, Base Hospital, Camp Devens
Born August 6, 1904 Home address: 7 Olive Ave. Somerville, Mass.

Private Albert P. LaFrance   October
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born August 6, 1903 in Worcester
Home address: 833 Main Street, Worcester, Mass.
“May God in his infinite wisdom bless Mr. and Mrs. Lawton and their
charming daughter for what they had done to overjoy my heart.  I am
a everlasting friend (Thanks).”

Alexander Anacki
Co. B 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass. 23rd Inf. 2nd Div.
Born in 1898 Home address: 2004 Fowler St. Chicago, Ill.

Private Clifford Raymond    1919
3rd Cavalry B Troop Fort Ethan Allen Vt.
Birth 1900, Home: Highgate Ctr. Vt.

Sgt. George H. Fromm
28th Inf. 1st Div.
Charles City, Iowa

Pvt. Alexander Hailes
1st Div. 28 Inf.  Cant. Hdg. Det.
Born May 2, 1901 Home: Shubuta, Miss.

1st Sgt. Albert L. St. Laurent    11/30/19
Served overseas with the Hq. Co. 78th F.A. Now in Co. H 36th U.S. Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born October 8, 1896 at Manchester, N.H.
Present home address: 547 Chestnut St. Manchester, N.H.
“In gratitude to Mrs. Lawton, Mr. Lawton, and Miss Lawton, for their kind attention and welfare of all soldiers.”

Priv. Russell LeRoy Hatch    Nov 31, 1919
Now in the Medical Corps Camp Devens
Born July 10, 1900 in Norwood, Mass.
Present home address: 2 Helena Road, Dorchester, Mass.

Sgt. George H. Fromm
B Company 36th Infantry
Born 1899 in the month of March. Home: Charles City, Iowa
“Having enjoyed myself very much while visiting with Mr. & Mrs. Lawton
and their beloved daughter and have found that their good intentions are to make everyone happy. Let me ask that God bestow upon them his everlasting blessings and help them more and more each day in carrying out their great Christian work which they are now and have been carrying on in the long past.”

Private Edward G. Donovan
Medical Detachment Base Hospital
Home address: 18 Joy St. Somerville, Mass. Born March 24, 1900

Pvt. Joseph P. Magaldo
Medical detachment Base Hospital
Home address: 168 F. St. So. Boston, Mass. Born Sept. 25, 1900

Pvt. Anthony A. Tompkins
Medical Detachment Base Hospital
Home address: 28 ½ Tufts St. Somerville, Mass. Born June 13, 1901

Pvt. James T. Butler
Medical Detachment Base Hospital, Feb.2, 1922 Co. C 13th Inf.
Born June 14, 1901, Home address: 253 Second St. So. Boston, Mass.

Pvt. Grant A. Hardy
Medical Detachment Camp Hospital
Home address: 25 Gillis St., Nashua, N.H.

“Winter Fantasy”
“The grey dull pall of the sky
Hung o’er the moody earth
The dank brown earth had lost
Its summer robe of green
The gathering dusk of winter
Crept o’er all
Blotting out the sun
And the gloomy cloak of November
Blanketed the hills.

The gnarled brown limbs of the trees
Mutely raised to heaven seemed to cry
We are cold!  Oh God
Send us your mantle
The winter mantel
So that we no longer may tremble
In the bleak stinging wind.

The cry was heard
Swirling, the flakes flew down
And the poor earth so bleak and cheerless
Now was covered with glistening white
The needles of the fir bent beneath their burden.
The old stone wall blackened with age.
Now was a rampart of beauty
The wall of fairyland

The ugly sights of the year’s decay
The clusters of dead leaves
Were all hid by the cloak of winter
But within the trees
The sap had sprung to birth
Merely awaiting the Spring

In the darkness of under earth
The wee blades of the grass
Not yet born but asleep
Felt the warmth of old winter
and waited their call

Glittering stalactites
The icicles
Hung from the eaves
Touched by the sun
They seemed like fiery swords of light.

Under its glassy ice
The brook tore madly on
and near the roots of the water grasses
All day
The glistening trout
Dreamed of midsummer”

Warren Kimball, written at Shirley 12-7-1919

Pvt. James Peters
Medical Co. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Sept. 1, 1900. 358 east 124th St. New York City

Pvt. Fred Smith
Born Jan 1883

C.T. Migneault
Co. I 36 Inf. A.E.F. Co. M. 1st Inf.
Home: Indianapolis, Indiana

George J. Carroll
Camp Hospital, Camp Devens
Born in So. Boston Dec. 24, 1900
Home address: #4 Maryland St. Dorchester, Mass.

Pvt. George J. Mills
309 Inf. M.G.Co.
611 Pequoiq Ave. Athol, Mass.  Born Sept. 8, 1894


Pvt. Leo Whitney
I Co. 101st Inf. 26th Div.
Born within a stone’s throw of the No. Station in Boston and am still within rifle range. April 19th, 1895
Home address: 210 Bowdoin St., Dorchester, Mass.

Sgt. Fergus Carmody
G. Co. 327th 82nd Div.
Born in Lawrence, Mass Dec. 5th, 1883
Still hide in Lawrence when the cops are out on Strike. 4 Fitz St. Lawrence

Esther G. Spratt
95 Spring St. Woonsocket, R.I. Born in June 27, 1895
“Almost as old as Whitney”

Priv. Paul Casper
E Co. 13th U.S. Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Jersey City, New Jersey November 1, 1898
Served in the 1st M. Reg. served in Canada, not overseas

Mary K. Taylor    January 1, 1920
American Red Cross Contreseville, Coblenz, Camp Devens
182 Elm Street, North Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harold B. Johnson
American Red Cross, Camp Devens
24 Lawrence St., Waltham, Mass.

Roland A. Hammond
Bugler 1/c Co. M, 13th U.S. Infantry formerly of Bat. D Sixth F.A.
Born in Newport, Ky. 1898
“Happiness is too precious to be sacrificed on the altar of prejudice.”

Edward P. Nolan
Camp Hospital, Camp Devens
Born in Everett, Mass. Sept 11, 1900
Home address 86 Emerson St. So. Boston, Mass.

Edward L. Worthley
Camp Hospital, Camp Devens
Born in El Paso, Texas Aug. 1, 1900
Home address: 139 South St. Biddeford, Me.

Francis McGovern     April 27, 1920
Med. Detch. Camp Hosp. Camp Devens
Born in Lynn, Mass. April 15, 1900
Home address is 16 Shepherd St. Lynn, Mass.
“Enjoyed a pleasant afternoon and evening in the Lawton House.”

Joseph Carter
Co. G. 36th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Boston July 3, 1898
Home address 3538 Washington St., Boston, Mass.

Louis H. Hudson
M.G. Co. 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in St. Louis, Mo. April 29, 1899
Home address, 1842 Hanover Ave. St. Louis, Mo.

Clifford MacDonald
Pvt. Camp Devens
Home address. #695 Middlesex St. Lowell

Pvt. Francis McGovern
Camp Hospital, Camp Devens
Home address: 9 Stewart St. Lynn, Mass.

Henry Sweeney
Pvt. Camp Devens
Home address 75 Lowell St., Lynn, Mass.

Joseph Stockley
Pvt. Camp Devens
Home address: 1 Hayes Place, Pittsfield (Mass.)

James Pervene
Pvt. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 14 Green St. Shelburne Fall, Mass.

Mildred Emerson Dimick
167 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, Mass.

Ruben L. Carnett
Co. M 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass. formerly 16th Inf Brigade HQ
Home address: Belle Point, Ky.

  1. H. Dunham
    Cpl. Supply Co. 13th Infantry
    Home address: 4230 Russell Ave. St. Louis, Mo.

Edward H. James   Dec. 28, 1919 “Ever thine”
Company A. 36th Infantry, Camp Devens

Sgt. George H. Fromm Dec. 28, 1919
Co. B 36th Infantry
“God be with you till we meet again.”

Carlyle A. Weyranch
Co. B 36th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Binghampton, New York Oct. 31, 1897

Edward P. Leonard
Co. B. 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Phila. PA May 2nd 1897

Clara Sackett   Jan 4th, 1920
“We are known, not for what we are; nut for what we may become!”
(She entertained soldiers at the Lawtons by reading their palms and telling their fortune. They called her the ‘witch lady’. She was a prominent portrait artist in New York City)

William J. McGahan   January 17, 1920
Formerly of the Medical Detachment U.S. Navy 1917-18, Camp Devens
Born in Somerville, Mass.  Oct. 12, 1898
“With many thanks to Mr. Lawton, Mrs. Lawton & Miss Shirley Lawton for my very happy weekend spent at their home.”

John E. Elkins  Jan. 18, 1920
April 6, 1895

Daniel J. Dannehy   Jan. 18, 1920
Born June 14, 1896

Eli Yearbebisile

Leo Whitney     Jan 18, 1920
April 19th 1895


Mr. J. R. Morrill
Formerly of the Medical Detachment USA
Born 1900 in North Uxbridge, Mass.
and enlisted in the Army in Sept 2, 1919
“Many thanks to Mr. Lawton and Mrs. Lawton & Miss Lawton for my weekend pass spent at their home Jan. 7, 1920”
Home address: Mr. J.R. Morrill, North Uxbridge, Mass.

Mr. John H. Narey
Formerly of Med. Det. 332 Inf. Enlisted June 24, 1917, went over sea June 6, 1918 with the 83rd Div. and served in Italy with the 332 Inf.
“Many thanks to Mr. Lawton for my weekend pass and the same to Mrs.
Lawton and Miss Shirley Lawton for the time I spent at their home Jan. 17, 1920”  Home address: 95 West St. Holyoke, Mass.

Pvt. Decater C. Pruitt
Co. K 36th Inf. Camp Devens. Mass.
Home address: Casor, N.C.

Pvt. Alexander W. Coyle
Medical Detachment Base Hospital
Born Nov. 20, 1898 Home address: 126 Florida St. Dorchester, Mass.

Olin A. Clary
Supply Co. 13 Inf.
Home address: Buffalo Gap, Texas
Birthplace: Comanche, Texas   Born: Nov. 13, 1898
Twenty months service overseas, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium

J.O. Stutsman
Community Service Organizer, War Camp Community Service
One Madison Ave, New York City

Sgt. Thomas Jensen
Co. F. 36th Inf.
Home address: Tilden, Nebraska Born May 13, 1888

James Tyler
Supply Co. 13 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
May 17, 1895   Ohio


Marcus L. Pinson
L.M.C. C.T Camp Devens, overseas with 3rd U.S. Cam
Minituba, Texas

Henry E. Butler
Dallas, Texas  Born Sept. 25, 1895 at Wharton, Tex.
Formerly of Coast Defense of Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone

Pvt. Fred Smith
Co. G 36 Inf.
Born Jan. 16, 1883, Marion, Indiana

Pvt. Carl S. Wolfe
Co. I 13th Inf.
Home address: Shepherd, Michigan RR3 Box 38
Born Oct. 23, 1896
Former organization Co. B. 9th M.G.B. 3rd Div.

Pvt. Ferdinand C. Cruillo  Feb. 7, 1920
Co. K 30th Inf. Marne Div. 3rd Div., also with 38th Inf. overseas 3rd Div.
Home address: #301 East 148th St. New York City
Born: Bronx, N.Y. city Dec. 12, 1895
Present address: 13th inf. Head Quarters Co. Camp Devens, Mass.
“My best 3 days of comfort and rest was spent at the Lawton home since I’ve been in service. Hoping every soldier that visits Mr. Lawton’s home
will have the same opinion as I, Ferdinand Cruillo.”

Pvt. John Orechovsky
13th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Mass.   A.E.F. France
“God be with you till we meet again. And this was the first place that I found was like home again to me.”
Born May 31,1894 Ohio

Homer DesRosiers Jr.
Med. Dep. 13th Inf. Formerly of Base Hospital #116
Home address: 23 I St. Turners Falls, Mass.

Oswald M. Grigsby
Hq. Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Born Vincennes, Indiana Feb. 12th 1897

Written by Warren Kimball for Clara Sackett, known as “The Witch Lady” who
read palms and told fortunes for the soldiers at the Lawton home”

“The Witch Lady”
Whence her subtle fascination
Had she wond’ring seen creation,
Had she lowly made oblation
To strange gods in Tyre of old?
Whence this myst’ry of her being,
Had she then some gift of seeing,
Clay-cov’ring shed spirit freeing
Far-off wonders to us she told.

Has she in former incarnations,
Raised the dead by incantations
Sow’d she strife ‘tween warlike nations
Had she foretold his doom to Saul?
Had she upon the blasted heath
where torrent-rain cloud did seethe
Prophetic words spoke to Macbeth
what hand had she in his fall?

Black eyes that dreamed of far-off things
Gold splendors of barbaric kings
Was she the Lorelei that sings
Of hidden gold beneath the Rhine?
Had she upon the placid Nile
Charmed Antony with hidden guile
And for his welcome with a smile
Dissolved fair Egypt’s pearl in wine.

In silken webs of necromancy
Caught Merlin’s sense in starry fancy
And paused in fitful hesitancy
With finger raised o’er her mute lips
Sold she fair winds for a shilling
Kept from ships that blasts most shrilling
Was she sacrificed unwilling
In Salem town, the port o’ships”


Gary C. Fraylor
Formerly of Base Hospital #12 B.E.F.
Home address: Shivers, Miss. Born Dec. 20, 1897


Oft times we dream of says gone by
Sweet memories that we hold on high
But a soldier such as you and I
With a care free mind, is bound to sigh.
For the happy hours and comforts of home
Which we loath to leave and roam.

Let us go back over hill and dale
To that slumbering village that lies in the vale,
The people we met will ne’er come amiss
For in this place stands the house of bliss,
Tho our heart and soul cries out to stay
We must part, to come back another day.

So let us not tarry, but enter this domain
Where we find a man that toils not in vain
With a cheery smile and a welcome hand
He performs great deeds in this noble land.
Tho his age be advanced and his hair be gray
He stands alone to make others gay.

There also dwelt his daughter so fair
Who like her father, did her share,
Her face wore always a radiant smile
Which we greatly admired all the while,
A handsome young lady, fair as could be
Whose beloved name was Shirley.

Tho years roll by untold
We wisk this tale to unfold
That our friendship yet so young
will never be quite done,
You will never be forgotten
Most wonderful people called Lawton”
By W.R.F

Fred. Cruillo    Feb. 22, 1920 to Feb. 24, 1920
13th Infantry Hq. Co., Camp Devens, Mass.

Frank Stanley
Borned May 16, 1887 Chattanooga, Tenn. 114 Read Ave.
Overseas 15th Cav. Band now with 13th Band Camp Devens Mass.

Charles D. Heurau
Member Co. H 13th M.S. Infantry Former Org. Hdqts. Co. 26 Inf.
Enlisted Jan 5, 1917,Served 2 years in France was engaged in 5 different battles.
Home address: Cleveland Ohio Spec. delivery, Born Feb. 26, 1894

Sgt. Stephen M. Duran
Born December 15th, 1896 Chicago, Ill.
Member of Co. H. 13th Inf. Former organization Co. F. 12th Inf. I Co.
& co. G 63rd Inf. enlisted Jan.31, 1917 I now to be furloughed to the
Regular Army reserve on or about March 31st, 1920.
Home address: at present PO Box 514, Panama City, Republic of Panama

Joseph Edward Barthelmus
Born Dec. 1, 1895 South Dakota
Member of Prison Guard Detachment, Camp Devens, Mass.
Served overseas 2 years with the 28 Inf. Div. Was engaged in 5 battles.
Home address: Box 94, Polk. Penna.
Enlisted in the U.S. Army March 30, 1917, will be furloughed to the
Reserves Mar.31, 1920.
“Friday, March 12, 1920 has been one of the happiest days of my life and
that was the day which I spent with God’s gift for the soldiers which was the family of Mr. F. Lawtons and words cannot express my appreciation for the few hours which I’ve spent with Mr. Lawton and his family and the thanks that a soldier gives them is not enough appreciation for what they do for the soldiers.”
Joseph Edward Barthelmus, Company ? 36 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Ray Miller
South Bend, Indiana 609 S. Main St.
Born June 23, 1895
with the Fifth Division overseas now a cook in Hdqtrs Co. 13 Inf.
Camp Devens

#55493 March 12, 1920
“This is to certify that I will never regret the few happy hours that I have spent at Mr. Lawton’s house and will voucher to say that any full blooded American will receive great attention at any time they call at Mr. Lawton house and I am also proud to be in the presidence (sic) of one of our honored citizens that taken a great part in the world’s war. My words can never express my appreciation for Mr. Lawton & wife & daughter for the few hours which I spent with Mr. Lawton and his family. The only thing I regret that I did not meet up with Mr. Lawton sooner from all indications and after calling on my Lawton for a few hours. I find that Mr. Lawton has put himself to the maximum high to help every boy in the Army and to do all he can in their behalf.”
Charles Donally Almead, Cleveland, Ohio Spec. Delivery

Jack L. Jaeske
Hdqtrs 13th Inf. Camp Devens. Mass.
Home address: RR#2, Sta: D Box 554, Milwaukee, Wis.
Born 1897 19th of Aug. in Breslau, Germany
Overseas 14 months with 1st Army Hdqtrs. M.D.S. attached to 8th Field Signal Bn.

Pvt. Roy P. Metcalf
Born Nov. 18, 1899 in Irasburg, Vermont
was in Co. B. 102 Machine Gun Btn. 26 Div.
Enlisted June 16, 1917 and was discharged January 26, 1920 from Walter Reed Hospital, Washington. D.C.

Charles R. Bonney
Co. I 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 222 N. 6th St., Bangor, Penna.
Born in Bangor, Penna. Aug 1, 1894

Chas. E. Knickerbocker
Co. B. 1st M.G.Bn. 1st Div. Co. I 13th Infantry
Born May 21, 1901 Cortland, N.Y.
Home address: 10 ½ Main St., Cortland, N.Y.

Luther S. Plemons
Born in Chattanooga, Tenn. Aug 8, 1895
Co. M. D. 60 Inf.  5th Div.
Now in Medical Detachment, 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
509 Greenwood Ave., Chattanooga. Tenn.

Monroe L. Friedheim
Born in New York, N.Y. Feb. 11, 1895
Field Hospital Co. 125-32nd Div.
Now in Medical Detachment, 13th Infantry, Camp Devens
Home address: 6 76 St. Nicholas Ave. New York, N.Y.

Frank E. Andrews
Born in Colurukees, Ohio July 25, 1895
Co. L. 60th Inf. 5 Div. now in Med. Dept. 13th Inf.

Private William Adams
Meherin Vilg Born Oct. 10, 1898
Overseas with Bat. C 77 F.A. Now with Co. I 13 US Inf. Camp Devens

Grace D. Upham
Hostess at Camp Devens Hostess House

Ernest E. Frederick
Co “L” 23rd Infantry, Co. E. 13th Infantry
Home address: 1123 Salamoney Ave., Huntington, Ind.

Elton T. Reynaldo
Hdq. Co. 13th Inf 36th Div.
Home address: Kilgan, Texas

Robert H. Spear
Co. L. 13 Inf. Camp Devens
Home address: Kansas City

Michael Herina Jr.  Band 36th Inf. Camp Devens
Home address” 226 Hathaway St. Wallington. N.J.

H.J. Bourke
Co. E 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Patterson, L.A.

Douglas M. Baker
Co. H. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Home address: 1104 ½ Liberty St. Allentown, PA Lehigh County
Born April 30, 1901, Allentown, Pa.

Pvt. J.H. Edington
co. H 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Home address: Elkhorn City, Ky Born March 12, 1899

Jennings B. Cox
Co. E 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Oct. 19 1896 The state of Miss.
Home address: Box 48 Batesville, Miss.
“What a wonderful old world we could have if all the people was only like
they are in Mr. Lawtons home.”

1st Pvt. Samuel D. Sawley    Shirley Center 3/38/20
Hq. Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass. 344th Bn. Tank Corps
Born June 30, 1888 in Dawning Dunn Co., Wis.
Present home at Sand Point, Idaho

Musician Gerald Kinser     Shirley Center 3/28/20
13 Inf. Band, Camp Devens 125 Inf. 32 Division
Born March 10, 1889 in South Haven, Michigan
Present Home: R.F.D. #1 Levering, Michigan

“Dedicated to Mr. F.J. Lawton by O. Grigsby, C.R. Bonney, C.E. Knickerbocker
and F. Cerillo”
“The chum who sticks through thick and thin
And cares not whether you lose or win;
Who stands nearby with a cheering cup
And cares not whether you are down or up.
Who shares your sorrows as well as your woes
And don’t give a whoop if it rains or snows –
As long as it tends to serve your end –
Is the only chum to call a friend
(And such is Mr. Lawton)”

Private 1/c Fred C. Robinson
23rd Inf. Company C.
Born Aug 1896, Home address #121 Fellsway West, Medford, Mass.

Private 1/c Joseph Cahill
327 Supply Co. R.M.C.
Born Dec. 1897 Home address: #832 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester, Mass.

Private Marshall M. Landry
13th Inf. Company F.
Overseas with the 28 Division 109 Inf. assigned 2nd Inf Div May 6, 1918 wounded July 15, joined 109th Aug 2, 1918
Born June 17, 1888. Home address: Montoursville, Penna.

Bugler Joe L. Crespin
Co. L. 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Las Vegas, New Mexico. Born May 29th 1895

Musician Auguste Duvivier
13th Infantry Band, Overseas service.  Camp Devens, Mass.  U.S.A.
Born March 7, 1894 France.
Home address: Linton, Indiana R.R. 4 Box 37A

John E. Laine
13th Inf. Band Overseas service Wound   1st Division
Home address: Wiscasset, Maine   R.F.D. Box 52

Clayton Lockwood
6th field Battery F 1st Div.
166 Broadway, Lowell, Mass.

O.W. White
13th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home Address: Ashmore, Ill. Born Jan. 29, 1900

Corp. Charles Swanson
13th Inf. U.S.A. Co. G. Camp Devens, Mass. Served in 28 Div.  111 Inf.
Born Sep. 9 1873 44th Inf. 1899
Home address: 16W 2nd. St. Media, Pa.

Arloe M. Ablatt
76 Div. Co. I. 13th Inf. (302nd. Inf.) Camp Devens, Mass.
Overseas July 5 1918
Home add: 14 Oak St. Rockland, Maine
Born in Boothbay Harbor in the state of Maine Feb. 20, 1889

George S. Collin
Camp Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 36 Castle St. Worcester, Mass. Born Dec. 26, 1900

Pvt. James Morris
Born Nov. 19th 1896
Went overseas Sept. 7th 1917 with Co. B. 9th U.S.Infantry. Returned August 1st, 1919. Now serving with 13th U.S. Infantry Camp Devens
Home address: Mr. James Morris 1632 ½ 12th Ave. Altoona. Penna.

Thomas L. White
Medical Department, Camp Hospital
146 Main St. Medford, Mass.
Born May 28, 1898   Winchester, Mass.

Elizabeth Howell Lugham
Englewood, New Jersey
Hostess House, Camp Merritt & Merritt Hall

William P. Grant
Co. F 13 Inf. Camp Devens
Chicago, Ill. March 16, 1891
3rd eng. ark frame   Sept. 3rd 1917 – July 2, 1919

George Keleause
Company I 13 Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Boston, Mass. May 2, 1898
102 Inf. 26 Div. Mar. 26, 1917 til June 5th 1919

James W. Kaley
Private, Michael C. Detachment Camp Hospital
38 Harbor View St. Dorchester, Mass.
Born in Everett, Mass.  Nov. 28, 1901

John J. Ward
142 St. Alphonsus St., Boston, Mass.
Born Nov. 11, 1897
Boatswains Mate 2nd Class in U.S. Navy, U.S.S. Salem, U.S.S. Finland and others, now a private in Med. Dept. Base Hospital Camp Devens

John H. McIsaac
144 Calumet St. Boston, Mass.
Born in Boston June 18, 1898
Seaman 2nd class in U.S. Navy was on the U.S.S. Alabama and the U.S.S. Louisiana now a private in Med. Det. Base Hospital, Camp Devens



Carroll Fuller Merriam
101 Engineers   90 Concord Street, Framingham, Mass.

Carl A. Hodgdon
Co. L 23rd Engrs.
40 Pearl St. Reading, Mass.

Cook Andrew Tomko
Co I 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass. & member of 1st C. 2nd Div.
Born October 15th, 1892
Home address: 1671 Homewood Ave. Youngstown, Ohio
Mr. Lawton’s hospitality was more than expected and the deeds which he has done for the soldiers will exist for ever.  Soldier’s sweet home, in the Shirley on the lawn. Mr. Lawton’s grateful heart, for the soldiers is very polite”.

Pvt. John Kusner -44334
Co. K 13 Inf. & member of First Division, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 2300 W. 48 Place, Chicago, Ill. Born June 21, 1896
“I thank Mr. Lawton for the kind work he has done for the soldier. And hope I may return them to him some day.”

Edward Wendell Shields
Presque Isle, Me. Age 16 born 1904 July 13
22 Inf. Fort Porter, Buffalo, N.Y.

Francis G. Sumner
Born Clarksburg, Mass. on 25 of November n the year of 1896.
Went overseas with the First Div. Am now in the B Inf. Machine Gun Co. at Camp Devens, Mass.
home address: R.F.D. Clarksburg, North Adams, Mass.

Pvt. David C. Roberts
Co.I 13th Inf. 3rd Div. Co.G.7 Inf, Camp Devens, Mass. 27 mos. overseas
Born Aug. 26th 1898 Home address: McLeonsboro, Illinois

Thomas Sharry
Co. T. 13 Inf.
Born in Ireland, County Galway   Main St. Clifton

Pvt. James Saunders
Service Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass
Born Sept. 30, 1891   Rochester, N.Y.

William H. Amend
562 West End Avenue, New York City
Third Company R.O.T.C. (1920)
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Born Aug. 6, 1900
“Count me as one who loves his fellow men.”

Francis C.S.L. Brown
520 River Road, Chevy Chase, Md.
Third Co. R.O.T.C. 1920 Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Born April 13, 1902
“Just a Christian love nest – a place for the soldier to be home.”

R.H. Nauss
215 Washington St. Gloucester, Mass.
1st Company R.O.T.C. 1920
Born October 11, 1904
From Gloucester High School ‘1922’
“A beautiful example of God’s handiwork.”

Peter J. Mooney Jr.
4923 Florence Ave. Phila. Pa.
2nd Co. R.O.T.C. Infantry July 5, 1920
Born Feb. 17, 1902
West Phila. Cath. High
“A wonderful country, a wonderful home and a wonderful people. That’s our nation.”

Alfred F. Ritter
11 Bay 20th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Born Sept. 3, 1903
2nd Co. R.O.T.C. Peekskill Military Academy
“One of the finest examples of New England hospitality.”

Frank J. Mulholland
2644 L. 73rd St. West Phila. Penna. Born October 9, 1902
2nd Co. R.O.T.C. West Phila. Cath. H.S.
“A true example of the hospitality of the old New England Pilgrims.”

George M. Hodges
Sound Beach, Conn.  Born January 15, 1904
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Stamford High School
“Kindness and hospitality unforgettable.”

Harold McCarthy
176 Franklin St. Stamford, Ct. Born Feb. 28, 1904
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Stamford High School
“Some of New England’s hospitality.”

William O’Shaughnessy
156 Forest St., New Canaan, Conn. Born Jan. 3 1902
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Stamford High School
“An example of New England’s hospitality is clearly shown here.”

Edward J. Foster
36 Jonathan St. New Bedford, Mass. Born Nov. 24, 1902
1st Co. R.O.T.C. 1920 New Bedford High School
“One of God’s own people.”

Richard H. Margeson
635 County St. New Bedford, Mass. Born July 9, 1900
1st Co. R.O.T.C. New Bedford High School

Gordon Garinger
346 Summer St. Stamford, Conn. Born May 20, 1902
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Stamford High School
“Our host and hostess show the true New England hospitality.”

Arnold F.W. Hoerschgen
Sunny Side Ave., Stamford, Conn.  Born March 8th 1903
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Stamford High School
“The true spirit of New England shines forth from Mr. Lawton’s home in Shirley, Mass.

  1. Wilbur Raymond
    Mansfield Ave. Darien, Conn. Born Feb. 19, 1904
    1st Co. R.O.T.C. Stamford High School
    “I shall never forget the happy time I have had at Mr. Lawton’s.”


Clifford J. Ahern
Franklin Square, New Britain, Conn. Born Sept. 24, 1903
1st Co. R.O.T.C. New Britain High School
“In memory of the sweetest hospitality shown me by the Lawton’s at their wonderful home.”

Charles B. Block
354 Summer St. Stamford, Conn. Born May 23, 1904
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Stamford High School
“I never had a better meal in all my life.”

George F. Keefer
Knickerbocker Ave. Springdale, Conn.  Stamford High School
1st Co. R.O.T.C.
“In memory of one of the most pleasant days of my life.”

Jesse W. Bowman
910 Monroe St. Fort Worth, Texas   Oct. 26th
Fishburne Military School R.O.T.C. Inf.
“This day shall be remembered until I am dead & gone.  I hope my fortune will come true. My precious thought will remember Mrs. Lawtons by & by.”

James J. Reynolds
219 West Main St. Born July 22, 1903
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Inf. New Britain High School
“A day spent in greatest pleasure and always to be remembered at the Lawton’s wonderful home.”

Morgan E. Jennings
44 Plymouth St., New Bedford, Mass. Born Nov. 24, 1902
1st Co. R.O.T.C. Inf. New Bedford High School
“I’ll say the Lawtons are some hospitable and I shall remember this day for a long long time.”

Andrew J. Fugtea
12F Forest St. Stamford, Conn. Born in Medford, Oklahoma Aug.12,1909
“In my long time of travel I shall never forget this 5th day of July, 1920”



Allen C. Steele
South Dartmouth, Mass.  Born September 1, 1903
New Bedford High School R.O.T.C. Inf.
“The others will remember this place for the rest of their lives, but I shall remember it still longer.”

Joseph Fred Kolouch
New Bedford, Mass. Born Nov.21, 1903
New Bedford High School R.O.T.C. Inf.
“Though all the world I may roam never will I find a place more like home then in the home of Mr. Lawton.”

Paul Aquinas Hayden
New Bedford, Mass. Born Feb. 17, 1903
New Bedford High School’22 R.O.T.C. Inf. Co.1
“My happiest days were the two days spent with Miss and Mr. Lawton. July 10, 1920”   Pablo

Private Walter C. Heiman
4129 Manuta Ave. West Philadelphia, Pa. Born Dec. 9, 1895
Co. A. 13 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
“My happiest days were the two days spent with Miss and Mr. Lawton on July 10, 1920 and wish you all many happiness.”

Ralph W. Sweet
80 Bedford St., New Bedford, Mass. Born Friday the 13th of August 1902
R.O.T.C. Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
“A living lie to the statement that Eastern hospitality is dead.  This was the noblest place of all.   Grub! Oh, man, Oh, boy!”

Private Charles Anthony McKenzie – July 11, 1920
1st Company R.O.T.C.
Home address: 236 Maxfield St., New Bedford, Mass.
Born July 7, 1902 – Died ? (as written)
“ A heaven by the roadside forever standing amongst my memories,
I came and he took me in just like a true pal and I never forget.”

  1. E. Roberts
    4th Co. R.O.T.C. Camp
    303 N. Blakely St. Dunmore, Penna. Lehigh University ‘23

Frederick Anthony McDevitt
265 Maple Street, New Bedford, Mass. Born December 30, 1903
R.O.T.C. 1st Co.

Francis Owen McDevitt
265 Maple St. New Bedford, Mass. Born December 30th, 1903
R.O.T.C. 1st Co.

Milton S. Handford
26 Roth Ave., New Bedford, Mass.  Born April 25, 1903
R.O.T.C. 1st Co.

John Bernard Sullivan
560 Cottage Street, New Bedford, Mass. Born July 23, 1903
R.O.T.C. 1st Co.

Everett G. Finnell
27 Locust St., New Bedford, Mass.  Born Sept. 4, 1903
R.O.T.C. 1st Co.
“Eats just like mother use to make.”

Milton Taber Silvia
41 Sycamore St. New Bedford, Mass.  Born Sept. 18, 1903

Duford Randall Vick
Pvt. 1/cl M.D.
Born August 17, 1902
Home address: 116 Eliot St., Brattleboro, Vermont

William Robert Kilbourn
515 West Fourth St. Williamsport, Pa. Born Oct. 10, 1900
Co. A., R.O.T.C.   Lehigh Univ.

John B. Foley, Jr.
227 Kirk Ave. Syracuse N.Y. Born Oct. 9, 1899
6 Co. R.O.T.C. 1920 Syracuse University ‘21
U.S.S. Monaghan U.S.M.C.

George W, Cory
2nd Batt.  6th Co. R.O.T.C. 1920
1815 W. Genesee St. Syracuse, N.Y. Born Aug. 16th 1899
Syracuse University ‘23


John J. Parker Jr.
123 Lincoln Pl. Brooklyn, N.Y.  Born 21, 1901
6th Co. R.O.T.C.  New York University ‘22

Clesson S. Cummings
67 Brookes Ave. Burlington, Vermont Born April 17, 1898
6th Co. R.O.T.C. 1920  University of Vermont ’20-‘22
Q.O Regiment, Canada (6 mo.) U.S. Navy

George L. Gridley Jr.
408 University Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. Born Oct. 20, 1898
6 Co. R.O.T.C. 1920, Syracuse University ‘21
2nd Lt. Inf. “A visit in real New England.”

Sgt. Edward L. Traylor – July 14, 1920
Infantry Instructor R.O.T.C.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia
Served as Lieutenant overseas with Battery “c” 50th Artillery,
Coast Artillery Corps.

Pedro Nelson Colberg
6th Co. R.O.T.C. Inf. Camp, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Cabo Rojo, Porto Rico

Juan Rodriguez
6th Co. R.O.T.C. Inf. Cmp, Camp Devens, Mass.
College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, U.P.R.
Home address: San Rafael #56, Mayaquez, Porto Rico
Born Sept. 24, 1899

Rafael A. Ortiz
6th Co. R.O.T.C. Inf. Camp, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Aguas Buenas, Porto Rico
Born: at Ponce, Porto Rico Jan.30, 1900
Law student at the University of Porto Rico

Ramon Guas
4th Co. R.O.T.C. Inf. Camp, Camp Devens, Mass.
College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
Home address: Barbosa #15, Cabo Rojo, Porto Rico

Mariano De Mari
Born April 17, 1898
6th Co. R.O.T.C. Inf. Camp, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Rosario Village, San German, Porto Rico
Student of College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts at Mayagirez P.R.
written on July 17, 1920

Gerald M. Favor
5th Co. R.O.T.C. Camp Devens, Mass. 7/18/20
184 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, N.Y.
St. John’s Military Academy, Manlius, N.Y. Class ‘20
Univ. of Pennsylvania ‘24

John R. Joyce
Carlsbad, New Mex. Born Nov. 2, 1903  Manlius Class ‘20
5th Company R.O.T.C. Camp Devens
“If in New Mexico you should happen to roam, drop around around and be made welcome at my home.”

Wagner Walter Deardorff
Supply Co. 13, U.S. Inf. Camp Devens, Mass. U.S. Army
My home address is: Mr. Walter Deardorff, Cutler, Indiana R.F.D.#
Born in Clinton County in June 21 age 24 years 1896.
“My old outfit was 52nd Railroad C.A.C. was over in France from August 17th, 1917 was in three battles arrived in United States July 9th, 1919. This in the memory of Mr. Lawton’s and a happy time we had on July 18, 1920 I will never forget.”

Edwin R. Helwig
Westminster, Maryland born Nov. 6, 1900
Western Maryland College
“Let me live in a house by the side of a road and be a friend to man.”

Clayton C. Adams
Cambridge, Massachusetts born November 1, 1902
“One of those days that are to be remembered – to be remembered as one to be set aside from all others.”

  1. Jonas Sachlan
    Major Inf. U.S. Army
    “Words cannot express my appreciation of the wonderful inspiration of four days in the Lawton family. It is hard to leave.”

Roland H. Turner
324 Cottage St., New Bedford, Mass. Born Dec. 31, 1903
1st Co. R.O.T.C. 1920, New Bedford High School

Henry H. Martin
93 Sycamore St., New Bedford, Mass. Born April 25, 1903
1st Co. R.O.T.C. 1920 New Bedford High School

Edward C. Welby    July 24, 1920
Born Aug. 28, 1898 North Ferrisburg, Vt.
6th Company, R.O.T.C. University of Vermont

Kenneth L. Hutchinson
24 Ross St. Somerville, N.J.  Born Feb.2, 1902
5th Company R.O.T.C. St. John’s School –Manlius – 1920
University of Pennsylvania 1924 (??)
“You won’t speak so much of Southern hospitality after visiting Mr. Lawton in New England.”

Milton Bergstein
1971 7th Ave. N.Y.C. born March 4, 1902
New York University
“All the rest have written some appreciation. I can’t. I lack the vocabulary with which to express my gratitude.”

Herbert Charles Kerkow
144 East 56th Street, New York City born April 9, 1904
St. John’s Military School, Manlius N.Y.
“My visit to Mr. Lawton’s home was the first to a real New England home. I am very much impressed by the excellent hospitality and very grateful to Mr. Lawton and his daughter Shirley.”

Pvt. Leo Deitzer
Co. E. 13 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
168 East 3rd St. New York City born Oct. 16, 1897 at Scranton, Pa.
Overseas with 113 Inf. for 1 year.

Pvt. Dennis H. Daly
Med. Det. Camp Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.

Wm. G. Ackerman
302 Central Park West New York City Born June 15, 1903
2nd Co. R.O.T.C. Camp Devens, Mass.

Daniel Blanco   7-20-20
Cadet 6th Co. R.O.T.C.
113 Post St.   Mayaguez, Porto Rico
“The gratitude can be expressed in words but never as it is felt in our hearts. I lack the words to express my deep gratitude toward you.”

Warren R. Austin Jr.   7-25-20
Burlington, Vt. Born 10/10/02
6th Co. R.O.T.C. University of Vermont ‘23
“The best time that I spent during the season at Camp Devens was spent here at Mr. Lawton’s.  It was so much like home here, that it took away all idea of homesickness.”

Robert Van Rensselear Haig
Adams Ave. Riverdale, Maryland born August 16, 1900 Washington DC
6th Co. R.O.T.C. University of Maryland ‘21

Napoleon Fortin
9 Snow St. Fitchburg, Mass. born June 11, 1902 Canada
36th Inf. Supply Co – Camp Devens

Fred H. Jones
Co. I 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Co. C 58 Inf. Cochlin, Germany
4427 Margarette Ave. St. Louis, Ms

James F. Garis  – April 21
Headquarters Co. 13th Inf. Machine Gun co. 64th Inf. 7th Division
State College, Pa.

Mr. Herman Herbert Nadler  August 1, 1920
Born Oct. 10, 1898 Hartford, Conn.
Home address: 502 Windsor Ave., Hartford, Conn.
Co. L. 36th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Carnegie Tech ’20, West Point Academy 1921
“’Home’ Just a word; little in length: broad in meaning. One always looks to comfort, love, and cheerfulness. Such, I found both in Hartford, Conn. & in Shirley Center at Mr. Lawton’s house. A place for all real men: would be pleased to communicate to anyone.”


Henry J. Vogt
Hqrs. Co. 13th Inf.
404 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. born May 22, 1901 Brooklyn, N.Y.
1st Prv. Reg. 14th Reg. Inf. April 22, 1917 Camp Rose, Croton, New York

James E. Wentworth
Medical Dept. Camp Devens, Mass.
No. Lebanon, Me.  Born Nov. 7, 1900

Lance Murdock Morton
2nd St Inf. Camp Hdqtrs.
430 Brown St., Iowa City, Iowa
Senior, college of Liberal arts and Freshman, College of Medicine, State University of Iowa, left college May 11, 1917 to enter first training camp for Reserve Officers at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Commissioned at Camp Dodge, Iowa for two days, transferred to Illinois National Armed Division, stationed at Camp Logan, Texas December 18, 1917 transferred to Camp Devens, Mass. and remained here till discharge July 2, 1920.  Have served as Asst. Personnel Adjt. In Camp Personnel Office, Asst. Discharge Officer, demobilization Unit.”

James T. Kenney
Ex. Sgt. Major U.S.A.
9 Harvard Park, Dorchester, Mass.
Oversea Co. A. 13th M.G. Bn. 5th Div. Enlisted 1907 in Co. T 16th Inf. Discharged 1910 Re-enlisted in 9th Inc. Co. G. Transferred 1916 Co. B. 37th Inf. transferred 1917 Co. A. 13th M.G. Bn. Went overseas 1917 Comp D. in 1919 transferred Camp Devens 1919 Casual Detach Sgt. Major R.O.T.C. 1919 Transferred R.A.R. Aug 19, 1919 Served two years Manila, Philippines Island Co. G. 9th Inf.
“Served two weeks as a guest at the Lawton home two of the most pleasant weeks I ever knew. The kind of people you read about but seldom meet.”

“Lance Murdock Morton and I instructors at Camp Devens Vocational School.
Member of Delta Tau delta Fraternity, Mizpah Lodge of Masons, Cambridge, Mass. Jerusalem Commandery, Fitchburg, Mass. and Aleppo Shrine, Boston
During my last year at Devens, I have had the very good fortune to visit the Lawton house with my very good friends, the ‘Camp Devens Hostesses’. I feel truly indebted to Miss Griggs and Keough for this privilege. Here in a home, so genteel, so uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable that the many soldiers, who have visited here, have been greatly benefited. May the good work go on. The Lawtons deserve all the praises and we wish them the best in life.”

Hiram J. Banks
Born April 19, 1890. Enlisted Mar. 1, 1918
Organization. Co A. 23 Engrs. Afterwards served in Russia with 168 Co. NRJ Corps. Completing services with my Reg. My return home was on about Aug. 17th, 1919
Home address: 2008 Chestnut St. Houston, Texas
Present Address Co. 13, Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
“I am proud to have the honor that is mine while visiting the home of Mr. Lawton’s.  It is more than I can say how well. I appreciate the Kindness. May the God of Abraham bless his home.”

Maurice N. Mendoza
Born March 22, 1890
Birthplace New Bedford, Mass. Enlisted 1916 in the National Guard in ninth regiment of Infantry L co. and serve on the Mexico Border, discharge about Oct. 1916. Called back to service April 6, 1917, and was station at Framingham, Mass. and was injured in line of duty at Camp taken to the Framingham General Hospital, later moved to Fort Rodman hospital New Bedford, Mass. and was discharged about Nov. 27, 1917. 1918 Volunteer in the American red Cross, Boston Met. Chapter which I am still with. Went into as a Private and was discharged Private.
This is the first real home I have had in twenty years, and I don’t think that I will ever find another place like it. I want to thank everybody.

Private John Yober
Bornin 1806 Jan 12th in Chicago. I have been over there 9 months with 85 Div. now I am in Headquarters 13th Inf.

Pvt. Allen C. Johnson
Born in 1900 April 22 in Gorham, N.H. was not over seas, I am in the
13 Inf. Headquarters Co.

Karroll Pocckt Viellna
Born November the 5 year 1893
36 U.S. Supply Co. Camp Devens, Mass.

Sgt. Richard C. Morris, Net Corps.
Born in 1895 in Latney, Lx. Present home address: Star, N.C.
Entered service Nov. 3, 1914 at Columbus, Ohio Trans. To Ft. Winfield Scott, Cal. Then to Ft. McKinley, Me. Left United States for France May 8, 1917. Returned on May 10, 1919. Was present in the 2nd Battle at Ypres, with the British Army, and later to the Somme, and on the Montdidier front with the French. Went to the American army on the eve of the Battle of Chateau Thierry – and with them until it closed – went to the Meuse Argonne front and remained there to the end of the War –
“Have travelled in the U.S, France, Germany, England, Spain, Turkey, and S. Am. But have never found a home yet where more hospitality was given than at Mr. Lawtons, Shirley Center, Mass.”

John D. Johnson
Hq. Co. 13 Camp Devens, Mass
120 Merrimac St., Pennacook, N.H.  Born Sept. 30, 1900 Warner, N.H.

Clara E. Johnson
Born Feb. 19, 1898 Framingham, Mass.

Clyde L. Boardman
Co. C. 7th Inf. co. F 13th Inf. Co. C. 61st Inf.
Born May 1st, 1897   Aurora, Ill.

Joseph W. Steele
Co. K 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Dec, 23, 1895
125 Fourth St. Woodland, Calif.

William J. Leopke
Co. I 13 Inf. Camp Devens
Born Feb. 2, 1902 Bronx N.Y.C.
Address: B526 Park Ave. Bronx, N.Y.C.

Chester E. Hutchinson
112 2nd St. Philipsburg, Penna.  Born Aug 23, 1900
Company B 13th Inf. Company L 18th Inf. 1st Div.

Frank E. Titman
Hqs. Co. 13th Infantry
Born March 28, 1895, Jenkintown, Phila. Pa.


John S. Wood
H.Q. Co. 13th Inf. Band
Born Nov. 8, 1901, Fall River, Mass.

James Mullins
First Division Co. G 28th Infantry
Home: Atlanta. Georgia

Sergt. Farley Grant
Co. G 13th Inf. , Camp Devens, Mass. U.S. Army

Jay Coakley
Cook, Co. A. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass. U.S. Army
Born April 9, 1899 in Wayne Co., W. Va.

Mario Bisagni
Co. I 19th Inf.
Born Sept. 20, 1900 3714 3 Ave. N.Y.

John V. Lynch
Co. C. 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.  U.S.A.
90 Wolcott St., Bristol, Conn.
Born Jan. 8, 1899 in Fitchburg, Mass.

Private John Edgar Black   – Sept 26, 1920
Camp Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born August 25, 1902
My home address: 444 Washington Street, Brighton, Mass.

Duford R. Vick    – Sept. 26, 1920
Pvt. Med. Dept.
Born Aug. 17, 1903
#6 Church Place, Brattleboro, Vermont

Andrew Anderson
1st Sgt. Co. C 36th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass
Home address: 2607 Haddon Ave. Chicago, Illinois
Born April 7th, 1869 – Norway –
Indian campaign of 1890-91 and Spanish American War, battle of
El Caney and all subsequent engagements before Santiago de Cuba.


William Fabian Hall
Company I 36th Infantry, Camp Devens
Home address: 108 Padelford St., Berkley, Mass.
Born Sept. 10, 1900 – Louisiana

Forest Shute Budd
On Detached Service at Camp Devens.
461 Pratt St. Meriden, Conn.
“Went with a party of five on Oct. 16, 1920. Very pleasant people and it inspired me very much as I have lead a life mainly in the city. I have intentions of entering West Point in 1921.”

Virgil Johnston
Co. K 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Preparing for West Point at the Camp school, Camp Devens, Mass.
“Came with my class Oct. 16, 1920 to spend the day with the Prince of Hosts, and the Queen of Hostesses. The inspiration one received from meeting such people cannot be expressed by words, it can only be felt.”  I was born Feb. 4, 1904 in the city of Revere, Mass.  My present civil home is at South Poland, Maine R.F.D. My military address id Private Johnston, co. K 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

John Francis Holland
Pvt. 1st Class Ordnance Dept. U.S.A. On detached service with the E. Company 13th Inf.
Home in Worcester. Born at Savannah, Ga. January 29, 1901
Intend to enter West Point in July, 1921

Chester L. Keene
8th Co. C.A.C. On detached service at Camp Devens 13 Inf. Co E for the purpose of attending the prepratory school for entrance into the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Born March 24, 1901 Brockton, Mass. 9 Chester Ave. Brockton, Mass.

Private Roland E. Falls
U.S. Army Serial #6,100,532
7th Mine Company C.A.C. Fort Warren, Boston, Mass.
Home address, 19 Hillside St., Lowell, Mass.
On detached service with Co. E. 13th Infantry stationed at Camp Devens for the purpose of special instruction at the Camp School with a hope a West Point on July 1, 1921 L.H.S. 1917 Member F & A.M.

Joseph H. Evans Serial #R.299415
Home address: R.F.D. 8 Box 282, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oct.14, 1914 C.E.F. 1 Brigade 2nd Div. R.F.A.
Co. C. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
B Co. 49th Inf. 242 P.W.E. Co.
1st and 4th Co. C.A.C. Boston
Bty B 14th F.A. Fort Sill, Okla.
Overseas and at U.S.A. Nov 8, 1919

Sergeant William McAnney
204th Aero Squadron, Rockwell Field, San Diego, California
now Private 1st cl. I Co. 13th Inf.
Born in Lowell, Mass. March 9, 1892”
Home address 155 ½ Pier Ave., Ocean Park, California

Pvt. Manuel Martin   – Jan. 24th 1922
Born Nov. 16th, 1903
Home address: 390 So. Second St. New Bedford, Mass.
Enlisted Dec. 1, 1920 at Camp Traverce, Texas Co. E 2nd Supply Train
Discharged sept. 1st, 1921 re-enlisted in the Hdq and Service Co. 13th Infantry Dec. 10th, 1921

“With the most sincere admiration for your work and gratitude for my intimate acquaintance with it.” Nov. 30th Clara Sackett

Samuel S. Wentworth
Medical Dept. Camp Devens, Mass.
No. Lebanon, Me. Born July 9, 1903

“Last lines to witch Lady, Oct. 31, 1920
when at last I paused enchanted
While the light across her slanted
Surely then my wish was granted
She was genie at my portal
Then she laughed, no word was spoken
But she gave no sign or token
And her silence was unbroken
Is or is she not immortal.”

“My last day I the Army spent at Mr. Lawton’s my pleasure has been very great this day but with it are also memories of many others and I hope dear friends that you will receive all the pleasures of life. Au revoir.”

James F. Hickey
Pvt. Medical Corps U.S.A.
on detached service with Co. E 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 449 Fourth St. So. Boston, Mass.
Born Sept. 13, 1902, So. Boston, Mass.
“I wish to add my few words to the many expressions of gratitude to Mr. Lawton’s family. I find them the best of people, hospitable and true friends of the soldiers.  The kind of people who create a firmer friendship between the civilians and servicemen. Too much can not be said in their praise.”

Private Raymond LaValley
Musician Hq. Co. 13th inf.
Born Monroe, N.H. Jan. 13, 1901
“Many thanks for the good time that the Lawton family have given my friends and myself.”

Private Fred E. Barnes
Ordnance Dept. Fort Warren, Mass.
Attached to Co. E. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 8 Winfield St., Worcester, Mass.

Henry F. Jellison
Machinist Co. H. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Henry F. Jellison,   O Box 46, Belfast, Maine
Birthday is June 17
“Thank you for having a good time at your home one night and day and thank you very much for it.”

Pvt. Jason B. Haskell – Jan. 20th 1922
Hdq. & service Co. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: 2056 Purchase St., New Bedford, Mass
Enlisted in the 17th Co. C.A.C. Fort Greble, R. I.
Dec. 19th, 1917 Discharged Jan. 11, 1919 re-enlisted in the 13th Infantry Dec. 10th 1921.
Born Sept. 4th, 1897

Robert L. Hobart
1950 Cambridge – Cambridge, Mass.
Home address: 1394 Collingwood Ave. Toledo, Ohio.
Born Mar. 21, 1899
Instructor University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio R.O.T.C.

Francis P. Gunn
Co. I 13th Infantry, Camp Devens
Born Sept. 4, 1902, Hometown White River Jct., Vermont. R.F.D. No. 1

George G. Rainville
Co. I. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Date of birth Nov. 26th, 1902 Hometown Somersworth, N.H.

Omer Houde
Co. F. 5th Inf., Camp Devens, Mass.
104 Putman
Went in the army five day met Mr. Lawton and charming daughter and was awful please.”

Mr. William Houde
104 Putnam St., Manchester, N.H.
Was born Jan 17, 1903 is 17 and join the army on Nov. 2nd
Co. I. 13 Reg. Inf.
“Never will I meet so loving a place.”

Clayton H. York
Co. I 13 Infantry, Camp Devens
Born Oct. 24, 1903 Milan, New Hampshire
Howitzer Tank Co. 13th Inf. T.C.R. Fort Revere, Hull, Mass.

Harry Laurence Wilson
H.Q. Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Ass. Instructor Motor Mechanic
Home address #5 Adams St. North Abington, Mass.
Was Born Oct. 18, 1899

Adonia Hebert
Co. E 167 Inf. N.G.
Born June 3, 1901 126 Kinsley St. Nashua, N.H.
“One who tried to enlist.”

Walter B. Thomas
Co. B 36th Inf.
1445 Kingston St., Dayton, Ohio

Chas. M. Hamlin
Co. M 13 Inf.
14 W. Denningway St. Seattle, Washington

Private Raymond M. Barton   January 24, 1920
4th Company Coast Defense of Boston, Fort Banks, Mass.
Detached to: West Point Preparatory School, Camp Devens, Mass.
25 Berry St., Danvers, Mass. Born at Exeter, N.H.
“Best of friendship and remembrance to Mr. and Shirley Lawton in return for their philanthropic touch of homeliness given to the soldiers.”

Donald S. Loud
M.G. Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Beals Court, Rockland, Mass.
Enlisted in Merchant Marine Sept. 8, 1919 visited New York, Baltimore, Newport News and Norfolk, Va., Galveston Texas, Manchester England, Liverpool, Dartmought and London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam Holland, Hamberg Germany, Genova, Italy and Montreal, Canada.
Was born in Gardiner, Maine Aug.6, 1901

Pvt. Lloyd A. Bush
31 Fairfield St., Oakland, Maine
Was Born May 23rd, 1903 in Pittsfield, Maine, enlisted in the army October 30th, 1920 in K Co. of the 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Private Andrew W. MacGillirray
Dummaglass, Nova Scotia, Canada
Born March 12th 1902 at Boston, Mass. enlisted in U.S. Army 25th 1920 in K Co. 13 Inf., Camp Devens

Private Calvin R. Bulier
Wilton, Maine
Born March 22nd, 1902 at Farmington, Maine enlisted in the U.S. Army Oct. 29th 1920 in Co. K. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Private Charles J. Martin
Born May 28th 1900 at Taunton, Mass.
Enlisted Nov. 23, 1921 at Camp Devens Co. C. 13th Inf.

Private Charles F. Burghardt
Pittsfield, Mass.
Born Sept. 20th 1903 at Ft. Barrington, Mass., enlisted in the U.S. Army Nov. 3, 1920 in Co. K 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.


Private Louis Reisinger
1291 Washington Ave. Bronx, New York
7th Infantry, Blue and Gray Div.
Born July 26, 1900 at New York City, N.Y.
Enlisted in the U.S.Army Sept. 15, 1920 in Co. I 13th Inf. Camp Devens
“The best of people I have met in my career and my friends Harry Mullins, Mario Bisgni and myself thank the Lawton family for the hospitality and kindness they have shown to us and may God bless them.”

Private Harry Mullins
1369 Washington Ave. Bronx, New York, N.Y.
Born Nov. 8, 1901 at New York City, N.Y.
Enlisted in the U.S. Army Sept. 15, 1920 in Co. I 13th Inf. Camp Devens
“The best of people I have ever met in 19 years. May the God bless his home.”

Pvt. John T. Coffey
Born Oct. 28, 1901 Home res. 676 Parker St. Roxbury, Mass.
Co. I 13th Inf.

Joseph H. Doucet
Hdqt Co. 13 Inf Co. L 3418 M.G.R. 89th Div. Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address after Dec. 10th, 1920 Hayfield, Minn.
Born Oct. 3 1894 at Crookston, Minn.
“In remembrance of a very pleasant evening at Mr. Lawton’s and there is more to come.”

Pvt. Henry A. Parquerearc
Co. K 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Oct. 20, 1902 at East Pepperell, Mass.

Anton Bongera
H.Q. Co 18 Inf.
886 Anderdon Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Born in Salasa, Italy April 8, 1901

Private Merl F. Whalen
H.Q. Co. 13 Inf.
Rockland, Maine Emery’s Star Point
Born Rockland, Me.  July 11, 1904

Emile Couture
H.Q. Co. 13 Inf.
18 Oxford St., Augusta, Maine
Born St. Severin, Quebec, Canada April 15, 1900

Claude C. Watson
July 28, 1920 Co. K 36th Inf.
Born North Troy, Vt. March 5, 1902

Priv. Thomas J. Fahl
Co. C. 13th Inf.
#179 Nonotuck St., Florence, Mass.
Born Aug. 26, 1904 Taunton, Mass. enlisted Jan. 29, 1922 Springfield, Mass.

Roger S. Evarts
1st Lieut. 36th Inf.
Windsor, Vermont
Born in New York City, April 28, 1896

Charles E. Ward
Pvt. 1st class Specialist 4th Cl. M.T. Co. 41 Q.M.C.
Lawrence, Mass.
Born in Winooski, Vt.  Oct. 28, 1900

Edgar Logan
Corp L Co. 13th Inf., Athens, Ga
Born in Athens, Ga. May 24, 1894

Joseph Peresky
Pvt. 1st Cl. A.M.G. Co. 13th Inf.
Born in Trieste, Austria Oct. 12, 1895

Real J. Parent
13th Infantry Band Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Sept. 2 1898
Address: 2 Dracut St., Lowell, Mass.

Pvt. Eugene C. Lagman
Co. H. 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born March 22, 1900 185 ½ Main St. Holyoke, Mass.

Pvt. John Black
Co. K. 13th Inf.
Rogswell, New Brunswick, Canada

Pvt. Joseph W. Ryan
Co. C. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born 10-16-01, home address is 46 Jewett Street, Roslindale, Mass.
“My name is Joseph W. Ryan formerly from the U.S. Navy and for the time being I’m in the Army of course I am in the army for a short time and I have not much experienced to tell about the army and sorry to say that. But the experience I have had in the Navy I am glad to let you hear.  It was in Buffalo, N.Y. that my first period of enlistment started, Then from there I went to Hampton Roads Va. To do my training.  After a few months of hard training I went to sea and was put on the U.S.S. South Carolina. I went to Honolulu on this ship and also been over to Europe and Cuba and all through the West indies after my last cruise I then came back to America and we put the old South Carolina out of commission and then I was transferred to the U.S.S. Maryland and that ship happens to be one of the latest types of the Navy.  Well as I have no more to say I will close.”

Daniel Albert McCauley
13th Infantry Co. B. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born 1901 Jan 3.
3 Mapleton St. Brighton, Mass.

Pvt. William E. Davis
Company “K” 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Oct. 14, 1900, Osgood, Indiana Rural Route #1

Alexander P. Brown
6th Co. Boston Coast Artillery Corps, Fort Andrews, Mass. on detached service at Camp Devens, Company E, 13th Inf. for the purpose of attending the preparatory school for entrance into the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Home address: 165 I Street Boston, Mass.

Priv. Freeman Parshley
13th Inf. Co. K Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Strafford, N.H. March 24, 1902

William Fred White
Co. C. 13th Infantry T.C.R. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Reading, Mass.  Dec. 31, 1903

Pr. Lloyd G. Monroe
Co. K 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Carroll, Me.  Jan. 9, 1899

Pvt. Wayne Lindsay
Co. K 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born June 19, 1899, Carroll, Me.

Cook Max Verbit
Co. I 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born December 22, 1897
3rd French Mortar Battery 3rd Div.
“Left U.S. with deported Reds on Dec. 19, 1919 and landed in Finland Jan. 22, 1920. Returned to ‘God’s Country’ on Feb 28th in the year of prohibition.”

John Paul Kebuch
Co. B 13th Infantry
Born in New York City July 27, 1902
Home address 319 East 46 Street, New York City

E.J. Penniger
Headquarters Company, 13th Infantry, Dublin, Ireland
September 17, 1891 1046 Guerraro St., San Francisco, Cali.

Thomas Skarry
Co. T 13th Infantry
Born in County Galway, Main St. Clifton, Ireland

James F. Kane
13th Inf. Veterinary Corps 20th Eng. Mass.
Born 1877 Springfield, Mass.
Home address 62 Linden St. Springfield, Mass.

John Patrick Hayes
Co. B – 13th Infantry, Devens, Mass.
Born 1901 New York City, Home address 849 First Avenue, N.Y.C.

Charlotte Joy Farnsworth
(Mrs. Charles Hubert Farnsworth)
Community Service (Incorporated)
1 Madison Ave. New York City
Director of Work for Women and Girls and in charge of Cooperative Relationships

“Friends of a Soldier” by W.F.H.
Sweet little village! Shirley Centre,
Nestling among the lovely hills,
Is swept by the winds of piercing Winter,
everything shivers like its shimmering rills.

But sweeter still than Shirley
With is scenic views sublime,
There rest a cottage warm and cozy
Inhabited by a family divine.

And a soldier ‘hiking’ aimlessly, ‘oer
Its bleak and snowy clime
Stops at this little cottage door
As he has for many a time.

The daughter in her sweet simplicity
Heartily welcomes him
And in all his honest charity
The father ask him in.

And the soldier loves, that father
and his lovely daughter fair
For they have worked together
Enspiring him his warrior’s trials to bear

Calvin Howard LaDube
Co. I 13th Infantry Camp Devens
Born August 27, 1902 Home address is 49 Prospect St. Brattleboro Vt.



Frank Cedric Dyer
13th Infantry, Co. I
Born August 10, 1900 Newport, N.H.
Home address: 135 So. State St. Concord, N.H.

Pvt. Warren M. Ford – 1920
Co. F. 36 Infantry, Camp Devens
Home address 80 South Cent. Ave. Wollaston, Mass. Born July 5, 1904

Pvt. Albert B. Dudley
Born August 12, 1903 23 Hanover St. Nashua, N.H.
Camp address: Co. “I” 13th Inf.  Camp Devens, Mass.

Charles Robert Zambs
Concord, N.H. July 25, 1902
Home address: 154 North Main St. Room 30
Company “I” 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Harry L. Ellis
Co’ K 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in the year of our lord 1902, Home address: Charlestown, N.H.

Michael Covoloskie
Headquarters Co. 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Home address: Hartshorne, Oklahoma Box #432
Overseas with First Division 6th Field Arty. Battery “B”

Pvt. George Avery Randsey
K Co. 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.
Born October 13, 1903 Rochester, N.H.
October 13, 1921 age 17

Pvt. Earl D. Rhodes
G.R.S. Lynn, Mass. Home Rochester, N.H.
Born May 11, 1897

Pvt. Clarence Groff
Co. H 36 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass. (6/08/94)
Home address: Schenectady, N.Y.  Born Sept. 22, 1897


Private First Class John James Carroll (610744)
Co. H 36th U.S. Infantry Camp Devens, Massachusetts
Home address: 78 Middlesex Street, Winchester, Mass.
Born in Winchester, Mass. on the 16th day of August, 1901. Graduated from Wadleigh Grammar School at Winchester, Mass. on the 18th day of June, 1914. Enlisted at Camp Devens, Mass.

Charles M. Murray
Co. F, 36th Inf.
Born Sept. 8, 1902, 21 Archdale Road, Boston, Mass.
“Will always appreciate the kindness of Mr. Lawton and Mrs.”

Priv. John Lindsay
Co. F. 36 Inf.
Born Sept. 16, 1899 22 Beacon St. Somerville, Mass.
“Just a word to show my appreciation in the kindness I received while a guest at the home of Mr. Lawton and his beloved daughter Miss Shirley.”

Pvt. Omer Frappies
Home City Manchester N.H. 661 Somerville St. Born in Canada on the 12th of September 1902.  Present address Service Co. 13th Infantry
“Will always remember the good days spent with Mr. Lawton at his home.”

Pvt. William Brunelle
Hometown Somersworth, N.H. Birth place Athabasca, Canada
Date of Birth October 6th, 1903
Present address Co. K. 13th Infantry

Raymond Lawrence Cornwell
Born May 20, 1895 at Lenarot, Mexico
May 6, 1915 enlisted in Army, sailed to France June 1, 1917 with 18th U.S. Infantry, 1st Division.  Came to States Sept. 30, 1919 now with 36th Infantry Co. H.
Address: 560 5th St. San Antonio, Texas
“I wish to express my gratitude to the kindness of Mr. Lawton and Miss. Lawton”



Pvt. Paul Brooks
Co. K 13th Infantry Camp Devens
Born 1903 Feb. 14
Home address: Post Office Box #103, Osgood, Indiana

Pvt. Arthur Lessard
Co. K 13th Infantry Camp Devens
Born Feb. 2, 1903
Home address 104 Hendrick Street, Providence, R.I.

Pvt. Amado Bianco
Co. K 13th Infantry, Camp Devens
Born 1901, Feb.5 Home address. 126 Murray St., Providence, R.I.

Pvt. Joseph Polidore
Co. I 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in 1901 March 19
Home address: 776 E. 153 St. Bronx, New York City

Pvt. Richard Hird
Co. K 13th Infantry, Camp Devens
Born 1901 Dec. 12th
Home address: 880 Merrimack Ave., Lowell, Mass.

Pvt. Matthew S. Carviero
Co. K 13th Infantry, Camp Devens
Born 1901 Aug 6.
Home address: Palmer St., Somerset, Mass.

Pvt. Wm. Cunningham
Co. F. 36th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Castle Douglas, Scotland April 14, 1901
En. Apr. 26, 18  Disch. Apr. 26, 21
“Will meet again, The world is small.”
Home address: Newfield, Me. “Cosy Corner Farm”
Sailed on the ‘Nurmidian’ from Boston, Mar. 7, 1917 landed in Brest Mar. 21 landed in Liverpool, Eng. From Brest April 2, 1917. Was coal passer.

Raymond Eglinton
Born in Albany, N.Y. Jan 27, 1902
Enl. Feb 3, 1921 Co. H 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Edward M. Clough
Born in Chichester, N.H. August 18, 1902
Co. H 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass. en. Dec. 8, 1921

Pvt. Lloyd A. Bush
Co. K. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass. C.A.M.C. Jan 8 1916 Dec 4 1919
Home address: 31 Fairfield St., Oakland, Maine

Pvt. Frank Letach
Co. H 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Home address: 120 7th Ave. New York City
Born Brest-Litovsk, Poland

Pvt. Lester Shaw
K Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Deer Isle, Me. 1899, Age 22 years on the 19th of February

Clarence C. Chapman
L Co. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Served in France and Germany with E. Co. 18th Inf. from June 28, 1917 until Aug 22, 1919.
Born at Belfast, Me.  Feb. 21, 1898

Private Henry Christopher Nolan
Q.M.C. D.E.M.L. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in North Grafton, Mass. May 12th, 1895
Served in France and Germany with the 7th M.G. Bn 3rd Div. from April the 1st 1918 until May 14, 1920. Also served with Co. I 7th U.S. Infantry in Vera Cruz, Mexico from April 28th 1914 until November 24, 1914 3rd Div.

Pvt. William Antonurch
Q.M.C.  D.E.M.L. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Poland 1901, July 1
Served in Texas 74 Cav. In 1919, My home Brighton, Mass.

John Gomez
Co. A 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

James Sullivan
16th F.A. 4 Div. Camp Lewis, Washington A.M.C. Det. Camp Devens
Born in Charlestown, Mass. My age 30 years old Born 1891 Feb. 22

William M. Hyland
Co. B 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born Oct. 21, 1900 New Haven, Conn. Age 20

Harry A. Creelman
Born in Canada. Served in 25 Batt. Canadian Batt. 13th Inf. I.M.C. Detachment, Camp Devens, Mass.

John E. Dolan
Co. H 36th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Central Falls, R.I. Dec. 29, 1900

Geo. Gafflash
Co. G. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Nov. 29, 1902, Manville, R.I.
Northbridge, Mass. Jan.17, 1921

Pri. Charles O. McLean
Wickford, R.I. Born July 25, 1905
Co. G 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass. Oct. 18, 1920

Pvt. Harry F. Dean
Born in North Easton, Mass. Nov. 28, 1902
Co. G. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

Ellis F. Woodfin
Marblehead, Mass
Co. L., 74th Infantry a2th Div. Camp Devens

Pvt. Edward Lee Markee
Birth Jan 12, 1898
Battery B. 53rd C.A.C.R. 30th Brigade, Camp Eustis

Pvt. John Graves Purrington
Birth Jan 16, 1885 Farmington, Maine
13th Inf. Co. G. Camp Devens   April 17, 1921 Sunday

Stanley L. Snow
Born Mechanic Falls, Me. July 29, 1902
Company G 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Rank Private
Address: 24 Mill St., Abington, Mass.

Pvt. Emile Fred Binette
Born 22 January, 1894 Canada
Co. G, 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass. Co. M 53rd Pioneer Infantry

“Friends we meet and friends we greet and friends we hate to part with, Again some day we shall meet at Jesus feet to part never more.  E.E.J.

Pvt. John J. Cunningham
Co. B. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in county Rasscommon, Ireland February 12, 1896
Co. C. overseas services 16 infantry first Division

Priv. Wilfred Armand Boisvert
Born April 26, 1903, Manchester, N.H.
Co. C. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
“A friend who will not forget this home!”

April 10, 1921
“We the following named members of Reading Post 62, American Legion, Reading, Mass. wish to extend to the Lawton family our sincere appreciation for the very beautiful dinner served to us on our return from Groton Hospital. Their kindness will always be remembered by us.”

Forrest B. Eames
U.S.N.R.F. Served on U.S.S. America, born Nov .25, 1888 Stoneham, Mass.
John F. Thornton
U.S. Army 81st Artillery, Born Feb. 6, 1897, Reading, Mass.
John J. Quinlan
301st Artillery Born April 14, 1891, Reading, Mass.
Robert M. Heselton
U.S. Navy, U.S. Naval Training Sta., Newport, R.I.
Born Reading, Mass. Feb 5, 1899
LeRoy W. Todd
Q.M.C. U.S. Army 1st Lieut. Born Owosso, Michigan March 29, 1874
Reading, Mass.

Delbert M. Greenleaf R-334600
Born March 29, 1890 Santa Masa, Cal.
Co. G. 13th U.S. Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

Pvt. Alex De Dolgow
Co. G. 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass. and Member Co G. Infantry Second Division A.E.F. in France in 1917-1918 Germany and 1919 to July 18. I born Kientry, Europe, city of St. Petersburg about 40 miles from city of St. Petersburg years 1894 May 15

Harry F. Murdock
Shoshone, Idaho, June 20, 1903
Co. G. 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Massachusetts

Edward J. Boucher
Somersworth, New Hampshire June 28, 1899
Co. G 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

Clyde R. Arpley
Rutland, Vt. June 21, 1921
Co. G. 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.

Bernard J. Stevens
Concord, N.H. June 12, 1904
Co. G 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

Pr. Arthur J. Goudreau
Phoenix, R.I. March 15, 1898
101 L. H. Ammunition Sup. Base Hospital, Ayer, Mass.

Tony Martin R 339951
Las Vegas, New Mexico H. Co. 13th Inf.

Charles G. Brown R 1186159
Worcester, Mass. march 31, 1896
Co. H 13th Infantry

Emile F. Smart   May 7th, 1921
13th Infantry Band, Camp Devens, Mass. Born 1893 0 Winn. Maine
Enlisted Jan 7th 1921, Home address Millinocket, Maine.
Had previous service in Panama Canal Zone, at Camp E.S. Otis Las Cascadas in the 10th Infantry. Served 11 month in Co. B then transfered to Band. Discharges from Panama Feb. 24th 1916.
“I am very grateful in the receptions Mr. Lawton and his daughter are rendering to the soldiers. I shall always remember Mr. Lawton’s home as a real home and must frankly admit that I would not expect as much in my own home as to the reception rendered my buddy and I,
Real J. Parent of the 13th inf. Band, 2 Dracut St. Lowell, Mass.”

Chas. E. Knickerbocker
Pvt. Co. I 13th Infy.

Doris B. Wilder
North Leominster, Massachusetts

Albert P. Mailhot
Born Aug. 2, 1900 enlisted Feb. 5, 1920 Chicopee Falls, Mass.
Co. C. 13th Inf. F.C.R.

Perry A. Green  12/23/21
H.C. U.S.N.
60 King St., Holyoke, Mass. Born Sept. 18, 1900
“To these People, good and true, I give my gratitude which is more that I can express, Simple and plain, home-loving folks, with a hand and a word for everyone; Staunch pillars of Old New England.”

James F. Garfield
Born N.Y. Sept. 8th, 1889
Veterinary Corps

Walter T. Patterson
Born Boston, Mass. Nov 14, 1900
Recruiting Service

George N. Podkasik
A.M.C. Detach.
Nov. 14, 1892

Pvt. Arthur McGill
21 Bennedict St., Providence, R.I. Born Nov. 23, 1903 Age 19 years
Nationality; English
Co. E 13th Infantry Camp Devens

Arthur Gately
Co. A. 101st Inf. 26 Div.
Served in France Sept.21, 1917 – Nov. 30, 1918
Home Address: 146 Warren Ave. Boston, Mass.

Augustin Cormier
May 19th, 1895 Manchester N.H.
13th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Mass.

Miss Lillian B. Furry – May 29, 1921
Birthplace, N.Y.C. Born Jan. 5, 1906

Pvt. Henry Bolduc
Co. I 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Aug. 2, 1901 78 Lincoln St. Lewiston, Maine

Pvt. James S. Anders
Service Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Sept. 30, 1891 Rochester, N.Y. enlisted May 1, 1914

Pvt. John P. Feeney
Co. H. 36th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born June 14, 1902, enlisted Jan 14, 1921 at Boston, Mass.

Pvt. Frank Morono
Co. I 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Aug 25, 1903 enlisted Sept. 25, 1920 at Concord, N.H.

Francis J. Keough
Co. H Regt. of Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
41 Smith St., New Britain, Conn.
Born July 30, 1902, enlisted in Feb. at New Britain, Conn.

Cyril Glaves
Co. H Regt. Of Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Sept. 19, 1900 New Britain, Conn. #1 Lincoln Ct.

Adolph Kallberg
Born July 6, 1900 New Britain, Conn. 546 E, Main St.
Co. H Regt. of Inf. Conn.

Catherine McCollester
July 4th, 1893 Claremont, N.H.
Am ex-reconstruction aide at Fort McPherson, Ga. and a sort of cousin. (note: Mrs. Anna Lawton’s family name was McCollester)


Clarence R. Bruce
33 State St. Cabin Creek, Charlestown, W. Va.
101st Bakery Co. Is-Sur-Tills, France, 31st Infantry Machine Gun Co.
Vladivostock, Siberia, Fort William McKinley, Manila P.I.
born June 9th, 1896 Ironton, Ohio

John Matthews
26 Snow St. Fitchburg, Mass.
March 3, 1901, born Winchendon, Mass.
Co h. 13th Inf.

Raymond M. Williams
Sgt. Co C 101st Inf.
To France Sept. 1917 returned July 1919
Born Worcester, Mass. July 14, 1898
30 Jerome Ave., West Newton, Mass.

Paul Arakal
Pvt. 1st class 74 Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born September 10, 1896 Havana, Cuba
U.S.P.H. S. Hospital #44, West Roxbury, Mass.

Charles Barbaro
40th Engineers Camouflage Section. France Dec. 1917 returned May 1919
Born in Berne, Switzerland August 21, 1895
U.S.P.H. Hospital #44, West Roxbury, Mass.

Mark D. Hersey   July 17, 1921
Commanding Camp Devens
Sometime Major General commanding 4th (Ivy) Division

Frank P. Sittwell
Major, U.S.A. Camp Adjutant, Camp Devens

  1. R Reynolds
    Supt 36th Inf.
    “A K best and Sunday were spent”

Dorothy Hersey Greer

Theo U. Sitwell
Camp Devens –“A Sunday honoured”

“A Few Lines (Hard Lines)

In the land of Wilhelm the Conqueror
I’ve eaten kingsbrodt and ersatz
And I’ve followed the track of his gray-clad frocks
From Brussels to Koenigratz.

I’ve eaten and scratched with the froiln
and juggled an ambulance;
and wallowed in mud and dodged the dead.
Comme un voluntaire pour la France.

I’ve scaled the heights of grappa
and served on the muddy Piave.
and done my bit for ‘Sunny It.’
For the wop and the Czecho-slav.

I’ve tramped its Champs Elysee
with hardly a sou in my jeans
and longed for the feel of a good square meal.
May you never know what that means.

Alors la guerre ce’st finis and the world’s still queer and whirly
But I’m quite content that my steps were bent
To the Lawton house and Shirley.

Sincerely, thankfully and gratefully yours,
Robert Riener
Ex 10 years Reg. d’artilliere, 5 years Batin Armie Francaise


Elizabeth Noyes Hersey    July 26/21
“A wonderful “T”

Alice Elizabeth Hersey Greer  age 5

Allen James Greer Jr.


Cpl. Herbert J. Stingel
M.T.C. #83 I.M.C., Camp Devens, Mass.
Formerly Bn. Sgt. Major 77th F.A. 4th Div.
Born June 20, 1899 at Arlington, Mass.
“An afternoon well spent and one I’ll not soon forget.”

Pvt. Walter McManus
Born July 20, 1899 at Medford, Mass.
1st Sep Sq Cavalry Troop B 110 Cavalry, Mass.
“Lost but not lonesome.”

Harold J. Culter
Born June 13, 1903
1st Sep. Sq. Cavalry Troop B 110 Cavalry
“Lost but not lonesome. But meet with friends.”

Hollis Gordon Twombly
M.T.C. #83  Q.M.C. Camp Devens, Mass.
Formerly Pvt. 1st class in the 103th Inf. #26 Div.
Born July 20, 1899 at Oxford, Me.
My address is now at Skowhegan, Maine.
“A pleasant evening I have enjoyed and will not forget.”

Vernon Fay Heath
Lunenburg, Mass. Born May 29, 1894
Organization 301st Engnrs.
“A social hour spent I shall always think of.”

Roberta Winans
Community service, Mohegan Heights, Tuckahoe, New York
“To the Lawtons: ‘Water for Soldiers’ and ‘hyacinths’ for us all!”

William H. Proctor
Birthday Jan. 9, 1900 Born Richmond Co, Canada
3 inf. Camp Devens

Martin J. Skerreto
137th Engineers. France May 10, 1918 returned to U.S. June 12th 1919
to Camp Devens
Born in Glasgow, Scotland 1892
“Au revoir but not good bye”

Stephen W. Wheeler
Shirley, Mass. Oct. 14

Lester Johnnie Cunningham
159th Machine Gun. 42nd Div.
Left New York for France Aug. 12, 1917, came back to the U.S. January 1919.  Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming May 24, 1901

Clarence Sidney Lamb
2nd Div. 5th Machine Gun Bn.  Left Portland, Maine Dec. 24, 1917 came back to U.S. Aug. 4, 1919
Born in Gilinwillin, Va. July 29th, 1897

Jervis B. Colfer
Prince Edward Island, Canada June 13, 1902
Headquarters Company, 3rd battalion 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.

James Ferguson    Aug. 4, 1921 (child)

Elizabeth Ferguson August 4, 1921 (child)

Bertha Street Ferguson   Aug. 4, 1921
New Haven, Conn.  Born Aug. 16, 1884

Newton H. Street Aug. 4, 1921
formerly 11th Co. 20th Eng’rs. A.E.F.
Woodbridge, Conn. Born Mar.16, 1895, in service 18 months.

James Henry Norton
Corporal Company ‘G’ C.M.T.C. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Portland, Me. December 5, 1902
“And in Mr. Lawton’s house I found a true friend.

Jack McDonough
Company G  C.M.T.C. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Ireland, 1902 Died in the year of 1….
“When Mac joined the C.M.T.C. there was trouble for regulars, for Mac said that he show them up or do some awful stunt (He went home).”

Pvt. Elwin LaBarr
Hq. Co. 3rd Bn 13th Inf. Born July 3, 1903, Wellsboro, Penna.

Private Rollin J. Carey
Howitzer Co. 36th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Birthplace Luryville, Conn.  1903

Private Cassimer R. LeNoir
Company D 36th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Somerville, 1900

Private Manuel DeRose
Company D 36 Inf. Camp Devens
Birthplace So. Swansea, Mass. July 18, 1902

Paul Harrington
Private M. Co. 36 Infantry Camp Devens
Birthplace, Salem, Mass.
“I’ve been into many homes but I never received better hospitality than I did at Mr. Lawton’s
“I’ve been in the Army
Ten months today
and it’s the longest
I’ve been away.

I’ve been to Mr. Lawton’s
and had a nice time
When I’m discharged
I’ll drop him a line

Mr. Lawton is a gentleman
As everybody knows
His daughter’s a Lady,
As hospitality shows”
Carey, LeNoir, DeRose and Harrington

Pvt. Charles Rose
Service Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born Charlestown, Mass Aug. 20, 1898 23 yrs
Enlisted October 6, 1920 at Portland, Maine



Sgt. Charles J. Tardiff
Co. I 13th Inf.
Born Nov. 2, 1896 at Waterville, Me. 225 yrs.
Enlisted July 1917 never crossed the big pond, spent whole enlistment in the hot sands of Texas. Re-enlisted July 1919.
“Why do we say we spent the day here when we spent nothing at all.  I got such a hearty welcome and had a perfect day with such a host and hostess as Mr. and Miss Lawton.”

Alice Claire Tardiff
Born 1905, Lowell, Mass.

Private Joseph A. Massicotte Jr.
Veterinary Corps, Camp Devens
Born Webster March 11, 1900
Enlisted Dec. 20, 1920 at Washington D.C.

Private Louis J. Rousseau
Service Co. 13th Inf.
Born in Nashua September 25, 1902
Enlisted Dec. 7, 1920 at Nashua

Sgt. Joseph D. Grant
Co. ‘I’ 13th Infantry 2nd C.M.P. 1st Inf.
Born Clinton, Mass.  Mar. 27, 1884

Pvt. Frank Haggerty
Co. I 13 Infantry
Born Bronx, New York Oct. 2, 1897
U.S.S. Rhode Island, U.S.S. Solace 1916-1920, Goat Island, California

Pvt. Clarence Willette
3rd. Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Malone, N.Y. May 12, 1902

Pvt. John Lynch
13th Inf. September 8th, 1921
Born in Ireland, County Kerry, Dingle

Pvt. Edward G. Federoff
3rd Co. 13th Inf.
Born in Chester, P.A. Jan 2, 1902

Edward A. Wilson
19 Morse St. Watertown, Mass.

Pvt. Benedict M. Valerio
Co. B 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Lowell April 8, 1902

Pvt. Thomas O’Sika
Hdqtrs. & Service Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in New York City March 24, 1901

William C. Sawyer
Co. E. 166 Infantry, Co. D, 13th Infantry, Mess. Sgt.
Oct. 23rd 1890, Fairfield, N. Carolina

Saul G. Harris
Hdq. Co. 36th Infantry
Sept. 20, 1902 Lynn Mass.

Pvt. John J. McIsaac
Co. ‘M’ 36th Infantry
Jan. 14, 1901 Melbraugh, Maryland

Edwin V. Holtsberg
Co. L 36th Inf.
Born in Stoneham, Mass. 1902

Raoul Aijotte
Born 21st of January 23 yr.
Home address Woonsocket, R.I.

Chester R. Hart
Service Co. 3 Inf. Camp Devens
Home 3023 Broadway, Fairfield, Iowa Birth Mar. 1, 1901

John O’Neil
Co. B 13th Inf Camp Devens
Home 61Westeber Ave. Somerville Sept. 11, 1902

Hymen Numan
Co. B 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Home 24 Thurston St., Fall River, Mass. Sept. 4, 1903


Francis J.J. Cayle
Hdqt. Service Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
18 months U.S.N. M-363
Born Aug. 27, 1901, New Haven Conn.

Pvt. Victor Woods
Howitzer Tank Co. 13 Inf. Fort Revere, Hull, Mass.
May 1, 1902

Elizabeth Cahall Scott

Mr. M. K. Scott
Capt. I.M.C. Oct 29/21

John Taylor
C. Co. 13th Infantry T.C.R.
Born 24th day of June 1892 at Fall River, Mass.
Home address: 653 Woodman St., Fall River, Mass.
Enlisted in the Canadian Army 56th Battalion of Engineers on January 7th, 1918 and discharged on the 4th of March, 1919. Re-enlisted in the American Army on February 2nd, 1921 for one year.




Ruth H. Lewis
Boonville, Indiana

William David Lewis
Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Chas. F. Lewis
Major Inf. D.S.O. 76th Div.

Charles B. Snell   5/12/22
formerly of Co. C 104th Inf. 26th Div. A.E.F.
Member of 131th Inf. Reg. Army at present, Camp Devens, Mass.
Birthplace Cambridge, Mass. Jan 29, 1898


Pvt. James MacLeod
Bn. Headquarters Co. 13 Infantry T.C.R. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Oct. 4, 1905
A Quincy High School student of Wollaston, Mass. heading for West Point

Arthur H. Weldemere
Cpl. Hdqs. Co 13th Inf. 1922
Born Oct. 1st 1892 Perth Amboy, N.J.
Home address: Morrisville, Penna.
22nd Inf. 1916
332nd Inf. 1917
308 ammunition Train 1917-1918
30th Infantry 1919-1921
13th Inf. 1921-1922
“I was the guest of Mr. Lawton Sunday Sept. 11th 1922 and his hospitality is unexcelled. May God bless him and his family.”

Pvt. F. X. Murphy
Co. C 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Formerly of old States Guard 9th Regiment, Mass. Volunteer Militia Co.F
U.S.S. St. Louis
Born Nov. 25, 1902, Home address: Monument Ave., Charlestown, Mass.
“The time we spent, was short but sweet
Here’s hoping soon again we’ll meet.
With many thanks to Miss and Mr. Lawton for their kindness to a pair of doughboys.  God bless them.”

Pvt. Ruel H. Freeman
Formerly of the State Guard. 22nd Reg. Co, I Mass. Volunteer Militia
Now stationed at Camp Devens Co. C 13th Inf.
Date of birth May 23, 1902
“I am very grateful for the real old farm milk, which the kind gentleman his daughter gave us.”

Rutherford L. Glen
Born May 31, 1888 at Easton, Mass.
with 13th Infantry Band, Camp Devens, Mass. May 24, 1922



Charles Dinnizio Fernandez
Company D. 13th inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
I born in Portugal 12 June 1898, Ilha da Madeira Funchal

Private Wildred A. Boisvert – 8/24/22
Tank Platoon, No.1 Camp Devens, Mass. also served in C & G Co. 13th Inf. Enlisted Nov. 23, 1921
I was born in Manchester, N.H. April 26, 1903

Paul Hanley
Helena, Montana 12/19/1893
201st Aero Squadron
“A belated guest, but happy in the thought that I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Lawton and his daughter.”

Mary Kenney O’Sullivan
Dunboy, West Medford, Massachusetts

Pvt. Earl C. Skuce
Co. ‘M’ 13th Inf. 4 Div. Camp Lewis, Washington 39th Inf. Co. D
Born in the city of Cranston R.I. Nov. 5, 1902

Pvt. John Reduszis
Co. C. 28 Inf. 1st Division Co. M. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Bayonne, N.J. Feb. 3, 1903

Charles J. Sensor
Co. C 13th Inf.
Born Jan 1, 1903 Northampton, Mass.

James J. Moran
Co. I 13th Inf.
Born England, Nov. 26, 1901

Wilfred J. Boucher
Born Westfield, Mass. Nov. 3, 1901
Med. Dept. Washington, D.C. Co. L 13th Inf. Camp Devens
“We are thankful for the kindness of Miss and Mr. Lawton for his hospitality of getting away from a thundershower. A friend in need was I. Will always remember the wet day if June 11, 1922.”


Pvt. Clarence C. Page
Co. F 5th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born April 16, 1898 Tulsa, Oklahoma, home town Kittikas, Wa.
Former member fo the A.F. in Colberg, Germany. Was with the A.F. in Germany 2 years and six months.

Pvt. Leo G. Rainville
Co. F 5th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Nov. 26, 1902 in Somersworth, N.H.
“No matter where I go or where I roam I will remember the happy hours spent with Mr. Lawton and Shirley.  It is the only place that reminds me of home.”

Clara E. Sackett
“Again, I find at the home of these staunch friendly Lawtons, cheer and rest, and inspirations.  June 18, ‘22”

Pvt. Frank J. Bilba
Co. F. 5th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass. Sept 12, 1899 Vienna, Austria
Ws. Mecken, W. Va.
Commander of A.F.G. Wazen, Germany in Co. G 50th Inf.
“Many thanks to Mr. Lawton for kind visit.”

Cyrus Taylor
Born January 1, 1900 Providence, R.I. U.S.S. Connecticut

Ralph W. Taylor
(President) New England Harmonic Assn. in aid of N.E. Ex servicemen. Boston, Mass.
Ashaway, R.I. May 1 1887
“In greatest respect to the Lawton family (Real Americans) interested in our Service Boys.”

Edard O’Donnell
55 Prime Aero B. 27th Div. 106 E 27th
overseas 6 months
245 North Bancroft St., Phila. Pa Nov 4, 1891



Frank J. Keenan (stopped at the house 7/23/22)
Headquarters 7th Field Artillery Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Philadelphia Sept 4, 1902
“Thanks to Miss and Mr. Lawton for their kindness which they have shown my buddie and me.”

John A Reilly
Headquarters 7th Field Artillery, Camp Devens, Mass,
Born in Newark, N.J. Apr. 3rd 1904

William Leonard Lindgren
1st Bn Combat Train and Hdqrs. Det. 7th Field Artillery, Camp Devens Born in Worcester, Mass. Feb. 16, 1894
“Soldier of fortune, traveled the world.”

David A. Blake
Co. F. 5th Inf.
Home Greensboro, N.C. 83 Spruce St. Revolution Cotton Mill
Born Aug. 16, 1901 Redkin, N.C.
“Seen France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland.”

Pvt. Harold C. Durgin
Co. K 5th Inf. Ordnance Dept.
Sept. 10, 1900 Haverhill, Mass.

Ira M. Clark
Service Co. 13 inf.
April 17, 1898 Livermore, Iowa
Present address 2464 W. Hargraves Place, Denver, Colo.

Charles H. Rich   8/1/22
Major, 13th Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

Mrs. Francis L. Armstrong
“May attempt – and inadequate expression – of the pleasure it has been to be in your most hospitable and attractive house.”
Beverly Janette Armstrong, Louisville, Ky.

Francis T, Armstrong
N.Y. State Major, 7th F.A. Camp Devens, Mass.


Pvt. Edward Berger
Co. F. 5th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Feb. 8th 1897 Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Co. C. 127th Inf. 32nd Division


Pvt. James E. Shettleworth
Hdqtrs Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Co. B 5th Inf. co. E. 63 Inf. Hdqtrs 64th Inf.
March 18, 1900 at 1220 Swift Ave. North Kansas City, Mo.

Pvt.1st Cl. Willard M. Nickerson
Hdqtrs Co. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Service Co. 36h Infantry Camp Devens
Born July 23, 1898 West Dennis, Cape Cod, Mass.

Joseph W. Kingston
New York 7th Field artillery
August 29, 1900 Phila.

Fred Anderberg
7th Field Artillery
New York, February 24, 1900

Fred Driscoll
Battery B 7 Field Artillery
August 31, 1903  R.I.

Apolonary Krajewski
Org. Ad B Battery 7th F.A. Camp Devens C Battery 19th F.A.
Born Suwalki, Poland 18th of July 1894
26 ½ Spruce St. Worcester, Mass.

Kent E. Roley
Born July 18, 1899, Basil, Ohio
Co. F. 5th Infantry
“Served overseas 2 ½ with army of occupation. Was in England, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, and Belgium.”

Richard C. Maloney
Co. A 6th Bn. C.M.T.C
Born Oct. 7, 1904 Chelsea, Mass.

Oliver P. Francis, Jr.
Co. B 5th Bn. C.M.T.C.
Born Mar. 13, 1905 Chelsea, Mass.


Louis Geldman
Co. A 5th Bn. Q.M.T.C.
Born Sept. 15, 1904 Chelsea, Mass.

David J. Maloney
Co. D. 1st Corps Cadets (1916)

Earl Lewis Dauphinee
Band 36th Infantry
Born Mar. 17, 1900 East Douglas

(Mrs.) Edna Almeda Lawton Dauphinee
Worcester, Mass.

Pvt. Danielow Shoemaker
Co. H 13 Inf. was in the 5th Division 14 M.G. Battalion, Co. D
Birth Place Penfield, Penna. July 23, 1897
at present Camp Devens, Mass.

Samuel Barber   August 13, 1922
76 Div. Co. F 302
March 15, 1894, born in Fall River, Mass.

Jack Coolidge   August 13, 1922
Co. B 7th Bn. C.M.T.C. Camp Devens
Born January 15, 1903 in Washington, D.C.

Pvt. George C. Gagne    8/13/22
Co. F 5th Inf. Camp Devens
Born August 31, 1903 in Nashua, N.H.
“No matter where I go I we’ll never forget the happy hours I have spent here HOME”

Pvt. Ernest McDonald
Co. F. 5th Camp Devens, Mass. Act. Sgt. Mag.
Born Sept. 29, 1900 Home Frankfurt, Ky.
2nd Div. 26 Inf. Co. A.

Pvt. John Wandall
Hq. Company 13 Inf.
Born Aug. 31, 1899 Sopeza, Penna.

William M. Arts
Co. “D” 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Jan. 15th, 1902 in Manchester, N.H.

Gino Aho
Co. “D” 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Jan. 25, 1902 in Fitchburg, Mass.

(Unreadable Polish-Russian entry)

Mr. Dimitry D. Luthafsky
Born in 1903 in the City of Sedlitz. Poland-Russia
A volunteer of Deinkin’s Army in the Winter of 1920

P.F.C. Rufus L. Fircash
Co. F. 6th inf. Camp Devens
Born 1899 March 13 home address Vidalia, Ga. R.F.D.#1
Member of army of occupation
“I appreciate your kindness very much, Mr. and Mrs. Lawton. I will call again soon (kindest regards).”

Pvt. Frank F. Wiggins
Ordnance Detachment A.P.O. #179
Born June 25, 1897 in New Brunswick, Canada

Pte. Thomas A Donavan
B Company 13th Inf. 1st C.O.R. Canada 12th Reserve Batt.
Born December 14, 1898 Boston, Mass.

Pvt. Bernard L. Gray
B Company 13th Inf.
Born August 26, 1905 Hallowell, Me.

Pvt. Edward J. Mullaly
Co. “H” 13th Infantry Camp Devens Co. “B” 12th M.G. Bn. 4th Div.
Co. “M” 55th Inf. Camp Meade
Born Bridgeport, Conn. June 22, 1898
“A day in September that I surely enjoyed at Mr. Lawtons who are real New England folks.”

Donald Macauley
14th Engineers – Add: Ashburnham, Mass.
Born February 28th 1892 at Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Lieut. Albert E. Cannon
29th Infantry Add: Headquarters 65th Inf. Porto Rico
Born July 6, 1896 at Jonesboro, Georgia

Camille Veynier
H.Q. 18th Inf. brigade
born the 18 January 1902 in Marseilles

Normand A. Lavallee
Co. H. 13th Infantry U.S.S. Dakota, West Virginia
Feb. 1903 in California

Frank Provow
Quartermaster Corps.
Birthplace Mansfield, Tenn. Oct. 7, 1898

Lester Rodd
Co. B 13th Infantry Camp Devens. Enlisted Jan 22, 1919
Discharged Jan 21, 1920 Edgewood Arsenal, Md.
Born April 4th 1901 in Chicopee Falls, Mass.

Harry H. Fox
2 Div. Engineers B Co. Platoon 9, Tank Co.
Dayton, Ohio, May 23 Berlin, Germany

Charles W. Bonnlee
Hq. Co. 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.
May 4, 1902 in Steubenville, Ohio

William J. Durgin
Hdq. Co. 13th Inf. formerly of the 55th C. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Sept. 2, 1900 in Cambridge, Mass.

Virginia P. Merriam
Associate Member Committee on Classification of Personnel, Adjutant General’s Office, 528 War Department, Washington, D.C.
Framingham, Mass., Chicago, Ill., Franklyn, Meine

George J. Dufour    5/30/23
Was born in Providence, R.I. in the year of 193 left his home in 1921 enlisted in the Army the year of 1922 month of May 10, 1922
Home address: #135 River St. Woonsocket R.I. 3rd Co. M.D.  Fort Adams, Newport, R.I.  Co. “A” 13th Infantry Camp Devens, Mass.

Corp. Harlow Leathers
1st Platoon 9th Tank Co. Army Base, Boston, Mass.
Born in Fostoria, Ohio Oct. 17, 1899

Albert Polifka
D.E.M.L. OR 121th Floor Custom House, Boston, Mass.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio Nov. 25, 1896.
Here in Camp Devens for the summer. Went across with the 89th Div. came back with 26th Div. Train Headquarters, April 18, 1919, landed in Boston, Mass.

Private Edward W. Haskell
Co. E 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Saco, Maine Sept. 29th, 1896
Home address: 11 South St. Woburn Hlds. Mass.

Leon M. Huntress
Staff Sergeant, Finance Dept. Camp Devens, Mass.
Stationed thereat since Dec. 24, 1918

Mrs. Leon M. Huntress
Camp Devens, Mass.

Charles Lywaski
D.E.M.L. (OR) 12th Floor, Custom House Tower, Boston, Mass.
Born Lynn, Mass. Feb. 24, 1903
“As thousands before me have said, so say I; What I say cannot half express my appreciation of you hospitality, courtesy, etc. Again, Thank you.”

Harry B. Renkin
D.E.M.L (O.R.)  12th Floor, Custom House Tower, Boston, Mass.
Born New York City, February 24th, 1898

Ralph Larosyna
Headquarters Co. 18th Infantry, Brigade reinforced (July 28, 1923)
Born Dec. 18, 1904, New Haven Conn.  140 Sylvan Ave.



Willard A. Gibson C.O.O    July 28, 1923
Orderly Pvt. 1st cl. 2nd Sep. Bn. Inf. Mass. N.G. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Aug. 17, 1903 Newport, R.I.
“My hearty appreciation of the Hostess Mr. Lawton & daughter to extend to me their kind invitation to dine with them, has won my everlasting gratitude”
W.A.Gibson, Bulfinch St. Armory, Boston, Mass. “For God & Humanity”

Bugler Geo. H. Jordace
Co. L 6th Mass Inf. N.G. Camp Devens, Mass.
Sgt. Geo. H. Jordace, Hq. Co 372 Inf U.S. and 157th French Division
Sgt. Geo. H. Jordace, Co. A. 2nd Sep. Bn. Inf Mass N.G. Boston, Mass.
So. Armory. Born in Norfolk, Va. Dec.2, 1890
“With kind regards and appreciation to Mr. and Miss Lawton and guest. July 28, 1923 “May the Good Lord Prevail”.

Sgt. Elmer E. Hatton   July 28, 1923
Co. B also Co’s A and Headquarters 2nd Sep. Bat. Inf. Mass. N. Guard
Boston.  Born at Boston, Mass. Jan. 18, 1901
“To Mr. and Miss Lawton
May the sturdy sons and daughter of old New England soil never be forgotten. May the good Lord watch over you threw the storm of Life.”
Address: 25 Simms Ave., W. Newton, Mass.

Corp. James H. Johnson   July 28, 1923
Co. C 2nd Sep. Bat. Inf. Mass. N. Guard, Boston
Born in Boston, Mass. Sept 6, 1904
“In kind regards and respects I write this mere line to Mr. and Miss Lawton. May God watch over thee.”
address: 8 Trumbull St. Boston, Mass.

Sgt. Edward L. Paul   7/28/23
T. Co. 2nd Sep. Batt. Of Infantry M. N.G.
L Co. 372nd Inf. U.S.
L Co. 6th Inf. M.V.M
“With kind regards and appreciations to Mr. & Miss Lawton”

Pvt. Charles A. Johnson
Co. B 2nd Sep. Bat. Inf. Mass. N. Guard, Boston, Mass.
Born in Boston, Mass. July 4, 1888
Address: 12 Camden St., Boston, Mass.

Pvt. H. Maynard Hill
Co. B 5th Infty.
Born in Windham, Maine March 12, 1904 enlisted Jan. 23, 1922 in the Air Service transferred 4th of Mar.1922 to 5th Infty.
Home address: 19 Dewey Ave. New Rochelle, N.Y.

Pvt. Edward Sorel
Co. E. 13th Infantry Enlisted in the 36th Inf. I Co. transferred to E. Co.
Time of enlistment Dec. 15, 1920 to be discharged Dec. 15, 1923
Born in Fall River, Mass. on Feb. 9, 1902

Cpl. Frank J. Kasper
Co. E. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Home address: 315 E. 73rd St. New York City
Born August 27th 1899 New York City
Been in service 1917 with 4th Division Co. I. 55th Inf.

Pvt. Edward E. Cubuc
Co. E 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Krakow, Poland May 13th 1897
Went overseas with the 2nd Division Co. H 23rd Inf.

Pvt. Anthony Koziot
Co. E 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Warsaw, Poland January 11, 1902

Pvt. Edward F. Daley
Co E. 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born in Holyoke, Mass. June 1, 1901
Served in Georgia with 29Inf. for 2 years

Bugler Christy C. Divonis
Company F 13th Infantry
Born in Russia, March 3, 1902 Town of Vilna (Lithuania)


Pvt. Joseph Marquis
Enlisted in August 6, 1902 in H Co. 36 Inf. broke up and got transfer in E, 13th Inf.   Born in 1900 Sept. 21 live in Salem, Mass. 11 Glover St.
“and enjoy a fine and glady day with Miss and Mr. Lawton in Shirley Center, Mass. God bless all. Thank you.


Pvt. J. Larry B. Briggs
E Co. 13th Inf.
Born Nov. 5, 1901. Res. 176 Ashley Boulevard, New Bedford, Mass.
“Was never more welcomed than at the home of Mr. and Miss Lawton. May God bless them.”

William H. Fleming
Co. C 13th Infantry
Born San Francisco, Calif. Oct. 12, 1886
Philippines, China & Japan 1905 to 1907 and 1911 to 1917 Co. K 13th Inf. France May 1-18 to May 16-19, Co. A 328th Inf. 32nd Div. Mexican border April 1911 to June 19-11, Co. I 30th Inf.
The following are names of men of Co. E 13th Infantry assembled at North Shirley to pay honor to the memory of our late beloved President W. G. Harding, Aug. 10th, 1923:
Corp. Kasper
Pvt. Fleming
Pvt. Cubic
Pvt. Daly
Pvt. Marquis
Pvt. Sorel
Pvt. Briggs
Pvt. Koziot
Pvt. Divonis
“I wish to express the squad’s appreciation of the kindness and courtesies shown to us by Mr. Lawton & daughter and wish to thank them for the whole squad.” Wm. H. Fleming Co. E 13th Inf.

Serg. James J. Monchaus    8/11/23
Born Nov. 29th, 1873 New Haven, Conn.
Enlisted in U.S. Army June 6th 1892 Roosevelt Ruff Riders, served until June 12th, 1910. Placed on the (seacrue Conk to the Collars?)  in 1916 to Veracruz to France in 1917 back to the U.S. in 1920. Discharged at Camp Devens, March 20, 1920 – still living.
Bat. D 1010 F.A. Now at 74 Hathorne St. Salem Mass.

W.C. McGuire VR 5262 Chief Steward
Born May 3rd, 1898 Limerick, Ireland. Enlisted in R.N.C.V.R. 15th Sept. 1914. Discharged invalided 6th June, 1918

John Fitzgerald     Aug. 18th, ‘23
Born in Killarney, Ireland
Former member of the A Co. 168th U.S. Inf. 2nd Division

Pvt. Robert E. Nickerson (MacDowell)
Born March 29, 1901 Plymouth, Mass.
1st Platoon, 9th Tank Co. 18 Inf. Brig.
“I can truthfully say I never had such a treat in my life I never saw a house furnished so near to which I planned for myself.”

Pvt. Frank J. Srok
Co. F 13th Infantry
Born Feb. 15, 1903 in New York City, Came over from Slovakland in Dec. 14, 1920 from Uzhirad
Enlisted in Bridgeport, Conn. In Dec. 18, 1922

John J. Wilcox
Born Aug. 1, 1897 San Francisco, Cal.
Enlisted Jan. 27, 1921 Portland, Maine
Enlisted in Navy April1st, 1914 at San Francisco, Cal.

Charles E. Perreault
Born July 31, 1896 Springfield, Mass.
Enlisted Feb. 15, 1923, Troop B 3rd Cavalry
Home address: 18 Walnut St. Ludlow, Mass.

Louis J Demarkis
Born March 17, 1906
Enlisted March 19, 1923 in Boston, Mass.
Home address 56 Beach St., Manchester, Mass.
Hq. Det. 3rd Cavalry

Paul S. Moore
Born March 16, 1903
Enlisted Nov. 2, 1917 Lowell, Mass.
Co. H 26th Inf. 1st Div.
Co. S 8th Inf. A F in S
Co. I 1st Inf. Camp Travis, Texas
Co. C 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.


Fred W. Merritt
C.M.S.C. 1922
50 Deering St. Reading, Mass.
Born June 22, 194 East Boston, Mass

Margaret Bancroft Beatley

Catherine Bancroft Beatley

Ralph Beatley
Born Dec. 30, 1892 at Roxbury, Mass.
301st Inf. 151 Depot Brigade
301st F.A. 71st Artillery (C.A.C.( A.E.F.
Home address: 9 Gray Gardens, Cambridge 38, Mass.

Florence Barrett Beatley
9 Gray Gardens, Cambridge
Y.M.C.A 2nd Bat. 38th Inf.
C.A.R.D. Soissons – 1920

Grace C. Beatley

Bancroft Beatley
December 13, 1894 Roxbury, Mass.
Pvt. Med. Dept. Fort Slocum, N.Y.
Sgt. Med. Dept. 66th C.A.C.
1st Lieutenant C.A.C. Coast Artillery School, Fort Monroe, Virginia

Pvt. Ralph S. Bassett
D Co. 10th Inf. 3rd Inf. Detach 3rd Machine Gun Camp Devens
Born Middleboro, Mass. July 9, 1902
98 Belmont St. Brockton, Mass.

Pvt. Roy R. Barris
15th Inf. Detch. Camp Devens
Born Plattsburg, N.Y. Dec. 3, 1903
Box 193 Price St. N.Y.

Pvt. John R. Fullaway
Co. L. 13th Inf.
Born July 31, 1904 in London, England
Providence, R.I.
“Just a buck”

Pvt. William H. Roger
Co. E 13th Caribou Outfit
Born in New Bedford, Mass. Aug. 13, 1904

Pvt. S.F. Dovieu
Co. L 26th Inf. “The Fighting First”
Born New Haven, Conn. May 8, 1892

Pvt. G.F. Wilcox
Co. M 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born May 13, 1898 in Hartford, Conn.
1st Eng. P W E 203 Camp Hospital 33 Brest, France
L Eng. Camp Grint, Ill.

Pvt. Joseph C. Potvin
Co. C 13th Inf. Camp Devens
Born Oct. 13, 1903 in New Bedford, Mass.

Michael F. Garman
Born Aug. 18, 1892 in Clinton, Mass.
Co. Vet. Med. Dept.

  1. Norman Levin March 26, 1924
    After the War, but a soldier still. Born somewhere about July 6th 1896
    Army Medical School, Washington D.C.
    May 13th 1918 – May 29, 1919
  2. Hamilton Day
    Y.N.T.V. – New Haven, Conn. Jan 21st, 1899 St. Paul, Minn.





Frank N. Hill  March 26, 1924 “at home”
Kent, Ohio
Hosp. Sgt. Gen. Hosp #28 Fort Sheridan, Ill.
Asst. field director, Am. Red Cross Gen. Hosp 28
“Let Fate do her worst
There are relics of joy;
Bright scenes of the past,
which she cannot destroy.
Long, long be my very heart with such memories filled;
Like the vase in which roses have once been distilled.
You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will,
but the scent of the roses, hangs ‘round it still.”

Pvt. Harry L. Goodeu
Company H 13th Infantry, Camp Devens
Born January 5th, 1904 in Rogersville, New Brunswick

Arthur Jourdain
382 East 27 St. New York City
35 Infantry Somme Division between Amiens and Cambrai, France

Pvt. Hollis S. Hatch
Co. H 13th U.S. Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Wayville, New York July 15th, 1899

Andrew Minslick
July 6, 1902 Austria Sonnbron CzechoSlovakia
Co. L 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.

Warren Kimball  June 9, 1924
Canal Zone
“I’m a long way off, but my fancy many times roams back to the little white house.”
“To a Friend
You have the gentle, subtle art
of winning friends;
Your kindness comes straight from the heart
It never ends.
The needful word you always speak,
You understand,
And tho my tribute is so weak
Here friend’s my hand.”

Pvt. Adonia J. Hebert
Born June 3, 1901
Cornetist. 5th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.
Home address: 128 Kingsley St., Nashua, N.H.
“Never was in a better place.”

Pvt. Alexander P. King
Cornet player, 5th Inf. Band, Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.
Born Mar. 17, 1902 Chatane, New Brunswick
Home address 178 North Brunswick St., Old Town, Maine
“Thanks to Mr. Lawton”

Cpl. R.W. Barrett
March 29, 1894, Somerville, Mass. 86 Oxford St.
2nd Corp. Cadets, F. Battery, 101 Field Artillery F. Battery

Pvt. F. P. L. Mills
1st M.C. M.S.G.
Pepperell, Mass. Ashby, Mass 1879

Robert Sinclair Quimby L.L.B. July 22, 1924
1st Lt. Corps of engineers
(A.E.F. 1917 -18 -19)
Home address: West Campton, N.H.
now Principal Osterville School, Cape Cod

Vincent Paul King
Section 609 U.S.A.A.S.
Harvard Graduate School of L..A
Born in Indianapolis, Indiana
Address: 1047 East Market Street
“I am struggling to say something big in a big way but nothing can encompass my appreciation more than ‘I love it’ – now ‘Don’t you.’”

Thomas Anderson
Born at Perth, Scotland on Dec. 12, 1902
Enlisted in Feb. 1923 Co. F 6th Inf.
Home address is 469 McIntyre St. Highland Park, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


Pvt. William Gouthro
Born Bridgeport, Nova Scotia, Canada May 4th 1902
Enlisted in Co. F. 5th Inf. on March 20th, 1924
“Best regards to Mr. and Miss Lawton and Mr. Hood (sic. Houde). God bless them all.”

John J. Gaffney
5th Inf. C.M.T.C. Co A
Waterbury, Conn. June 26, 1900 390 Willow St.

Walter E. Stanley
5th Inf. C.M.T.C. Co. A
Smyrna Mills, Maine Nov. 12, 1905


Charles W. Primrose
Co. L. 13th Inf. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Lynn, Mass. May 5, 1900
Enlisted in 5th Div. Camp Jackson, S.C. Discharged May 2, 1920
Re-enlisted in 13th Inf. Ft. Andrews, Mass. Jan 1, 1922

Pvt. Charles Smith
Service Company, Fifth Infantry, Fort Williams, Maine
Born in Chillicathe, Ohio on September 3, 1898
Served in the U.S. Navy from February 7, 1917 to March 20, 1920
Re-enlisted in the Army at Omaha, Nebraska for the 35th Infantry, Dec. 12, 1920 – Schofield Barracks, Honolulu, Hawaii – Left Omaha, Neb. Dec. 12, 1920 for Ft. Logan, Col. Left Ft. Logan, Col. for Ft. McDaniel, Calif. Jan. 1, 1921 left San Francisco Feb. 5, 1921 for Honolulu, Hawaii returned to the States Dec. 7, 1923. Re-enlisted at Presidio San Francisco Jan. 1, 1924 for 5th Inf. Portland, Maine.
Ports I have visited Veracruz, Mexico, Buenas Aires, S.A., Brest, France, Liverpool, England, Phillipine Islands, Colon, Panama, Balboa, Canal Zone, San Francisco, cal. New York, N.Y.

  1. M. Cordell Sept. 20, 1924
    Dearborn, Mich.
    79th Div A.E.F.
    “With sincere appreciation of the hospitality of a most charming host and hostess.”

Ida L. Barker  Sept. 19, 1924
Concord, Mass. at present, hostess at the Wayside Inn, South Sudbury
“A most delightful afternoon with cousin Shirley.”

F.L. Black   June 2, 1925
2nd Lieut. M.S.T. School, Michigan
Born Jan 26, 1891 Battle Creek, Mich.
“I may forget the war, but never the wonderful hospitality of this evening.”

Wilson Embree
Born at Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia on Oct. 6, 1903 enlisted in the fifth infantry on the 15th day of May 1924


Ralph J. Sennott
Cambridge, Mass. Hanley Page #2.
Enlisted June 1917 Aircraft Acceptance Park, Hen’don, England
“With great appreciation to the hostess, Mr. Lawton and charming daughter.”

Charles A. Fratus
Born at Quincy, Mass. Sept. 23, 1902
Enlisted in the 16th Field Artillery, 4th Div. Jan. 10, 1920 at Fort Slocum, N.Y. Discharged at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal. March 10/22 from Training Btry. #9

William Irving Gailzaid   May 11, 1925
Born in Boston on the 26th day of April 1903. Stationed at Camp Devens in No.3 Service Co. Signal corps enlisted May 27, 1924
Home address 61 Lyndhurst St. Dorchester, Mass.

Charles Rodrick Clifford   May 11, 1925
Service Co. No. 3 Signal Corps, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born January 23, 1903 at Newton Centre, Mass.
Enlisted May 26, 1924. Wintered at Camp Devens 1924-1925
Home address: 17 Irving Street, Newton Centre, Mass.

Richard J. Costogan
417 57 Avenue, New York City
Royal Flying Corps

Frank R. Brodine
12 Deloss St. Framingham, Mass.

John E. Elkins   Sept. 15, 1926
7th F.A. 1st Division A.E.F.

William J. Keaney
41 Charles St. Framingham, Mass.

Austin F. Harley
150 Grant St., Framingham, Mass.
Camp Seiver, S.C. Med. Corp. Headquarter Co.
“I enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. Lawton & daughter Shirley.”


Harry Carleton Fraser
Chaplain USA
13th Infantry Overseas with the 79th F.A. one year
Born Rochester, New York 5/14/85
“As a guest; twice host”

Rev. Thomas Montgomery Mark
“No relative of the Apostle but received with as much respect and hospitality”
During the war chaplain of U.S. Navy
Born in Aidin, Scotland in the land of “Bannocks”.

Alice Goss Mark
2 Devereaux Terrace, Marblehead, Mass.

Louis Wolff   Sept. 13, 1925
S.A.T.C. Harvard Medical School 1918
Born April 14, 1898 in Boston

  1. Albert Jackson
    Born Jan. 28, 1892 Cambridge, Mass.
    Ensign U.S.N.R.F 1917-1919

Sr. Mary Martha of Jesus
“Dieu binisse, Mr. & Mlle. Lawton, qui repandent le bien & les faveurs autour d’eux.  In’il les garde long temps & rende leurs jours heureux & prosperes.”

Marie E. Houde
la mere de Billy
St. Ferdinand A Halifax, P.Q.
104 Putnam St., Manchester, N.H.

Malvern Hill Barnum
Brig. Gen’l U.S. Army

Martha Sill Barnum

Henry A. Reed
Pvt. 1st class Spec. 6th class. Company clerk 1st Platoon, 9th Tank Company, Camp Devens, Mass.
Born in Worcester, Mass. Sept.20, 1902 24 years of age.
“To whom this may concern`; Mr. Lawton’s home is where I would care to spend any of my leisure hours. I wish Shirley and Billy to remember I will think of them often, for what they have done for me.  Word cannot express how much I appreciate Mr. Lawton’s kindness.”

Henry A. Trepanier   Sept. 19, 1926
Pvt. 1st cl. 1st Platoon 9th Tank Co. Camp Devens, Mass.
Born Dec. 18, 1905 in New Bedford, Mass., 20 years old
“I am writing this in appreciation of the kindness shown to me while spending the week end at the home of Mr. Lawton and being entertained by his charming daughter Shirley and Billie.”

Miles Standish Richmond
Captain Q.M. Res., Chief of Administration
1st Construction District, Brookline, Mass.

Abiel Charles Manning
Captain, Q.M. Res.
Wilmington, Massachusetts

Mr. Geo. Stewart
H.Q. Co. 18th Brigade
Bangor, Maine age 21 Born 1905

Mr. Benjamin Trucci
Hdqts. Co. 18th Inf. Brigade
Born Brooklyn, New York July 25, 1907 Hartford, Conn.

Harlie H. Hammond
Supply Co. 311 Field Artillery

Noel P. Thebodo
104th Infantry 26th Division

Ralph S. Strout
Born Hudson, Maine May 31, 1884
Left U.S. on Aug. 13, 1917 for overseas with 6th Prov. Regt. C.A.C. Transferred to 51st Art. In Jan. 1918. Then to 43rd Ast. R.A.R. C.A.C. on Aug. 3, 1918 in the First Army Corp. Left France for U.S. Dec. 10, 1918, arrived at Newport News, Va. Dec. 20, 1918. Discharged Jan. 10, 1919 at Camp Devens, Mass.  16 months 10 days overseas service.
Present address 44A Joy St., Boston, Mass.


Srgt. Daniel. D. Sheehan
Batt. D 102 F.A. 26th Div.
17 Milton St. Framingham, Mass.

Corp. Charles E. Quirk
Batt. D 5th Field A.T. Camp Jackson, S.C.
28 Shawmut Terrace, Framingham, Mass.

Arthur J. Crawford
82 Cedar St. Framingham, Mass.

Rapp Brush
Major 13th Infantry
Fort Russell, Wyoming

Alice Hall Brush
Felton, California

Rapp Brush, Jr.
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Oatalie Hall
Oakland, California

Albert Pierson
Lieutenant, 13th Inf.
Brooklyn, New York

Helen M. Pierson
Slaterville Springs, N.Y.

Eric Alton Ayer
35th C.F.A.
Born in Johnville, Que. Dec.23, 1901
Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada  Tufts College, School of Religion

Michael R. Fiorello   Jan. 2nd, 1937
R.F.D. #1, Huntington, Long Island, New York
“An all too brief reunion with the Lawtons and Billy after thirteen years.”

Rose Fiorello

Michael Rene Fiorello, Jr.


(Entries resume)
December 28, 1954

Majla Abdelman
West Roxbury, Mass.

a.c Ronald J. Tradd
3610th Aircraft Obs. Trg. Gp.
“A wonderful meal and evening. May I return again?

a/c Frank L. Houde
3610th Observer Training Corps.

Jeanne Marie Dunay

Roger Costerd (?) 30 Nov. 1947
Hilo, Hawaii SSG: Hq Co. USA SASB
“The Houdes – A totally enjoyable and enriching experience. The only regret coming from never having known Roger Houde.

James A. Root  Feb. 28, 1956
Co. D. 1st ASA Student Bn.
Syracuse, New York, May 27, 1936

Oscar J. Bleze
Co. D 1st stu. Bn A.S.A.
Born April 2, 1936 Houston, Texas

John F. Cramer
Co. D 1st A.S.A Student Bn.
June 9, 1925, Carmichael, Penna.

John Woodward
Co. D 1st Stu Bn. A.S.A.
Aug. 14, 1932, Houston, Texas

William E. Willingham
Co. D 1st St. Bn. A.S.A.
Aug. 4, 1932, Austin, Texas
“Cloak and Dagger Boys”

July 20,1975
“On the occasion of Emily’s and Eliot’s wedding reception.
Daniel and Leslie Miller, Ithaca, N.Y.

“To the Lawtons who lived by the side of the road as friends to man. Written by one of the boys who came back and for the years has tried to pass it on. With love and prayers for the abundance of God’s goodness to you.”
Willard W, Hield, May 2, 1937


Littleton, Mass. (Home of Frank Lawton) 1942


Thomas G. Tousey
Lt. Col. Medical Corps, 1st Infantry Division
Birth – Pittsford, New York March 21, 1885
“To come into this family circle has always been to gain inspiration.”

Margaret Tousey
Born in Duetrest, South Carolina, came to Fort Devens, Massachusetts in October, 1940.  One of my first recollections of Massachusetts is my visit to the Lawtons.”

  1. John McClung
    Lt. Col. D.C. Lovell General Hospital, (Fort Devens, Mass.)
    1891 –Washington State “Many thanks”

Beatrice McClung
June 1st, 1903 Tacoma, Washington. “A perfect evening”

Fannie A. Sanderson
Littleton, Mass.

Mary Jane Blood
Crescent, Okla. – Littleton, Mass.

Michael Aubin
Still River, Mass.

Eva L. Aubin
Worcester, Mass. November 19, 1908 Still River, Mass.
“A visit to the Lawtons is always an inspiration! They are like pillars, always there! So comforting!”


Capt. Victor R. Webster   January 11, 1942
Service Co. 26th Inf. Fort Devens, Mass.
Born April 3, 1919
Former address: Albion, New York RFD #2
“Here thanking Mr. Houde and family for the very pleasant day and also for the very good dinner.  And may god bless them all.”

Pvt. Ralph W. Parkhurst    Jan. 11, 1942
Co. C – R.R.C. Fort Devens, Mass.
Born Oct. 27, 1921 Billings, Mont.
“Just a soldier you might know but a friend of Mr. Houde and family.”

Pvt. Henry Rielinger    Jan. 11, 1942
Service Co. 26th Infantry, Fort Devens, Mass.
Home address: 8 Marwood Street, Johnson City, New York
“May God bless Mr. and Mrs. Houde and family for the lovely dinner and a very pleasant day.”

Private Ricky Gupere    January 11, 1942
Company C RRC Fort Devens
“Thank you very much, Mr. and Mrs. Houde, for wonderful Sunday.”

Pvt. John J. Chalinder     Jan. 24, 1942
Hq. Det. 2 Bn 18th Inf. Fort Devens, Mass.
Home address: 163 Columbia Ave. Nutley, N.J.

Pvt. Ashby Cain 12020406
1st Div. Hq. Det. 2nd Bn, 18th Inf. Fort Devens, Mass.
“Thanks a million for a swell afternoon.”

Corp. Francis T. DeVane  January 11, 1942
Service Co. 26th Inf. 1st Div. Fort Devens, Mass.
Born August 12, 1921 Knoxville, Tennessee
Home address: 119 ½ Jennings St., Knoxville, Tennessee
“Thanking you in deep appreciation for our wonderful dinner and afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Houde.  May God bless you all.”




January 11, 1942
Pvt. Bernard G. Kraus     January 11, 1942
Service Co. 26th Infantry, 1st Div. Fort Devens, Mass.
Born Aug. 29th, 1915 42 Wilton Terrace, Rochester, N.Y.
“Thanking the Houdes for a Sunday of entertainment long to be remembered. Truly a “back home” experience.”

Pvt. Thomas Loughlin
Co. K 16th Inf. 1st Div. Fort Devens, Mass.
“Thanking Mr. and Mrs. Houde for such an enjoyable time on Jan. 18, 1942.”

Pvt. Peter P. Ruziecki   Jan. 18, 1942
Formerly of the 105 F.A. 27th Div. New York’s own, now with the 5th F.A. Batt. A 1st Div. Fort Devens, Mass. Born Feb. 22, 1919
“Thanking you for a most pleasant and wonderful Sunday afternoon. God bless you one and all.”

Pvt. Clyde A Pryor
Formerly from the 168 F.A. now in Btry A 5th F.A.
“I enjoyed this Sunday very much. It makes a person appreciate homes like these when he is so far from his own.”

Pvt. James J. Montague   Jan. 18, 1942
Co. B 1st engrs. 1st Div. Ft. Devens, Mass.
“Lookout, Japs; here comes the ‘Fighting First’!” (a Brooklyn boy)

Pvt. James R. Griffeth 12011289   Jan. 18, 1942
Btry A 5th FABN 1st Div. Fort Devens, Mass.
“We’re on our way Hitler”

P.F.C. Francis E. Bayne
Hq & Hq Btry 5 Field Artillery Bn.
Born in Binghamton, N.Y. Jan. 30, 1919
Home address 14 Cary Street, Binghamton

Pvt. Charles J. Stricken
Hq. Det. 2nd Bn 18th Inf. Fort Devens, Mass.
Home: Elmira, New York


Pvt. L.T. Baker    Jan. 25, 1942
Hq. Det. 2 Bn. 18 Inf. Ft. Devens, Mass.
Home address: 115 Depot St., Lenior, No. Carolina
“People say there’s no place like home, but I found your home like home.”

Pvt. David A. Cox  Jan. 25, 1942
Batty. A 5th F.A. Bn. Fort Devens, Mass.  42/15/2

Pvt. Anthony J. Donato
Btry A 5th F.A.B.N.  Fort Devens, Mass.
Home – New York

Pvt. Alfred Troiano  2/15/42
Medical Det. 101st Cavalry Ft. Devens, Mass.
Home address 330 East 119 St. N.Y.C.
“Thanking you for a most enjoyable day and your wonderful hospitality. Best wishes and may God bless you.”

John P. Bellmonte       February 15, 1942
Medical Detachment, 101st Cavalry, Fort Devens, Mass.
“Words cannot describe the wonderful ‘home spirit’ that surrounds your household.  So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for a delightful evening.  Love to you two and your beautiful children, Frank and Emily.”

PFC. George Kicza   Feb. 22, 1942
Hq. Co. C.A.S.U. #1111 Fort Devens, Mass.
Home town Suffield, Conn. East St.

Pvt. John C. West    Feb. 22, 1942
Hq. Co. C.A.S.U. #1111
Born: Redfield, So. Dakota July 12, 1915
“The spirit for which we’re fighting. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Houde.”

Pvt. Selmar B. Reston
Hq. Co. C A.S.W 1111 Fort Devens, Mass.
Born Sisseston, S. Dakota Feb. 5, 1917

Pvt. H.C. Kerber
Hq. Co. #1111 Ft. Devens, Mass
Cornwell Ave., Cornwell Heights, Bucks County, Penna. (5/28/15)
“Thanks for a swell Sunday”

Pvt. Roy Baston    3/8/42
C. Btry -121 F.A. Bn. 32 Div. Fort Devens
2518 West Cherry St. Milwaukee, Wis. Age 22
“A fine Sunday”

PFC James Turner   Mar. 8, 1942
Bty C 121 F.A.Bn 32 Div. Fort Devens, Mass.
1436 S. 31 St. Milwaukee, Wis. Age 25
“Had a swell time”

Pvt. Salvatore Lauro
Fort Devens, Mass     New York City

S/Sgt. Roy Ashley McKinnon    March 22, 1942
Co. F. 127th Inf. 32nd Div.

Sgt. Kenneth Lee Keirch
Co A 127th  Inf. 32nd Div.
Marriette, Wisconsin

Elias W. Halperon
Lovell General Hospital, Fort Devens

Norma Louise Howard   March 29, 1942
S/Sgt. Hq. Co. 126h Inf. Ft. Devens
Woodstock, Vermont
N.W. Beaver Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sgt. Warren A Bovee    March 29, 42
Fort Devens
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jack Mills    Mar. 29, ‘42
9 Dana St., Cambridge, Mass.

Alfred LeRoy Soule
Φ M A Sinfonia Fraternity, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts



Pvt. Robert J. Davidson
756 M.P. Fort Devens, Mass.
1 Longfellow Rd. Natick Mass.

Pvt. James Hughes
756 M.P. Bn. Fort Devens
98 Pleasant St. Watertown, Mass.

Pvt. Douglas A. Elder
Co. A 756 M.P. Bn. Fort Devens, Mass.
Peaceable Street, Ridgefield, Conn.

Pvt. Edward G. Millett
Co. A. 756the M.P. Bn. Fort Devens
92 Congress Street, Salem, Mass.

Pvt. Lawrence S. Stridsberg
Co. A. 756 M.P. Bn. Fort Devens, Mass.
Pavillion Hotel, Montpelier, Vt.

PFC Harold Keene
Co. A. 756 M.P. Bn. Fort Devens, Mass.
Marshfield, Vt.

Pvt. Salvatore Morando  June 20, 1943
Co. C 204th Engrs. C Bn. Fort Devens, Mass.
38 Third street, Huntington Station, N.Y.
“Thanks for the comforts of home”

Pvt. John Kedric Thayer
Recruiting and Induction Headquarters
1065 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Mass.
Home address: Barnard, Vermont
Birthday: April 14, 1920

Jack Mills
R M 3/L U.S.N. U.S.S. Overton



Larry Slibowski 12-19-43
S.K. 3/c U.S. Coast Guard
1701 Olive St. St. Joseph, Missouri  birthday 1-27-21
“Thanks for a wonderful time. Just hope I can visit you again and have breakfast in bed.”

Lloyd F. Schulz    3/18/44
1317 L. St. Apt. E-1 Lincoln, Neb.

Glenn Pannott
1506 South Main, Midland, Texas

Robert H. Robinson
Lake City, Colo.
























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